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BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer— Mr Jefferies, Belfast; Mr and Mrs Nixon, London; Miss Slepheres, do; Mr La Tbaugne, do; Mr and Mra Sherrard, Aston; Mr and Mrs Alkins, Bristol; Dr Giles, Birmingham Mr A Myatt, London; Mr J Davies, do; Mr and Mrs Joseph, Welshpool; Mr Kendrick, Jersey; Mr and Mrs Jones, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Snow, London; Mr Seventon, Stafford; Mr Ostler, Barmouth; Mr and Mrs Rowley; Mr Ontram, Sheffield; Dr Smith, London; Mr and Mra Coaling, Oxford; Mr Davies, Abingdon; Mr Chieake, Hereford; Mr Bigot, Paris; Mr Bowman, Birmingham; Mr Hill Mr Thomas, Shropshire; Mr and Mrs Jones, Moseley; Mr and Mrs Robinson .16, Mrs Kenrick- Mr and Mrs Sargeant and family, Cardiff Messrs Sydney, Willie, and Maxey Hodgkiss, Bir. mingham The Misses L, Roath, Cardiff Mrs Coulson James and family, London :26, Waterloo honse, Miss A E Morris- Mrs Gray, Leamington Mrs Hardcastle, Shifnal Mrs, Miss and Master Hardcastle, Wakefield Mr and Mrs Burdett, Hereford Mr and Mrs A Lewis, Droitwich Mr Walker, Birmingham 38, Miss Hughes- Mrs, the Misses and Master T McKibbin, Liver- pool Miss B Cordftkes, New York Dr Trnmper Miss Wade Mr Meredith, Hay 29, John Evans- Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mr and Mrs Ashmead, baby and nurse, Shifaal 30, Claremont Honse, Miss Rowlands— Mrs, Miss and Master Perkins and friend, GIo ster Rev Edward Dakin, do Mr and Miss Gould, London Misses Jones, do JIr, Mrs and Miss Locket, Macclesfield Mrs and Miss Parr, Burnsley Bev Mr and Mrs Evans, Barslem It Miss Evans, do 34 Mrs Roderick- Miss and Mr B Mellis, Hereford Mrs J Elliott, do Miss Lane, Cambridge Mr and Mrs A H Gardner, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Plante and party, London -35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson— Mr and Mrs Pooler, family and maids, Newport Miss Pooler, do Mr and Mrs H Pooler, do Mr and Mrs H E Taylor and family, Cheater Mr, Mrs and Miss Smith, Birmingham Mr R 0 Parry, Liverpool 36, Moreland Honse, Mrs Edwards— Hev and Mrs Evans and family, London Mr and Mrs Procher and family, Bristol Xrs Burr, family and maid, Leamington Mr and Mrs Liver and family, Birmingham 38, Glyndwr House, Miss Griflitbs- Mr and IMrs Meynell family and maid, Wolver- hampton Miss Perks and Miss Mance and maid, Worcester Miss Baggott, Wliitohuroh 40, Miss Nelson- I Mrs and Miss Lisiter, London Mr and Misses Hilton, Sale, Cheshire Mr and Miss Mason, London Miss and Master Llewelyn, Neath Miss H Williams, do Master Nathan, do Mrs Williams, do Mrs Nathan, do Mrs Llewelyn, do Miss and Masters Frail, London Miss Dora Harries, Shrewsbury 41, Misses Jones— Mr and Mrs G Bennett, York Major & Mrs Harrison, son and nurse, Staffordshire 4B. Mrs Jones- Messrs A., C, and E Meredith, London Mra Harming and family, Ludlow Misses Meredith and Gids Mr and Mrs Bennett, York Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Manchester Mrs Compice, do 43, Picton House, Miss Osmotherlay- Mrs Whitlaw and Mrs Ingpen, Kensington