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Misses Goodfellow Master Verley Price, Merthyr Tydfil Mr A F Russell, London -28, Miss Hughes- Mrs, the Misses and Master iT MoKibbin, Liver- pool Miss B Cordnkes, New York Dr Trumper Miss Wade Mr Meredith, Hay 29, John Evans— Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mr and Mrs Ashmead, baby and nnrse, Shifnal .30, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands- Mr and Mrs Rance Rev, Mrs and the Misses Lambert, Cambridge 'Mr and Mrs Knight and family, Hereford Mrs Slade, do •• Rev C, Mrs, Master and Miss Russell, Weaton- saper Mare Miss Powell, do Mrs, Miss and Master Perkins and friend, GIo ster 34, Mrs Rodetick- Miss and Mr R Mellis, Hereford Mrs J Elliott, do Miss Lane, Cambridge Mr and Mrs A H Gardner, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Plante and party, London 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M Nelson- Mr and Mrs Pooler, family and maids, Newport Miss Pooler, do Mrs and Mr Webb, do Miss Heatley, do « Mrs Carpenter Misses Davies, Tredegar 36, Moreland Honse, Mrs Edwards- Rev and Mrs Evans and family, London Mr and Mrs Procher and family, Bristol Mrs Burr, family and maid, Leamington Mr and Mrs Liver and family, Birmingham aS, Mra Biddulph- Mrs Pickard and grandchildren, Moseley Mrs New, Evesham Mrs and the Misses Colby, Cheltenham Mr and Mrs J H Pickard' Moseley Antonio Sctiaeri and wife, Italy 39 Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths- Mr and jMrs Meynell family and maid, Wolver- hampton Miss Baggott, Wem Miso Baggott, Whitchnroh 40, Miss Nelson- I Mrs and Miss Lisiter, London Mr and Misses Hilton, Sale, Cheshire Mr and Miss Mason, London Miss and Master Llewelyn, Neath Miss H Williams, do Master Nathan, do Mrs Williams, do Mrs Nathar., do Mrs Llewelyn, do Miss and Masters Frail, London Miss Dora Harries, Shrewsbury tI, Misses Jones— I Mr and Mrs G Bern ett, York Major & Mrs Harri amig son and nurse, Staffordshire Mrs Jones- Messrs A., C, and E Meredith, London Mrs Harming and family, Ludlow Misses Meredith and Gids I' Mr and Mrs Bennett, York Mr and Mra Williams and family, Manchester Mrs Compice. do ik Picton House, Miss Oamotherlay- j Mrs Whitlaw and Mrs Ingpen, Kensington Mr, Mrs and Mies Jones, Hanley Mr and Mrs Bullock and family, Wellington 44, Mies E. F Jones- Mr and Mrs Mullock and family, Newport Mrs and Master Ikin, Llanidloes Mr R Lloyd and family, Newtown Mrs Dunwell, Thirsk Mra Goldtborpe, Yorks I Chatham House, Mrs Edwards- I Mr and Mrs Peel, baby & servants, Rhiwcneuddyn Mr and Mrs aT M Hewitt and family, Bolton- le- moors Mrs Wault and family, Sonthport t Itr and Mrs R Burton and family, Dursley *8, Mrs Burton- Mrs Rigby Smith and Misses (2) Smith, Liverpool i Itr and Mrs Felkin, Wolverhampton I { Mrs R W Felkin and child, Edinburgh j Mr and Mrs Dawbury, family and maid, Cheltenham 1 Mr, Mrs, Master and Alias Lowe, Birmingham | I .the Misses Smiths (5) j Mrs D Lewis— Mr and Mrs Groves, family and maid, Fenton Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Colbourne, Leamington I lir and Mrs Scivener and family, Fentoa Mri Richards— Mr and Mra Peon and family, Croydon Mr and Mrs Fisher, Newten Abbott, Devon ltrs and Miss Powell Miss J ames- Mr and Misses Bird, Cardiff Misses K and G Leech, do Mr and Mrs Conacher and family, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Vaughan and family wMr and Mrs Hill EvaHS, family and nurse, Sutton Coldfield Mrs Richardson, Derby s and the Misses Barker, King's Heath Mr and Mrs Hanson, Burton-on-trent I Mce Coates, Walsall Miss Lumeden, Hull Mr H G Roberts, do Mr Coghill, Chester k-Miaa May Coghill, Hull Mrs Edwards— The Misses Maodonald, Bath -Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury ^•Craiglais View, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Yountr, Wakefield [ Miss Sharp, Reading Mrs Lawrence and family, Cheltenham Mr, Mrs and Miss Robertson, Hereford »,Mr Ernest Smith, Bath Mrs Hogg— «ev A and Mrs Goore and family, Bnilth Vicarage