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=- Mrs Henry Smith, Leamington Mrs Marsland Mrs Armitage, Stockport ) Miss Queenie Ashton 6, Mrs Watkins- Mr and Mrs Smith and family, London Mrs Brown and maid, Welshpool 7, Miss A. Jones— The Misses Lea, Tamworth Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss Jones, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Leatham, Liverpool Mrs TOISOB, Nantwich Mrs Rogers and family, Forden Master Roberts, Penwern 8, Mrs Davies- Mrs Taylor London Capt G. E. Money's children The Misses Taylor Mrs Bathar and maid, Shrewsbury Miss Marriott, Charlton Kings Mrs Forde and family, Cheltenham Miss Dawson }_ Mr and Mrs Spear, family and maid,. London. Mrs Lewis and maid, London Misses Adkins and maid, Birmingham Mrs Halherell and family, London Mrs Harans and family, Chester Mrs and Miss Roberts and maid, Oswestry 10, Mrs E. Jones- Mr, Mrs and Miss Smith, Worcester Miss Randies, do Miss Morgan, do Mr and Mrs Allchin, Northampton Mr and Mrs Jeffrey, do Mr and Mrs Pears, Manchester Mrs Peters, Knighton Mrs Harding, Shrewsbury 11- Mrs Wall, CrickhoweU Miss Wyun, Hereford Mr and Mrs Wood, Manchester Mr and Mrs Crowther, North Staffordshire Messrs G and H Crowther, West Bromwich Miss Holloway, do 12, Miss Vanghan Rees- The Rev A and Mrs Wilson, baby and nurse Mr, Mrs and Miss Dixon, Manchester 13, Mrs Clay ton- amrs Hatton, family and nurse, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Dyke, Hereford 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton 16, Miss Hughes- Mr and Miss Newill, Pool Quay Mr R Owen, Welshpool Mrs Allen, Pool Quay Mr and Mrs Benion, Newport 17, Mrs Joaes- Mr and Mrs MacLarran, family and servants, AldArley Edge 18, Prospect honse, Miss Owen- Mrs Birch, Wolverhampton Mrs Mitthew, Birmingham Mrs T Parker, Stafforushire Mrs Wint, London Mr and Mrs W Parish, Staffordshire Mr Robinson and family, Stoke-on-Trent BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Mr and Mrs H. Fage t nd servants, London; Capt and Mrs Wassey and servants, Maidenhead; Mr and Mrs Snow, London; Mr and Mrs Venally; Miss Estlio. Bath; Mr Camble, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Pickny, do Miss Price, Bristol; Mr and Mrs B Pearce, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Fenn and daughter, Ludlow; Mr H A Marsh, Newark- on-Trent; Mr G K Millg, London; Mr Lloyd Jones, Yeovil; Mr T Willshaw, Burslem 24, Mrs Kenrick- Mr and Mrs Sargeant and family, Cardiff Messrs Sydney, Willie, and Maxey Hodgkiss, Bir- mingham The Misses Lace, Roath, Cardiff Mrs Coulson James and family, London 26, Waterloo honse, Miss A E.Morria- Mrs Gray, Leamington Mrs Hardcastle, Shifnal Mrs, Miss and Master Hardcastle, Wakefield Mr and Mrs Spencer, London Messrs E and J Pease, Sheffield Mr J. Barking, London -.0, Miss Hnghes- Mrs, the Misses and Master T MoKibbin, Liver- pool Miss B Cordukes, New York Mrs and Miss Rosen 29, John Evans— Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mr and