Mr, Mrs and Miss Jones, Hanley Mr and Mrs Bullock and family, Wellington Kr and Mrs Gardner, Birmingham -44, Miss E. F. Jones- ■Mr and Mrs Heckford, Stoarbridge I Miss Higginson, Hereford 47, Chatham House, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mra Peel, baby & servants, Khi wcneuddyn Mr and Mrs T M Hewitt and family, Bolton-Ie- moors Mrs Wault and family, Sonthport Mr and Mrs R Burton and family, Dursley 48, Mrs Burton— Mra Kigby Smith and Missos (2) Smith, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Felkin, Wolverhampton Mrs R W Felkin and child, Edinburgh Mr and Mrs Dawbnry, family and maid, Cheltenham Mr, Mrs, Master and Misa Lowe, Birmingham The Misses Smiths (5) 49 Mrs D Lewis- Mr and Mrs Groves, family and maid, Fenton Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Colbourne, Leamington p Mrs MuCatchen and maid, Ellesmere 81, Mrs Riahards- Mr and Mra Penn and family, Croydon Mr and Mrs Fisher, Newten Abbott, Devon 53, Miss James— Mr and Misses Bird, Cardiff Misses K and G Leech, do Mr and Mrs Conacher and family, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Vaughan and family Mr and Mrs Hill tm lDr Evaas, family and nurse, Sutton Coldfield I Mrs Richardson, Derby Mrs and the Misses Barker, King's Heath JIr, Mrs, and the Misses Robinson, Nottingham .If- Rev R Mrs and Miss Fawoett, Ireland Mr and Miss Hughes, Herefordshire 59, Mrs Edwards— The Misses Macdonald, Bath Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury 60, Craiglais View, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs Young, Wakefield Miss Sharp, Reading Mrs Lawrence and family, Cheltenham JCr, Mrs and Miss Robertson, Hereford Mr Ernest Smith, Bath 61, Mrs Hogg- Mr and Mrs Res dell and family, Shrewsbury Mrs Field and family, West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Wills, London 63, Mrs D. Davies— Mr, Mrs and the Misses Fardon, Leamington The Misses Taylor, Birmingham •3— Mr and Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Misaes Hine, do 64k York Honse,— Mr, Mrs and Miss Parker, Kingsland Mrs Cambell and family, London Mr and Mrs Woodgate, family and nurse, do Mr and Mrs Waldrin, nurse and children, Llandaff 65, Clifton House, Mrs Powell- Mr, Mrs and Misses Davies, London Mr. Mrs and Misses Tudor, Welshpool Mrs Roberts and Miss Powell, do Mr and Mrs Lawrence, London Mr and Mrs Barker, Italy ALBERT PLACE. 2, Dumbarton house, Mrs Humphreygi- Mrs and Miss Ilquham, Cheltenham Mr G Haden, London Mioses Brown, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Trandre, Cheshire A. Xts Williams- Mr and Mrs Lansdowne, Bath Mrs J F Williams and Masters Brunt. Stourbridge 'QUEEN'S HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Mr Lambert, Surrey; Mr and Mrs Bickerstaff, London; Mr and Mrs Cooper, Barmouth; Mr, Mrs and Miss Taylor, London; Mr Myer and friend, Sussex; Miss Rea and friend, London; Mr and Mrs Hall and party; Dr and Miss Thomas, Leamington; Mr ana Mrs Cooper and •, party, Liverpool; Mr Johnson; Manchester; Mra and Master Bobinson, London; Mr and Mrs Carew, do; Mr Lawton, Handaworth; Mr