Mr and Mrs Wills, Peckam Mr and Mrs Wooderate, family and nurse Mrs Herbert, Hereford i^Mr Davies, Cwrtmawr ^Mrs D. Davies— Jtr, Mrs and the Misses Coleman (3), London Mr, ]M[r8 and the Misses Fardon, Leamington ecknts and Mr Perry, Banbury Mr and Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester I ^jMr, Mrs and Misses Hine, do ^tYork House,— Mrs and Miss Parker, Kingsland JJrs Cawbell and family, London ?r and Mrs Woodgate, family and nnrse, do fgMajor and Mrs Sayer, Criccieth iClifton House, Mrs Powell— ?f, Mrs and Miss Cooper, Birmingham Todd and friends, do Mr, J4rs and Misses Davies, London and Miss Tudor, Welshpool JJfs Roberts and Miss Powell, Shrewsbury if^Migg Barton and friend, Newport jW^EN'S HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- lieutenant Brown, Bayswater; Lieutenant Bean, Bayswater; Mr Jacob, New York; Mr Chambers, London; General and Mrs Tremonheere, Isle- Worth; Mr Caldicott, Barmonth; Messrs Moore, do; Mrs and Miss Coupland, Liverpool; Mr and ,I Btrs Cheeney and family, London; Mrs, Miss and Jtaster Ritchie, London; Mr Taylor, Sheffield; *r and Mrs G Sharman, do; Mr and Mrs Bonton, New York; Mr Williams, Aberdare; Mr and Mrs I West, Tenby; Mr and Mrs Fox, Kent; Mr and Mrs ] Hawks, Leamington; Mr and Mrs Jenkins, Man- Chester; Mr and Mrs Long, Hampstead; Mr and t krF3 Hamer; Mr and Mrs Dresser, Kent; Mrs ] Holland and friend, London; Mr Brice Pearse, ] Liverpool; "Mr Jebb, Brecon; Sir J and Lady Eraser, Cheshire; Mr and Mrs Underhay and family, Barmouth; Mr Goarley, M.P., London; Itr Enthwistle, Shrewsbury; Mr and Miss Eyre, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Blackmoor and maid; *tr E Thonraan, Paris; Mr H Jacob, Texas; Mr | iWys-Keck, Gloucester; Mr H Powys-Keok, do; Itiss Pate man, London; Mr Baker, Leamington; *rs Oldfield, Sheffield; Mr Seymour, Leamington; Crofton, Hyde Park, London; Mr H Crofton, 1 Manchester ALBERT PLACE. C**mbarton house, Mrs Humphreys— and Miss Ilquham, Cheltenham and Messrs Baldwin, Nottingham & London fi* G Haden, London 8eS Brown, Nottingham I end Mrs Tranter, Cheshire rfj Cree- Mrs and Miss Woolryoh, Blackheath Mrs and Master Richardson, London a Williams- and Mrs Yann and family, Birmingham and Mrs Lansdowne, Bath VICTORIA TERRACE. Jj £ °an View House, MrB Kensit— A and Mrs Evans and maid, Hereford 'fL VICTORIA TERRACE. n View House, Mrs Kensit— A and Mrs Evans and maid, Hereford Bishop, Derbyshire ftichards Castle, Ludlow H A Maddison, do Archdeacon and Mrs Maddison and maid, ftichards Castle, Ludlow }.y H A Maddison, do J** Gregory and family, London and Mr Ward, Derbyshire SMon House— jC**nd Mrs Grundy, Breoon Barker and family, Sjduy Mr Cheshill, Abergavenny Mrs and Mr How,rd and family London Mr and Mrs Knight and family, Hereford Mrs Stranger and family, and Miss Adams, Maid. stone Miss Morris, Brecon Master J Morris, Leeds Plynlimon house, Mrs Pierce- Mr and Mra Hodgt s, Leicester » Miss Reynolds, Shrewsbury Miss Owon, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Greene and family, Donnington Mr and Mrs John Higgins, do Miss York, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Healy and family Miss Hill. Preston Mr and Mrs H Morgan, children and maid, Man- ehester Mr and Mrs Lingen, family and maid, Rugby Miss Oseley, Newcastle, Staff 6, Trafalgar House, Mr R. Felix— Mr and Mrs Mathieson and family, London Mr and Mrs Parrot and family, Aylesbury Mr, Mrs and Miss Hamer, Withington Mr Handel Hamer, Pidsbury Miss Eleanor Mills, Heywood Messrs Remeyand Griffiths, Connah's Quay 7, Brighton House, Miss Lewis- Mrs Davies and the Misses Anthony, CsLrdiff Mrs, the Misses and Mr Clements, London Mr and Mrs Thompson and family, Liverpool Mrs Stern and family, Edgbaston Abergeldie house, Mrs Julian- Rev R G and Mrs Leigh. Birmingham Dr and Misses Day & Miss Faithful, Cheltenham Dr and Mrs Vachel, family and servants, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Mart n, Birmingham Misses Bamforth, Blyth, Worksop BRYNYMOR TERRACE. Bay View Cottage- Mrs