Mrs Wheeldon and niece, Penybont 80, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands- Rev Mr and Mrs Evans, Burslem Miss Evans, do Dr and Misses Waricker aad maid, Cambridge Rev Mr and Mrs Sturkey Mr and Miss Sturkey, Carlisle Mr Lowe, Broslem Mrs and Miss Bromley, Donoington -34, Mrs oderick- Miss and Mr R Mellis, Hereford Mrs J El iott, do Miss Lane, Cambridge Mr and Mra A H Gardner, Nottingham Air and Mrs Plante and party, Londen Vi), Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson- Air and Mrs Pooler, family and maids, Newport Miss Pooler, do Mr and Mrs H Pooler, do Miss Ritchie, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Pryce Mrs Groves and Miss Mills 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards- Rev and Mrs Evans and family, London Mr and Mrs Procher and family, Bristol Mrs Burr, family and maid, Leamington Mr and Mrs Liver and family, Birmingham -38, Mrs Biddnlph- Mrs General Colby and Misses Colby, Cheltenham Mrs Williams and family, Hereford Mrs and the Misses Sams, Bath ^8, Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Meynell family and maid, Wolver- hampton Miss Perks and Miss Mance and maid, Worcester Miss Baggott, Whitchurch iO, Miss Nelson- Dr Harris and family, Shrewsbury Miss and Masters Frail, London Mrs and Miss Johnson, Hereford Mrs, Masters and the Misses Croft, York Mr and Mrs Owen and family, Cardiff 41, Misses Jones- Mr and Mrs G Bennett, York Major & Mrs Harrison, son and nurse, Staffordshire 42. Mrs Jones— Mra Har ing and family, Ludlow Misses Meredith and Gids Mr and Mrs Bennett, York I Mr and Mrs Arthur Hughes and family, Cefngwyn Mr and Mrs Morphew, London i3, Picton House, Miss Osmotherlay— Mrs Whitlaw aad Mrs Ingpen, Kensington Mr, Mrs and Miss Jones, Hanley Mr and Mrs Bullock and family, Wellington Mr and Mrs Gardner, Birmingham 144, Miss E. F. Jones— Miss Higginson, Hereford Mrs Stephens and family, and Miss Johnstone, Newbury Mr Thomas, Pembroke 47, Chatham House, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Peel, baby & servants, Rhiwcneuddyn Miss Tate and Miss Lingard, Ellsmere, Salop Mr Calcott, Shrewsbury Rev D D Jones, Mrs Davison, and Miss Hall, Llanelly Mrs Burton- Mr and Mrs Gibson and family, Bristol Mr, Mrs and Misses Haywood Jones, Homptisford Mr, Mrs and Mr Hogton, Birmingham Mrs D Lewis— Mr and Mrs Eaton and family, Manchester Miss Evans, Llansantffraid Mrs and Miss Moss, Licbfield Mrs Sayer and maid, Birmingham Mrs McCutchen and maid, Ellesmere Mrs Riehards— I Mr and Mrs Fisher, Newtan Abbott, Devon liMr, Mrs and Master Jebb Mrs Everall k Mr and Mrs Lazenby and family, Walsall ""•Miss James— Mr and Mrs R brreenway and maid, Pontypool Rev R and Miss Jameson, Lincoln Mr and Mrs Bonsall Miss Howell 55,— pr Evans, family and nurse, Sntton Coldfield Mrs Richardson, Derby Mrs and the Misses Barker, King's Heath £ gMr, Mrs, and the Misses Robinson, Nottingham Rev R. Mrs and Miss Fawcett, Ireland i. and Miss Hnghes, Herefordshire Mrs Rush— w.Mr