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IrEA, Mrs, Messrs and Miss Gaskell, and Miss San, Buy ton, nr Liverpool Mr and Mrs Pooler, family and maids, Newport IGBB Pooler, do Horeland House, Mrs Edwards— ■>, Mrs and Masters H B and G Chapman, Shropshire 0 Wr and Mrs Cole and family, Birmingham Km Nicholls, Newport Mr and Mrs Tbos Lowe and family, Shropshire Mr and Mra Williams and family, Birmingham Skitm Biddulpb- Mrs Pickard and grandchildren, Moseley lbs New, Evesham Mrs and the Misse# Colby, Cheltenham Mr and Mrs J H Prickari' Moseley Antoni Senceri and wife, Italy 3% Glyndwr Houso, Miss Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Allow and family, Bnrton-on-Trent Hw and Miss Rowley, Manchester Mr and |Mrs Meynell, family and maid, Wolver- hsmptou • Miss Grierson, Kidderminster .0 Miss Nelson- tfr and Mrs B Hare, Shropshire Bn A Powell, Salop The mipmo Whitfield; Market Drayton mm K Whitfield, Salop jft and Miss Lisiter, London Mr and Mrs Gilbert. Sandbach Miøa and Masters Steweni, do Master Grant Alsager Mr and Miss Hilton, Sale, Cheshire Janes Pristow and family, Peterborough Jones- Sir and Mrs G Bennett, York Mias Empson, do JliEs Harrison, son and nurse. Staffordshire Sk.Mrs Jones- Mr Richards and family, Cheltenham Mr Meredith and family, l ondon Miss Meredith and Miss Aline Kedd Mr, Mra and the Misses Williams, Manchester 43, Picton House, Miss Osmotherlay- Mrs Whitlaw and Mr and Mrs Ingpen, Kensington De Misses Williams, Handsworth Master Roland Williime, do Mn Evans and familv The Hev E J Evans, Tenby 4A. Mies E. F Jones— Mr and Mrs Mullook and family, Newport Ira Ikin, Llanidloes Mr B Lloyd and family, Nfewtowa Mrs Dunwell, Thirsk Mrs Goldthorpe, Yorks 49, Chatham House, Mra Edwards- Mr and Mrs Enfenill, family and servants, Malvern Mr and Mra Peel, baby & servants, Rhiwcneuddyn Messrs Hyam, Birmingham A, Mrs Barton— Mrs Bigby Smith and Misses (2) Smith, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Felkin, Wolverhampton Mrs R W Felkin and chil l, Edinburgh Jlrand Mrs Dawbnry, family and maid, Cheltenham Mr, Mrs and the Mi-ses Hopkins, Birmingham The MisaeaSmiths (5) 4), Mrs D Lewis— Mr and Mrs Grove,s family find maid, Fenton Mr and Mrs Potter and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Howlett and family Miss Powell, Hereford SL Mrs Biehards- Mr and Mrs Penn and family, Croydon Mr and Mrs Vatfghan, baby and nurse, Builth Miss Langharne, Rhayader Mr Layenhy and party, Brecon 59L Miss James- Mrs Savory and family, Evesham Mr and Mrs Horace and family, Gnildford a,- Dr Evans, family and nurse, Sutton Coldfield Mrs Richardson, Derby Mrs and the Misses Barker, King's Heath so- Mr and Mra Hanson, Bnrton-on-trent Mrs Coatea, Walsall Miss Lnmsden, Hull Mr H G Roberts, do Mr Coghill, Cheater Miss May Coghill, Hull 51, Mrs Edwards- The Misses Maodonald, Bath Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury Mr Davies, Cwrtmawr Mr, Mrs and Miss Thomson 40 Omiglais View, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs Young. Wakefield Mr and Mrs Noyes, Wolverhampton Misa Sharp, Beading Master W. Tobias, Llanelly Mr and Mrs fJ W Shaokell and family, Cardiff St. Kra Hogg- Bey A and