Pope, King's Norton; Rev and Mrs Ewing, Tenby; Mr and Mrs Saunder, Clifton; Mr and Mrs Sarle, Surrey; Mr and Mrs Dore Williams, DolgeUey; Mr and Mrs Howard, Leamington; Mr and Mrs Rea, London; Dr and Mra Roe, Great Malvern VICTORIA TERRACE. Ocean View House, Mrs Keusit- Veil Archdeacon and Mra Maddison and maid, Richards Castle, Ludlow Mrs and Mr B Ward Ashley, Derbyshire Mr and Mrs Blake and family, Manchester Plynlimon honae, Mrs Pieroe— Mr and Mrs Hodges, Leicester Miss Reynolds, Shrewsbury Miss Owen, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Greene and family, Donnington Mr and Mrs John Higgins, do Misa York, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Healy and family Misa unit, Pmltiu Kr aad Mra H Morgan, ohildren and DMkid, Xlfii ahottM Mr and Mrs Lingen, family and maid, Rugby Miss Oseley, Newcastle, Staff 7, Brighton House, Miss Mason— Mr G A H Hadea, Best Miss Payne Miss A Cockis Miss E Bryant, Old Hill, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs How.irth and family, Bilton-le-Moors Mr and Mrs Brookleb'tnks, Great Malvern Abergeldie house, Mrs Jnlian— Dr and Misses Day & Miss Faithfull, Cheltenham Dr and Mrs Vachi-ll, family and servants, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Martin, Birmingham Misses Bamforth, Blyth, Worksop Mr and Mrs Williams, Chester BRYNVMOR TERRACE. Bay View Cottage- Mrs and Misses Hopkins, Bath Rev and Mrs Glover, do 3, Mrs Thackam- Mr and Mrs Harwood, family and maid, Allerton 5, Mrs Ellis- Mr and Mrs Kennie and family, Oldham Mrs Buttler, Adbaston Vicarage Miss Finchines Mr Rowe, Liverpool Enfield House, Mrs Meredith— Mrs Dixon aud Miss Holmes, Shrewsbury Miss Parker, do Miss Brown, London PORTLAND STREET. 4, Brunswick house Mrs Jones- Mrs Wilson, Kington Mr and Miss Rogers Mr and Mrs Barlow, Manchester Mr Davies, Brecon 5, Mrs Aston- Rev and Mrs Hill, Manchester Mr and Mrs Holland, Stafford Mr and Mrs Davies and family, Shrewsbury 7, Glasfryn House, Mrs Capt Davies— Mrs and the Misses Christmas, Warwick 8, Mrs Jones— Mr and Miss Welsh, Dublin 21, Mrs BatemiLn- Rev B 8ramham and family, Newport, Mon Mr & Mrs H R Burnett & family, Wolverhamton Miss Hill, Birmingham 23, Miss Silvanu8- Mr Piys, Derby 25, Mrs Rankin- Mr and Mrs Wall, Birmingham Mrs Silk, Worcester Mr, Mra and Miss Sherratt, London Miss Childe and Miss Nellie Stokes, do 28, Mrs Osborne- Mr Dntson and sons, Chepstow Mrs H Adcoek, Redditch Mr and Mrs Briney, do Abbotsmorton, do 35 Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Bush and family, Coleshill 36, Mrs Thomas- Mrs Price, Penybont Mra Powell, do Mr and Mrs Fenton, Bristol Mr Henry St Leger, London 44, Mrs Capt Jones— Mrs Baxendell and family, Sonthport Mr and Mrs F E Hudson, Manchester Mr Gibson, do 46, Mrs E Williams- Misses Tompson, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Baker and family, Hereford Mr W A Baker, Ledbary 48, Mrs Capt John Hughes- Miss Harvey and Miss Lloyd, Carmarthen Mr T B Vaughan, do 49 Gwbert House, Mrs Williams- The Misses Storer, Coventry The Misses Morris, Gloucester Mr J J Jones, Pontlottyn 50. Mrs Hall- Mrs and Misses King, Acton, London Miss Boak, do No address- Mrs, Miss and Master Jassop, Cheltenham Mr and Mrs Davies, Hereford Mr Twiss and Mr Sturt, London MILL STREET. 