and Masses Hopkins, Bath Rev and Mrs Glover, Alderton Mrs Gill, Lichfield Miss Walker, Nottingham 2, Glenlossie House, Mrs Hoskin- Mr and Mrs Hugh Bevan, Tyrisha Mrs P Piice, Swansea Miss Brearley, York v 3, Mrs Thackam- Mr and Mrs Harwood, family and maid, Allerton 4, Mrs Edwards— Mr, Mts & Masters Keys & maid West Bromwioh Mr, Mrs axd Miss Colby, Denbigh 5, Mrs Ellis- Mr and Mrs Kennie and family, Oldham Mrs Buttler, Adbaston Vicarage Miss f inchiues Mr Rowe, Liverpool Enfield House, Mrs Meredith- Mr Dickson, Shrewsbury QUEEN'S ROAD. 4, Mrs Rowe- Miss Drennan, Bridgnorth Mr and Mrs J Fowles, do Mrs H Lowe and neice, do Mr and Mrs Sinkins, family and maid, Wednesbnry Hilton honse, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Griffiths, family & maid, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Master Barnett, Norton Canes Mr, Mrs and Master Robinson, Darlaston Crystal Palace, Mra Price- Mr Jenkins, Llanddewy Mr J Hamer, do Mr Morris, ulyn Mr Edwards, Discoyd Mr and Mrs Price, Cwmhir Miss T Francis, Newtown 12, Tufnell house- Mr and Mrs Evans, London Mrs and Miss Davies, do 14, Glanayron house, Mrs Jones- Mr and Misses Broad, Steurport Mr and Mrs Cleton and family, Birmingham 18, Miss Clark— Mr, Mrs and the Misses Gibbons, Leamington 22. Lurline House, Mrs Fear- Mrs and Miss Jessop aad family, Cheltenham Mr, Mrs and Miss Bowdler, Madeley The Misses Poole, do Mrs and Miss Davies, Slindon • Mr and Mrs Jones, Manchester Mr and Mrs Williams, do Troedybryn house, Mrs Jones- Mrs Edwards, Treharris Miss Prosser, do Exeter House, Mrs Morcom Mr and Mrs Gray, Shropshire Mr, Mrs and Master Doughty, do Mr and Miss Dentou, Gloucester Hardwicke House, Mrs Kane- Reva W Hill, J. Crombleholme, Messrs M A Sullivan, C Amenabar, C Borne, F Gransaull, J Pardo, G Pardo, R Mandiela, A DeBrito, C Lyon, D Lyon, J Lyon, T Eastman, R Oyola, C Lima, St. Bedes College, Manchester Salop honse, Mrs Griffith- Mr and Mrs Feraeley and family, Leicester Mr and Mrs Dean Mr Wilton, ErdiDeton NORTH PARADE. 19, The Misses Baker- CiLpt C G, Mrs, Miss & Master Grant, Birkenhead Miss Huslam, do Mr, Mrs and the Misses Owen, Bewdley 23, Mrs Lomley- Mr and Mrs T G Northam and family, Clifton Mrs and Mr W E Stonyer, Hereford 27, Mrs W. Jones- Mrs and Mr W K Jones, Acocks green Mrs and Miss Thomas Mr G C Roberts 30, Mrs Cole- Mr While and son, Cardiff 34, Mrs W. T. Williams- Misses Symons, Belper, Derbyshire Capt, Mrs and Miss Michell, Wrexham 35; Mrs Ellis— Mrs W Owen, Machynlleth Mr and Mrs Marpole and family, do 36, Mrs Morris— Miss Biblett, Birmingham Miss Owen, do Mrs D'arcy ana neice, Leamington 39, Miss Evanil- Miss Hopkinson, Nottingham Misses Archer, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Mabel Johnson, Great Bridge Miss Reever, Church Vale 41, Mrs Uwen- Mrs and Miss Deverell Miss Gibson 42, Mrs Atwood- Mr, Mrs, and the Misses (4) F Joseph, Derby Mr T Os boorne, do The Misses Laister (3), Stonrbridge Miss Goldsworthy, Llanidloes 43, Miss Morgan- Mr A F Morgan, Manchester Miss Harrison, Leamington Miss Higgins, Northfleet, Kent Miss Surman, Brockley, Kent Miss Harrison, Marylebone Mr and Mrs Bonvies and family, Manchester Miss and Master Duggin, Penybont, Radnorshire 49, Mrs Howlett- Miss S. Blakeway, Chaddesley, Worcestershire Miss A. Edith Blakeway, do Miss Laura Blakeway, do 65. Mrs Rowe- Mr. Mrs and Miss Wells, Ashbourne 67, Mrs Edwards- Mrs and Miss Blower, Sonthport Mr, Mrs and Mr C Had ley, Birmingham Miss Cox; do 69,— Miss Taylor, Wolverhampton Miss Craddook, Lichfield Mr and Mrs Drewett, Walton-on- Thames 71, Mrs Edwards— Mr Clement and family, London Miss Jenkins, do 73, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Turner and family, Herefordshire Miss Lewis, do NEWFOUNDLAND STREET, Cadogan House, Mrs Humphreys- Mr Pryce, Cardiff Misses Pryce, do < JMrs and Master Bonsall, Bath Mr and Misses Mean, Caerphilly Mr Turner, Cardiff Mona House, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs F B Spong, London Mr, Mrs and Master Eagleston, Oxford PORTLAND STREET. 