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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. Rook house,- Mr and Mrs Karat Mr T Tildsey Price Mrs Merman 3, Mrs L oyà- Mr and Mrs Weaver, nurse and two children, Lud- low Mr, Mrs and Master Williams Mr and Mrs Beavan 5, Osborne House, Mrs James- Rev and Mrs Sawday, Salop Mrs Henry Smith, Leamington Mrs Marsland Mrs Armitage, Stockport Miss Queenie Ashton 6, Mrs Watkins- Mrs Oldbury and 3 children, Knighten Mr and Mrs Wiustanleyjand family, Newcastle Mr and the Misses Farr, Hereford Mrs Browr ud maid, Welshpool 7, Miss A. 3 "!I- Mr and Newtown Mrs Ha;t Newton The Mit i Newton, Stratford-on-Avon LIr and Mrs Phillips, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Mayne and family, do Mr and Mrs James and family, do The Misses Lea, Tamworth 8, Mrs Davies— Mrs Taylor, London Capt G. E. Money's children The Misses Taylor Mr and Mrs Pilgrim, Leicester I Mrs S C Pilgrim, Burbage, Leicestershire Mrs Forde and family, Cheltenham Miss Dawson The Misses Mardon, Oxford 9, Mr and Mrs Spear, family and maid, London. Mrs Lewis aud maid, London Misses Adkins and maid, Birmingham Mrs Halherell and family, London Mrs Harans and family, Chester Mrs and Miss Roberts and maid, Oswestry 10, Mrs E. Jonec- Mr and Mrs Walker and family, :Birmingham Mr and Mrs Bosley, Hereford Mr and Mrs Blackwell & family, Northampton Misses G and A Bloxham, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Curtis and family, London Mrs Vaughan, Llandaff 11- Mr and Mrs Morgan Gr'ffiths, family and servanw. Lime Grove, near Carmarthen Mr, Mrs and Misses Lloyd, Kidderminster Mr and Mrs Dunlop Gemmill and family, Canada Misses (3) and Master Morgan, London Mrs and Misses Lemmon, Clifton Misses Edwards, Barmouth 12, Miss Vaughan Rees- Mrs and Miss Evans, Newport, Mon Miss Lewis, do Mr, Mrs and the Misses (3) Thacker Miss M Lavender Miss Matthew Mr E Cotterell, Walsall 13, Mrs Clay ton- Mrs Hntton, family and nurse, Birmingham 15, Cambridge Honse, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Master and the Misses Eglington, do 16, Miss Hughes— Misses Clutterbuck, Richmonsworth, Herts Mr and Mrs Holyoake and family, Leicester Mr and Mrs Skerthouse, Annscroft Miss Spurgin, Tottenham Miss Pitcher, Bury St Edmonds Mr, Mrs and Master J H Goodal, Market Drayton. 17, Mrs JORes- Mr and Mrs MacLarran, family and srrvants, AIdArley Edge 18, Miss Owen- Mr and Mrs Ramsdale, Longton Mr and Mrs Elijah Pryee, Mont Mr and Mrs Lewis, Llandovery Mr, Mrs and the Misses Watts, Bristol 19, Mr Powell- Mr and Mrs Sydney Crawshay, family and maid Patney BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- General Orde; Major and Misses Orde; Mr and MM Sivow; Mr Glasseu; Mr and Mrs Dowling; mr Smith, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Cooley; Mr Davis Wheatleyr atr Brown, Cumnor; Mr and (2) Misses Pimm; Mr Rutherford Pimm, London; Mr Mountstevens, Bristol; Mr Haydon, York; ME and ihrei Roe, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Harris; Mr Jones, Burton-on-Trent; Mr and Mrs Jenkins; Mr Newton; Mr Edwards; Misses (3) Lea; Mr ana Mrs Parker; Mr Thomas; Mr Holt; Miss Stephens; Mr Smith; Mr W Smith; Mr Jessop, Smethwick; Mr and Mrs Evans; Mr and Mrs Webster; Mr and Mrs Mallins; Mr and Mrs Backby; Mr Bellaing, Lichfield; Mr Pearson, Bullwell; Mr A Jones, Wolverhampton; Mr and Miss Adams, Stour- bridge; Miss Reece; Mr Hinchley; Mr Southern; Sussex; Mr Ashbourne, Brighton; Mr and Miss Milne; Mr Lawson, London; Mr Richards; Shef- field, Mr and Mrs Abel; Mr Hastilow, Worcester; Mr and Master Wyrch; Mr Wheeler, Southport; Mr and Mrs Page; Miss Low, Swansea; Mr Hum- phreys, Birmingham; Mr Walsh; Mr Howell, Manchester; Mr and Miss Collet; Mr Robert Thomae, Oswestry; Mr Wiiliams, Manchester; Mr Jones; Mr Gye, London; Mr Steventon* Stafford; Mr Haster; Mr Parry 24, Mrs Kenrick- Miss Charmbury and Miss Edwards, Bath Mrs and Miss Lewis Miss Johns, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Sargeant and family, Cardiff Aiessrs Sydney, Willie, and Maxey Hodgkin, Bir. mingham The Misses Laoe, Boath, Cardiff 26, Waterloo hense, Miss A E Morris-* Mrs Grey, Leamington Mra Hardoastie, Shifnal ZZZZZ