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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. 3, Mrs Lloyd— Mr W Haley 6, Mrs Watkins- Mr R G H and Mrs Tomson, Manchester Mr L P and Mrs Tomson, Rochdale Mrs Brown and maid, Welshpool Mr J Ashton, Carno 7, Miss A. Jones- Mrs and the Misses Davies, Cwmcoedwig The Messrs Evans, the Elms, Marwick Miss Brittan, baby and nurse, Gwynfryn, Taliesin 8f!Mrs Davies— Mrs Taylor, Loudon Capt G. E. Money's children The Misses Taylor Mr and Mrs D C Jones and maid, Shrewsbury Miss Dawson Mr and Mrs C W Aylmer and family, Cheltenham The Misses Nash, Beckenham Mr and Mrs Spear, family and maid, London. Mrs Lewis and maid, London Misses Adkins and maid, Birmingham Mrs Halherell and family, London Mrs Harans and family, CbeBter Mrs and Miss Roberts and maid, Oswestry 10, Mrs E. Jones— 8Mr and Mrs Allchin, Northampton 'I.b and Mrs Jeffrey, do I Mrs Chad wick, baby and nurse, Newtown Mrs Peters, Knighton Mrs Harding, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Lewis, Swansea 12, Miss Vaughan Rees- The Rev A and Mrs Wilson, baby and nurse Mr, Mrs and Miss Dixon, Manchester 13, Mrs Clay ton- Mrs Pugh, Bishop's Castle Messrs Reynell and Corley, London 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans— Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton 16, Miss Hnghea— Mr and Miss Newill, Pool Quay Mrs Allen, Pool Quay 18, Prospect house, mills Owen- Mr and Mrs W Parish, Birmingham 20- Messrs and the Misses Goss, Stoke-on.Trent 24 Mrs Kenrick- Mrs Coulson James and family, London Misses Evans, Birkenhead 28, Miss Hoghes- Mrs, the Misses and Master T MoKibbin, Liver- pool Miss B Cordukes, New York f Mrs and Miss Rosen 29, John Evans- Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mr and Mrs Wheeldon and niece, Penybont 80, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands— Mr and Mrs Mason, Blymhill Mr, Mrs and Miss Bourne, Staffordshire Mrs Burgess and Darhston, Shropshire Mrs Mark, do > 34, Mrs Roderick- Miss and Mr R Mollis, Hereford Mrs J Elliott, do Miss Lane, Cambridge Mr and Mrs A H Gardner, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Plante and party, Londen 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson- Rev Dr and Mrs Atkinson, Clare College Mrs, Miss and Mr B Blower Mrs Goulbourne, Shrewsbury .Mr, Mrs and Miss Pryoe Mrs Groves ana Miss Mili« 36, Moreland Honse, Mrs Edwards— Rev and Mrs Evans and family, London Mr and Mrs Procher and family, Bristol Mrs Burr, family and maid, Leamington Mr and Mrs Liver and tamily, Birmingham 38, Mrs Blddulph- Mrs General Coiby and Misses Colby, Cheltenham Mra Williams and family, Hereford Mrs and the Misses Sains, Biith 39, Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Meynell family and maid, Wolver- hampton Miss Perks and Miss Mance and maid, Worcester Miss Baggott, Whitchurch 40, Miss Nelson- Mr, Mrs IlDd Miss Owen, Abergavenny Mr, Mrs and Miss Littleboy, Wallingford 41, Misses Jones- Mr and Mrs G Bennett, York Major & Mrs Harrison, son and nnrse, Staffordshire 42, Mrs Jones— Mrs Hir ing and family, Ludlow Misses Meredith and Gids Mr and Mrs Bunnett, York Mr and Mrs Arthur Hughes and family, Cefngwyn Mr and Mrs Morphew, London Mrs Shortings, Bockley 43. Picton House, Miss Oa mother lay— Miss Frere Mrs Frere Mrs Rowland Venables and maids Mr D T JOGes Miss Corrie 44. Mies E. F J ones- Mrs Whitfield, O&westry Miss Rogers, Chirbary Mr and Mrs banks, Dudley Mr and Mrs Carter aud family, London r 47, Chatham House, Mrs Kdwards— Mr and Mrs Pt-el, uiiby & servants, Rhiwcneuddyn Miss Tate and Miss Liugard, Ellsmere, Salop Mr Calcott, Shrewsbury Rev D D Jones, Mrs Davison, and Miss Hall, Llanelly 49, Mrs D Lewis- Mrs and Miss Moss, Lichfield Mrs Sayer and maid, Birmingham Mrs Goruall, baby and nurse, Berriew Miss Preen, Koss 53, Miss James— Mr and Mrs R ureenway and maid, Pontypool Rev R and Miss Jameson, Lincoln 55,- Dr Evans, family and nurse, Sutton Coldfield Mrs Richardson, Derby Mrs and the Misses Barker, King's Heath Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Robinson, Nottingham 56- Rev R Mrs and Miss Fawcett, Ireland Mr and Miss Hughes, Herefordshire 58, Mrs Rush- Mr Kete, Leamington 59, Mrs Edwards— The Misses Macdonald, Bath Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury 60, Craiglais View, Mrs Williams- Misses Sharp, Reading Mrs and Miss Allday, Merthyr Tydfil Misses Weaver, Shrewsbury 61, Mrs Hogg- Mr Davies, Cwrtmawr 62, Mrs D. Davips— Mr and Mrs Allan and family Mrs and the Misses (3) Cutler, Edgbaston The Misses Taylor, Birmingham 63— Mr and Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Misses Hine, do 64. York Honse,— Mr and Mrs Appkgate, Bradford-on-avon 65, Clifton Honse, Mrs Powell- Mr, Mrs and Misses Davies, London Mr and Mrs Lawrence, London Mr and Mrs Barker, Italy Mr and Mrs Perkins, Sutton Coldfields Mr, Mrs and Messrs Wilkins, Merthyr Tydvil ALBERT PLACE. 2, Dumbarton house, Mrs Humphreys— Mr, Mrs and Master Wilkins, Merthyr Tydvil Mr and Mrs Back, Yorkshire