4, Brunswick house, Mrs Jones- Mrs Wilson, Kington Mr and Miss Rogers 5, Mrs Aston- Rev and Mrs Hill, Manchester 7JGlasfryn House, Mrs Capt Davies- Mr and Mrs Coulthard and family, Builth Wells Mrs and the Misses Christmas, Warwick 19, Mrs Edwards— Miss Carter and Miss Bioknell, Leamington 13, Mrs Hughes- Mrs and Miss Smith, Horncastle Mrs and Miss Evans, do 14, Mrs Morgans- Mr and Mrs Williams and family, LlaaidloQS Mrs Davies, Now Radnor Mrs Richards, Oswestry MISS Rigby, Rhayader 21, Mrs Bateman— Rev B Bramham and family, Newport, Hon Mr & Mrs HE Barnett & family, Wolverbantoi) MIM OUL Birmingham 23. Miss Silvanus— Mr H W Brett ell, Stourbridge Mr T Garlick, Kidderminster Mr Prys, Penllwyn Mr Ptys, Derby Elian Vannin, Miss Whittington— Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Dadley Mrs Baker, London Misses Edwards, Lbmbrynmair — Gallop, Mr and the Misses Gallop, Gloucester 25,— Mr and Mrs HRynes, Mosely Mr and Mrs Wall, do Mrs Silk, Worcester Mr, Mrs and Miss Sherret, London 27— Mr and Mrs Forty aad Party, Chadwick end 28, MrR Osborne— Mr Gatson and sons, Chepstow 31, Mrs Vius- Rv T, Mrs and Miss Jones, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Green, do Mr ;ind Mrs Sims, do 32, Miss Tsaic— Miss Haywood, Wigan 33, Mrs Jones- Rev J and Mrs Birch. Wolverhampton Mrs and Misses DAW kins, Warwiek 35 Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Bush and children, Coleshill 36. Mr Lewis- Mr, Mrs and Master Smith, Birmingham 37, M r S Thomas- Mr H-trry St Lesjer, London Mr and Mrs A E Fenton, Lancashire Mrs Price and Mrs Powell, Penybont 38, Mrs James- Mr, Mrs, and Miss Pritchtrd, Ebbw Vale 40, Mrs Jenkins— Miss Brooks and the Misses Smith, Windsor 41, Mrs Humphreys Mr and Mrs Wwightman, Nottingham 44 Mrs Cajjt Jones— Mrs Baxendell and family, Sonthport 46, Mrs E Williams- Misses 1001pson, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Baker and family, Hereford Mr W A Biker, Ledbury 48, Mrs Capt John Hughes- Miss Harvey. Miss Lloyd, Mr T B Vaughan, Mr S N Cooper, Carmarthen Mrs Pearsall itud Miss Betton, Birmingham 49, Gwbert House, Mrs Williams- Mrs Stacy, Mcs Bates and family, Burton-enTrent The Misses Storer, Coventry Messrs Edwards, Carpenter, and Warner, do The Misses Morris, Gloucester 50. Mrs Hall- Mrs and Misses King, Aston; Miss Boake, do Miss Boak. do I Mr Winnall, do ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 2, Miss Owen- Mr Rowlands, Shrewsbury 4, Mrs Lioyd- Mr and Mrs Biddle, family and nurse, Handsworth Mrs Parkes, Birmingham 5, Mrs E Williams- Mr Rowlands, Shrewsbury Miss A Randies, do Mrs Davies, London Master T. J. Davies, do Mrs Jones, Dolgroes SEA VIEW PLACE. 3, Miss Keeling— Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Hampson, Liverpool Miss M. L. Keeling, do Miss Florence Keeling, Blundell Sands 4, Castle Mrs Doughton- Mr and Mrs Millns, London Sea View house, Mrs Parry— Mr and Mrs Evans and family, Westbury 7, Mrs Vaughan- Mr and Master Skett, Wolverhampton 9, Mrs Thomas— Mr and Mrs South, baby and nurse, Wolverhamp- ton 13, Mrs Owens— Mr and Mrs Dutson, Ledbury 15, Ariel Cottage, Mrs Davies- Miss Davies, Kennington Mr Jackson and Miss Jones, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Price, Huddersfield CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 1 Mrs Roberts Mrs and the Misses Gaule, Birmingham 3, Mrs Hnghes- Miss Bnnce, Birmingham Mr Davies. Builth 5, Mrs Hall- Miss Stanhope, Leicester Miss Simpson, Ockbrook Miss R M Simpson, Newark Mr W H Rippingale, do PENMAESGLAS ROAD. 6, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs James, Newport 16. Mrs Humphreys— Mrs Fox, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Priest and family, do 22, Mrs Griffi'Jn Misses Hodgson and Brunt, Bristol 26,- Mr and Mrs Beaumont, Huddersfield Mr and Mrs Purrot, do Mr Evans, Newtown Miss Savage, do Mr, Mrs, and Mies Oldbury & child, Wednesbury SHIPBUILDERS ROW. 17- Mrs Jones, Porth Mr Jones, do Mr Williame, do 23 Mrs Banford- Mrs Banford and Master E Edmunds, Nantymoel 31, Mrs Hopkius- Mrs Harrison and family Miss Corbett The Misses Howarth, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Master Beresford, Wolverhampton 36, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Hughes, Manchester Mr Evans, Newtown Sailors Arms, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Richard, Mochrew MILL STREET. 