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n ip Calf Meal h AT I'AGU lloi. %v r, battle Food I Ge^ylau, I ^abthbg, &c. H & Co., })D]]) MILLS, 'OFTWEN. 0 11 W E N., 4W« Bnl ^dinol'r Wlad y" "^ll^OYD k 'ad §oreu a° lestri Staffordshire 1X1 y Prissau mwyaf busn- S» «^»ble &B0B MATH, fcVlN) i!1 he* get0'' 0 bob lliw- Y <>fe^wem,,h0ti ar 8eryB ^Cf^aga^af12 ? Wreaihs roi 0 Lx.ovr> ^edigaethau. J0H|yh cyfeirfS- am Ws £ >^>*&^EWn UK cure iSta Jfh f&H.ra yn mi. ,r, » influenza, lhon<J A™ne' *». > Jo Wv "«ora ▼enoto W, ffwjllj^ Pris THE COUNTY STUDIO, DOLCELLEY. TO my numerous friends and patrons in Bala and the surrounding district I have pleasure in wishing a happy and prosperous New Year. Since I nave taken over Mr Young's business, and have come to settle down here as your Photographer, I have started to make a series of changes, introductions, and alterations, which shall be continuous, and, I trust, advantageous and pleasing to you all. First and foremost I have arranged the price list, and have great pleasure in coming forward with the announcement that I have here something to tempt you all, not only in the style of work I am about to introduce, but also in the prices, which will be found reasonable in the extreme, so much so that even those of the most slender means can have a really nice photo- graph, well taken, well furnished, and well got up, for a very small sum. In quoting you these low prices, I would emphasize the fact that you are offered a genuine honest article, well got up and well finished, Mark you I am no Amateur, and you can only rely on my ability and experience. I have been at great trouble and expense in some of my changes. The new Backgrounds and accessories I am inttoducing into the Studio (some of them have come-others are being made) were made expressly for me and to my designs by one of the foremost American Artists in New York. I have also placed orders for novelties with a firm in Paris, so you see I am laying myself out to win the confidence of all my patrons in the district. Now that I know what my friends really want, I am here to give it. You want something good and at the same time cheap in price. Well! Here you are How does this please you ? Midgets—2/6 per doz. 1/6 per half doz. Cartes-5s. per doz,; 3/6 per half doz. Cabinets-10/- per doz. 6s. per half doz. For 10/6 I'll give you 12 nice Cartes and one copy beautifully enlarged and well got up. For 21/- I'll give you 12 nice beautifully finished Cabinets and one lovely enlargement, splendidly:frnished, quite an ornament to any parlour or drawing room. Now then all you want is to give this a trial to satisfy yourselves, and I feel confident that they will be all you would wish for, You will find other classes of work in the Studio at various prices, according to their quality and excellence, which is still being maintained and improved upon on every possible occasion and by every possible means, but for those who wish for something reasonable in cost, and of good quality and at the same time nice and well done, I'M YOUR MAN. Have you an old faded photo of some deceased relative or friend that you want to keep nicely ? Bring it to me I'll tell you what to do with it, and you'll find n-y prices right, too, and my work A 1. Have you any pictures you want framed—pictures of any kind ? Photos or even War Medals ? Come to me with them, or send them by post or messenger, telling me what you would like. I have a splendid stock of picture moulding here, the best and most beautiful patterns procurable. No rubbish mark you And I'll fit them up for you to your delight and not take you in either. Have you any old photo you would like enlarged ? come down and see me, or post it and tell what you would like. Will crack a bargain and be friends after. Now then my friends, as far as photography is concerned, I intend that Dolgelley be the Meeca of good, work at reasonable prices. I am in correspondence with some of the leading photographers in America, who from time to time will keep me posted up in transatlantic progress, and I intend that it be for you to benefit by it. I am always glad to please, and shall take the same pain in my work as hitherto, and shall be only be too pleased to meet the wishes of my friends as far as possible. I intend to visit your beautiful district sometime in the course of the next Summer. I shall bring my camera and all necessaries with me, and intend paying a visit to each, so that all of you may have an opportunity of been photographed at your own home and by your own photographer. I can photograph anything, all kinds of groups,.School and Choir groups, Sunday Schools, Clubs, Pic-nics and Parties, Weddings, Workmen, Houses (inside and outside), Horses, Dogs, Cattle of all kinds. In fact, I'll stick at nothing, and as I am bringing out with me some very fine Instruments, I'll guarantee that you'll get something only of the finest. I'll let yon all know later on, when I intend making my visit. A final word. My terms are cut down to the very lowest figure, and are payable at the time of Sitting only. Friends will therefore please note that no credit can be given. I have taken over the whole stock of Mr. Young's negatives, and can supply duplicate copies from them at my popular prices. Now then for some good honest work and plenty of it. Once more my kindest wishes to you all. Succemor to J. D. GAFFRON C. H. YOUNG,) January, 1903. THE COUNTY STUDIO, DOLGELLEY.