Kete, Leamington Mrs Edwards— A he Misses Maodonald, Bath I^Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury ""iCraiglais View, Mrs Williams- Misses Sharp, Reading Mrs and Miss Allday, Merthyr Tydfil Weaver, Shrewsbury **iM« Hogg— lEr and Mrs Seidell and family, Shrewsbury Mrs Field and family, West Bnmtwioh Mr and Mrs Wills, London Mrs and Miss James, Llanwrtyd 62, Mrs D. lJavipS- Mr and Mrs Allan and family Mrs and the Misses (3) Cutler, Edgbaston The Misses Taylor, Birmingham 63— Mr and Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Misses Hine, do 64, York House,— Mr and Mrs Applegate, Bradford-on-avon 65, Clifton House, Mrs Powell- Mr, Mrs and Misses Davies, London Mr and Mrs Lawrence, London Mr and Mrs Barker, Italy ? Mr and Mrs Perkins, Sutton Coldfields Mr, Mrs and Messrs Wilkins, Merthyr Tydvil ALBERT PLACE. 2, Dumbarton house, Mrs Humphreys— Mr, Mrs and Master Wilkins, Merthyr Tydvil Mr and Mrs Bock, Yorkshire QUEEN'S HO 1'EL, Mr W. H. Palmer— Capt Davies, Brecon; Major Morgan, do; Mr Lioyd, Dolgelley; Mr Seymour, London; Mr and Mrs Wothers;)oon and party, Tenby; Mr Hughes Cheshire; Mr Joy, L ndou; Mr Cowell & friend, Ipswich, Air and Miss Kea, London; Mr Hills, Leamington; Mr Mackrot y, Manchester Mr Hilton, do; Mr Hall, Leamington; Mr Sykes, Leads; Mr Aogerman, Germany; Mr Rudolph, Liverpool; Mr Gibbin, Siratford-on-Avon; Mr Huntdn, Manchester; General and Mrs Gibbin, Kent; Mr Nevill aud sister. Barmouth; Mr and Mrs Rees, Llanelly; Cap' Porter, London!; Mr Broadhurst, Manchester; Mr Jones, Wiltshire; Mr Chap!it!,tOambridge; Mr Allen and party, London; M-ajor and Mrs Best, Bath; Mr and Mrs Witte, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Cousins, Leeds; Mr and Miss Greatrex, London; Mr J Broadhurst, do; Miss C Ellis, Cambridge VICTORIA TERRACE. 3, Ocean View Hon.-e, Mrs Keasit- (.Mrs Nealer and maid, Salop Mrs and Mr R Ward Ashley, Derbyshire Mr and Mrs Bhke and family, Manchester Plynlimon house, Mrs Pierce- Mr ani Mrs Greensill, Wolverhampton Mr, Mrs and Miss Edwards, Sutton Coldfield Cajt Poulton, London Mr A Phillips, Herefordshire Miss Bnrguin, Monmouth -rs Addis, London Mr and Mrs Brunsdon, do Mrs Robins, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Watson, Staffordshire Miss Watson, do Miss Oxley, do Mrs Teale, do Snowdon house, Mrs Clark- Mr, Mrs and Miss Thomas, Cheshire Rev E and Mrs Charley, Chester Rev R M P Butler, Cheshire Mr, Mrs, Miss and M-Ast-r Smeeton, Halifax Mrs and Miss Lumby, do Mrs and Miss Hornby, Liverpeol 7, Brighton House, Miss Mason— Mr G A H Haden, Best Miss Payne Miss A Cockin Miss E Bryant, Old Hill, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Howirth and family, Bolton-le-Moors Mr and Mrs Broeklebsnks, Great Malvern Abergeldie house, Mrs Julian— Dr and Mrs Vachell, family and servants, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Martin, Birmingham Misses Bamforth, Blyth, Worksop Mr and Mrs Williams, Chester Mr and Mrs Pennyfeather & lady friend, Richmond BRYNYMOR