15, Mrs Ricbirds- Mr W Forster John, Bridgend Mr and Mrs D Bailey, Llanfair Mr and Mrs Gethin, Bwlchyfridd Mr Edw Edwards, Denbigh CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 4, Cocoa House, Mra Davies- Mr John L Jones, Nantgaredig Miss M Phillips, White Mill Mr H V Bishop, London v, Mr Rowlands, Aberdovey Miss S Davies and the Misses Morris, do Mr Frizzel, Swansea M Jones, do Mr Thomas, London 9, Mrs Jones- Mr Edwards, London 11, Mrs J onea- Rev. A. C. Pearce, Macclesfield « 16, Mrs Watkina- Mr Howell and sons, Rhondda Valley 29, Mr J J enkins- Miss Cox and family, Birmingham Liverpool house, Mrs E Lewis- Mra Jones and baby Mrs James, Ponterwyd Miss Williams, London Mr Evans, Llangurig 31, Mrs Edwards— L Levy and G Pace, London Mr Lloyd, do Mrs Edwards, Abergavonny CAMBRIAN PLACE. 2, Lerry house, Mra Oliver Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Montgomery Mrs George, Gelly Miss Betters, Rhayader Mrs Howell, Oswestry liar house, Miss Jones— Mrs Marphy, London Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe, Salford Miss Jones, Newtown Mrs Bowel, do 4, Mrs Hughes— Mr and Mrs Henry Thomas, Aborgavenny 7, Mrs James Thomas- Mr, Mrs and Miss Sargant, Old Radner Miss Offfon, Suffolk Mr Sargant, Leominster UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Rees, family and nnrse Aston house, Mrs Evans- Mrs and Masters (3) Smith, Aston, Birmingham Mrs Richards and 2 sons, Llanidloes Mr Inabery, Smethwick LEWIS TERRACE. 3, Laurel Cottage, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Jones, family and nurse, Carmarthen Mrs Jones, Llanidloes 4, Mrs Benbow- Mrs and Mr Williams, Carmarthen Mr and Master Harris, do 5, Mrs Phillips— Mr and Mrj Buxton and SortOMfrtttBt Mr Edwarb, London ✓ Commercial Inn, Mrs Rees- Mrs Austin and family, Manchester Mr and Mrs Blan, de Mr Rees, London Mr Powell, Newtown Term'nus Hotel, Mrs Evaias- Mr and Mrs Jones, and family Lampetr Master Jones and Miss Backs, do Mr Evans, London GRAY'S INN LANE. 2, Mrs Hughes- Mrs Davies and child, London Mr Lewis and family, Carmarthen Mrs Evans and Mr Lewis, do 4, Mrs Jones— Master Thomas, Wolverhampton Mrs Baislum, do Mrs North and baby, do 5, Mrs Jenkins- Mr and Miss Jadah, Wolverhampton Mrs Cross and children, do Mrs and Mif-s Lamborn, do 11, Mrs Roberts— Mr and Mrs H nghes and family, Carmarthen Mrs Jones and family, Tregaron Messrs Griffiths and Dries' Tregadar 12, Mrs Edwards— Mr Thomas, Cardiff 14, Mrs Jones— Mrs Mealand, Mrs Farmer, & the Misses Goodman Coventry WILLIAM STREET. Flintshire house, Mrs Beavan- M- and Mrs J P Jones aud family, Presteigne Miss F A Wakelin, do 8, Mrs Owen- Mr D L Evans, Llandyssul Mrs Hughei., Newtown Miss Hughes, London GEORGE STREET. 7, Mrs Cunningham— Mr, Mrs and Master Morris, Newport Mr and Mrs Bush, Country Mr and Mrs vV Bash and family, do 8, Mrs Jones— Mr S Picton, Miss E Ellis, Miss M and C Hodg- kins, Messrs J Mellor, H Sparrow, J Hawkin, all of Walsall 9, Mrs Cocks- Misses Drawbridge, Colchester 11. Mrs McKav- Mr and Mrs Barber and family, Birmingham Mrs Farmer, do 15, Mrs Metcalfe- Mrs Soott, L..rlhury, Worcestershire Mr and Mra Wilkinson, King's Heath NORTHGATE STREET. 11, Mrs Hughes- Mr, Mrs aud Miss Harris, Worceeter 20, Mrs Jacob, Mrs Waller, Miss Pugh, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Tapman, Birmingham 27, Mrs Williams- Miss Georpe, Carnarvon Miss George, Carnarvon llMr E iwards, Pontyyridd 30, Mrs Michael- The Misses Adams, Wolverhampton 32, Mrs Owen- Mr Pnillips, Newtown Mr Jones, do Mesfrs L Jame* and D Jones, Ystrad Rhondda Mr R W Wynne, Wavertree, Liverpool 33. Miss Adams- Mr, Mrs aud the Misses Williamson, Hanley Master Ernest Calvert, do 34, Northgute Hoase, Mrs Thomas- Mr, Mrs and Miss Vaughan, Hereford Miss Pratt, Stroud LITTLE DARKGATE STREET. 