21 Mrs Rees- Mr and Mrs Binnal and family, Baronel Mrs Binnal 15, Mra RieLtrds- Mr Edw Edwards, Denbigh Mr Thomas and servant, Penybont Mr Thomas, do CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 4, Cocoa House, Mrs Davies- Mr John L Jones, Nantgaredig Miss M Phillips, White Mill Mr C E and Mr A A Strong, London Mr D Leonard, Bristol Mr H 0 Owen, Blaenau Featiniog Mr W J Parker, Southcote, Reading Mr Jones, Ebbw Vale 16, Mrs Watkins- Mr Howell and sops, Rhondda Valley 23, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Davies and children, Folham, London Miss Smith and niece, Berriew Mrs Darlington, do; Miss Edith Lane, do Mr Thomas Jones, Bed was; Mr Lewis, do Mrs Harris, Birmingham Mr Joseph Webb and Mrs Webb, Stoke, Coventry 29, Mr J Jenkins- Mr H G Pngh and family, Oswestry Mr Benbow, Newtown Miss Tilsley, do 31, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Gasside, Yorkshire Mr Michatherley and family, Machynlleth GEORGE STREET. 2, Newry honse, Mrs D Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Evans, Trecastell Mias and Master Evans, do; Mr Davies. do Mr and Mrs Davies, Oswestry Misses (3) and Master Davies, do Mr Davies, Wrexham Mias Richarde, Ellesmere Mr Miller and Mr Chester, Wolverhampton Mr Evans and Mrs Morris, Liverpool Mr and Miss Griffiths, Trecastell 8, Mrs Jones— Mrs S and Miss L Wootton, Bloxwich Mrs W Fawdry, do 9, Mrs Cocks- Dr Batterham, St Leonarda 15, Mrs Metcalfe- Mr and Mra Wilkinson, King's Heath Mrs John Law, family and maid, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Henry Law, do WILLIAM STREET. 8, Mrs Owen- Mr D L Evans, Llandyssul Mrs Hughes, Newtown Miss Hughes, London 14, Mrs James- Mr and Misses Richards, Waltharastow Miss Richards, Oswestry GRAY'S INN LANE. 3, Mra EvaDs- Miss Jenkins, Tonypandy 4, Mrs Jones— Mrs Peasland, Wolverhampton Mrs North and child, Bilston 10 Mrs Dayies- Mr Evan Rees, Rhymney Mr and Mrs Farmer, Coventry 11, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mra Jones, Pontrhydygroes Mr John Jones, do Three Horse Shoes, Mrs Hopkins- Mr, Mrs and Miss Woodcock, Acocks Green Mrs Dadmon, Pontrhydfesdigaid TERRACE ROAD. 34, Mrs Rees- J?"11 Wood and family, Birmingham Mr G Scruton, do Mr and Mrs Freeman, Norton Bluo Bell, Mra Davies— Mr N C Dickney, London Mr F Westfield, Wolverhampton Mrs and Miss Powys, Hereford Mr and Mrs Wardley, Hodnet MARKET STREET. White Hart, Mr Hnghes- Mr and Mrs Thomas and family, Rhymney Mr Morgans and Mr Williams, Carmarthen Mr Fletcher; Mr R 0 Lowe, Llanidloes Mr Williams and Evans, Pontrhydybeddau GREAT DARKGATE STREET. LION ROYAL HOTEL, Mr John Roberts- Mr and Mrs Whitaker, Birkenhead; Mr and Miss Hill, Tenby; Rev Corfield, Welshpool; Mr Law. rence, London; Mr and Mrs Swain, Halifax; Mr Rowe, Nottingham; Mr Howell, Swansea; Mr Simma, Warwick; Mr Pnrkeas, Bristol; Mr Crompton, Manchester; Mr Brabyu, Birkenhead; Rev and Mra Brookes, Misses Brookes. Tackle. ton; Mr