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A NATURAL TONIC and blood purifier is Seigel's Syrup, made of fruits, roots and herba. It cures constipation and dyspepsia, regulates the bowels, cleanses the liver, tones the digestive system, braces the nerves and imparts the vigour and vitality of health to every organ of the body. SEIGEL'S SYRUP In a solemn declaration made before a Commissioner for Oaths, on March 24, 1902, Mr. William Taylor, of 15 Hanoverstreet, Haverstock Hill, London, referring to an acute and prolonged attack of Indigestion and debility, from which he had been cured by Mother Seigel's Syrup, says That was three years ago, and my present good health is, I firmly believe, due entirely to the fact that I sttll take Seigel's Syrup occasionally, for I find it aids my digestion and regulates the system, I could not exist without it." For Old and Young. EVERY BRITISH MOTHER should use OCC BROTHERS, famous CREAM SCOTCH WINCEY. This Material is an ideal Fabrie for Ladies1 and dhildren's Underclothing, Babies'Dresses, Squares, and NIGHT DRESSBS. Its wearing qualities are unequalled, and to ule it is a pleasure, its tex- ture is so nice and fine. A sample length of 6 yds. 31 inches wide, will be sent for 6/ postage 4d. extra. OGrG BROTHERS, SCOTLAND'S GREAT TRADERS AND LETTER ORDER SPECIALISTS, PAISLEY ROAD TOLL, GLASGOW, S.W. Mention "Eryr." GYFARFOD (dan nawdd Cymdeitbss P jj — yr hwn a gyabeIir -gQ3, IIOS IATI. OnVg —rpirtv Llywy<7^ BALA' DR. WILLIAM' Arweinydd. ERFEI" T. JONES, YsW-s BeirniadCerda°rj E. WILLIAMS, Miss HUGHES, TESTYNAV, rK nDOBlA^f'.O'rflg? 1. I'r cor o 20 1 a r ,Rjy0' lledais" (allan o Kaglen y gg 0rett onto)- v.'yr Edeymion). Gwobr, IP 2. Pirti o 8 ill nrSlli" H » aman a Ehad Bas ( „ 6*° 'm Gwobr, 6s. n ftr y br^igydiJ- 3. Pedwarawd, "Bwt ) 4. Her-uoawd 0 dd.eW ar{ero' Cwpan Arian.. 0i y <*u11[ n C^ 5. Penillion telyn (yn d i Ari8° j} gyda'r delyn). Gwobr, Beirniad. Roberts, ^os^j (,eS y bl°^e |,j9i fy 0 6.DMWsop»»o.N«pi .i'd" « 7. Unawd tenor, Gwobr. 3s. „ viwelia^y 8. Unawd bass/'Dych blaeD. 9. Unawd i rai heb em" mi." Gwobr, 2/6. oea, 10. Unawd i blont — 11. Adroddiad 1 j Aur. Gwobr, Medal Arian Can« Betb yv? 12. I rai dan 18 oed, Havesp). Gwobr, 2s< -jjiogt Rhestr cyflawn o'r HestyM > p LLEItrDDOUCtt^ R H Y D a gy"beV" 2 19°3' NOS LUN, MAWR™ s Gwionff Llywydd—Parch. • dor0l, j Beirniad Mr.ToMDAVi^ 1.Mfdr.ethawd.D^ fodol i lwyddiant..j ^igiad 7 u{ | 2. Adroddiad 0 dde Gwobr 1/6. yr I' Artth bebTo^" 6 ° I Esiampl. 5. Ptif 8yBtadlf^Vy A°'dyS Ci°" < mewn nifer, a 8. Deuawd, rha» jW'Vnill^ 10. Deuawd JyU |aUt hyfryd ,YW g a a yr ^8So1 90 alian o Caniedydd y d o3 eC{ 11. Cor Plan J^raCb o ^f # b, gmio oreu y d^n x]i c/ j Q ■ ulleidfaol, emyn /06, P iateir Tenor a ^a8S ./testya^ g$, Rhestr gyflawn jj'J'U Ysgrifenydd, w