Mra Goor* and family, Builth Vicarage Mr and Mrs Wills, Peckam Mrs Herbert, Hereford :-1Ir DavieS, Cwrtmawr CSjMrs D. Oavies— Mr, Mts and the Misses Coleman (3), London Mr, Mrs and the Misses Far don, Leamington Mr and Mrs Dawkins and family, Warwick Mr and Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester Ir, Mrs and Misses Hine, do IK York House,- I Mrs Powel and children. Glasbury <5, Clifton Honse, Mrs powell- Mr, Mrs and Misses Pearce, Newport Mr and Mrs Bragger. Cheshire Mr and Mrs Butcher and family, Glasbury Bev Josiah and Mrs Tollady, Walsall Mrs Williams, Glasbury <SITEEN'S HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- JIr, Mra and Miss Perera, a.«nchester; Mr Morgan, ] Liverpool; Mr and Mrs McClarran, Ireland; Mr and Mrs Hutton, Angleton; Miss Sealey and maid, Somersetshire; Mr and Mrs Tozer, Tipton; Captain and Mrs Humphreys, Scarborough; Mr Watts, London; Mr and Mrs Pattison, Dolgelly; Kr Banks; Mr and Miss Perry, Stourbridge; Mr and Mrs Williams and party, Bnilth; Mr Ash- more, Derby; Mr Closh, do; Mr Metallick, Bir- mingham; Mr Ford, Newcastle-nnder-Lyme; Mr Hand, Stafford; Mr Roache, Hereford Mr Gwynne Lewis, Llanidloes; Mrs and Miss Brown, 'New Jersey, U.S.A.; Mr Bythway, Manchester; acrs and Miss Knight, Hereford; Mr and Mrs Park, Australia; Mr Bulmer, Hereford; Miss Wilson, Torquay; Sir J, Lady and Miss Frost, Tenby; Sir James and Lady McCalledo; Mrs Torrance and party, Cheshire VICTORIA TERRACE. 3, Ocean View House, Mrs Kensit- Bev A and Mrs Evans and maid, Hereford Miss Bishop, Derb, øhire Mr, Mrs and Miss Cooper. Birmingham Mr and Mrs Goodman,family and maid Manchester Ten Archdeacon and Mrs Maddison and maid, Richards Castle, Ludlow Saowdon House- Kr. Mrs and Master Marsden, Liverpool Bev Charles Jerdan, L.L.B, Mrs and Master David Jerdan, Greenock Mr R D, Mrs and Capt" Pryce, Cyfronydd Mr, Mrs, Mr B and Miss A Harrington, Leamington Mrs Jemmena, and Mrs Nash, Malvern Mr and Mrs Urughart and sons, Bombay Mr and Mrs Grundy, Brecon | Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Stafford 6, Trafalgar House, Mr R. Felix- Mr and Mrs Smith and child, Sheffield Misses R and M Turner, do Mr and Mrs Walters and family, Wercester Mr and Mrs Mathieson and family, London Mr and Mrs G M Waring, Tipton, Stafford Mr and Mrs John Bywater, do Mr and Mrs Vincent Hughes, do Misses N Bywater, D M Waring, and B Bywater, Tipton, Stafford V, Brighton House, Miss Lewis- Mrs Davies and the Misses Anthony, Cardiff Mrs, the Misses and Mr Clements, London Mr and Mrs Thompson and family, Liverpool Mrs Stern and family, Edgbaston Mr Bust and family, Bristol -Ahergeldie house, Mrs Julian— Mrs and Mr Corfield, family and maid Mr Wood and family, Calcutta Mr and Mrs Lakin and 3 daughters, and servant, Malvern Mr, Mrs and Miss Glover and maid, Manchester Dr and Misses Day & Miss Faithful, Cheltenham Bev R G and Mrs Leigh, Manchester BRYNYMOR TERRACE. ::Bay View Cottage- I Mrs nnd Misses Hopkins, Bath Rev and Mrs Glover, Alderton Misses Davies, Carmarthen Miss Williams, Morriston 2, Glenlossie House, Mrs Hoskin- Mr and Mrs Hugh Bevan, Tyrisha 3, Mrs Thackam— Miss Chambers, Smethwick Mr Mrs Miss and Masters Pritchett, Birmingham 4, Mrs Edwards— Mrs, Mr J, and the Misses Dalleny, Bridgnorth Mr Meredith, Dudley Mrs and Masters Keys and maid West Bromwich 5, Mrs Ellis- Mr and Mrs Kennie and family, Oldham Mrs Buttler, Adbaston Vicarage Miss Pinchines Mr Rowe, Liverpool Enfield House, Mrs Meredith- Mr Dickson, Shrewsbury PORTLAND STREET. 