Parsons, Bristol; Mr Blakeney, Tenby; Mr Betty, Bristol; Mr Hayman, Newport; Mr Seddon, London; Col Rivell and son; Mr Sutoliffa load friend, Liverpool; Mr W S Yates, Calais; Mr T W Moore, Chichester; Mr WBorgeaa, London; Mr Wilkins, London; Mr Smedley, Pembroke Dock; Mr and Mrs Sayse, Welshpool; Mr and Mrs Munro, Bristol; Mr Stickland, Carmarthen: MrGasson, Bristol, Archdeacon Cheetham and Misa Cheetham, Tenby; Mr and Mrs Murry, Iondon; Mr Thomas, Carmarthen; Mr Eddington, London SEA. VIEW PL^CE. 9, Mrs Thomas— Mr and Mrs South, baby and noi 80« Waverhs mp- ton 15, Ariel Cottage, Mrs Davies- Miss Davies, Kennington Mr ani Mrs Price, Huddersfield Miss Mason, Islington Mrs and Mr Orchard, Derby CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 5, Mrs ff:tll- Miss Stanhope, Leicester Miss Simnson, Ockbrook Miss R M Simpson, Newark -i Mr W H Rippingale, do 10, Mrs Brtwen— Mrs Shooard, London Miss Couzens, do Mr Davies, Bmlth Miss Williams, do Miss Jones, do Miss Stephens, do Shipwright Arms- 'Mrs Hathast and sons, Hereford PENHAESGL&S ROAD. 10, Mrs Williams— Mrs Grist, Misses Holland, Worcester 26,— Mr, Mrs, and Miss Oldbnry & child, Wednesbury Miss Davies and Mr tfvans, Nev-town SHIPBUILDERS ROW. 7, Mrs Thom,ts- The Misses & Mr Frank Bassett, Wolverhampton Mr Charles Diwmark, do 29. Mrs Morg iiia- Mr Griffiths, B rmingham 31. Mrs Hopkins— Mrs H irrison and family Miss Corbett The Misses Howarth, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Master Beresford, Wolverhampton 33, Mrs Rees- Mr Green, Warwickshire Messrs Clarke, do 35,— Mrs Poole and family, Wolverhampton Master John Preeman HIGH STREET. 18, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Fox, Wednrsbury Messrs Jones and Davies, Corns 21, Mrs Hughes- Mr R Holliar, Birmingham Mr and Mrs DAviel and family, Rhondda Valley 38, Capt Jones— Miss Allan, Birmingham 39, Mrs Capt. Enos— Mr Mason, Rhayader Miss Jones, Llanwrin Mr Morgan. Hay Mrs Jones, Llanwrin Mrs Jones, do Miss Gitting, do 40. Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs Davies, Ferndale PRINCESS STREET. 10, Mrs Brett- Misses Reed, Birkenhead Mr Evans. Barmouth 12. Mrs Samuel- Mr Dunford, Oxford Miss Jenkins, New Qaay Mr Barlow, Wrexham Mr Powell, Chester POWELL STREET. 2. Mrs Af ass-.Y- Mrs and Miets Gwellum, Hay 3, Mrs Warrell- Mr and Mrs Ponny, Herefor:l 6 Mrs Lewis Mrs Thomas, Herefordshire 7, Mrs Davies Messrs Trues and Davies, Cardiff 12 Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Meagre, Malvern ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 2, Miss Owen- Mr Rowlands, Shrewsbury 4, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs Arnold and Mrs Powell, Hereford Mrs Parkes, Birmingham 5, Mrs E Williams— Mrs Davies, London Mr T. J. Davies, do Mrs Jones, Dolgroes BRIDGE STREET. 