TERRACE. Bay View Cottage- Mrs aDd Misses Hopkins, Bath Rev and Mrs Glover, do 4, Mrs Edwards— Mr Lee, Birmingham Mr Mrs, and Miss Lee, Wolverhampton 5, Mrs Ellis- Mrs aDd Miss Wilson, Oxford Enfield House, Mrs Meredith- Mrs Dixon and Miss Holmes, Shrewsbury Miss Parker, do Miss Brown, London QUEEN'S ROAD. 4, Mrs Rowe- Mr and Mrs James, Cardiff Lurline house, Mrs Fear- Mr and Mrs Boot, Nottingham Hilton house, Mrs James— Mr, Mrs and Miss Harris, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Mr R Courtney Mrs Garet Mr Millor, Derby 14, Glanayron house, Mrs Jones- Mr Johns, family and nurse, Tenby Mr Twiss, London Mr Sturt. do Mr and Mrs Davies, Hereford Mr Shaw, Darlington Mr Brough 18, Miss Clark- Mr, Mrs and the Misses Gibbons, Leamington 33, Ascnpart house, Mrs Harlow- Mrs Backer and family. Cheltenham Hardwicke Hoose, Mrs Kane- Revs W Hill, J. Crombleholme, Messrs M A Sullivan, C Amenabar, C Borne, F Gransaull, J Pardo, G Pardo, R Mandiola, A DeBrito, C Lyon, D Lyon, J Lyon, T Eastman, R Oyola, C Lima, St. Bedes College, Manchester Madoc House— Misses Powell, Chester Mr Paul Newnis, Tinares Exeter House, Mrs Morcum- M ister and Miss Danton, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Gray and family, Shrewsbury PORTLAND STREET. 4, Brunswick house, Mrs Jones- Mr Davies, Brecon 5, Mrs Aston- Mrs and Miss Meredith, Builth Mr, Mrs and Master Nicholls, do Messrs Harris and Bevan, Shrewsbury 7, Glasfryn House, Mrs Capt Davies- Mrs and the Misses Christmas, Warwick 8, Mrs Jones- Mr and Miss Welsh, Dublin 10, Mrs Edwards- Miss Cater and Miss Bickneyl, Leamington 21, Mrs Bateman— Rev B Bramham and family, Newport, Mon Mr & Mrs H R Barnett & family, Wolverhamton Miss Hil], Birmingham 28- Mrs Watkin, Newtown Miss Evans, Tregaron 33, Mrs E 0 Jones— Mr and Mrs Thomas and family, Cheltenham Ellan Vannin house, Miss Whittington— Mrs H C Russell and family, Sydney Mr and Mrs Paull J Mr and Mrs Winkley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Thomas, Kington 41, Mrs Humphreys— Mr and Mrs Toulson, Edgbaston 44, Mrs Capt Jones— Mr and Mrs F E Hudson, Manchester Mr Gibson, do 46, Mrs E Williams- Misses Thompson, Birmingham 49, Gwbert House, Mrs Williams— The Misses Storer, Coventry Mr Andrews NORTH PARADE. 19, The Misses Baker- Miss Southall, Somersetshire 23, Mrs Burnley— Mr and Mrs John Hirst, Hastings Mr, Mrs and Miss Arculas, Birmingham 39, Miss Evans— Mr, Mrs and Miss Mabel Johnson, Great Bridge Mr T Johnson, do Miss E Moore, do 71, Mrs Edwards- Mr Clement and family, London Miss Jenkins, do GREAT DARKGATE STREET. 15, Mrs Lewis- Rev J., Master and Miss Davies, LlangatteM Vicarage, Carmarthen CORPORATION STREET. 4, Mrs J Gnes- Miss Richards London 8, Mrs Evans- Miss Edwards and sons Miss Johnstone, Leicester ALFRED PLACE. 4, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Edwards, Llandrindod Wells 7, Mrs Ellis- Miss Cousens, Dublin Miss Betham, do PIER STREET. 