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NEW AND SECOND HAND Machinery for Sale AT REDUCED PRICES TO CLEAR. STEAM ENGINE, 2k to 3 Horse Power, with ver- tical Boiler, on rails, t24. 2 WEIGHING MACHINES, pfatform to weigh 4 cwt., by leading makers. 8 SMALL DITTO, to weigh up to 2 cwt., 30s., suit- able for weighing potatoes, coal, &c. Several HORSE GEARS, various sizes, from 4.'4. HAND TRUCK for Shopkeeper, 18s. 1 TON assorted sashweights, cheap for cash. TRUCK for hotel, butcher, or builder, £ 3 18. Pair WOOD TURNING HEADSTOCKS, f,2 10s. Several small Cast-iron STOVES for heating small workshops, &c., from 10s. upwards. RUBBER GAhDEN HOSE new, 48 ft. by g in., 30s 1 good MANGLE & WRINGER, 30s. Variety Pedestal OIL DRUMS for storing Machine Oil, Paraffin, &c., with Brass Tap, 5 to 25 gall., from 8s. each. ^gTCymerir hen I eiriadal-i yn rhan-dfil am rai ne- wyddion, Mynwch gael eich peiritiiaii o'r lie y gellwch gael eu hadgyweirio pan fydd achos. B. M. DAVIES, ENGINEER & IRONFOUNDER, MACHYNLLETH. Y MAE CROWN SHOP co R v v COR WEN, ARDDANGOSF! ARDDERGIloe •,11 AT Y Tymor aøJ. Stoc helaeth 0 J ACEDI i Fetcb o 5/11 i 60/. °5/Ui60/- a^Si Detholiad da o p^SS Ferched o 2/11 i 2 • S Stoc helaeth o ,,ji 0 1/111 18/6. L0V$$$°lt Cyflawnder o 7/6. ah Stoc fawr O FURS 0 Hefyd, ^\ie», G-lovss, Silk Felt a Orwellt yn y-" HEFYP araf. ,rri 09 Stoc Ardderollog TopiAtr o I DDYNIO pgr- 0 12/6 i (¡O/ RAINPROOF coatS 1 6/111 fyny' 2/H- Hefyd, ^eMJ0'° SMianiDdP>ion° cryf am ColePt ColeJ1' Stoc ardderebog 0 Gr)"1I1 Ties, Capiau, ^$ S3*Mae prisiau svnaodi bgvirb, A.