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A to another. tyk STRANGE ExpERIENCE. iw »childK: theo Up Wlth wo°dea bricks *»k eyes or, rern-0ves bottom HJi,l>liiitolepile coli3wlde with surPrise ViC> of so "apses-. The human hcv ^d's k uPon anntklaDy ^v*ng systems 's thaf1186, Ypi- bricks in hav^s"y people -r°nder er h-o many ailments. ^es<lds have one! rr d ar;d thr Portant function be- SestioQ 0ws else out of goes wrong, say this disorders the blood, spoils the appetite, robs the body of its energy and reduces its tone. Thus affected, prevalent diseases sometimes creep in and lo-all because one brick is pulled out, as it were. Mr Wm. Buxton, a miner, of Ebenezer St., Awsworth, Ilkeston, says Some years ago I began to suffer very badly from indigestion. I could not eat a proper meal, and the pains after even scanty meals were terrible. At times they were so great that I would have to move about the house in a doubled-up posit- ion, catching hold of the furniture to help me along. I To the pains of indigestion were next ad ded the horrors of biliousness. The sickness and retching made me so bad that I often thought I should never get well again. Prob- ably because my system got run down com- pletely I then contracted influenza. My doc- tor attended me, but I received very little j good from his treatment. Then I read about Chas. Forde's Bile Beans, and I determined to give them a trial. Soon after commencing with the first box I felt an improvement. I seemed to grow stronger, my appetite began to return, and the indigestion abated. I persevered with the Beans, and the biliousness also disap- peared. I am now quite cured of all my old time ailments, and able to work my shift reg- ularly and energetically." Here is powerful proof of what cures Chas. Forde's Bile Beans can effect. Wherever the liver is disordered, the digestion wrong, the blood impure and the vitality low, then are Bile Beans a boon. If you are out of sorts an d haven't proved their merit lose no time. Any chemist will supply them at one and three-half-pence or two-and-nine. Don't take substitutes.