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Conling, do; Mrs and Miss Griffiths Mr Need. ham, London; Mr Roberts. Mr and Mrs Pepper, Mr Steventon, Stafford Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, Capt. and Mrs Massey, Mr Wyatt, Cambridge Mr G. B. Mead, do; Mr and Mrs Tomkins, Mr Wilcox, Boston Mr Bernard, Aston; Miss Collet, Bristol. 24, Mrs Kenrick- Mr and Mrs Sargeant and family, Cardiff fciessrs Sydney, Willie, and Maxey Hodgkiss, Bir- mingham The Misses Lace, Roath, Cardiff Mrs Conlson James and family, London 26, Waterloo house, Miss A E.Morria- Mrs Gray, Leamington Mrs Hardcaatle, Shifnal Mrs, Miss aiid Master Hardcaatle, Wakefield Mr Thrnsh, do Mr Hall, London Mrs Miers, Birmingham 28, Miss H ng hes- Mrs, the Misses and Master T MoKibbin, Liver- pool Miss B Cordukes, New York Dr Trnmper Miss Wade Mr Meredith, Hay 29, John Evans— Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mr and Mrs Wheeldos and niece, Penybont 30, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands- Rev Mr and Mrs Evans, Burslem Miss Evans, do Dr and Misses Waricker and maid, Cambridge I Bey Mr and Mrs Sturkey Mr and Miss Storkey, Carlisle Mr Lowe, Broslem Mrs and Miss Bromley, Donnington 34 Mrs Roderick— Miss and Mr R Mellis, Hereford Mrs J Elliott, do Miss Lane, Cambridge Mr and Mrs A H Gardner, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Plante and party, London 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson- Mr and Mrs Pooler, family and maids, Newport Miss Pooler, do Mr and Mrs H Pooler, do Miss Ritchie, do -Mr, Mrs and Mis9 Pryce Mrs Groves and Miss Mills 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards— Rev and Mrs Evans and family, London Mr and Mrs Procher and family, Bristol Mrs Burr, family and maid, Leamington Mr and Mrs Liver and family, Birmingham 38, Mrs Biddulph— Mrs General Colby and Misses Colby, Cheltenham "Mrs Williams and family, Hereford Mrs and the Misses Sams, Bath 39, Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths- Mr and ,Mrs Meynell family and maid, Wolver- hampton Miss Perks and Miss Mance and maid, Worcester Miss Baggott, Whitchuroh 40, Miss Nelson- Dr Harris and family, Shrewsbury Miss and Masters Frail, London Mrs and Miss Johnson, Hereford Mrs, Masters and the Misses Croft, York Mr and Mrs Owen and family, Cardiff 41, Misses Jones— Mr and Mrs G Bennett, York Major & Mrs Harrison, son and nurse, Staffordshire 42, Mrs Jones- Mrs Har ting and family, Ludlow Misses Meredith and Gids Mr and Mrs Bennett, York Mr and Mrs Arthur Hughes and family, Cefngwyn Mr and Mrs Morphew, London 43, Picton House, Miss Osmotherlay- I Mrs Whitlaw and Mrs Ingpen, Kensington Mr, Mrs and Miss Jones, Hanley Mr and Mrs Bullock and family, Wellington Mr and Mrs Gardner, Birmingham 44, 3Les E. F. Jones- Mr and Mrs Heckford, Stourbridge Miss Higginson, Hereford W 417 Chatham House, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Peel, baby & servants, Rhiwcneuddyn Miss Tate aad Miss Lingard, Ellamere, Salon Mr Caloott, Shrewsbury Bev D D Jones, Mrs Davison, and Miss Hall, Llanelly 48 Mrs Burton- Mr and Mrs Gibbons and family, Bristol Mr, Mrs and Masters Parkes, Smethwick Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss Law, Birmingham 49, Mrs D Lewis— Miss Evans, Llanaantffraid Mrs and Miss Moss, Lichfield Mrs Sayer and maid, Birmingham Mrs McCutchen and maid, Ellesmere 51, Mrs Riahards- Mr