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juniors-Goronwy Owen, with distinction in English. Language, Arithmetic, Latin and Welsh; W. A. Wil. liams, with distinction in English Language, Latin, and Conversational French; R. E. Vaughan Roberts, do. in English Language. Latin and Welsh; A. H. Dodd, do. in English Language and Arithmetic; D. T. Jones, do. in English Language and Welsh; H. W. Owen, do. in Latin, J. Jones Parry, do in Welsh; H. B. Simpson, do. in Latin; Aneurin Owen, Pierce Roberts, G. L. Tinsley. Pitman's Elementary Shorthand. 16 certificates were obtained, all passing, viz., A. H. Dodd, Thomas Edwards, J. O. Hughes, E. G. Hughes, D. T. Jones, Thomas Lloyd, Aneurin Owen, Goronwy Owen, H. W. Owen, J. Jones-Parry, J. F. Roberts, R. E. V. Roberts, E. Pierce Roberts, H. B. Mmpson, G. L. Tinsley, W. A. Williams.



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