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-V%Cttqtouf) ;,rt7UirffJ. "> .r, LLANBADARN FAWR CHURCH. WELSH SERVICES, With SERMONS, on Sundays, at 10 a.m. and 6.15 p.m., also on Thursday tvenings, at 7.15 p.m. ENGLISH SERVICE, With SERMON, at 11.30, on Sundays, Christaias Day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Ascension Day. CELEBRATION OF THE HOLY COMMUNION IN WELSH On every first Sunday :n the month, 1 Festivals. CELEBRATICN OF THB HOLY COMMUNION IN ENGLISH On every third Sunday in the month, and on a Festivals. HYMNS, ANCIEN? AND MODERN. Offertories to be devoted to defraying current Church expenses, and to clear a debt of .£80 on the Bells. PARISH CHURCH, ABERYSTWYTH (ST. MICHAEL'S). SUNDAYS.—Holy Communion every Sunday at 8 a.m.; also, after Morning prayer on the first and third Sundays in the month. Morning Prayer aud Sermon at 11. Litany on the first and third Sundays at 4 P.tJl. Evening Prayer and Sermon at 6.30. fiOLY DAYS.-Holy Communion at 8 a.m. Morn- ingJPrayer at 10. Evening Prayer at 7. WEEK DAYS.—Morning Prayer daily a; 10. Evening Prayer and Sermon on Wednesdays at 7. llymns, Ancient and Modern." Rev. J. HAVARD PEOTHEROE, M.A., Vicar. Mr E. P. WYNNE, 7, Pier-street I Chirc Mr B. ELLIS MORGAN, 2, Marine-ter., S warleng LEWIS TERRACE COAL YARD AND WEIGH BRIDGE. R. ROWLAND JONES NOW OFFERS .BRYNDU HAND-PICKED COAL, makes ery little Ash, is clean burning and durable the oost economical Coal brought to Aberystwyth. W. & H. POWELL'S renowned RED ASH; Jso HOL Y BUSH, excellent house Coal. CANNOCK CHASE best Deep Coal, free fom Ash, very heating, keeps alight many hours witbut any attention. CINNOCK DEEP KIBBLES. B«st NETHERSEAL and Wrexham MAIN COLL. Akarge Quantity of Cilyrychen LIME; also Jias (Abtfthaw) LIME on the premises. al Daylight PETROLEUM OIL, Wholeale and Retail. Strn, House, and Smith Coal, supplied in truks of 6 f> 8 tons at Colliery prices, at any Station on he M. &M. or Cambrian Railways. Agent for Queen Fire and Life Insurance Compay. Note the Address- Corng of BREWER-ST. & SIXPENCE (Post Free), or Large Edition (clot), Is }d, from the Publisher, ELLIOT STOCK, 2 PA'JEBNOSTER Row, LONDON, E.C. MR G. T. CONGREVE Off THE SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT OF POTFSUMPTION AND ITS FINAL aURa, Together with observations on ASTHMA, CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, &c. The BOok contains authentic testimony of cases cured wg-e hope hid been abandoned. The "Christian Herald" says that" for Consumption ad Let CfcfcSt Diseases Mr Congreve is a Specialist of the filt Oidtr. aud stands unrivalled." Every ffsek new cases are published in which Mr Congrevjs treatment has been comp'etely successful. AB EKYS TWYTH,—SPECIAL NOTICE TOVISITOB. —Season 1887 I To render the stay agreeable and beneflcj;, every vijitor should wash with SCLPHOLINH SOAP. TB effects of he sea air are much better felt when the pores of te skin are ia a state of free, healthy action. This is attaii,! by using SULPHOLINE SOAP, which has a most marvel|0s depuratiyi action, the skin becoming delightfully srnoot* clear, spotless, and comfortable. The disagreeable eSe(t caused by wind orsan are resisted, all roughness, diseoloratioi &c., quietly disappearing. The steady use of SULPHOL110 SOAP is !ewarded by a fair, beautiful, healthy skin. p, Children tothing else should be used. The Soap itself cor ales the natural tint of the healthy skin. Tablets 6d. 801 everywherf. u k!1 ESTABLISHED 33 YEAR: D. THOMAS & SO Watchmakers, Jewellers,&, GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH. PURE