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Y Gauaf.

! A Carmarthen woman cured.


A Carmarthen woman cured. ANOTHER BILE BEAN VICTORY. DIZZINESS, WEAKNESS, AND HEAD- ACHE ENDED. It was a remarkable story which Mrs Evans, wife of the tenant farmer of Spring Farm, Pencader, told a Carmarthen Journal" re- porter when he called upon her the other day. Said she :— I dont know what I should have done without Bile Beans. They cured me when everything else failed. My life was a misery for years, at least a week or two out of every month finding me confined to my bed, prus- trated with severe pains. "The pains nearly always commenced with a throbbing at the back of the temples, like the rapid striking of a small hammer from the inside on both sides of the head. They increased in severity from hour to hour, and I also generally experienced great heat throughout my whole body. As the pain continued I became dizzy and rapidly weaker and weaker, until oft times it was impossible for me to stand, and I was forced to take to my bed and stay there for a few days until the pain had spent its severity. Each attack left me aching from head to feet, and when com- parative ease returned and enabled me to get about again I still suffered from pains about the body, and weariness and weakness resslt- ing from not being able to take proper nour- ishment. I had found doctors unable to cure me, and had tried every kind of medicine that I could procure, but obtained no benefit, and I had becomed resigned to my fate. One evening, some time ago, my husband was reading to me from a Welsh newspaper called "The Banner," and came to a dtescription of a cure effected by Bile Beans, which induced us to send for a box. The first few doses cleared my head and made me feel so much lighter and fresher than I had been that I commenced a full course of Bile Beaas. "The dreaded pains in the head did not return, and as week after week went by with freedom from the old torture my health im- proved generally, I became better and strong er in every way, and at last I found there was no mistake about it. I was completely cured. I am new enjoying the best of health, and mv husband is as grateful For mv cure as myself." Chas. Forde's Bile Beans are a certain sura I for dizziness, weakness, headache, indigestion, biliousness, liver and kidney disorders, priris in the s-ide, loins, and back, constipation, piles, sleeplessness, nervous debility, ansernia, and all female ailments. Also for colds, chill, neuralgia, lumbago, as a preventive of influenza. E m t y be had of all chemists, or pJst fre: 's Bile Bean Manufacturing Co., wwss-t., I London, on receipt of prices—i/iid or 2;91' I (2/9 box contains 3 times Isrid. size).