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<¡,'me's suffering Ended


<¡, 'me's suffering Ended- ij. odiag Case in Merioneth. ^eeka in J~r ■> « ■Lionaou Hospital in vain. «ile Bear, j. 8 cure a Towyn Woman. m<*> B-ii- 1 Ranees, Callstones, & Liver Reorder ended. rWSufferinef^ ^CS'Passing man,y years» tryln§ man? St, rP of d0ct S through the hands of a suc- *eek0rge's HoIn-?n,d being an in"Patient at aU withn 5 London, for thirteen VlTt Marv n s^g^test apparent ben- '°Ush ^eans „en was completely cured a*0 dySpeDster complaints were Bil- Si. st°ne<5 ^?'a> jaundice, indigestion, WeL,etl H0us: J^rs< Mary Owen's home is %d r^resstna« °wyn> Merionethshire, A fV? Mrs. Owen at Wood- ^C°Lnsider Tfern-ymynydd' near Mold.— ught'" said Mrs- Owen, ">orj ^'egea^ have received from Chas. Sto!to shQ;JS'i° exPress my gratitude, W., a? other poor sufferers how ^ihasUnsaid EK6ry WOrd is quite thp t about my being cured. 0ai,l0tl for vp °rtUre °f Billiousness and ^eoCe 'stones 'y many years. Jaundice %es Y nni-c6 aPParently as a conse- kfSer find 0ut about the Gall-' ?°5piJIhadhPontl1 about twelve monts P'Ul f« 1 ^oti(j0n n an inmate ot St. George's he for!3 On. I remained in the Hos- pitis il *lth°ut experiencing any S chest tlme and afterwards the ISd ^.Ifnble eSpTe,ClallTy after taking any 2l^ll[wai. The Jaundice had in- h sid» lQ cea? i an abominable colour, iNh>1' Pa „? a8™y a" °ver my P111 the liver. I re- th^ att» Q I WP f hospital more despair- >C>d !?tt0 it- The doctor who CX*'¥ onlv681"5 me iniectioDS of Tk e5tiv P^iti t; means of giving me tiVe7nt that/1 Was while I was under J of ttd- howevearSSed uW0 GalIstones* -d bu^-°f ailmeatS ,h" r\s ^ile ^nt^enian told me that K'C'^s w d trjpjans had done him a lot Uh°Ut am \° large a number of te« tryin^ Qefit from them that V%j ^anything fresh. How- iDStead of better« ^d f Sotrie ae^Ct Beans would liSVreedoSf"nd stra°ge to say, I an?c°Uragine tha? °nd more ease> lt> a look -r^ 1 Purchased a WVovpC°rdatiCe ■ ~^eans iQ regular v8ht for ^ei5t conKWltb tbe directions. SJifNsi\years psrA^s™day t0 day' W bef0r not l loathed the i t 1 be.0nS been taking Bile <WL ^s$stm to enjoy a good sSedf' The^Uent unn' and found the 5 of611 tbe JaunH' they ceased al" Nw ^ofi^y svst was certainly lhe^ilioUl m- 1 had got rid Sf^Bea^6 meQeSTS^nd Ingestion iow !1S liv as thev h e contmued ^ertr°ubie, sr oni!y cured fk 5 a" ave kept me ^ihrSsK 8^ Ch beSanFords's Bile Beans l^Jer Sj i?^^°usne<?c: -^bsolute specific av5lcWy '^eadache, Weak-I S' Sl6p p pains in the A rP(3 an SSQe'ss \TStlpation' PiIes» N h • to n mfnts* Also for KK Vhe 8«dSf all pKInfl?en». Bile nStr«et r ean Mann?1StS'- or post tllQeslCes t/ireet, to Manufacturing Co., siZei ^9 (j/Cl K 00 receipt Thev contains 3 CVet loos? K onlJ s°"l inj aSe.