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Bowerham Board School,

No Co. would Insure Her!


No Co. would Insure Her! INDIGESTION AND DEBILITY HAD BROUGHT HER SO NEAR DEATH. BILE BEANS HAVE CURED HER I A year ago no Insurance Co, wonld grant me a policy, I was so near death yet you see my present healthy condition The speaker was Mrs. B. Scott, of Army Terrace, Newport, Salop, and she was speaking to a Newport Advertizer reporter. "I looked and felt like a woman whose days were numbered, she continued. My illness began with feel- ings of fulness after meals, followed by belching. Then I began to have pain after food and got so bad that eating caused actual agony. I went to a doctor but could not keep on with him as I could not afford the expense of a long run of doctor's bills. Find- ing myself getting worse I next tried a number of medicines recommeuded by friends but none did me any good. The indigestion and flatulence were succeeded by fluttering feelings round the heart, which rendered me feeble, and pre- vented me from s'eepiug I was often obliged to get out of bed in the night time and walk about the room till the fluttering subsided. I was at my worst in this respect, and so pained at the heart, I was obliged to cease my work, when a married sister told me that Chas. Fcrde's Bile Beans had done her hus- band so much good, they would'nt be without the„m in the house. She persuaded me to try them. In a very little time Bile Beans made a wonderful change in me. I continued taking them :HJd in the end they cured me complete- ly. I am now well and strong again, and an utter stranger to Indigestion and fluttering.' Chas. Forde's Bile Beans are a certain cure for all forms of indigestion, biliousness, liver and kidney ailments, constipation, piles, rheumatism, and anaemia. Of all chemists at rllt or 2/9 per box, or post free from the 2 Bile Bean Manufacturing Co., Red Cross St., London E.C., upon receipt of prices.


Cwmni Yswiriol y Pearl,