16, Old Black Lion Inn, Mrs Davies- Messrs Longland, London Mr George, Rhayader Mr, Mrs and Miss Lewis, Nantyrhendy Messrs Jones and Evans, Boilth Miss Morris, Leamington Mrs Lewie, London Mr Evans, Llangurig 19, Mrs Jones— Mrs Thomas, New Tredegar Mrs Watkins, Bedwas Messrs Matthews and Powell, Radnorshire Crosswood House, Mrs Clayton- Mr and Mrs Wilkinson and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Jonea, Newport 15, Mrs Samuel- Mr and Mrs Dyer, Tamworth Mr and Miss Bramoll, Burton-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Smith, Hereford 39, Mrs Owen- Mrs Thompson and maid, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Joberns and baby, do Mrs Ronge, do Master Sbeath, do 42, Mrs Gobert— < Misses Bailey Birmingham Mr and Mrs Moon and baby, do Mr Holland, Chester Mr Davies, Wrexham Miss Stainer, Birmingham 49, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Miss Cavill, Carmarthen Master and Miss Cavill, Swansea Miss Horn, Leeds 50, Mrs Cashmore- Mrs Turvey, Solihnll, Birmingham Mrs Taffier, West Bromwich Mr and Mrs Price and daughter, Bailth 52, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Price, Birmingham QUEEN'S ROAD. 4, Mrs Rowe- Mr J H Harris 8, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs Wareing and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Priae and family, Brecon Mrll Garner, Brecon Miss Price, do Hilton house, Mrs James- Miss L Mills, Coventry Miss L Moore, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Harris, Birmingham Crystal Palace, Mrs Price- Rev James Price, Tunbridge Wells Mr and Miss Pofrey, Penybont Mr Price Jones, Llanddewy Miss Ann Thomas, Penybont 12, Tufnell house- Mr and Mrs Evans, London Mrs and Miss Davies. do 14, Glanayron house, Mrs J ones- Mr Johns, family aad nurse, Tenby 18, Miss CI irk— Mr, Mrs and the Misses Gibbons, Leamington Hardwicke Honae, Mrs Kane- Revs W Hill, J. Crombleholme, Messrs M A Sullivan, C Amenabar, C Borne, F Gransaull, J Pardo, G Pardo, R Mandiola, A DeBrito, C Lyon, D Lyon, J Lyon, T Eastman, R Oyola, C Lima, St. Bedea College, Manchester Madoc House— Misses Powell, Chester Mr Paul Newnis, Tinares Exeter Honse, Mra Morcum- Master and Miss Danton, Gloucester Mr and Mrs Gray and family, Shrewsbury PIER STREET. 18, Mrs Ellis- The Misses Porter, the Misses May, Miss Scotland, Richmond Miss FanBy Evana, Dorrington Pier Hotel, Henry Owen- Mr and Mrs Buttres, Birmingham Mrs Lloyd Jones, Machynlleth Mr S Hancock, Sheffield W H and the Misses Goes, Stoke-on-Trent 27, Mrs J A James- The Misses Glenday, Newcastle, Staff Miss Turner, Garthmyl Mr Pngh, do 38, Mrs Jamea— Mr and Mrs S. W. Bickley, Southsea Messrs Vickerman and Hartley, Huddersfield Mr W H Box, Chester BAKER STREET. 4, Mra T Humphreya- Mr Warran, Stafford; Misses Miller, de Mr, Mrs and Miss Rogers, Pembridge Mr, Mias and Master Davies, Newtown Dolegw/n house, Mra Capt Edwards- Mra Jonea and baby and Maater A Joneg, London Mr and Mra Maaan. Heaton Chapel 5, lire Uoyd- Mr and Mrs W H Crompton, Liohfield Miss Bertie Roberts, dQ Miss Kussfll, do Me and Mr j Holmes and family, Didsbury Miss Stolle 7, Mrs D Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Hall, London 9, Mis Hughes- » Mrs Preeso and Mrs Morris, Ludlow 10. Mrs Davies— Mr. F Th -),as, Chester Miss Tiinriiai, Li,,erpoul Mrs E Mawson, Leeds Vio- °ria Cotn-ige, Mrs Morgan- Mr And Mrs Brady, Higher Tranmere, Cheshire Mr an..1 Me! G Brucy una family, do MOOR STRKKT. Coachhnilders' 9-rms, Mrs Jones- Mr J G Hopkins, Treherberl 14, Mrs Morgan- Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Faller and child, London Mrs J A Jones, Bailth; Miss Lanworne, do LITTLE DAEKGATE STREET. 