4, Bronswit k house Mrs Joi,es- Mioses Bi-nnet>la», Buhop's castle Miss Prief-, Builrh Mr mid Mrs Williams and children, do Mrs II 0.4 Misa Dav.es, Carmarthen Mist Evins, do 5, Mrs tmi — Mr, and Miss EM Bateman, Stourbridge MI»!» GretJ." do M ?->srs K ti'dock nnd Eocleston, Shrewsbury 7, Glasfryn H<>use, Mrs CAt, t Da,, i, a- Mr and Mrs Coulih*rd and lamily, Builth Wells Mrs Mrs and the Misses Christmas, Warwick 8, M s Jon s— J H .Bradley and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Price, Builth 10 Mrs lijowards— M,g Carter and Mifs Bioknell, Leamington M and Mrs Janes, Mert hyr 13, Mrs Hvgtjes- Mr nud Miss Smith, Horncastle Mrs and Misa Evtina, do 14. Mrs Morgans— «r an.i Mrs Williims and family, Llanidloea tv D-ivies, New Radnor 21, Mrs ButemiLn- Rev B ir irnbam and family, Newport, Mon Mr & Mrs H R B rnett & family, Wolvtrhamton MI." H I), B nnihgham 28 M.ss >ilvanns— Mr and Mrs B irman, London Ell in Varinin, Miss Whittinict -n- Mr and Mrs smith and family, Dadley Mr A loway Mr I omtiiltlinay, Glo'ster Messrs Wright »« d Dale, Stafford Mrs Baker, London MiSi-er< Edwards, Llunbrynmair 28, Mrs Osbllrue- Mrs and Misses Tracy, LeamiVgton Mrs and Master Ct rke, Leicester ;1rs and Mast rs D tfie, Tenbnry Mademoiselle Horteuae Gohory, do Miss Child, Her. ford 31, Mrs Vigars- R.iv T, Mr and Miss Jones, Birmingham Mr an,i Mrs Greeu, do 32, Mies Isa^c— Mrs and Master Hunt, Erdington M', Mrs and the Misses suiter, London 33, Mrs Jones- Rev, Mrs alld Miss Jones, Taffeeban Rev and Mrs S Kowlaud Jones, and Mr D A Jones, Gljrntaff Rectory 35 Mr, Lewis- Tht Hon Karldeeu l S Somers Halesowen L%dy Winter, London Mrs H rding (Chaperup), Halesowen, The Hon Mrs Geary and daughter, Birmingham 36, Mr Lewi*- Miss and Master Bywater, Pedwardine Mra and Miss i >ykm, Baektou Mrs and Miss H »iaer, Penyoont Mr D E Edwards, Presteign 37, Mrs » tbom" Mr and Mrs Price and Mrs Watson, Petybout Mr Harry-cst Leger, London 38, Mrs James— Mr an4 Mrs John Freeman and baby, Oldham Master and Miss Kreeham. do 40, Mrs Taukiny- Miss Brooks and the Mistes Smith, Windsor 41, Mrs Humphreys Mr and Mrs J E Gyde, Birmingham Mrs E Thomas, do 7 x as Wilks, Coventry 42, Mrs Morris- < Mra and Miss Swain, Newtown Mrs Luther and family, Shifnal 43, Miss Evans- Miss Hinde, Wolverhampton Miss and F Perkins, do 44 Mrs Capt Jones- Mrs Baxeude-I and family, Sonthport Mr. Mrs and Master Banks, Wolverhampton 45, Mrs Griffiths— Mrs and the Misses Robinson, Wakefield. I 46, Mrs E Williams—r Misses I ompson, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Baker aad family, Hereford 48, Mrs Capt John Hugb'es, 11, Dr, Mrs, Miss and Master Raina, Manchester Mrs-Penny, W bailey Range, Manchester 49, Gwbert House, Mrs Williams— Mr, Mrs and Misses Slatter, Evesham Mrs Stacy, Mis Bates and family, Burton-enTrant 50, MrsHall— Mrs and Misses King, Aston; Miifl Boake, da Mr