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MESSRS. IORGAN AND CO., (LATE DOWNIE), WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, Beg to announce that they have Imported again this Year a large Cargo of Messrs. ARTHUR GUINNESS and Cos., CELEBRATED EXTRA STOUT, Direct from Dublin, which they. are prepared to Sell at the following Prices- Barrels 36 Gallons at 54. Od each Kilderkins 18" at 27s. Od. each Krkins 9 at 13s. 6d. each IN BOTTLES. Pints 4s. 6d. per doz. Half-Pints • 2s. 6d. per doz. They have also received a Large Consignment of MARCH ALES, From the well-known City Brewery, Company Limited, Lichfield, which they are prepared to Sell at the following Prices— Barrels, Kilderkins, Firkins, 36 Gallons. 18 Gallons 9 Gallons. Pale Ale&, at 57s. 28s. Gd. Its. tid. Mild Ales, at 45s. 22s. 6d. lis. 6d. I" PALE ALE IN BOTTLES. Pints 4s. 6d. per doz. Pints 4s. 6d. per doz. Half-Pints 2s. 6d. per doz. All Bottles charged for will bo allowed on return. Empty Casks not returned within it. reasonable time will tie cnarged for. N.R-SP'CI.\L TEKMS FOR THE TRADE. June, 1887. Office—LITTLE DARKGATE STREET AND PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. SAMUEL ALLSOPP & SONS, LIMITED, B• c t< t all fittevtior to tli< ir ]'(w Ihfind of LIGHT BITTER BEER, WHICEF, as well as their EAST INDIA PALE aud other Ales, can now be obtained either in Cask or Bottle from any Dealer or Orders for same in CASK if sent to 'their OFFICE- HAMPTON HOUSE, RAILWAY TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH, Will receive immediate attention. ESTABLISHED 1826. TO HAVE YOUR WORK DONE WELL AND AT MANUFACTURER'S PRICES, GO TO WHITE, M 4 SI' F A CT f' RIX G LAPIDARY AND JEWELLER, K G Y 1, T j N H o USE, TUHHACK R 0 AD. A e.p:bn'ft.\ •x.Ueet-ioi- (If rmweet designs. Gem and other Rings. Anything not in Stock made to ord. r. BEACH STONES AND OTHER PEBBLES SLICED, DRILLED AND CUT. N.B.—This firm can be relied on, as all work is done on the premises. J 014 N W ATKINS, WHOLESALE AND RRTAIL WINE, SPIRIT, STOUT, AND ALE MERCHANT ( OKNKit OF ¡-'ORTH PARADE AND TERRACE ROAD, OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE, ABERYSTWYTH. WTI ES AND ;PIHITS.I tstabligriid 1833. ALE, STOUT, Ac., in cask and bottle. Svirtell's and lierinessey '■•» fine old Brandi'-p. i Dnnville's. Kirai an' Rot's, at'(1 other Irish and I Scotch Whi.kil'E, Gin, Enm, Hollands, Claret, Hock, Moselle, JrlarFula. Madeira, Burgundy. Champagne, Carlowitz, Snuturue, and all other I Winea and Spirits of be bA6t qualify, at moderate prices, the smallest quantity supplied, i pts. Imp'l pts. Bass's and Alhwpp's 2/6 4/6 i; l:f'oPP'A Dinner le 316 Dubhn St>>at 2/6 4/6 Devonshire Cider and Perry, and Schweppe's Aerated Waters. Baes's and Allsopp's Ale and Dublin Stout in 9 and 18 gallon casks. Bottles are not ehargfd for, and are to be returned, or paid for. Please note the address, OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. THE QUEEN'S HOTEL. IS protected on the North and East by the Craiglais mountain range. Contains Coffee, Dining and Ladies' Drawing Rooms, nearly 100 Bedrooms, and has a frontage of 150 feat. Each of its Public and Private Sitting Kooms face the sea. TABLE D'HOTE AT 6.30 P.M. Tariff on application to the MANAGERESS. THE BELLE VUE HOTEL. FACES the sea and yet in the most business part of the town, and is especially adapted for Commercia Gentlemen. BOARDING TERMS—GUINEAS PER WEEK, 2 WHICH INCLUDES BED AND ATTENDANCE OR FROM SATURDAY TO MONDAY, GUINEA EACH PERSON. TABLE D'HOTE