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"A New Lease of Life."!


"A New Lease of Life." SENSATIONAL BILE BEAN CURE. DEPRESSION, CONSTIPATION AND DEBILITY ENDED. A WOMAN S MESSAGE TO WOMEN, Women in middle life have in the case of Mrs. Hannah Gill, of Pa: k Gate Farm, Era ley, near Wakefield, a sensational proot of the value of Chas, Forde's Bile Beans. Inter- viewed by a Wakefield Herald reporter, she said :— I have been ill altogether for some six or seven years. At times I was so bad that I could neither eat or drink, work nor sleep. My flesh and ray bones seemed to ache all over, my memory left me and I used to wander about like one lost. I was also greatly troubled with cnSiiveress, and my food seemed to do me no g>.>od I used to fancy I could eat all sorts of things, but ■■"hen I got them I couid never e- joy them. I was also subject to terrible sweats, although all the time I was shivering and starving. My neighbours told me it was due to the change of life. and to me it was a change and no mistake. Why, instead of enjoying life as I had been accustomed t" dr\ I wished many a morning after a long and, restless- • nighi, that I mi&ht rest in death before the day closed. Sleep ? Why no on going to bed I might doze for an hour or so, but after that there was no repose fiT me. "You will kneov how bi-:d I recd'v was when I tel. via) that on being removed to the house of a married daughter lor civ nee, I imagined myself in an asylum, and w(,u:cl, not allow them to fasten the room door. Even when I was at home with my husband and family I could never believe somehow that it was rnv home. Of course I was seen by the doctor who gave me medicine and told me to keep quite, but his medicine did me very little good. One day mv sister advise me to try Chas. Forde's Bile Beans. I began to take them, and you can imagine my joy to find about three weeks after commencing with them, that my memory had returned. I began mending straight off. I began to sleep. Altogether I pulled up very quickly. I continued taking a couple of Bile Beans every night for sometime longer until I was quite well again. I have had 12 children, and 20 grand- children, and a healthier family never breathed. I am now 55 years of age, but I feel as bright and buoyant as when twenty." Chas. Forde's Bile Beans may be had from all chemists or post free from the Bj ie Bean Manufacturing Co., Red Cross St. L indon E.C., upon receipt of prices r lIt or 2/9 For depressi"n, nausea, ind ge-ai '.n, and kidney ailments and the disorders com- mon to women in middle life, they are with- out equal.