and Mrs Cawley, Oswestry r" < • PENMAESGLAS ROAD. 3, 3tra Jones— Mr, Mrs and Miss Thomas, D«rry Qall 6, Mrs Jouea— Mrs Pryse and family, Llanidloes Miss Lewis, Aberdare Mr and Mrs James, Newport l, 10, Mrs E Williams- Mr and Mrs AUsopp, Blananon 16. Mrs Ham»hrey8—■ Mra For, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Priest and family, do 18, Mrs 'I bo ca i p- Mr Menrig, Merthyr Mrs Norton and 2 children, do 22, Mrs GriftU, Misses Hodgson and Brant, Bristol 26,— Mr and Mrs Beaumbnt, Huddersfield Mr and Mrs Porret, do Misses Jones, Newtown Mrs Hancocks, Birmingham UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Jones, Breoonshire M;r Jones, Ebbw Vale Mr Jones, Treorkey J .Mrs Sniford, Llani,iloes Mrs Thomas and Mrs Jones, Rhayader Aston house, Mrs Evans- Mrs and Masters (3) Smith, Aston, Birmingham Mrs Richards and 2 sons, Llanidloes Mr Insbery, Smethwick CORPORATION STREET. 6- Mr. Mrs and Miss Jones, Manchester 8, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Bnrroughes, and family, Birkenhead Mr and Mrs Heeling, Hanley Mrs Wardley, Whitchureh 10, Mrs Culliford- Mrs Parker & children, Miss Wearing,Birmingham Unicorn Inn, Mrs Philips lug Mr Jones, Treharris: Mr L Jones, do RAILWAY TERRACE. 5, Mrs Dodd— Misses (3) and Mr T Harrison, Small Heath Birmingham Mrs T Nadin, Woodville Mrs W Mason, Swadlincote 6, Mrs Thomas— Mr and Mrs T Jones, Treherbert Mr and Mrs E Jones, do 10, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Morris, Cwmamman Miss Davies, Pencader Misses Morgans, Littleboro' Dewsbnry house, Mrs Hopkins- Misses Bowen (2), near Shrewsbury Mr Metayer, London Misses Parry (3), Builth Mr Powell, Aberdare GRAY'S INN LANE. 1, Mrs Jones- Mrs Rowe, Miss Bowen, Miss Thomas, Ferndale Mrs and Messrs Davies, Aberdue; Mrs Evans, do Mr Davies, Rhymney 3, Mrs Evans- Mr Thomas, Aberdare 4, Mrs Jones— Mr Leach, Newtown; Miss Oliver, do Mr and Mrs Morgan, Seanten, America 5, Mrs Jenkin Mr and Miss Judah, Wolverhampton Mrs Cross and children, do Mrs and Miss Lamborn, do 6, Mrs H&Irnmonds- Mr and Mrs Jones, Carmarthen 10, Mrs Davies- Messrs Jones and Rees, Rhymney Mr Thomas Lewis, Ton, Tstrad Mr Jacob Richards, Dowlais 11, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Davies and baby, Carmarthen Misses Lewis (3), do 12, Mrs Edwards— Mr, Mrs and Miss Rees and baby, Carmarthen Miss Davies, do 14, Mrs Jones- Mrs George and daughter, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Thomas, do Mr Pees, Tredegar Three Horse Shoe, Mrs Hopkins— Mr Jones, Llangurig QUEEN STREET. 5, Mrs Lewis- Mr G A and Masters Foote, London Miss Jones, Liverpool Rev J and Master Smith, Manchester 7, Mrs Benjamin- Mr Richards, Cynon 16 Miss Jenkins Rev T Morgan, Dowlais; Mr D Sweet, do Mr D Davies, L, wiair, 14 Mrs (Iweii- Mrs, Misses and Master Philiips, Trevecca Mr and Miss Allen, Talgarth Miss Willis, do Mr Williams,. Wrexhswn 20, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Suuffldbotham, Handley 24 Mrs Hugbes- Mr and Mrs Davies, Blaenavon 26, Mrs Jenkins-r- Mr ann Mrs Heathcock and baby, Stourbridge Mr and Mrs Smith and sons, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs B-Jdman, Brecon 32, Mrs Ree. M ss Ada Kizbell; Mr A Alexander 37, Mrs S'tnoirs— Mr &!i,i Mrs Edwards Mertbyr; Miss Griffiths, do; Mrs L wis, do; Miss Juius, do; Misses Edwards,do 38, Mrs Davivs- Mrs Thomas and family, Pencader Mr James, Carmarthen PRINCESS STREET. 