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THE MUNTCIPjA L ELECTION. The polling for a member of the Town Council in the room of Air fcvan Morgan, resigned, took place all Monday. The candidates were Mr John Evans, Laura-place, and Dr Rice Vlliia-n.s, the Terrace. The poll opened at eight o'clock, ana continued until eight in the evemng. Voters came up very slow throughout the day, and the total number who re- corded their votes was 72!. being about !"0 more than half the total -%Ir Gr;or^e Green, mayor, was the r«turn.ng otiicer, and the births were presided over by Alderman Peter Jones, Mr Richard James. Mr Grifiitn Williams, iVir lJ. C. Roberts, and Mr John Morgan, the poll clerks in.inc- Messrs David Davies, 1'. J. Cashmore, J. J. H. L. Evans, and Lewis Kvans. Dr kice Williams had the services of Mr J. D. Rushes aid Mr A. Perry, while the interests of Mr John Evans were looked after by MrWilliaui Rowlands and Mr William Samuel. Mr A. J. Hughes, town clerk acted in his official capacity. The proceedings throughout were of the tame t description, no extra efforts being made by either party to bring up voters, and everything Was carried out with the utmost good feelinsr. The official retut-ilz4 of the polling during the day were— At 11 o'clock, 150; 12, 193; one, 24U two, 304 three, 366; four, 413; five, 4:1-0 six, 437 seven, 6o0 eight, 721. There were fourteen spoilt votes. It was the general belief that Mr Evans would secure the seat, but the majority by which lie was returned was a surprise to his own friends as well as to those who supported l'r Williams. The counting of the votes was commenced immediately after the close of the poll, and about 9.2Q an adjournment was made to the lartre hall and the public were admitted, when the Mayor announced the result to be-Mr John Evans, 451 Dr Rice Williams, 256 majority, 195. he announcement was received with loud c eers for Mr Evans, followed by counter cheers for Dr Rice Williams. Mr John Evans returned his heartfelt thanks to those ladies and gentlemen who had honoured him with the majority of 195, and also to those who had assisted him in carrying on the election. He hoped they would not have cause to regret the honour they had conferred upon him, and he would endeavour to do credit to the town. He begged to propose a vote of thanks to the Mayor and all the presiding officers, and also to the Town Clerk, for the impartial manner in which they had conducted the poll (applause). Dr Rice Williams, who was warmly cheered, ten- dered his most sincere thanks to all those who had recorded their votes in his favour. Although he was second on the poll, he bore testimony to the honour- able way in which the battle had been fought on both sides. He begged to second the vote of thanks proposed by Mr Evans (cheers). The Mayor briefly replied, and the proceedings terminated. There was some display of coloured fires, &c., in the streets, but in a very short time the town assumed its normal state.