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Bowerham Board School,


Bowerham Board School, Un o ysgolion y Bwrdd ydyw yr uchod, yn un o ranau poblog Lancashire. Y mae yn engraifft o ragoroldeb y gwaith sydd yn cael ei wneyd yn yr, ysgolion hyn rhagor llawer o'r Ysgolion Cenedlaethol. Y mae 1,100 o blant yn presenoli eu hunain yn yr ysgol hon bob dydd, a buasai 250 yn ychwaneg pe bu- asai lie iddynt, bydd rhan ychwanegol yn cael ei adeiladu ar fyrder. Dydd Mercher, yr wythnos cyn y diweddaf cynhelid cyfarfod i gyflwyno gwobrwyon, rhoddir yr hanes fel yr ymddangosodd yn y papur Seisnig. "The annual prize distribution at Bower- ham Board School took place on Wednesday afternoon, its ceremony being performed by Mrs Atkinson, member of the Board. The Rev, j. E. Pollard presided, and was sup- ported by Mrs Atkinson, Mr Councillor Wilson (vice-chairman), Mr W. Milner, Mr P. Sharp, B.Sc. (headaiaster), Mrs Sharp and Mrs Roughton, The Chairman intimated that it was an unexpected pleasure for him to preside, but he disired to express his gratification that so many parents were present to show their interest in the work of the school. They were all delighted with the work that was being done. Mr Sharp said the prizes given that day were for regularity, punctuality, and diligence He was sure they would agree with him in saying each of these qualities were very desirable qualities for their children to be trained in. They did not give any prizes to those who were irregular. The children who obtained first prizes rriust,have been present every time the school was opened. for a second prize the child must not have been absent more than 2 per cent; and for third prizes 4 per cent. They would all agree that the prizes had been fairly earned, and that the children and perents had reason to be proud of the fact that 129 scholars have never missed an attendance in the year; and in all 374 had been awarded prizes under the stringest conditions named. He was glad to be able to thank the mothers for their friendly co-operation during the past year. Eight scholarships were awarded for the district extending from Southport to Carnforth, and three scholorships were won by children attending this schooi, and occupied the second, third, and fifth place respectively. The Chairman said that if School Board were done away with, it could not be because they were doing their work badly, but rather because they were doing it too well (hear, hear)."

No Co. would Insure Her!


Cwmni Yswiriol y Pearl,