10. Mra Brett- Mrs and Miss Barlow, Rugby Misses Ricliitrds. Dowlais Mies Rosewurne, do Mrs Howell, do Mi,s Davies. London 12. Mrs Annuel— Mr Dnnford, oxford Miss Jenkins, New Qnay Mr Powell, Oswestry Randal Barlow, fiO Mr Mvtn s, Treorkey 14 M'B J E Joues- Mr M)rva,i, Newtown Mr I)ttvi-s; Portk 6, Mrs Oweng- Mr and Mrs -^teel, Stafford Mr iinH Mrs Mummery and baby, do Misses Worthy, Manchester Misses Pryce, Church* Strettoh Messis Thomas aid M »rris, Pwllheli Royal O..k Lib, Mrs M'.rgan— Mr Jones. Talwaiir, Mon Mr Thomis and son. AbTsychan Mi- John DavSes-, Ebbw Vale Mr Thomas and son, Blainwain Mr John Morgan, K-nt; Mr Hugh MnVjau, Curris Mr James, Ponterwyd Mr David Jones, Ystrad NhW STREET. 7, Mrs Jones- Mra Cundotll.aiid X-sT J,-w, London Mr, Mrs and M->»srs.HtLibert, .Shrewsbury 8, Mrs Edwards—, • > Mr and M's Poxgon, Manchester 9, Mrs Ca!)t J,)iiea- Mr and Mrs Backley and two ohildren,wRnncorn 10, Mrs Price- Mrs Morson and family, Cowbridge Mrs Hibbs, London 11, Mrs Rowlands— Mrs Evans L-tid family, Hereford Miss Roberts, do .]Kiiis Evatis, roominater Mr and Mrs Plevy, Birmingham 14, Mrs Samael- Misses Lloyd, LlanfyUin Mias Roeve, NiJTwichf Miss Tattersall; BrAdford Mias Livermore, London Miós Llewellin, Haverfordwest Miss Katie Jones, London 16, Mrs Divies- Mr and Mrs Edbrook, Bristol Mra Marriot, London 18,' Mrfe Fvatia- Mrs Moneilfcy, Tamworth Mifcs 1*' Strafcton, do Miss Stratton, needing Miss C »ra Strattbn v 20, Mit»s James—• 11 Mr Cha<derton, Cambridge ■; Miss Arbfr, Londoo. Mr and Mrs Sampson, Miss Dove, Miss Besting. too, Northampton Misa Rimingtfvrjj Bedford Bev Charles M&nael, Northampton PIER STREET. 8, Gwalia Hot«l, Mrs Owen— < Mr Powhal, Manchester. ""Kj. Rev S Jones-«nd riends,- Abergavenny Miss Foster; London Miss Oldnitn, Rbgby ■ Mr Jenkins and 8011. Liverpool Mr Jonrs, Glamorgan Dr Riohares,, Wrexham ■ 18, Mrs 'Efl.ig. The Misses.Morgan. Brecon The Misses Porter, the MissesMay.MisSScotland, RichmoDd 27, Mrs J A James- Mr and Mrs I )wen sn i family (3). Garthmel Mr Mark Hulme, Levenshnlme, Manchester 38, Mrs James- Mr and Mra S. W. Bickley, Boutbees Mr and Mrs Earnest Heins and family. Hereford Mrs Edwards and b&by, (0 Mr, Mrs and the Misses Perrin Mrs Gardner Pier Hotel, Hy Owen- Mr and Mra Jeavons and family, Birmingham Mr A G Jeavons, Birmingham Miss Latta, do Mr and Mrs Gailand, Warrington Mr, Mrs and Miss Legge, do Mrs J MorriR, St Michael Mr and Mrs Guibal Miss Marie Greville Mr A Jenvons, London Mj: and Mra Griffiths and family, London Mra Evaiis and family, Pengraig Mra Edwards, Ystrad NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. 