4, Mrs Phillips— The Misses Wardraori, York 14, Mrs A J ones- Messrs (4) and Miss Thomas, Carmarthenshire Mrs and Master Lewis, Birmingham Mr D Tho nas, Llanybyther 16, Mrs A. J ones- Mrs aid Miss Edwards, Birmingham Mrs aad Miss Langford. do Priuce Albert Hotel, Mrs Ellis— Messrs M Niell and A Trillo, London Mr Smith, Cardiff Mr Williams, Newtown 23, John Morgan— Mrs IJoyd, Penalltybie, Boncath 26, Burleigh House, Mra Finch- Dr and Mrs Clarke, Buenos Ayres, South imeric Misses Twiss, Birchfield Misses Grindrod, Aston NfcW STREET. 7, Mrs J Jones- Mr and Mrs Mills, Tipton Mrs and Miss Craner, Leamington 9, Mrs Capt Junes— Master and Misses Hughes Bon sail, governess and nurse, Glanrheidol 10; Mrs Price- Mr Hibbs, London ill Mrs Rowlands- Mr alld Mrs Hatton and family, Liverpool Mrs Tinker and family, do 12, Mrs Collins— J Coiiibear, Loughor Mr Evans, Pontypridd 14, Mrs Sam a el- Rev J and Mr J PritJbard, Birmingham 20, Miss J amee- Miss Asher, London Mr aid Mrs Winterton and children, Cheshire LAURA PLACE. 2, Miss Jones- Mr, Miss and Mr E A Arcnlus, Edgbaston Mr and Mrs Bloyd and family, Oldtiam CORPORATION STREET. 4, Mrs Jones— Miss Richards London 8, Mrs Evans- Miss Wardley, Whitchurch Miss Edwards and sons Miss Johnstone, Leicester 10, Mrs Colliford- Mr and Mrs Brett and son Miss Kingston, Birmingham ALFRED PLACE. Dorset house, Miss Griffiths- Mr, Mrs and Master W Wishlade, Penybont Mr, Mrs and Miss Calladine Misa Bryant 3 Mrs Hunt— Mrs Elkington, Birmingham Miss Elkington, Leamington Mrs Hancock, Hattley Mr Murphy, Newcastle-under-Lyme Mr Comford, Scotland 4, Mrs Roberts- Sergeant-major and Mrs Thompson, Birmingham 7, Mrs Ellis- Miss Cousens, Dublin Miss Betham, do NORTH PARADE. 19, The Misses Baker- Capt C G, Mrs, Miss & Master Grant, Birkenhead Miss Haslam, do Mrs and Master Rogers, Liverpool 29, Mrs Lumley Jones- Mr and Mrs Parker, Fallowfield Mrs Jones, Acocks green Messrs H and W Jones, do 30, Mrs Cole- Mr and Mrs A Ottewell and family, Derby 35, Mrs Ellis- Mrs W Owen, Machynlleth Mr and Mrs Marpole and family, do Mr Hodson, Manchester 36, Mrs Moi-ris- Mrs D'aicy and neice, Leamington 39, Miss Evans- Miss Hopkinson, Nottingham Misses Archer, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Mabel Johnson, Great Bridge Miss Beever, Church Vale 41, Mrs Owen— Mr and Mra Woodward, Birmingham Mrs Allen, Studley 42, Mrs Atwood- The Misses Laister (3), Stonrbridge Miss Goldsworthy, Llanidloes Mr D P James, Aberayron 49, Mrs Howlett- Miss S. Blakeway, Chaddesley, Worcestershire Miss A. Edith Blakeway, do Miss Laura Blakeway, do 65. Mrs Rowe- Mr, Mrs and Miss Wells, Ashbourne 67, Mrs Rees- Mrs and Miss Blower, Sonthport Mr, Mrs and Mr C Hadley, Birmingham -Miss Skill, do 69,- Miss Taylor, Wolverhampton Miss Craddock, Lichfield Mr and Mrs Drewett, Walton-en-Thames Mr and Mrs Watkins, Hereford 71, Mrs Edwards- Mr Clement and family, London Miss Jenkins, do 73, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Turner and family, Herefordshire Miss Lewis, do NORTHGATE STREET. 