AT TWO O'CLOCK. Tariff on application to the MANAGERESS. W. H. PALMER, PROPRIETOR. E. V. REES, WORKING LAPIDARY, GOLD & SILVERSMITH 12, KING STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, (NEAR THE COLLEGE). ALL REPAIRS DONE ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE R. E. JONES, HORSE & CARRIAGE PROPRIETOR, 19, MARY STREET, (Near the Railway Station), ABERYSTWYTH. HORSES and Carriages for Hire by the day or jn.. hour; Conveyances to Devil's Bridge, Plyn- limon, and all places of interest in the neighbourhood on reasonable terms. W. R. JONES, WATCHMAKER, JEWELLER, &c., 32, GREAT DARKGATB STREET, (opposite Market-st.,) ABERYSTWYTH. Gold & Silver Watches, English & Foreign Clocks, Gold and Silver Jewellery and Jet Ornaments in Stock. Spectacles and Eye Glasses to suit all sights. Every description of Watches and Jewellery neatly Repaired at Moderate charges. TO VISITORS AND OTHERS C. M. WILLIAMS Wishes to draw the attention of Visitors and others to his Stock of Millinery, Straw Hats and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers, Fancy Wings, Ribbons, Lacee, Frillings, Silk Squares, Hosiery, Gloves, Silk Umbrellas, Sunshades, &e. Gents' Newest Shapes in Summer Hats and Caps Ties, Scarfs, Collars, Cuffs, &e. The well-known house for Real Welsh Flannels, Whittles, and Shawls in all colours, warranted to wear and not to shrink. Every article marked at lowest Cash Price. C. M. WILLIAMS, 10, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Baexxpr Fojms, in bosks of 50 each, price Is, may bepmrchaaed at the Obsenw CWW 1 North Parade. very uefnl. SEA BATHING. THE SALT WATER PUBLIC SWIMMING BATHS, NEWFOUNDLAND STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE among the Finest Baths in the Kingdom. Private Hot and Cold Baths. Every attention paid to Visitors by Experienced Attendants. Swimming taught by a Professional, who attends daily. NOTE THE ADDRESS. COALS. RHEIDOL COAL YARD. CAPT. DOUGHTON BEGS to announce that be has and intends to Keep a Constant Supply the well-known SCOTCH COALS at very Low Prices for Cash. NEWPORT COALS always on hand also PETROLEUM OIL Private address, 45, North-Parade. E. P. TAYLOR, RADNOR HOUSE, TERRACE ROAD, FRESH Fruit and Vegetables every morning ta any part of the town. Gardener and Seeds- man. EDWARD ELLIS, AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, HOUSE A GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, Office and Auction Rooms and General Repository, 18, PIER STREET & No. 1, NEW STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Valuation for Probate and Transfer. Register of Property to be Sold, Houses and Pre- mises to be Let, Businesses to be disposed of, Sales by Auction of Household Furniture, Farming Stock, Shipping, Mining Machinery, &c. Sales of all descriptions undertaken, with prompt settlements. Advances made upon all goods con- signed for positive sale by auction or private treaty. Parties desirous of obtaining particulars of Estates and Houses, furnished or unfurnished, or Apartments to Let will have them forwarded on application. Household Furniture, Stock-in trade, Second-hand Books, and other passable Property, purchased. Consignments made daily. Furniture and Stock in- spected with view to purchase without charge. Rents collected. Properties sold by private treaty, Mortgagee and general bnBinesa negotiated. All business communications will receive punctual attention, addressed E. ELLIS, 18, Pier-street, Aberystwyth." MEYRICK HOUSE, 31, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. D. J. WILLIAMS, TOBACCONIST, STATIONER, AND DEALER D FANCY GOODS AND TOYS. ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. JOHN ELLIS, IRONMONGER, GUN AND LOCKSMITH,1 I BELLHANGER, Ac., 22, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. E. begs to draw the attention of his numerou < customers to his Stock of BREECH and MUZZLE LOADING GUNS an AMMUNITION. Curtis and Harvey's Gun Powder and Chilled She GREEN CARTRIDGES, 10/6 per 100; BLUE Do., 10/ BROWN Do., 9/6 per 1001 ABERYSTWYTH READING ROOM AND PUBLIC- FRE LIBRARY. INFORMATION FOR VISITORS VISITORS can borrow Books at the Public Libra V by an annual payment in advance of 5s.; or < payment of 2d. per volume per week for the fit volume, and Id. each for other volumes of a work. The Reading Room, which is largely supplied wi London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other Provi cial Papers, is also open to Visitors on payment of ( per week. The Library is open from 10.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.; i Reading Room from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. MANCHESTER & MILFORD RAILW/ PICNIC OR PLEASURE PARTIES. DURING THE SUMMER MONTHS, AND uIO OCTOBER 31ST INCLUSIVE, FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD CLASS rota i* tickets at cheap fares will be issued, with r- tain limitations, at the stations on this line to pais of not less than six First, or ten Second or Td Class Passengers desirous of making Pleasure c- carsions to places on or adjacent to this Railway The tickets will be available for return samety only, and parties can only proceed and return bye trains which stop at the stations where they wiito join and leave the Railway, and having that claof carriage attached for which they have taken ticJs. To obtain these tickets application must be Lie to the station masters of the respective stationor to the General Manager at Aberystwyth, a reasotfle time prior to the intended excursion, stating thDI. lowing particulars, viz.:— That it is exclusively a pleasure party—the staIDs from and to which tickets are required, and ty aat a train the excursionists wish to travel-for tfich class of carriage-and the probable numbero the party. The power of refusing any application is rerved. J. C. RUSSEI, General Jnager. Aberystwyth, Jane, 1887. MANCHESTER & MILFORD RAIWAY MOUNTAIN SCEN Elff. S COMMENCING ON TUESDAY, MAY 31st, 1887, And every Week-day during the STJMMEMonths, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS Will be issued by the Ordinary Trts FROM ABEEYSTW TH To the under-mentioned Stations, in thejigh- bourho. d of which may be seen some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN SCKERY IN WALES, INCLUDING THE RUINS OF STRATA PLOIIDA ABBEY, &c., :If. The River Teify, which abounds wi FISH runs close to the TregaroD, Lampeter an Llany- byther Stations. First Secon Third Class Clas Class TO s d s ( s d Llanilar 1 6 1 0 9 Trawscoed 2 6 1 I. 1 3 Strata Florida 3 6 2 1 9 Tregaron (Market and Fair days excepted) 4 6 3 2 3 Lampeter (Market & Fair days and 5th July & 18th October excepted) 6 0 4 3 0 Llanybyther (Market and Fair days excepted) 7 0 5 3 6 Children under 12 years of age, Half-jice. Tickets are available to return by anyOrdinaryj Train on day of issue only. BY GDER. General Manager's Office, Aberystwyth, May 25th, 1887. ESTABLISHED 1835. THE STAFFORD & JSr O ETH.MPTO! SHOE WAREHOUSI 7, BRIDGE STREET, ABERYSTVYTH. DAVID R. JONW, LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S, AND (HILDRENS BOOT AND SHOE MAZER. A Large Assortment of BOOTS and (HOES alwas in Stock. Boots and Shoes made to rder. REPAIRS NEATLY AND PROMPTLY EXECUTED All Orders entrusted to his care wil be punctnay attended to.