and Mrs Fisher, Newton Abbott, Devon Mrs and Miss Deacon Miss Cope Mr, Mrs and Mister Jeff Mrs Everall &liss JiLmes- Mr and Mrs R breenwsy and servant, Pontypool Mr and Misses Bird, Cardiff Misses K and G Leech, do Mr and Mrs Conacher and family, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Vaughan and family Mr and Mrs Hill 55— Dr Evans, family and nnrse, Sutton Coldfield Mrs Richardson, Derby Mrs and the Misses Barker, King's Heath Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Robinson, Nottingham Mo- Bev R Mrs and Miss Fawoett, Ireland Mr and Miss Hughes, Herefordshire 58, Mrs Rush- Mr Kete, Leamington 59, Mrs Edwards- » The Misses Maodonald, Bath Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury 60, Craiglais View, Mrs Williams- Misses Sharp, Reading Mrs and Miss Allday, Merthyr Tydfil Misses Weaver, Shrewsbury 61, Mrs Hogg— Mr and Mrs Readell and family, Shrewsbury Mrs Field and family. West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Wills, London Mrs and Miss James, Llanwrtyd A Mrs D Davies- Mr and Mrs Allan and family Mrs and the Misses (3) Cutler, Edgbaston The Misses Taylor, Birmingham 63— Mr and Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Misses Hine, do 64, York House,- Mr, Mrs and Miss Parker, Kingsland Mrs Cam bell and family, London Mr and Mrs Woodgate, family and nnrse, do Mr and Mrs Waldrin, nurse and children, Llandaff G5, Clifton Houae, Mrs Powell- Mr, Mrs and Misses Davies, London Mr and Mrs Lawrence, London Mr and Mrs Barker, Italy Mr and Mrs Perkins, Sntoon Coldfields Mr, Mrs and Messrs Wilkins, Merthyr Tydvil ALBERT PLACE. 2, Dumbarton house, Mrs Humphreys- Mr, Mrs and Master Wilkins, Merthyr Tydvil Mr and Mrs Back, Yorkshire QUEEN'S HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Mr and Mrs Dare Williams, Bath; Mr and Mrs Howard Smith and valet, Berkhamsted; Mr, Mrs and Miss Brown, Cheshire; Mr Rhodes, London: Mr Lawton, Handsworth Mr Pope, Northfield Mr and Mrs Dewick, party and narse, London; Mr, Mrs and Miss Eld, Stafford; Mr And Mrs Gibson, London Mr and Mrs Cross and family, London; Mr Cross, Manchester; Mr Campbell, Leamington; Mr Ellid, London; Mr, Mrs and Miss Howard Geaoh, London Mr Entwistle, Shrewsbury; Ray and Mrs Erving, Oxford; Rev J. and Mrs Saunders, London; Mr Kay, Cheshire; Mrs Chiaholm, London; Mr and Mrs C. Bailey Johnson, Oxford; Miss Golding, Oxford; Mr and Mrs Ryman Hall, Oxford; Mr J. Broadhurst, London; Mr Alexis Drouin, Paris; Mr Cunliffe, Cheshire; Mr Barnes, Liverpool; Rev R. and Master Wood; Mr and Mrs Bees, Llanelly; Captain Porter, London; Mr H.1 Broadhurst, Manchester; Mr Jones, Wiltshire; Mrs Neville and friend, London; Mr Chapman; Mr Johnson, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Hall, Australia; Mrs Gaedyne, do; Mr E. H. Hall, Birmingham; Mr W. Smith, Herts. VICTORIA TERRACE. -3, Ocean View House, Mrs Kensit- Yen Archdeacon and Mrs Maddison and maid, Richards Castle, Ludlow Mrs and Mr B Ward Ashley, Derbyshire Mr and Mrs Blake and family, Manchester Plynlimon house, Mrs Pierce- Mr and Mrs Greensill, WolTerhampton Zr, Mrs and Miss Edwards, Sutton Coldfield Capt Poulton, London Mr A Phillips, Herefordshire Miss Bnrgum, Monmouth —rs Addis, London, r? Mr and Mrs Brunsdon, do g Mrs Bobins, Gloucester f Mr and Mrs Watson, Staffordshire Miss Watson, do l Miss Oxley, do AIM Watson, Leeds ifts T". do ,.?i Snowdon house, Mrs Clörk- Mr, Mrs and Miss "homas, Cheshire Rev E and Mrs Chariey, Chester Rev R M P Sutler, Cheshire Mr, Mrs, Niii36 and Mctsttr meeton. Halifax Mrs and Miss Lumby, do 7, Brighton House, Miss Mason— Mr G A H Hadea, Best Miss Payne Miss A Cockia Miss E Bryant-, Old Hill, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs HoWirth an i fainiiy, B jlton-le-Moors Mr and Mrs brockleb uiks, Great Malvern AteergeLiie house, Mrs J ullan- Dr add Mrs Vaohelt, famny and servants, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Martin, Birmingham Misses Bauiforth, Blyth, Worksop Mr and Mrs Williams, CneAttr Mr and Mrs Penuyfeather & lady friend, Richmond BKYNYMOR TERRACE. Bay View Cottage- Mrs and Misses Hopkins, Bath Rev and Mrs Glover, do 4, Mrs Edwards- Rev J, Mrs and Master Oites, Reading Mrs, Mr and Miss Lee, Wolverhampton 5, Mrs Ellis- Mrs Weston, Oxford Otte, do Miss Pinches and Messrs Butler, Wellington Enfield House, Mrs Mereditn— Mrs Dixon and Miss Holmes, Shrewsbury Miss Parker, do Miss Brown, London QUEEN'S ROAD. 4, Mrs Rowe— Mr J H Harris Mr and Mra James, Swansea Hilton house, Mrs Jaaiws— Mr, Mrs and Miss Harris, Birmingham Mr, Mis, and Mr R Courtney Mrs Garet Mr Millor, Derby m 14, Glanayron house, Mrs Jones- Mr Johns, family and nurse, Tenby Lnrline house, Mrs Fear- Mr Twiss, London Mr Stnrt. do Mr and Mrs Davies, Hereford Mr Slaw, Darlington Mr Brongh 18, Miss cl »rk— Mr, Mrs and the Misses Gibbons, Leamington 33, Asoupart house, Mrs Hi.rlow- Mr, Mrs and the Misses Barns, Watford Hardwioke House, Mrs Kane— Revs W Hill, J. Crombleholme, Messrs M A Sallivan, C Amenabar, C Borne, F Graneaull, J Pardo, G Pardo, R Mandiola, A DeBrito, C Lyon, D Lyon. J Lyon, T Eastman, R Oyola, C Lima, St. Bedes College, Manchester Madoc House- Misses Powell, Chester Mr Paul Newuis, Tinares Exeter HuuBe, Mrs Morcom- Master and Miss DjntoD, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Gray and family, Shrewsbury PORTLAND STREET. 4, Bruuswick house, Mrs Jones— Mr Davies, Brecon 5, Mrs Aston- Rev and Mrs Hill, Manchester Mr and Mrs Holland, Stafford Mr and Mrs Davies and family, Shrewsbury 7, Glasfryn House, Mrs Capt Davies— Mrs and the Misses Christmas, Warwick 8, Mrs Jones— Mr and Miss Welsh, Dublin 21, Mrs Bateman- Rev B Bramham and family, Newport, lion Mr & Mrs H R Harnett & family, Wolverhamton Miss Hill, Birmingham » Elian Vannin house, Miss VVhittington— Mrs H C Russell and family, Sydney Mr and MIs Panll Mr and Mrs Winkley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Thomas, Kington 41, Mra Humphreys- Mr and Mrs Toulson, Edgbaston 44, Mrs Capt Jones— Mr and Mrs F E Hudson, Manchester Mr Gibson, do 46, Mrs E Williams— Misses rhompeon, Birmingham 49, Gwbert House, Mrs Williams- The Misses Storer, Coventry The Misses Morris, Gloucester Messrs Jones and Phillips, Pontlottyn Mr Parry, Newport NORTH PARADE. 19, The Misses Baker- Capt C G. Mrs, Miss & Master Grant, Birkenhead Miss Haslam, do 29, Mrs Lumley Jones- Mr and Mrs Parker, Fallowfield Mrs Jones, Acocks green Messrs H and W Jones, do Messrs W Parker and J Carnap 30, Mrs Cole- Mr and Mrs A Ottewell and family, Derby 34, Mrs W T Williams- Miss Carpenter, U. C. W. Aberystwyth 39, Miss Evans- Miss Hopkinson, Nottingham Misses Aroher, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Mabel Johnson, Great Bridge Miss Reever, Church Vale 41, Mrs Uwen- Mr and Mra Woodward, Birmingham Mrs Allen, Studley 43, Miss Morgan- Miss