MILK, TWICPI, A FROM BRYNAMLWG FARM. One MiIefrom Aberystwyth, ab ntt tee; ahove sea level. I FAHILtES SUPPLIED TWfOE DAILY WITH NEW MILK FROM THIS PA it.VI, WHICH IS SOLD PUKE AS FROM THE (XHV. GREAT CARE has been exercised in selecting Milch Cows with healthy ami vigorous con- stitutions, which is of the greatest importance; specially whtre Milk is used to bring up cbiidrtm. Milk may always be obtained from the sauie cow for infants and invalids. THE DAIRY, 39, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN JAMES, Proprietor. PHOTOGRAPHY. EVERY Style of PORTRAIT taken by the aid of the most Modern Apparatus and perfect Ap- pliances. Sitters carefully arranged and lighted to obtain the most favourable likeness. Careful work. Prompt and good finish. ENLARGED PORTRAITS by a permanent pro- cess. These, when finished in Oil or Water Color, give the greatest satisfaction. Gentlemen's Seats, Groups, Animals, &c., photo- graphed. Terms on Application. E. R. G Y D E CHELTENHAM HOUSE, PIER-ST., ABERYSTWYTH G YDE'S FANCY GOODS DEPARTMENT Novelties in Frames, Screens, and Cases. Novelties in Plush and Leather Goods. Novelties in Albums and Scra.p Books. Novelties in Writing Desks and Cases. Novelties in Purses and Card Cases. Novelties in Cigar and Cigarette Cases. Novelties in Cabinet Goods. Novelties in English and Foreign Vases. Novelties in Artistic Pottery. Novelties too numerous to mention. E. R. G Y D E PIER STREET. NEW BUTCHERING ESTABLISHMENT, &c., NOW OPENED, AT 19, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH, BY FRED. BAKER (OF RHYDYPENNAU FARM). Commenced for the purpose of bringing Meat, &c. direct from the Farmer to the Consumer at greatly reduced prices, wholesale and retail. Home Baked and Fancy Bread, Confection- ery, &c., on.the best terms. N.B.—Ham and Bacon Carer, Pork Pies, & Sausages NOTICE TO VISITORS AND OTHERS. T. GRIFFITHS, LION TEA WAREHOUSE, Opposite the Gogerddaa Arms and Lion 0 Hotel, Aberystwyth, rjlEA AND COFFEE DEALER, AND PROVISION MERCHANT. ALWAYS. IN STOCK:- REAL WILTSHIRE SMOKED BACON AND HAMS, (Branded CHAS. HARRIS &CO., Calne) AND HOME-CURED. FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS IN DAILY. NEW COALS, COALS, COALS. RAILWAY STATION, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN JENKIN JONES (OF THE COOPERS' ARMS) BEGS to offer for Sale the following first-class -D House Coals at the cheapest possible price:- The SELECTED HAND-PICKED JUBILEE COAL excellent Coal for Drawing Rooms and other superior purposes. The CELEBRATED YORKSHIRE SILKSTONE COAL. The Best HAND-PICKED CANNOCK CHASE WIGAN ARCEY. RUABON YARD. SHROPSHIRE HOUSE COAL. „ NEWPORT LARGE do do.) (Slow and very clean burning). And various other qualities always in Stock. Special terms made with Customers for Truck loads and large quantities. Also, Steam and Smith's. Coal supplied at Colliery rices in truck loads. Please Note the Address— OFFICE AND WHARF RAILWAY STATION AND COOPERS' ARMS, ABERYSTWYTH. P.S.-LIME supplied in Truck loads at a very low rate. I CURE FITS When I say cure I do not mean j merely to stop them for a time and then have them return again. I mean a radical cure. I have made the disease of FITS, EPILEPSY or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long stndy. I warrant my remedy to cure the worst cases. Because others have failed isno reason for not now receiving a cure. Send at once for a treatise and a Free Bottle of my infallible remedy. Give address in full. It costs you nothing for a trial, and I will cure you. Address Dr H. G. Root, 5, Plum Tree Ct., Farringdon-st., London. TOWLE'S PENNYROYAL AND STEEL PILLS FOR FEMALES quickly cerrect all irregularities and re- lieve the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boxes Is lid and 2s 911 of all Chemists. Sent anywhere for 15 or 34 Stamps, by the Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Co., Lincoln. -BEWABB OF IMITATIONS. CHEAP Nouj&xSHXENT.