-GIVE HIM A TRIAL. ? AGENT for the Celebrated "I" BOOT. AGENT for the MAGNETOD" BOOT, for te Prevention of Cramp, & UNDER ROYAL PATRONAGE. -1 THE ABERYSTWYTH JHARMAC 13, TERRACE ROAD, ABERTSTWYTH, (Nearly opposite the PostOffice), CONDUCTED BY THE PROPRIETOR, E. J. EVANS, M.P.S., PHZRMACEUT- CAL, ANAYTICAL & DISPENSING CHEMIf DISPENSING.—All Drugs and Chemicals of te purest quality, tested by gravametic and volumeto methods before being received int) stock. The D. pensing charges are as moderate a: is consistent wh the employment of the very best Irugs only. N.B.- Special attention bestowed on iPiø branch of te Business, the Dispensing department being entin? under the principal's own supervision. Mourning Cards, in various pttterns, priaw., Walsh and English, at the Observer Olioe, I, Nexii Parade, Aberystwyth. FYOUR GO FOR MILLINERY, TO MRS. MORGAN, 23, LITTLE DARKGATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Who has always a Stock of the Newest Styles. E. & R/REES, COACH BUILDERS, MARY STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEG to announce that, having extended their pre- mises, they have additional facilities for con- dncting their Business. NEW CARRIAGES ON HAND. Every description of Carriages built to Order. DAVID JONES, CIVIL AND MILITARY TAILOR, BREECHES MAKER, vADIES' RIDING HABITS & JACKETS, LIVERY, &c., k, CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. SUITS MADE TO ORDER FROM 50s. (OOD WORKMANSHIP. NEWEST STYLES. JRESENTS PRESENTS PRESENTS IN GREAT YARIETY AT L E W, I s S, 15, GREAT DARKGATE STREET. 4 N assortment of Oil Paintiqgs of local stibjeots A- on hand, or executed to order. Picture Frames t great variety. No. 7, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. S. ETA N S, GENERAL GROCER AND PROVISION DEALER. HUNTLEY & PALMKR'S BISCUITS & CARES. CROSSE & ELACKWELL'S GOODS. FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS DAILY. EARBOUR & RHEIDOL COALYARD. CAPT. DOUGHTON WISHES te call attention to his Stock of best Coals, always on hand. Capt DOUGHTON wil receive cargoes thr mgh the summer from Welsh ant Scotch ports. BLUE BELL HOTEL, TERRACE ROAD, THOMAS DAVIES, Proprietor. ALBOPP'S and BASS'S ALES, and G.UINNESS'S STOUT, IN BOTTLE. ROBERTS'S K and BOTTLED ALES. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR VISITORS YM. ROWLANDS & SON, CA3INET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS. POLISHERS AND UNDERTAKERS, RJSPECTFULL Y announce that they hat REMOVED their Business from Bridge-strae to tie commodious premises adjoining the Victoria Hotd, in BAKER STREET, where they hope by strio attention to Business to merit a continuance of tie favours hitherto bestowed upon them. JANE REES, COMMERCIAL HOTEL, (Opposite the Railway' Station), ABERYSTWYTH. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR VISITORS. R. JONES, COACHBUILDER, 61, NORTH PARADE. WORSES AND CARRIAGES FOR HIRE, By the Day or Hour. Conveyances to Devil's Bridge, Plynlimon, Monk's Cave, Llyfnant Valley, Aberayron, and any other place of interest in the Neigh- bourhood, ON REASONABLE TERMS. "THE JUBILEE BREAK" Is worthy of special attention. It is very handsome, is provided with a cover, and has curtained sides, which may be opened or closed to suit convenience. D. EVANS, WATCHMAKER. JEWEL L-ER, & C 41, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, (Opposite the Lion Royal Hotel). OD selection of Jewellery in Gold, Silver, Peb- T bles and Jet. Also English and Foreign Watches in gold and silver, Telescopes, Field and Marine Glasses, Spectacles, & Eye Glasses to suit all sights. Watches and Jewellery cleaned and repaired. ESTABLISHED 1867. ROBERT J. ROBERTS, 9, COLLEGE GREEN, TOWYN, Family and Dispensing Chemist, Grocer, Stationer, &c. Dealer in Fishing Tackle, Jewellery, and Fancy Goods. Agent for W. and A. Gilbey's Wines. TTick- ets for the Dysynny Fishing; and also for the St. Cadvan's Wells and Baths. EDWARD EDWARDS, 13, GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, &c. PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS BY VALENTINE, BEDFORD, AND FRITH. BOOKS OF VIEWS, GUIDE BOOKS, &C. J. E. JONES, FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, 6, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST IN THE TRADE. All Orders executed on the premises. JE. J. Challenges the Trade for CHEAPNESS • and EXCELLENCE of wear; the best mater- ials and t, best workmanship guaranteed. THE PIE R. GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL %X 1 C ON CERT, MR CROWLEY'S BAND & VOCALISTS, EVERY EVENING, COMUKCIKO AT 7.30. J Admission—SiXFBHcn. r CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS' THREE or FIVE DAYS in London.—A Cheap I- Excursion will be run from all Cambrian Stations to LONDON, on Saturday. September 24th 1887, at Low Fares. Three Days' passengers return from London on Monday evening. Sept. 26th. Five Days' passengers return from Loudon on Thursday evening, Sept. 29th. For full particulars see Com- pany's Bills. ROYAL JUBILEE EXHIBITIONS AT LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER. CHEAP 3 Days Excursion Tickets will be issued from all the Cambrian sr.aliens on every Satur- day in July, August, and September, to Liverpool, Manchester, and Chester. Tickets may be obtained to include admission to the Exhibitions at Liverpool and Manchester. A CHEAP Excursion Train will run to Aber- ystwyth, Barmouth, Aberdovey, Towyn, and other places on Every Monday, until further notice. BIRMINGHAM ONION FAIR.—On Thursday, September 29th, Excursion Trains will be run from all Stations on the Cambrian Railways to Bir- mingham and Wolverhampton, for three or fivedays. Fares from Pwllheli, Barmouth, and intermediate stations, 9s to Birmingham, 88 to Wolverhampton from Dolgelley and Aberdovey and intermediate stations 8s and 7s; from Aberystwyth and Cemmes Road and intermediate stations, 9s and 8s. Pas- sengers must return from Birmingham (New-street) 11.20 a.m., and from Wolverhampton (Qaeen's-street) at 11.49 a.m., on Saturday, October 1st, or Monday, October 3rd. J. CONACHER, Secretary. WATERFORD & ABERDOVEY STEAM SHIP COMPANY. SHORTEST AND MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE TO LANCASHIREJJYORKSHIRE, AND THE MIDLAND CoUNTIKS, And other important Districts of England. The Fast andpowerful Screw Steamer,'LIVERPOOL,' or other suitable Vessel, will sail (weather per- mitting), between WA1ERFORD AND ABERDOVEY, Carrying Passengers, Merchandise, and Live Stock, in connection with the CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. PASSENGER FARES BETWEEN WATERFORD AND ABERDOVEY Cabin,12s 6d Single. Return Tiokets, lavailable for one Month, 17s 6d. Steerage, 5s Od Single. Return Tickets, available' for one Month, 9s. Children under Three years of age, Free; above Three and under Twelve, Half-price. THIS