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VICTORIA TERRACE. 3, Ocean View House, Mrs Keusit— •j Mrs Nealer and maid, Salop Mrs and Mr R Ward Ashley, Derbyshire Mr and Mrs Blake and family, Manchester Plynlimon house, Mrs Pierce- Mr and Mrs Greensill, Wolverhampton Mr, Mrs and Miss Edwards, Sutton Coldfield Ca-jt Poulton, London Mr A Phillips, Herefordshire Miss Bnrgum, Monmouth -ra Addis. London Mr and Mrs Brunsden, do Mrs Robins, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Watson, Staffordshire Miss Watson, do Miss Oxley, do Mrs Teale, do Snowdon house, Mrs Clark- Mr, Mrs and Miss Thomas, Cheshire Rev E and Mra Charley, Chester Rev R M P Butler, Cheshire Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Smeeton, Halifax Mra and Miss Lumby, do Mrs and Miss Hornby, Liverpool 6; Trafalgar bobse- Miss, Messrs J, R, and R Holden, Rochdale Mr and Mrs John Holden, do 7, Brighton House, Miss Mason— Mr G A n Badea, Best Miss Payne Miss A Cockra Miss E Bryant, Old HilI, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs I-Iow-irth and family, Bolton-Ie-Moora Mr and Mrs Brocklebanks, Great Malvern Abergeldie house, Mrs Julian- Mr J Pryce Davies, Fronfelen Mrs Deverenx Pryce, Maesmawr hall Miss Clara Davies and footman Mr and the Mrs Richmond, Kendal Mr R Richmond, Southport Misses Bagot, do Mr and Miss Davies, Manchester Mr and Mrs Pennyfeather, Richmond Mra Dr Vaehell, Cardiff Miss Granger, do Mrs Gag, do „ BRYNYMOR TERRACE. 2- Mr and Mra Potts, Stockport Mrs Venables, Walaaw Mr Moss, do 3, Mrs Thackham- Mrs, Miss and Master Lowe, Shrewsbury 4, Mrs Edwards- Mr Lee, Birmingham Mr Mrs, and Miss Lee, Wolverhampton QUEEN'S ROAD. Lurline house, Mrs Fear- Miss Bagley, Birmingham PORTLAND STREET. 5, Mrs Åston- Mr Davies, Shrewsbury Mr Rendell, do 8, Mrs Joues- Mr and Miss Welsh, Dublin 23, Miss Snlvanus- Mr, Mrs and Master Miller, Birmingham Miss Davies, Caersws 44, Mrs Capt Jones- Mr, Mrs and Miss Rowley, Westbromwicli loni NORTH PARADE. 18, The Misses Baker— Miss Southall, Somersetshire 23, Mrs Lumley— Mr and Mrs John Hurst, Hastings MI", Mrs and Miss Arculaa, Birmingham 35, Mrs Ellis- Mr and Mra Foulkes, Llanberis oa tkt •^am(^X<?u^6S and family, do 34, Mrs W. T. Williams— 39, Miss Evana— Mr, Mrs and Miss Mabel Johnson, Great Bridre Miss E Moore, do Miss Carpenter, U.C.W. Miss Walker, do Miss Sheavyn, do Miss Davies, do CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 4, Cocoa House, Mrs Davies- Messrs William and Jones, Aberhonddn Mr R. E. Mofford, Hafod, Swansea Mr T. J. West, Swansea Mr Todd, St. Andrews, Cambridge ALFRED PLACE. Dorset House, Miss Griffiths- Mr A. Bonld, Wedneabury 7, Mrs Ellis- Miss Cousens, Dublin Miss Betham, do GRAY'S INN LANE. Mr Judith, Wolverhampton IPMr Price, do 16, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs and Miss Davies, Radnorshire SHIPBUILDERS ROW. 7, Mra Evans- Miss Davies, Hay Miss Prioe, do PIER STREET. 38, Mrs James- Mr "no Mrs Bleachley, Chelsea Pier Hotel, Henry Owen— Mr and Mrs Parson, Shrewsbury Miss Parson, do Mr Davies, London Mr J. P.,iiton, Bolton Mr W. Paiton, do Mr Jonas, Liverpool NfcW STREET. 7, Mrs J Jones- Mrs Price, Builth 11, Mrs Rowlands— Mr. Mrs aid Miss Addingbrooke, Dudley 14, Mrs W. Samuel— Misses Rand C. Key, Birmingham LIT TLE DARKGATE STREET. 