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! Liver Complaint Vanquished,


Liver Complaint Vanquished, ANOTHER BILE BEAN SUCCESS. DIZZINESS, DEBILITY & HEADACHE ENDED. It is surprising how many apparently wide- apart functions are affected by disorder of the liver. There seems no connection be- tween a man's temper and the colour of his eyes and skin Yet the state of the liver affects both In the case of Mrs Kelly, of Garbally, Birr (Ireland), the result of liver complaint were very serious. Here is her own story,— Up to July, 1901, I hardly ever had a day's sickness, but in that month I became unwell owing to getting wet. The ailment settled on my liver, so the doctor said, and for three weeks I was in bed. I trembled violently all over from liver chills, and had acute headaches. I was subject to violent retching, and vomited up anything I took. I was much affected with giddiness and often fainted away. The doctor was in attendance upon me for nearly three months, but long after he ceased to attend me I was subject to fainting fits. The fact was I never got pro- perly well. .e The slightest shock would send me into a fainting fit, and I have fafnted nearly a dozen times a day. At night I could get no sleep. I got so in that I could do no work, and the children-I am the mother of eleven -had to do it all. c. One night my daughter Mary read about Charles Forde's Bile Beans in the 4 Weekly Freeman.' The account told of a woman who had been cured of ailments similar to mine, so I decided to take a course of Bile Beans. I very soon found that they were doing me good, and without going through much un- interesting detail, I can say that they have now make me strong and healthy again. I strongly recommend them to all who suffer as I did." You may not have become so much reduced by liver complaint as was Mrs Kelly, but remember, if you suffer at all from it, you're ndt safe. For every form and result of liver disorder (including such results as indiges- tion, constipation, female disorders, constant headache, piles, and liver chill), Charle's Forde's Bile Beans are a safe and certain remedy. They cure the effects of lower dis- order by removing the cause. You'll get them from any chemist for I/I or 2/9 per box, Be careful, however, not to be put off with substitutes.