-Fourteen IsMe Breakfas 1 Cups of Strong, reliable Cocoa can be had trom v<xpenn Packet of Cadbury's Cocoa Essence. Ask for Cadbury's, and do not be imposed upon. Beware of Imitations. <• I .!• ■. V r » iV n t; .rr < A i i s J, PLUMBERS, r >v r P OINTERS PAPERH A ICG KltS, N 1) GENERAL HOOSE DKCORATOLIS. All Sizes of IROV and LEAD PTPE PAINTS, VAiiXlSKKS, BKUSHE3, Ac. EARTHEN C^v.iOsi 2; I i KaGK. A LARGE STOCK OF VAPKItHANGINGS To select from. N.B.—P. & W. G. have just re-fivc.} a Con^iga- tnent of IRON n J D S T K ADS from one of the Lir,sf. h{¡nf :.ú' orors in the WorWL From 10s 6d each. MA rTiili-5-! KS from 8s 6 aacb 3, NORTH PAR A HE, ABKRYSTWYTK. EIGHTY WOKDS FOR ENGLAND'S DAUGHTERS. THE ENORMOUS REGULAR SALES OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TONS OF SINCLAIR'S SOAP FOR ALL WATERS Is the he,t p-oof that The PuhJíc know" nil Hp)tre.ci if* ITS M WIC4L CLE, N'IXG PItOPKItTIS3, AID THOROUGH STRRUXO VW.UB A BOOX TO KI H AND POOR AI.IKR. I( cannot ii'jure the mo-i delicate F tn ic. Sold by Gnwrs & Oiiinan Everywhere. J. SIXCLAII, & S Soi-thwA-K-sirent. LONDON, S.E., an-i 55, W Liverj*K.l. Beware of Iluif:t(tOfl8 A SAFE FAMILY MB 1)10 IN" MS* Prescribed for more tlian Half a Century. JJR. imLEMMINGS, QUININE AND CAMPHOR pILLS NERVOUS DISEASES, I FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEBRILB DISORDERS, INDIGESTION, Loss OF APPETITE, BILIOUS AFFECTIONS. FLATULENCE, HEARTBURN, STOMACH ROUGHS, ancl. LIVER COMPLAINTS. A MILD AND SAFE TONIC APERIENT. Free from any injurious ingredient, Compounded entirely of a small quantity of Quinine, Turkey Rhubarb, Tonics, &c. These Pills, on account of their' specially mild character, may be taken by Ladies at all times, and by all persons of delicate habit. In- valuable for the host of troubles attendant upeik Disordered Liver, Lang-our, Irritability, Low Spirits. Depression, Constipation, &c. DR. PILLS Are now put up in L 'es at Is ltd, 2s 9d, 4s 6Q (instead of Boxes a. -)fore), and may be had of MOST CHEMISTS, u I- jst Free for ls 2d, 2s 10d. and 4s 8d, from REES REES, BILL-POSTER, &c., LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS to inform the Public that he leases the mosfc fD prominent Porting Stations in Aberystwyth. Orders for Town and Countrystrictly attended to. R. li. begs to mforT, the Public that hs is a Mem- ber of the United Kingdom Bill Posters Association. We know what belongs to a Watch. "-Shakes[, e ire STEWART DAWSON & Co's World wide renowned Watches are still unassailable as the FINEST PRODUCTIONS OF THE 19TH CENTURY. REMEMBER we Manufacture and Sell our ENGLISH LEVKR WATCHES Direct to the Public, and by this means save to the. Purchaser the Profrs of Agents and Dealers. All our Watches are fully Ulnstrated in our MAG- NIFICENT TRADE CATALOGUES, with the Price placed against each Engraving, which is drawn from that actual Watch, so that YOU CAN BUY WITH PZRFECT SECURITY. Our remarks are Ia'ii^putable, and yon uny pr^va it yourself by patronizing STEWART DAWSON & CO.. from whom you may boy a single Watch tiL esictly the same Low Wholesale pobii.