2, Mrs Arnold- Mrs and Miss Mehoney, Birmingham 4, Mrs Phillips- Mrs and Miss Griffin, Birmingham Mr Evans, Manchester 14, Mrs M Jones- Messrs (4) and Miss Thomas, Carmarthenshire Mrs and Master Lewis, Birmingham Mr D ThonaB, Llanybyther 16, Mrs A J-nps- Mrs and Miss Edwards, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Langford, do Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs Ellis— Mr Smith, Cardiff Mr James, London Messrs Jones and Dent, do Mr Wiliiams, Shrewsbury Crynfryn house, Mrs Richards- Mr, and the Misses Brooks, Birmingham Cocoa house, Mrs Evans- Mr, Mrs and Miss Felton, London Mr Felton, do Mr Jones, Bangor Mr and Mrs Wilkinson, Welshpool Mr Ellis, London Mrs and Miss Evans, Newtown Mr, Mrs and Miss James, Newport 29, Burleigh House, Mrs Finch- Dr and Mrs Clarke, Buenos Ayres, South Amerioa Mr and Mrs Warhurst, Fairfield M J Kenworthy, Chester L Smith, Birkenhead Misses Pearson, Cradley, Brierly hill Mr and Mrs Fairweather, Birmingham Mrs Davies and family, Merioneth BAKER STREET. 3, Mrs Jones- Mr Hall, Birmingham 4, Mrs T Humphreys- Mr and Misses Crabtree, Kidderminster Mr Warren, Stafford; Misses Miller,* de Mr Stokes and Mr Hibkins, West Bromwich Mr Woodward, do 5, Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Mrs W H Crompton, Lichfield Miss Bertie Roberts, do Miss Bussell, do Mr and Mrs Holmes and family, Didsbury Miss Stone 7, Mrs D Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Hall, London 9, Miss Hughes- Mrs Preese and Mrs Morris, Lndlow 10 Mrs Davies- Mrs F Thomas, Chester Miss Thomas, Liverpool Mrs E Mawson, Leeds Victoria Cottage, Mrs Morgan— Mr and Mrs Brady, Higher Tranmere, Cheshire Mr and Mrs G Brady and family, do PIER STREET. 8, Gwalia Hotel, Mrs Owen- Miss Foster, Birmingham Mr Wright, do Mr Hughes, Carnarvon Mr and Mra Davies, Liverpool 18, Mrs Ellis— The Misses Morgan, Brecon The Misses Porter, the Misses May, Miss Scotland, Richmond 26, Mrs Davies— Mrs Jones, nurse and baby, Oswestry 27, Mrs J A James— The Misses Glennday, Newcastle, Staff Mrs Browne, Stoke-on-Trent Miss Turner, Garthmyl 88, Mrs James- Mr and Mrs S. W. Bickley, Southsea Mr and Mra Ernest Heins and family, Hereford Mr, Mrs and the Misses Perrin, do Miss Allen, Abergavenny NEW STREET. 8, Mra Edwards- Mrs Mills, Talgarth 9, Mrs Capt Jones- Mrs Minchin, Bath Master and Misses Hughes Bonsall, governess and nurse, Glanrheidol 10, Mrs Price- Mr Hibbs, London 11, Mrs Rowlands- Mr and Mrs Evans and family, Hereford Miss Rbberts, do Miss Evans, Leominster 14, Mrs Samuel- Mrs Boothroyd, Manchester Mr A Mayo, do Mrs and the Misses Pearce Smethwick 20, Miss James- Miss Arber, London Mr and Mrs Winterton and children, Cheshire PENGLAIS ROAD. Glyndwr Villa, Mrs Lewis- Mrs, and Master Davenport, Norton Canes, Cannock RHEIDOL TERRACE. 20, Mra Evans- Mr Thomas Davies, G T S C, and wife, Ebbwreale Messrs T and E Saysbury, Tafaraau Bach Messrs T Thomas and W Benjamin, Rhymney Mr John Williams, Cwmgarw Mr William Williams, Trecastell MARY STREET. 24, Mrs Jones- Mr W H Wilson, Kingsfield, Coventry Mr, Mrs and Miss S A Jones, Bradford Mr W Jones, Oswestry Mr George Croucher, Caersws Mr T Wynn, Oswestry Mr T Hebblethwaite, Huddersfield Miss M Boothroyd, do PROSPECT STREET. 80 Mrs Jcmee- Mrs Hamer, Mrs JOBM, SadnotsluN I GOGERDDAN COTTAGES. 4, Mr Lewis- Mr W H Thomas, Penarth, Carl iff; M E Lewis, do Mrs Jones- Mrs and Miss E R Taylor, Birmingham 12, Mr Jones— Mrs Widdle, Birmingham; Miss Smith, do MARKET STREET. I White Ilart, Mr Hughes- Mr and Mrs Thomas and family, Rhymney Mr Morgans iind Mr Williams, Carmarthen Mr Flet* :er; Mr R O Lowe. Llanidloes Mr Wil^ms and Evans, Pontrhydybeddau I MOOR STREET. Coachhnilders' Arms. Mrs Jones— Mr J G Hopkins, Treherbert It, Mrs Morgan— Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Faller and child, London Mrs J A Jones, Bailth; Miss Lanworne, do VULCAN STREET. 14, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Davis, family and maid, Wolver- hampton RAILWAY TERRACE. 5, Mrs Dodd— Mr and Mrs Hansell, Manchester 5, Mrs Dodd- I Mr and Mrs Hansell, Manchester Mrs T Nadin, Woodville Mrs W Mason, Swadlincote 6, Mrs Thomas— Mr aud Mrs T Jones. Treherbert Mr and Mrs E Jones, do 10, Mrs Griffiths- Mr aud Mrs Morris. Cwmamman M'ss Davies, Poncader Mis ses Morgans. Littleboro* Dewsbury house, Mrs HorkiDS- Misses Bowen (2), near Shrewsbury Mr Metayer, London Misses Parry (3). Bailth Mr Powell, Aberdare LAURA PLACE. 2, Miss Jones— Mr, Miss and Mr E A Arculus, Edgbaston Dr and Mrs Bland, Macclesfield Mr and Mra Bloyd and family, Oldham POWELL STREET. 5, Mrs Williams Miss Griffiths, Dolgelley; Miss Davies, Llandovery Master Davies, Llandovery Miss Thomas, Nantgarw 6 Mrs Lewis Mrs and Miss Barnett, Birmingham Mrs Gardner, Sparkbrouk 7, Mrs Davies Miss Yardley and Miss Fletcher, Birmingham Messrs Trues and Davies, Cardiff 12 Mrs J ames- Mr and Mrs Meagre, Malvern BRIDGE STREET. 16, Old Black Lion Inn, Mrs Davies- Mr Jones. Llanidloes Messrs. George, Trefeglwys Mr Williams, Cardiff Mr Morris, London 19, Mrs J,mes- The Misses Edmunds, East Dulwich Mrs and the Misses Ladkiu, Rugby Mr, Mrs and Muster Davies, Porth Mr and Mrs Porter, St Mellons, Cardiff Mrs Edwards, Caerphilly M ps Asttr, Bedwers Crosswood House, Mrs Clayton- Mr and Mrs Robinson & family. Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Wilkinson and family, Birmingham Mr Llewellyn and Miss Evans, Swansea 25. Miss M. J. Rees- Mrs Morgan, family and nurse, Brecon Mr Thomas, Manchester Mr Rees, Rhondda Mr and Mrs Griffiths and family, Brecon Mr Williams, do Naes Head Inn, Mr Evans- Mr Jones, Pontrhydygroes Miss Williams, Rhayader Mr Jones, Mardy Misses Davies, Llanguirg Mr James Mr Llewellyn, Bristol Rev Llewelyn, do Mr and Mrs Llewelyn and family, Liverpool Mr Thomas, Tredegar Mr and Mrs Jones, do 33, Morlais house, Mr D G Parry- Mrs and Miss Dovey, Lampeter 3S, Mrs Jones— Mrs Fleet, Birmingham Misses Knibb, Edgbaston Miss Dean, do 39, Mrs Owen— Mrs Thompson and maid, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Joberns and baby, do Mrs Rouge and Mr Sheath, do Mr and Mrs Lloyd-Bartlett, Shrewsbury 41, Miss John- Mr and Miss Martin, Marbet Harbour 42, Mrs Gobert— Miss Bailey Birmingham Mrs Moon, do Miss Pallant and Mr Ballock, do Mrs Jones Mrs Williams and family, Tredegar Mr Holland, Chester Mr Davies, Wrexham 49, Mrs Williams- Rev T R, Mrs and Miss Elliott, Moseley Miss E Hargreaves, do 50. Mrs Cashmore- Mrs, Misses and Masters Marston, West Bromwich Miss Parker, do; Mr Oliver, do Mrs and Miss Miller, Coventry Miss Tnrvey and Mrs Green, Handsworth 52, Mrs Evans- Mrs Evans and son, Radnorshire; Mr Jones, do Miss Elliott, Birmingham PRINCESS STREET. Royal Oak, Mrs Morgan- Mr John Morgan, Kent Mr John Davies, Ebbw Vale Mr David Jones, Rhondda Valley Mr and Mrs Jones and family, New Bridge on Wye Mr D and Mrs Lewis and family, Llanwyddin Mr Thomas Edwards, Waenlwyd, Mon. Mr John Jones, Liverpool 10, Mrs Brett- Mr D Williams, Cwmavon; Mr J Johns, do Messrs J and W Anbury, Swansea Misses Thomas, Merthyr Mrs Evans, Lampeter Misses Reys, Birkenhead 12, Mrs Saniuel- Mr Dunford, Oxford Miss Jenkins, New Quay Mr Barlow, Wrexham Mr Powell, Chester 16, Mrs OWEJns- Mr and Misses Pryce, Church Stretton HIGH STREET. 8, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Astbury, Smethwick Miss Hughes, ditto 14, Mrs Thomas- Mr and Mrs Treharne, Ferndale 18 Mrs Davies- Mrs Jones, Pentre Ystrad Mr Davies, Ferndale 21, Mrs Hughes- Mr R Holliar, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Morgan and family, Dowlais 25, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Middleton, Penminca 27, Mra W. Williams— Mrs Thomas, Pentrewilley, Churchstoke, Mont. Mra Williams, Rain Hill, Worcester Miss Brown, Clun, Salop Miss Davies, Rhayader Mrs W Williams 29, MTB Lloyd- Miss and Mr W Burgess. Handsworth Miss Meadows, Birmingham Mr Rowland Rhodes, Newcastle-nndesr-Lyne Mr Williams, Rhymney 33, Mrs Hughes- Misses (2) Williams, Llanwrtyd 36, Mrs Davies- Mr, Mrs and Master Jones, Pontypool 38 Capt Jones- Mr, Mrs, and- Master Upton, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Williams, West Bromwich Misses Bates and Belohir, do Miss Allen, Birmingham 39, Mrs Capt. Enos- Mr and Mrs Morris, Rhayader; Mr Mason, do Mr and Mrs Davies, Tredegar 40, Mrs *Morgan- Miss S A Price, Ferndale Miss Davies, do Mrs Meredith, Porth Mr A S Meredith, do CORPORATION STREET. 