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_& Christmas Eating-an After. What a blessing is a good digestion," exclaimed Anthony Trollope, and thousands since have repeated his words. About Xmas time however, the other side of the subject which may be expressed in the exclamation What a curse is a bad digestion," is most commonly before one's mind. A very dis- tinguished physician has said, I think the cause of most of the maladies ot the human race lies in their stuffing their digestive organs to excess-" This expresses in very blunt fashion the truth borne home at Xmastide. Indigestion, the result of Xmas eating and drinking, is at this period painfully rife. As a handy, safe, and reliable cure not only for iudigestion, but for heartburn, sour stomach, headache, and other symptons of Xmas indiscretions in diet, Chas. Forde's bile beans are unequalled. They are not sugar coated, and may be carried loose in the waistcoat or dress pocket One or two taken after a heavy meal will pre- vent any unpleasant consequences. A dose taken at night will be sufficient to prevent any nasty taste in the mouth," dry tounge, or other unpleasant morning symptons. Bile Beans are obtainable from all chemists at one and three halfpence or two and nine per box, or post free from the Bile Bean Manufacturing Co., Red Cross St., London, E.C., upon receipt of prices. Purely vegetable in com- position bile beans are now recqgnised as the world's greatest specific for all liver and stomach disorders, and are prescribed by many eminent medical men.