Hallstad, Waterfoot, nr Manchester Miss Edmunson, do Miss Drake, America 49, Mrs Howlett- Miss S. Blakeway, Chaddealey, Worcestershire Miss A. Edith Blakeway, do Miss Lanra Blakeway, do 57, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs James, Taliesin 69,- Miss Taylor, Wolverhampton Miss Craddock, Lichfield Mr and Mrs Drewett, Walton-on-Thamee Mr and Mrs Watkins, Hereford 71. Mrs Edwards- Mr Clement and family, London Miss Jenkins, do 73, Mrs JODes- Mrs and Miss Walley, Whitchurch Miss Arden, Chester BAKER STREET. 4, Mrs T Humphreys- Mr Warrsn, Stafford; Misses Miller, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Rogers, Pembridge Mr, Miss and Master Davies, Newtown 10 Mrs Davies- Mrs F Thomas, Chester Miss Thomas, Liverpool Mrs E Mawson, Leeds CORPORATION STREET. 4, Mrs Jones- Miss Richards London 8, Mrs Evans- Miss Edwards and sons Miss Johnstone, Leicester ALFRED PLACE. 4, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Edwards, Llandrindod Wells 7, Mrs ElIis- Miss Cousens, Dublin Miss Betham, do Mr Morgan, Cilcwm, Llandovery LITTLE DARKGATE STREET. 4, Mrs Phillips- Mrs Wardman, York 14, Mrs M Jones— Mr Thomas, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Jones and children, Gogian Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs Ellis- Messrs M Niell and A Trillo, London 23, John Morgan- Mrs Lloyd, Penalltybie, Bonoath 26, Burleigh House, Mrs Finch— Dr and Mrs Clarke, Buenos Ayres, South Amerio Misses Twiss, Birehfield- PIER STREET. 27, Mrs J A James- The Misses Chenoweth, Bayawater Mr and Mra Tidmarth, Shrewsbury! 38, Mrs Jamès- Mr and Mrs S. W. Bickley, Southsea Mrs, Mr W H and Miss Jessie Box, Choitor POWELL STREET. Birmingham house, Mrs Morgan- Mr, Mrs and the Misses Loughton, Newcastle Misses Lloyd, Kington G Mrs Lewis Mrs Thomas, Herefordshire 12, Mrs Jameø- Mr and Mrs Meagre, Malvem GEORGE STREET. 2, Newry house, Mrs D Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Morris, Liverpool Mr Gibson, London 11 Mrs MooKe Mr and Bliss Willmott, Birmingham ULMrs Metealfe— Km JohuLaw,family and maid, WtMuttpton Mr and Mrs Henry Law, do CHALYBKA L'E TERRACE. 4, Cocoa House, Mrs Diivies- Mr W J Parker, S,,utileote, Reading Mr Jones, Ebhw Vale Mr and Mrs Richards, Llwynpiod 13, Mra Hees- Mr and Mrs Owens, Llanbrynmair RAILWAY TERRACE. 6, Mrs Thomas— Mrs and Miss Price, Merthyr Miss James, do 10, Mrs Griffit)is- Mr and Mrs Roberts and son, Oswestry Dewsbnry house, Mrs Hopkius- Mr and Mrs Woodward, Liverpool Mr Powell, Aberdare UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Mr Rees, family and nurse, Manchester Aston house, Mrs Evans- Mrs Winifred Evans, R iyscog Farm Rev David Evans. DowLtis Miss Meldrum aDd Miss Jones, London Mrs Jones, near Briton Ferry CAMBRIAN PLACE. 2, Lerry house, Mrs O iver Mrs Williams and family, Breconshire Mrs George Hay, do Mru Jones and family, Lampeter Miss Evans, Oakby Park Miss Howells, i landysilio Mr Evans. Liansiniffraid liar house, Miss J ones- Mr Henry Jones, Dudley Mrs Jones, do Miss Mortjn, Shrewsbury 7, Mrs Ja nes Thomas— Mrs and Misa Jones, Newtown MILL STREET. 15, Mm Richards— Mr John Jones, Newtown LEWIS TERRACE. > 4, Mrs Benbow- Miss Jones, Newtown Mrt; Cla;,t 10 aad Mrs Evans, do Miss Swain, do Miss Watker, Derbyshire Longton tiousa, Mrs Jacoo— Mrs Griffiths and children, Llanidloes Miss Blown, do Commercial hotel, Mrs Rees- Mr Davies, Loudon Mr Bracley, W-itree Terminus Hotel, Mrs EvaBS- Mr Evans, London Mr T J Reyaor, do Mr W M East, do GRAY'S INN LANE. 4, Mrs J ones- Mrs Peasland, Wolverhampton Mrs North and child, Bilston 11, Mrs Roberts- Miss Jooes, Loudon Three Horse Shoes, Mrs Hopkins- Mr and Mrs Thomas, Treherbert BRIDGE STREET. 