5, Mrs Ellis- Misses Partragk, Presteign 32, Mrs Owen- Mr Phillips, Newtown Mr Jones, do Messrs L James and D Jones, Ystrad Rhondda Mr R W Wynne, Wavertree, Liverpool RAILWAY TERRACE. 10, Mrs Griftiths- Mr and Mrs Evans, Llanybyther Mr and Mrs Maxwell, Newtown Miss Ja.mes, Pencader Dewebury house, Mrs Hopkins- Misses Shettlebotham Mrs Porter, Stoke on Trent Mr W Psrry, Newport Mr Powell, Aberdare LEWIS TERRACE. 4, Mrs Benbow— Mias Jones and friends, Newtown 5, Mrs Phillips- Mr and Mrs Buxton and family, Burtoa-on-trent Mr Edwards, London Terminus Hotel, Mrs EvaBI- Mr Evana, Loadon Mr Bonor, do CAMBRIAN PLACE. 2, Lerry house, Mra Oliver Mrs Williams and family, Breconshire Mrs George Hay, do Mrs Jones and family, Lampeter Miss Evans, Oakby Park Miss Howells, Llandysilio Mr Evans, Llansantffraid liar hones, Miss Jones— Mr Henry Jones, Dudley Mrs Jonea, do Rev John £ d wards, Colwyn Bay 7, Mra James Thomas- Mr, Mrs and Miss Sargant, Old Radner Miss Offlon, Suffolk Mr Birgmat. Leominster „ UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris— Mr and Mrs Bees, family and nurse, Manchester Aston house, Mrs Evans- Mrs Winifred Evans, Rhyacog Farm Bev David vans, Dowlais Miss Meldrom and Miss Jones. London Mrs Jones, sear Briton Ferry „ QUEEN STREET. 7, Mra Benjamin— Mr T Benjamin, London Mr Jenkins, Ponterwyd 10 Miss Jenkins Mr and Mra gtapheus, Newtown; Mr J Stophnodg Mr aad Mra Gregory aad family, Sbrawibuj 14, Mrs Owen- Mr and Mrs Thomap, Darlaston Miss Paget, Worcester 16, Mrs Morgans- Mr and Miss Watkins, Shrewsbury M K Evans, do Mr and M:s Gardner, London VULCAN STREET. 14, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Davis, faaiily and maid, Woltrr* hampton NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. Cadogan Honse, liri Humphreys — Mr Pryce, Cardiff Misses Pryce. do Mrs and Master Bonsatl. Btth Mr and Misses Mean, Caerphilly Mr Turner, Cardiff Mona House, Mrs Jones- Mr, Mrs and Master Jones, Stone Mrs and Misa Robert, Brecon Miss Price, do Mr and Miss Plight Mrs Ramsoottoin, Mrs Coats, and Mrs Obmden, Crewe PENGLUS ROAD. Glyndwr Villa, Mrs Le«is— Mrs, and Master Davenport, Norton Canes, Caunock RHEIDOL TERRACE. 20. MrR FYans- Mr Thomas D;, vies, G T S C, and wife, Ebbwveale Messrs T ano E S Tufarnau Bach Messrs T Thomas and W Benjamin, Rhymney Mr John Williams, Cwmgtirw Mr William Williams, Trecastell MARY STREET. 24. Mrs Jones— Mr W H Wilson, Kingsfield, Coventry Mr, Mrs aud Miss S A Jones, Bradford Mr W Jones, Oswostry Mr George Croucher, Caeisws Mr T Wynn, Oswestry Mr T Hebblethwaite, rluddersfield Miss M Booth royd, do PROSPECT STREET. 30, Mrs Jones— Mra Ham- r; Mrs Jones, Radnorshire GOGERDDAN COTTAGES. 4, Mr Lewis- Mr W H Thomas, Penarth, Cardiff; M E Lewis, do Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss E R Taylor, Birmingham 12, Ir Jones- Mrs Widdle, Birmingham: Miss Smith, do