3, Mrs Watkins- Mr and Mrs F C Claypole, Small Heath Mona House, Mrs Jones- Mr Charles Lerry, Oswestry Mrs H W Newton, Mr H W and Misses Newton (4), Stratford-upon-Haven Mr and Mrs F B Spong, London Cadogan House, Mrs Humphreys- Mr Pryce, Cardiff Misses Pryce. do Mrs and Master Bonsall, Bath Mr and Misses Mean, Caerphilly Mr Turner, Cardiff GREAT DARKGATE STREET. New Inn, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs Humphreys, Birmingham Messrs Williams, Carmarthenshire LIOS ROYAL HOTBL, MrJohn Roberts- The Rev Corfield, Welshpool; The Bev Canon and Mrs French, London; the Rev IGodwin, Chelten. ham; the Rev and Mrs Thomas; Mr and Mrs Hughes; Messrs Matthews, Hereford; Vaughan;" Biford; Pargett; B,Iham and son; Lanaway, ConA way D W Jones, Merthyr Tydvil; Lawerence, London Fox; Tuck Hutchinson, Carmarthen Morgan; Pany; Wo les. roft, Liverpool; Heibert St Clair Jones, Jamaica; Mr, Mrs and Mr Weil • Mr R D Williams, Bangor; the Rev Jones i Messrs Jones; Owen; Henderson, Chester- Lewis, Birmingham; Prosser, Haverfordwest; Palmer, Bristol; Day's London; Sturp; Wadlow; Mr and Mrs Jones, Manchester; Mr and Mrs Williams do; Messrs Barnett. Shrewsbury; Adams, Wal-' sali; Parkinson; Davies, Phillips; Hanwell, Manchester; Bay; Warne; Moore and friend, Lon don; Harri-on; Row, Swansea; J Hughes; Lang. worth, (Baxter; Kinnard, London; Wheelhock; Tims, Warwick; Bond, Kington; Duinff- Barg- man; W Hughes, Manchester; the Rev and Miss Bluck; Mr and Mrs Holbnry; Mr and Mrs Matthews, Mr Bromley, Carmarthen; Mr Pritch- ard, iPortmadoc; Messrs Morgan; Atkinson; Jones; H Roberts; Terry; Owen NORTHGATE STREET. 5, Mrs Ellis- Misses Jones, Kington Mr and Mra Smith, Birmingham 11, Mrs Hughes— Mrs Jones and Son, Llandyssul Mr and Mra Smith, and Master Thornicroft, Bir- mingham k 20, Mra Jacob, Mrs Waller, Miss Pngh, Carmarthen 21, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Dixon, Birmingham 27, Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Williams, Oswestry Mrs Bowen, Lea 29, Mr R Hibbs, Hanley, Staff.; Misses Ridgway, do 32, Mrs Owen- Mr Phillips, Newtown Mr Jones, do Messrs L James and D Jones, Ystrad Rhondda Mr R W Wynne, Wavertree, Liverpool Lisbnrne Arms, T E Salmon- Messrs W Hopkins and R Perrot, Aberdare Mr W Perrot, Treharris 34, Northgnte Hoase, Mrs Thomas- Mr Thompson, Newcastle-under-Lyne Mr Lowe Biddulph Mrs and Miss Vanghan, Hereford Miss Dainton, Gloucester Miss Pratt, Strond Miss R Hathaway, Hereford Miss Parry, Essex PENGLAIS ROAD. Glyndwr Villa, Mrs Lewis- Mr, Mrs, and Master Davenport, [Norton Canes, Cannock ,NORTH PARADE. 4, Mrs Owen— Mrs and M ss DaTer^ll; Miss Gibson 19. The Misses Baker- Mr ami Mrs Oifden, family and nurse Manchester Mr aD" Mrs Birch, Stratford on Avon 23, Mrs Lnmley— Mr and Mra T G Northam and family, Clifton Mr and Mrs Wm Cruft, Brai'orJ, Yorkshirj 27, Mrs W. JOtlPS- Mr and Mrs Mason and family, Swansea Miss Kfitch, do 29, M s L J on¡,s- Mrs and Miss Thomas Mr and Mrs B rry and family. Clifton and London Mr G C and Mr F B Roberts, Whitchurch 30 Mrs Cole- Mrs J ]? Jonps and family, Presteign Mrs R Ro?