27, Mrs J A James- I IThe Misses Chenoweth, Bayswater Mr and Mra Tidmarsh, Shrewsbury Pier Hotel, Henry Owen- Mr and Mrs Armstrong, Newtown Mr J. Tolefree, Wolverhampton Gwalia Hotel, Mrs Owen Mr Thomas, Rhymney Mr Bean, Leeds Mr and Mrs Parry, London DIUDGE STREET. 16, Old Black Lion Inn, Mrs lpttxies- Mr George and Mr Hauler, R jayader Mr and Mrs Vaoghm, do Mrs and Miss Hugties, Safncoed Miss Davies, Llauidloes Mr fjryce, Ll-inwyrtyd 19, Mrs Jones— Mrs Thoma.s,and family, New Tredegar Mrs Wat-kins, Bed was Mr and Mrs Willi uns and family, Dowlais 20, Croswoo,1 Hoase, Mrs CI tytu.t- Mrs and Miss Pope, New:s'Ste-under-Lyne Mr and Master Williams, Penybont, Radnorshire Mr and Mrs Jones, Abergavenny 42, Mrs Gobert— Mr Divies, Wrexham Mrs Holl^n^, Chester 49, Mrs Williams- Miss Horns, Loeds .52, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Price, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Wi!ls, do POWELL STREET. Birmingham hOIFe, M s Moigau— Mrs Davies, W-l-hpool Mr3 Gi-iifftfii, (lo Mrs Lloyd, Kington G FORGE STREET. 2, Newry house, Mrs D Lloyd- Messrs Hnghes. Wolverhampton Mr John Hughes, do Mr Gi''s'on, L indon Mrs Morris, Liverpool 8, Mrs Jun,s- Mr and Mrs Timings, 13irningham Mr and Mi s Edwards, Newton 15, Mrs Metcalfe— Mrs John Law, children and maid, Ttt'enhall, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Henry Law, do ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 2, Miss Owen— Mr and Mrs Weale. Wolverhampton Mt 0. Williams, Manchester Mr and Mrs Goodwin, Dresden Mrs Ash^roft, Longt^n Mrs R. Kent and Master George Kent, Dresden VULCAN STREET. 14, Mrs James- Mr and Misses Richards, Walthamstow Misses Richards, Oswestry SEA VIEW PLACE. 4, Castle Cottage, Mrs Donghton— Mr and Mrs Edwin Cook and maid, Brierly Hill Sea Vi-w House— Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Bronhaul, Newtown 15. Ariel Cottage, Mrs Davies- *Miss Davies, Kennington Miss Mts,)D, lstitigt,n Mrs and Mr Orchard, Derby CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 3, Mrs Hiigbes- Mr Davies, Builth 10, Mrs Bowen— Mr and and Mrs J. Smith, Cardiff Miss S. J. Webber, do PENMAE3GL&S ROAD. 16, Mrs Humphreys— Mr Evans, Rhayader Mr Edwards, do 6, Mrs Jon08- Mr Alex. Fairburn, Mr Henry Gwvnne, Mr R. O. Evans,Mr H. Rhode*. Mr C. L. Williams,Mr W. G. Cauuou, Mr W. H. Evans, Newtcwn HIGH STREET. 26, Mrs Llnyd- Mr Josliui Powell, Radnorshire Miss Lizzie Powell, ao 33, Mrs Hnghes— Mrs Williams, Brecon 38, Capt Jones— Mrs Rowlands and family, Llanwrtyd Mrs Pngli, d.) Mr and Mrs Pryse, Rhayader 39, Mrs Capt. Enos- Mrs Morgan, Hereford PRINCESS STREET. 12. Mrs Samuel- Mr Dunford, Oxford Miss Jenkins, New Quay Mr Barlow, Wrexham Mr Powell, Chester LITTLE DARKGATE STREET. 4, Mrs Phillips- Mrs Ward man, York 14, Miss Jones- Mr Thomas, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Jones, Newtown Misses 2 Morgans, Machynlleth Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs ElIis- Messrs M Niell and A Trillo, London Mr M. Niell, Cardiff Mr F. J. Smith, do Dr Evans, Llandilo Mr Martin Evans, do 23, John Morgan— Mrs Lloyd, Penalltybie, Boncath 26, Burleigh House, Mrs Finch- Dr and Mrs Clarke, Buenos Ayres, South America Misses Twiss, Birmingham NEW STREET. 