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-----Ystoriau y Gauaf.



A NATURAL TONIC J and bleed purifier'is Seigel's Syrup, made 3 of fruits, root and hetbs. It cures consti-j pation and dyspepsia, regulates the bowels s cits rises the liver, tones the digestive sys ttm, braces the neives and imparts the. vigour and vitality of health to every orgaii (If re bcdy, I SEIGEL'S ¡ SYRUP.l In a solemn declaration, made before a i f Commissioner for Oaths, on March 24, | -1902, Mr William Taylor, of 15, Hanover I I St., Haverstock Hill, London, referring to s ]() ts_ | an acute and prolonged attack of indiges- | turn and debility, fn m which be had been cured by Mother Seigel's Syrup, says j That was three years ago, and my pres- i ent good health is, I firmly believe, due j entirely to the fact that I still take Seigel's Svrup occasionally, for I find it aids my I digestion and regulates the system. I I could not (xist without it." FOR OLD AND YOUNG. .r- CHRISTMAS & NEW ,d '0r THE BIGGEST VALUE AT S 6W, OCC BROTHE:o'W: s.w. PAISLEY ROAD, TOLL, aLAS x, Lot 0600—The post l^d extra Value for I mrUGS" \n- all New Year if desired. a«ri- Lot 0601—The "KINI>LJ artistiC apProP^f contains 15 specially Cards- wlTbe pfV graph Christmas & New 1 gn5t. yMel01 j ate mottoes, and 15 envelop extrs- this box is only Hid;rap1j xnt* Lot O6O8—The "FORGER autogf^f Box, contains 18 high-class fol j^choS^ j mas & New Year Cards, and 18 envelopes to suit. value perfumed, and are really post Brothers' price is only 1/^ VQf Lot 0604—The contains 20 very beautiful cboice?Lt ot} Cards, folding autograph, sllit. pri"6 verses, and 20 envelopes .,boned.. e for 7/V cards have leaflets and are TjoCest va |ew eXc ? only 2/6 by post 3d extra. oJJiy$ Lot O605—For those «»»,« p £ ion ally good cards, Ogg Bd$s/ 'APHltODITE" Box, 5/; of art in Christmas & New^ q{ tbiS velopes to suit. The rea jjjgbest c ,^e0 g the cards being of the ^'7,^ wiil let t boxed leaflets, but Ogg Bi° ]i)paited, ? 2/6 per box, as the quanti J co0 extra. a 4«n j 12 ePv Lot O606—The JOKES A^u;gar) 12 funny original cards (D° 2d eX.^anllt e»ve' 1 to suit, price only 1/ p aTjDS iid extr Lot 0607—PACKETS or OA by p0Bt 'a) 20 good cards IS 12 2i;' ld ?>! (D) 0 '1 otter, en°lf NOTE-When ordering py d en^d Order or Cash in regitc 0^ 3^ Orders must l»e filled' P-jjiinited, be and crossed National ghilliri2 Branch. Sums under un eQvelope-- inlStamps. PAISLEY BOAU T0L1- <; Mention gyobal -r iefl< Mewn cyfarfod ilu°Syr,odd iwr (nos Fawrth), pefd,^vdd a'u y Bala mai eu oylt- ^0\ tua^ \}o1 gwneud rhywbeth Ge°! ejjr 0 YNGB&fi lies 1-aii, Kbaf;5 J. O.EVAKS^sw-41, 0i. «yt Ymddtngys y many'100 _<> >■ Garctarorl £ l Balclietr a 1 Gar „„s "rN nghapel y & traddO'0' & 6 1 Iau, Ion 1, 19 y testyn ucbod gan Mr r y d y 0 I & "TONES, Caernarfon-y^dair o'r gloch, a chynie re0.. R. R, KoV erts, Ys» U- a 6C | £ <J i mewn trwy j^jleu y oed. Yr elw tuag ar Festri y Capeb f 1