4, Mrs Pb,llit,.s- Mrs Wardiaan, York Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs Ellis- Mr Jones, London Mr Trillo, Cardiff 29, Bnrleisrh House, Mrs Finch- Dr and Mrs Clqrk-, Bn^.nos Ayres, South America Misses Twiss, Birmingham BRIDGE STREET. 16, Old Black Lion Inn, Mrs Davies- Mr Pryce, Builth Mr LewiF, Cwmystwyth Mr Jones, London 52, Mrs Evans- Mrs and Miss Fallwoods,'Birmingham MisA Tails, London Nags Head Inn, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mra Davies, Liangeitho Mr Jones, London 42, Mrs Robert— Mr WilHftms, London Mrs Hollsnd, Chester Mr Davies, Wrexham HIGH STREET. 10, Mrs J^nes— Mr R. W. Stapp, London Mr R. G Williams, Liverpool 18, Mrs Davies- Mrs Price, Llandudno Mra Phillios, Trevecca, near Brecon Mr John Phillips, do Mr Phillips, do 29, Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Miss Tack, Painscastle, near Hay 38, CaptJ onptJ- Mrs and Miss Williams, Westbronwich Miss <31asbr iok, Evesham 40, Mra Morgans- Mr and Mrs Price, Shrewsbury Mrs Woodburn, Westbromwich CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 3, Mrs Hnghes- Mr D .vies, Boilth j 5, Mrs Hall- Mr R. J. Rees, Lendon 10, Mrs Bowen- Mr and and Mrs J. Smith, Cardiff Miss S. J. W«bber, do SEA VIEW PLACE. 4, Castle C ifctags, Me", Oon^hfcou— Mr aad Mrs Edwio Cook iind maid, Brierly Hill Mr Pagett, Stowbridge 15, Ariel Cottage, Mrs Ihvics- Miss Mason, Islingt In, London Mrs nnd Miss Bllraslon, baby and maid, Hands- worth, Binning/am PENMAESGL&S ROAD. iJfi, Mrs Jones- Mr Robjohn", Newnham PRINCESS STREET. 12. Mrs Samuel- N Mr Dnnford, Oxford Miss Jenkins, New Quay Mr Barlow, Wrexham Mr Powell, Chester Mr J. Lewis, New Quay CAMBRIAN PLACE. Iler House, Miss Jones- Mr T. M. Jones, Lower Newton, Brecon Mrs Stephens Miss Stephens, Brecon Mrs Conway, do Mr Fewlks, Newtown QUEKNISTREET. 9, Mrs Molyneux- Mr and Mrs JamesiNew, Birkenhead POWELL STREET. 6, Mrs Lewis- Mrs Roberts, St. Helens Mr T. J. Roberts, do 12. Mrs James— Miss Jones, Rhayader LEWIS TERRACE. Terminus Hotel, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Evanson, Londoa CORPORATION STREET. 4, Mrs Jones- Miss Richards London 8, Mrs Evans- Miss Edwards and sons Miss Johnstone, Leicester GEORGE STREET. 2, Newry house, Mrs D Lloyd- Messrs H nghes, Wolverhampton Mr John Hughes, do Mr Gibson, London Mrs Morris, Liverpool 8, Mrs Jones— • Mr and Mrs Timintrs, Birmingham Mr and Miss Edwards, Newton 15, Mrs Metcalfe- Mrs John Law, children and maid, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Henry Law, do ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE.. 2, Miss Owen- Mr and Mrs Weale, Wolverhampton Mr U. Williams, Manchester Mr and Mrs Goodwin, Dresden Mrs Ashcroft, Longten Mrs R. Kent and Master George Kent, Dresden VULCAN STREET. 14, Mrs James— Mr and Misses Richards, Walthamatow Misses Richards, Oswestry TERRACE ROAD. Beach House, Miss Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Jones. Abbey Forgate, Shrewsbury Miss Jannet Jones, do Mr and Mrs Elsley, Alcester, Warwickhire BAKER STREET. 8, Dolegwyn House Mr and Mrs Lewis, Stoke Newington, London Mrs Jones and baby, and Master .Jones, Dalston, London