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Bowerham Board School,

No Co. would Insure Her!


Cwmni Yswiriol y Pearl,



BAVIES'S HO^ r AEhebgoroliGe^o. At ystwytho r C) Atydwfr. cyfl*'r At eu cadw we .0t At go* ysbry d s -i! —r WITH- !i-T COUGH MIXTUBE-At V COUGH. MlXTUBB^AtM^ owg COUGH MIXTTJKB—A* Br0Bchitib; COUGK MlXTUBb—At ron0bitiS- COUGH MIXTURE—A COUGH MIXTUBE-At COUGH MIXTURE AJ w COUGH MIXTURE-At w frwd COUGH MIXTURBj-At dffyir t COUGH MIXTURE—Oy dwytfg COUGH MIXTURE-Oyw ddjr g,n COUGH MIXTURE"Dggffch. COUGH MIXTUBE—AJ BesWob. BLOOD The Marvellous Cleanses the Blood Erup^^in, removes au, m tue Blotches, Mero potelau VU°- AnSS tb Toid Pimples, Dolunauj^ D4L1WCH MY^t3e B^°0D „»»»* Cofiwch 'SARZI^ yjj cb ,„.r post S°* 1/Uc y Botel, gy verywb^e* sold by GtOOet^jOf!0^C0' WB0LESAL'vA^S^h »imG TONIC A2l!rfl TRet)t* AT DDlFFVO y Davie* Pjjg lt f Davie* y{! at y Davies's PjlW (J Ltevies P}»» adyoge* y iT^fV J* -sr* 1/. y tin g»n SVGBDA^0^