4, Mra J ones- Miss Mary Pritchard, Anhallt road Mrs and Mrs Hill, Newcastle 7, Mrs Culliford- Mrs Parker and family Miss Warer, Birmingham 8, Mrs Evans- Mr & Mrs Burrows, nurse & family, Birkenhead Mies Wardell, Whitchurch Miss Lee, Welshampton Mr and Mrs Compson, Coventry ^— Mr aad lira Perrett aad daughter, Cheater GREAT DARKGATE STREET. LION ROYAL HOTEL, Mr John Roberts- Rev Cauou and Mrs 1 rench and son, London; Rev Coifit'ld, Wcli-h^oi'l; Colonel Walker, London; Sir Tho.xa» M~.j ri.-k and ,,0- Sudbnrv Hall, Streotoi; C.'lun^l and lirs Atkinson, Mr Bell- ha'n und SO", London; Mr and Mrs Mathew^ Hereforol; Mr Si'Mtos, Warwick; Mr and Mrs eil ;,n j Mrs Perq Weil; Herbert St Clure J i; Mr Hook-s "Drt fr end; Mr Hughes, Manch<-st>-r; R"v and Miss B1 ick; Mr A^him.n, r r.,J: Mr Bro;i,L»r, • '*ruiar.,hen; Mr Piitca.rj, Porf.ii.aiue; Mr and Mrs Terrv; Mr Wail^giove; Mr Lawreuce, London; Mr :Mincer, Bristol; Mr A nett; Mr Tit bell*; Mr Packes, Newport; ivir and Miss Hill, Tenby; Mr Tty, Birmingham; Mr -Nfari-b, Bristol Mr S-one; Mr S'eake: Mr M^-akin; Mr and Mrs Yawl; Mc and Mrs S, ain: Dr Le -Ne vo Foster; Mr R-)wo Nottingham; Mr Parry, Oswestry: Mr Witt" Maj'T H W';veil y Court; Mr Enltner; Mr Lloyd; Mr Evan E .b<*its. Manchestvr; Mr and Mrs L'-vjiiue, H. lit ax; Mr G-»ss; Major Tulloc:i and iriemi. Loi:do. Mr Goodfellow; Mr Morris; Mr H,we I >wan.-e*; Mr Shillito; Mr White; Mr Wi.kins; Mr Parsons; Mr and Mrs TV iiiitaker. rk(-/<h-ad; Mr S^iri-s; Mr Morgan; Mr Kitner: Mr ai.d imrs L nkl, Manchester; Mr and Airs Pickering, Mcttiugham; Mr Edwards, and son QUEEN STREET. 5, Mrs Lewis- Mr G A and M inters F<vite, London Mr J Jones, Pwllheli villa 7, Mrs B,Ljttpin- Mr Bonor, Marthir I Mr T Jenkins, London Mr T Benjamin, London Mr D Davies, do 8, Mrs JameF- Miss A Jones, London Miss R Llanelly Miss EdwprdR, Cardiff 10 Miss Jenkins Mrs and Miss Price, Dowlais 14, M.s Owen— Mr and Misses A and Nelly Thomas, Dalstea Mr Jamts, Aoergavenny Mrs and Master Davies, Merthyr 16, Mrs Morgans- Mr Wai Roberts, B c. ry, Lancashire Mr and Mis r»irlou, CuveuLry Miss Hanes, Birmingham Mr Jones. Welshpool 23, Mrs Jenkins— Mr an-i Mrs Heathoock and baby, Stourbridge Mrs Jones, do Mr and Mrs Waits and granddaughter, Kirfelly 38. Mrs Davies- Mr James. Carmarthen Mr Lewis, do; Miss Jones, do ALFRED PLACE. Dorset house, Miss Griffiths- Mr, Mrs si.d Master W Wishlade, Panybont Mr, Mrs and Miss Cuiladine Miss Bryant 3 Mrs Hnnt- Mrs Elkington, Birmingham Miss Kikington, Leamington Mrs Hancock, Hanley Mr Murphy, Newcastle-under-Lyme Mr Comford, Scotland 4, Mrs Roberts- Sergeant-major and Mrs Thompson, Birmiugluuat 7, Mrs Ellis— Mr and Mrs Prothc-.rr.fi, Drcconshire Mrs PoweU and daughter, Radnorshire TERRACE ROAD. 13- Mr and Mr3 Parioy and family, Hereford Blue Bell Hotel, Air Dtvies- Mr J H Davies, Liverpool Mr and Miss Wardley, the Hollies Miss Leigh, Shropshire Mrs and Miss Po-vs, Hereford Messrs Jones and Judd, London 7, Mrs Rees- Mr Field, London Mrs, Misses and Master Howden, Liverpool Tourist Luucileon Bar, Mrs Garner- Messrs King and Peck, Essex Mr H S Ziytoon, Edinburgh Mr Jenkins, Oswestry 1, Messrs J and C Bound, Burton-on-Trent Mr Jenkins, Carmarthen Mr Lewis, Rhyl 29, Lisburne house, F Bennison- Mrs and Master Ridclyffe, Birmingham Miss Hancocks, do Rev J, Mrs ana Master Arnold Oates, Reading Beach house, Miss Lloyd- Mr and Mrs E Goold, Leamington Mr and and Miss Goold, Hanley 34, Mrs HeeR- Mrs and Misses Southwell, Gloucester The Misses Shadgett, do Mr and Mrs Edwards and baby, Walterstono Mrs and Miss Davies, London