16, Old Black Lion Inn, Mrs Davies— Mr Jones, Cwmrhondda Messrs Jones and Mills, Llanidloes Mr Morris, Loudon 19, Mrs Jones- Mrs Thomas, New Tredegar Mrs Wa.tkins, Bed was Mr and Mts Williams and family, Dowlaif 25, Miss Res- Mr West, Abertillery 41, Mrs John- Mr and Mrs Petley, London 42 Mrs Oebert- Mr E Aston and family. Pontypridd |Mr L Aston, do 49, Mrs Williams— Mrs and Miss Cavill, Carmarthen Master and Miss Cavill, Swansea Miss Horn, Leeds 52, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Price, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Wills, do HIGH STREET. 31, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Cox, Somersetshire Miss Bull, do Mr and Mrs Jackson, Birmingham 33, Mrs Hnghes- Mrs Williams, Brecon 88, Capt Jones- • Mr Monk, Bridgenorth Mr and Miss Price, Bailth 39, Mrs Capt. Enos- Mrs Morgan. Hereford SHIPBUILDERS BOW. 17, Mrs Thomas— Mr Frank Bassett, Wolverhampton 23, Mrs Banford- Mr and Mrs Davies, Birmingham Sailors Arms, Mr T Hughes- Capt Mathias, Swansea Thos Edwards, Aberdaro E Worthington, Pontypool J. Bowen, Tredegar J M Morgan, Llandigno CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 1, Mrs Roberts— IIMr and Mrs Wyer, Wolverhamptoa 3, Mrs Hughes- Mr Davies, Builth 5, Mrs Hall- Miss Stanhope, Leicester Miss Simpson, do SEA VIEW PLACE. 4, Castle Cottage, Mrs Doughton- Mr and Mrs Edwin Cook and maid, Brierly hill Mr W H Boraston, Handsworth x 7, Mrs Vaiaghan- Mr Hamer, London 15, Ariel Cottage, Mrs Dayies- Miss Davies, Kennington Miss Mason, Islington Mrs and Mr Orohard, Derby VULCAN STREET. 14, Mrs James- Mr and Misses Richards, Walthamstaw Miss Richards, Os ivestry PENMAESGL &.S ROAD. 10, Mrs Williams- Mrs Grist, Misses Holland, Worcester ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 4, Mrs Lloyd- Mra Arnold and Mra Powell, Hereford Mrs Parkes, Birmingham 5, Mrs E Williams- Mrs Davies, London PRINCESS STREET. 12. Mrs Samuel- Mr Dnnford, Oxford Miss Jenkins, New Quay Mr Barlow, Wrexham Mr Powell, Chester 14, Mrs J E Jones- Mr Bradlaw, London QUEEN STREET. 7, Mrs Benjamin- T Benjamin, London Mr Jenkins, Liverpool Mrs Jones, Cardiff 10 Miss Jenkins Mrs and the Misses Lavender, Birmingham 14 Mrs Owen- Mr and Mrs Thomas, Darlaston Miss Paget, Woroester 16, Mrs Morgans- Mr and Miss Watkins, Shrewsbury Mr Evans, do Mise Evans, do Mr Jones, Tregaron Mr Edwards, Wrexham 38, Mra Davies,- Miss Williams, Carmarthenshire Mr James, do NEW STREET. 7, Mrs J Jones— Mrs and Miss Craner, Leamington Mr Ladwick, Leamington 9, Mrs Capt Jones— Master and Misses Hughes BonsaO, CaTemen and nurse, Glanrheidol 10, Mrs Price- Mr Hibbs, London 11, Mrs Rowlands— Mr aad Mrs Hatton and family, Liverpool Mrs Tinker and family, do Mr Thompson, Liverpool 18- Joseph Wall worth, Southport F W Wallwerth, Manchester 20, Miss Jamee- Miss Arber, London The Misses Churchill, Cheater NEWFOUNDLAND STBBST. Cadogan House, Mrs Hnmpluy8<*» Mr Pryce, Cardiff Misses Pryoo, do lira and Kuter Datil Mr and Misses Mean. Caerphilly Mr Turner, Cardiff Mona House, Mrs Jones- Mrs Rowbotham Mr and Mrs Plat, M mchester Mrs O'Beirne Mr and Mrs Coates, Crewe Mr Brooke