ROUTE OFFERS SPECIAL ADVANTAGES, For the eonveyance of Live Stock from Ireland owing to the favourable course of the currents in the part of the Channel to be navigated, and its freedom from fogs. On arrival alongside the de-p-water Pier at Aberdovey Shippers may, as suits their con- venience, either despatch their Stock to destination immediately, or place them in a field adjoining the Cambrian Company's Station, where they will be allowed to remain free, of charge for twenty-four hours, and from which they ean be loaded at any time direct into Trucks. FISH, MEAT, POULTRY, BACON, &c., can be transferred at Aberdovey direct from the Steamer into Railway Wagons on the Pier, whereby expeditions transit is ensured. For Conditions sea Forms of Consignment Note. Cargo intended for Conveyance by the Aberdovey Route will be received at the Company's Berth, I Custom House Quay, Waterford, and Live Stock at the Company's Cattle Yard, Conduit Lane. Maps of the New Route and all information can be obtained from the Agent, Mr JOHN DOWNEY, Custom House Qaay, Waterford. Waterford, April, 1887. VISITORS TO ABERYSTWYTH SHOULD NOT FAIL TO SEE THE DEVIL'S BRIDGE AND THE WATERFALLS. TICKETS TO VIEW, Is. EACll, To be obtained at THE HOTEL, Where every accommodation is provided at moderate charges. A TWO-SHILLING LUNCHEON DAILY. Conveyances leave Aberystwyth for Devil's Bridge every morning at 9.30. W. J. WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR. THE JUBILEE. IT should be generally known that W. WILLIAMS & Co. commenced their Tea Trade in the year 1837, in which Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria ascended the Throne, therefere W. WIL- LIAMS & Co.'s Teas are really the only Teas which have a claim to be considered JUBILEE TEAS." In the year 1837, /in which W. W. & Co. com- menced their Tea Trade, Tea was first produced as an experiment in Her Majesty's Dominions, under the old East India Company'p auspices, but since that time the choicest Teas in the world are produced in Her Majesty's Empire of India and Ceylon. W. WILLIAMS & Co. have been for about 20 years interested as large shareholders in one of the most successful Tea Plantations in India, and have thus possessed special facilities for watching the develop- ment of the Tea Industry in the Indian Empire, and, combined with their known experience and judgment, secure to the public the best value that is possible to obtain. W. WILLIAMS & Co's Teas are a Cotabmation of the Choicest Teas of India, Ceylon, and China growth. CHOICE TEAS, 3s. per lb. SUPERIOR TEA, 2s. 6d. per lb. FAMILY TEA, 2s. per lb. W. W. & Co.'s Teas are obtainable of most respect- able Grocers in England and W&iai, in registered wrappersl(which it is fraudulent to iannate). Agents appointed on application te W WILLIAMS & Co., Wholesale Tea Warehouse, 5 & 7 Button Street, Liverpool. TO HOUSEHOLDERS AND OTHERS, IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. UPHOLSTERING in all its branches done on or off the premises. Also Clocks cleaned and re- paired, by CHARLES DAVIES, 1, Cambrian Cottages, Llanbadarn-road, Aberystwyth \\I 1NDOW BILLS, This Honse to Let," may Y T be obtained at the Obterver Office, price one penny each. ESTABLISHED 1720. RED LION HOTEL, FOR STRATA FLORIDA ABBEY. LUNCHEON AND TEA. AT ALL TIMES. TABLE D'HOTE BY ORDER. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. MRS. JONES, PROPRIETRESS FEES H^TITK IS SOLD AT THE NAG'S H'EA D, 23, BRIDGE STREET, AT THREEPENCE PER QUART. DAVID ROBERTS, THE BREWERY, TREFECHAN, ABE hiYST W"YTH, BITTER BEERS, MILD ALES, AND STOUTS IN PRIME CONDITION IN 36, 18, AND 9 GALLON CASKS. B. BEER 1/6 per gallon. K- ALE 1/6 „ „ X. X. X. MILD 1/2 „ „ X. X. MILD 1/ „ „ D. STOUT 1/6 „ S. STOUT 1/2 It TERMS—NETT CASH. BOOKBINDING OF EVERY DESCRIP. TION AT EDWARD EDWARDS, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ÅBSBYliTWTTK Back numbers of Serial Works Obtained. A CARD. MR. J. D. ROBERTS, M.R.C.V.S., VETERINARY SURGEON, ITS now establishing a Practice at Aberystwyth* and can be consulted daily at the ■ LION ROYAL HOTEL. ONEY ADVANCED PRIVATELY From £ 20 to £ 5000. To responsible persons, Mule or F. ra ,le, in Town or Countryy at One Daylo Notice, upon PROMISSORY NOTiiS, WITHOUT ANY orHsn SHCURITn Aim upon Deeds, Le-ses, lMe Polejes, Stocks, Shara) Legacies and Reversions at Five pet Cent. Distance no object, as Lazins may be repaid by Cheques < j Postal Orders, and so iong as the interest is piid the cap it J can remain. All COMMUNICATIONS are STRICTLY PRIVATE. Apply pei-tonaily, or by post, to the actualleoder, O. CHARLES, E.q., 4, Waterloo Place, Pall .all, London. V.B.—Establish t 1887, since which period the money ad- raneisd by t -,U and no d application is ISYer refused.' u. DAVIES, (FORMERLY OF SYDENHAM HOUSE), 33, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS to announce that she has just returned from London with a well-selected Stock of Novelties* in the following :-Sunshades, Umbrellas, Straw Hats, Gloves, Hosiery, Lace Goods, Silk Handker, chiefs and Ties, Cuffs and Collars, Aprons and Pina- fores, Children's Sun Bonnets, Welsh Shawls, Berlin Wools, Fancy Chairs, Gipsy Tables, Screens, Mantel Borders, Plush Frames and Brackets, Baskets, Plush and Leather Satchels, Frillings, Lace Curtains, &e. Terms-Ready Money only. BRISTOL STEAM CABINET WORKS. ESTABLISHED NEARLY 50 YEARS, AS EXTENSIVE MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERIOR FURNITURE, ARTISTIC, USEFUL & INEXPENSIVE, UNPRECEDENTLY LOW IN PRICE. LAVERTON & CO.'8, ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES, CONTAINING OVER 1,000 ENGRAVINGS, GRATIS AND POST FREE. COMPLETE BEDROOM SUITES, BEST MANUFACTURE, FROMI SOLID ASH OR PITCH PINE, AT 11 GUINEAS. HUNDREDS OF BEDROOM, DINING AN» DRAWING ROOM SUITES, unparalleled in price and quality for selection from. AD DRESS- LAVERTON & CO., UPHOLSTERERS, MARY-LE-PORf STREET & BRIDGE STREET BRISTOL. CONSUMPTION! I have a positive remedy for the above disease; bj its use thousands of cases of the worst kind and ot long standing have been cured. Indeed so strong iS my faith in its efficacy, that I will send TWO BOTTLES FREE, altogether with an ENTIRELY NEW AND VALUABLE TREATISE on this Dis- ease to any sufferer. Give address in full. Dr T. A. SLOCUM, 5, Plum Tree Court, Farringdon Street, London. PHCENIX FIRE OFFICE, LOMBARD STREET and OHARING CROSS, LONDON, ESTABLISHED 1782. INSURANCES against loss by Fire and Lightning are effected upon every description of Property in all parts of the World, on the most favourable Terms. The settlement of claims arranged with promptitudi and liberality, this Company having already paid foJ Losses more than FIFTEEN MILLIONS STERLING. WILLIAM C. MACDONALD, Joint FRANCIS B. MACDONALD, ) secretaries# Rates and full particulars may be obtained frotN the Agents at ABERYSTWYTH :-Mr E. Jones-Williams, L. & F. Bank. ABERAYRON :—Mr W. H. Jones, N. P. Bank. ABRI&DOVICT:-Mr J. Davies, Station, &o., Malte LAMPETER:—Mr Edward Evans, Draper. TREGARON Mr John Evans, of Werna.