7, Mrs J Jones- Mrs Price, Builth Wells Mr H. Batley and Miss Price, London 9, Mrs Capt Jones— Master and Misses Hughes Boosall, governess and nurse, Glanrheidol 10, Mrs Price- 'Mr and Mrs Hibbs, London 14, Mrs W. Samuel- Mr Samuel Griffiths, Liverpool Mr W. Pratt, Siddington Miss Warwick, Birmingham Mr W. T. Williams, Hirwain 20, Miss J amcs- Miss Arber, London The Misses Churchill, Chester TERRACE ROAD. Beach House, Miss Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Jones, Abbey Forgate, Shrewsbury Miss Jannet Jones, do Mr and Mrs Elsley, Alcester, Warwickhire BIKER STREET. 8, Dolegwyn House Mr and Mrs Lewis, Stoke Newington, London Mrs Jones and baby, and Master Jones, Dalston, London WILLIAM STREET. 1, Flintshire Bouse, Mr Bevan The Misses Cooper, Birmingham Mrs Webb and family, do QUEEN STREET. 7, Mrs Benjamin- Mr Jenkins, Ponterwyd 5, Mrs Lewis Mr G. A. Foote, Masters Arthur and Bertie Foote, London Mr J. Jones, Pwllheli 16, Mrs Morgans- Mr Jones, Tregaron 14, Mrs Owen- Mr and Mrs Thomas, Dalston Miss Paget, Worcester Mr Evans, Chester 27, Mrs Jones Messrs Pollard, Birmingham GRAY'S INN LANE. 4, Mrs Jones— Miss Lewis Miss Rinzy 10, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs and Miss Davies, Builth Three Horse Shoes, Mrs Hopkins- Mrs Robert Lowery, Strata Florida CAMBRIAN PLACE. 2, Lerry house, Mrs Oliver Mrs Roberts and daughter, Treorky Mrs Handley, Matley, Hereford UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Miss Williams, Rhayader Aston house, Mrs Evans- Mr Taylor, Newtown Miss Evans, Welshpool NORTHGATE STREET. 5, Mrs Ellis- Mrs, Miss, and Master Partridge, Radnorshire CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 4, Cocoa House, Mrs Davies- Mr W J Parker, Southcote, Reading Mr Jones, Ebbw Vale Mr and Mrs Richards, Llwynpiod 13, Mrs Rees- Mr and Mrs Owens, Llanbrynmair LEWIS TERRACE; Commercial hotel, Mrs Bees- Miss Davies, Oswestry Mr Brunt, Manchester No Address- Capt Dnnn, Risea, near Newport .Mr Morris, do. 4, Mrs Benbow— Miss Chapman, Newtown 8, U. w a ■ r. I: I, ,'L i' J L Air Mr Er-ius, do. Mr Michael, Manchester Mrs Tay'nr, Newtown Terminus Hotel, Mrs Evans- Mr Gill, Liverpool Masters E. and D" D,tvipw, London RAILWAY TERRACE. 6, Mrs Th..m!s- Mrs Pric(-, Mei-Illyr Dews bury house, Mrs Hopkins— Mr and Mrs W^o <«• trd. Liverpool Mr Powell, Aber Jare SHIPBUILDERS ROW. 17, Mrs Thomns—■ Mr H'rttuk B issett, Wolverhampton 23, Mrs Buifor•;— Mr and Mrs Davies, Birmingham Sailors Arms, Mr T u.rhts— Ca-.)t Mathias, Swansea Thos Edwards, Aoerdare E Worthinu'tun, Pontypool J. Bowen, I'redeuar J M Morg-m, Lian :igno T Benjamin. London Mrs Joiies, Cardiff 19 Miss Jenkins Mrs an<i the Misses Lavender, Birmingham Mr and Miss Watkins, Shrewsbury Miss Evans, do Mr Edward?, Wrexiiam 38, Mrs Divias- 1 Miss Will ains, C.Lriii ar, hen shire Mr James, do