-hed price. as it yotl. bought a gross at their Factory. On these lines S. D. & Co. have developed THE LARGEST WATCH TRADE IN THE WORLD. A Choice Present sent with each Watch. Note the Address- STEWART DAWSON & CO., ENGLISH WATCH MANUFACTURERS LIVERPOOL. Superbly Illustrated Waich Catalogae post free foe- Two Stamps, cost of postage only. COLEMAN'S LIEBIG'8 EXTRACT OF MEAT AND MALT WINE IS a Delicious "H 'rage and Tonic made from Port Wine, Liel t> ixi,ia.ot of Meat and Extract Q £ Malt; Nutritioi •. .-eng hening, Stimulating, Flash- iorming, and He. ^-restoring; suitable for the Robusfc n Health as well as the Invalid. Strongly recommended by the Medical Faculty. ImportantunsolicitedTestimonial from E. HOPKINSL ESQ., L.R.C.P., L.F.P.S. Hundreds have been received from Medical Men. 54, Aston Road, N Birmingham. December 17th, 1886. Dear Sirs,—I beg to acknowledge receipt of sample of your Extract of Meat and Malt Wine," also one you sent a short time back. I have now Qurr. TWENTY PATIENTS TAKING IT, and as a flesh- forming, and strength producing agent, I consider it SECOND TO NONE, being equally useful in all forma of debility. Yours faithfully, EDWARD HOPKINS, Messrs Coleman & Co. L.K.C.P., L.F.P.S. Sold by all Druggists, Wine Merchants, and Patent Medicine Vendors in the United Kingdom, in Bottles 2s 9d and 4s 6d each. Ask for COLEMAN'S LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT AND MALT WINE, and see that you get it." If there is any difficulty in getting the Wine, write direct to the Manufacturers, who will forward Sample Pint Bottle free by Post on receipt of 33 stamps Dozen 11 "Rail" 30s. SOLE MANUFACTURERS, COLEMAN & CO., ST. GEORGE'S, NORWICH VfOXEY.—IMPERIAL DEPOSIT BANK, 18, iXL Adam-street, Strand, London.—ADVANCES made privately at a day's neti-e, from 20 to 2,01'01. to malt or female, in town or ooantry, upon promissory notes, with- out bill of sale, on the following terms:- Advance £20 Twelve monthiy repayments of 91 15 0 80,. 2 12 6 » 50 „ „ 7 e 100 H 15 0 Larger amounts the same in proportion, and, if desired, the capital can rem iir so log as the interest is paid. Advances also made upon the mortgage of Furnitnre Stocky Crops, Deeds, and Life Policies. Di-tance no object.. Send for prospc^us to CHAS. J. KVIGHTLEY, Manager. HAIR DESTROYER.—ALEX. ROSS' DEPILA-' TORY Removes Hair from the face neck, and. arms; 3s 6d per bottle; s*ntbypo-t, sei;r«tly packed, f>r 54 st-mps. Hair Dj e, for light or darkcjlours, Cantliarides, for growth of hair; Curling Flui i Bloom of roses, for giving beauty to the lips and cheeks; the kin Tightener, for furrowd; Liquid for black specks, each 3s Od, sent by post for 51 stamps. Spl nts for crooked limbs, 21s Medicine for obisity, 5s; Com- pletion Pills, as 9d Nose Machine £ >r shapening the nose» 10s 6d Ear Machine for outstanding ears, 10, 6d; Tar Soap, the remedy for the skin. Is; Alex. Ross's Toilet Medicine," is. all secretly packed fer stamps.-2I, Lambs' Conduit-street, near Holborn, London, and all Chemists. ONE BOX OF CLARKK'S B 41 PILLS w* warranted to cure all discharges from the Urin- ary Organs, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Gravel, and Pains in the Baok. Sold in Boxes, 4a tJCI. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent to any address for 60. stamps by the Makers, THE LINCOLT -& MIDLAND, COUNTIES' DRUG COM- PANY, Lincoln. Wholesale—all the Wholeaals Houses. DUNVILLE'S OLD IRISH WHISKY is recommended by the medical profession in preference to French Br,indy. They hold the largest stock of Whisky in the world. SuppjieC n casks and case; for home use end exportation. Quotations on application to DCKVILLB & Co., Limited, Royal Iriaifc Dstilleries, Belfast.