< rs, do .Id $a -P A W ak,-Iin, do 31, Mrs Davids— M ss Jones, London 34, Mrs W. T. Will ams— Rev C Batler, Great Hex Miss Whitfield, Hope Bagot Rectory, Ludlow Misses Symons, Belper, Derbyshire 35 Mrs Eilis- Mr and M ss a Bramley, Knutsford, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Join s and baoy; Mrs Thomas, Cardiff 39, Miss EVHJiJ- The IVTi-aes Lewis, London M ss Hopkinson, Nottingham Masea Aruher, do 41. Mrs wpn- Mrs and Miss Deverell Miss Gibson 42, Mrs Atwood- Mr, Mrs, and the M sses (4) F Joseph, Derby Mrs Nav I, rand family, do Rev M Heather, do Mr and Mrs Moulds, Kettering, Northamptonshire 43, Mi-s Merman— Mr A F Morgan, Manchester Miss Harrison, Lramint;t<>n Miss Higgins, Nortifleet, Kent Miss Snrman. Broekley, Kent Miss Harrison, Marylebone Mr and Mrs Bouvit s and family, Manchester M as and Master Daggin, Penybont, Radnorshire 49, Mrs Howlett- v M as S. Biakoway, Chaddealey, Worcestershire Mias A. Edith B^tkeway, do Min@ L.nra Blakeway, d Miat Williams and Miss Hamar, Hopton Oidtle, Mr; Mrs and Master Leather, Stockport 55, Mrs Botwood- Mr and Mrs D J Evans and daughter 57. Mrs Griffiths— Mr ano Mrs Sally, Stockwell, London Mrs Davi- a, D >ian, Radnorshire 65. Mrs R,,Wi The M.issefj Wol 8, Aehbourne Mrs Yonna- and family, Hereford 67, Mrs Ed wards— Mrs atid Mi.-i- Blower, Southport M SB H-^ath, S' T- wsbury Mrs H ath, Woro ster 71, MrK Eiwads- Mr Clement and family, London M ss Jenkins, do 73, Mr" Jones- Mr and Mrs E A Birch, Longsight Mrs A Mahe and family, Wolverhampton Mrs and Miss Allchurch, Staffordshire QUEEN'S ROAD. Mrs S xton and family IIhs Nelson. Manchester I Mis Williams, fHndy and maid, Lampeter Hilton house, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs Miller and f-imily, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Loads and family, Wigmore Mr and Mrs Wkittie. family and maid, Breoon 8, Billan house, MisS Evans— Mr and Mra Bridgett and family Miss Walker and VI r C Bridgett Mrs, Mr. Mrs and Miss Walters Crystal Palace, Mrs Price- Mr IVfallinson, Lighteliffe Mr and Mrs Mallinson, Broughton Mr-Mallinson, Crumpsall Miss-ft(ieu, do Miss l £ «ye8, Manchester Mr Jenkins. Llanddewy < Mr William O-vens, Kilmanany4d, Penybont Mr E M Hall, Llandaewy Mr T Llovrl, Newport Mr J 0 Mai riot, do 12, Tuteell house- W Bennett, HiL, ]eY, Staff B Lawton, Longton 14, Glanavron house, Mrs Jones- Mr & Mrs Thirshy and family, Leamington Misses Broad, Stonrport 18,'Mrs Cl'rk- Mr apd Mrs Baker, maid and children Mr, Mrk, Miss and Master Rinks, Birmingham Madoo hous- Rev and Mrs Arber and sons, Scotland Mr, Mrs, Mr, and the Misses Nancekiewill, New. Port 22. Lurline House, Mrs Fear— Mr and Mrs Lloyd and family, Lampeter Misses Jones, Lampeter Miss Hughes, Brecon Miss Morgan, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Jessop and family, Cheltenham 23, Lansdowne House, Mra Trenwith- Mr and Mrs Priest and family, Bristol Troedybryn house, Mrs Jonea- Mr and Mrs G R Bfcyley, Oswestry Misses Groome (2), Peaton Hall, near Ludlow Mies, Cartwright, Oswestry Miss Kathleen Hnxley, do Exeter House, Mrs Morcom Mr and Mrs Ciutchloo Mrs Stevenson; Oswestry Mr and Mrs Willi voe, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Warry, Newport Salop house, Mrs Griffith- Mrs Smallwood and Misses (4) Smallwood, Moseley Mr, Mrs. Misses and Master Wilkinson Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Feraeley and family, Leicester Hardwicke House, Mrs Kane— Revs W Hill, J. Crombleholme, Messrs M A Sullivan, C Amenabar, C Borne, F Graneaull, J Pardo, G Pardo, R Mandiela, A DeBrixo, C Lyon, D Lyon, J Lyon, T Eastman, R Oyola, C Lima, St. Bedes College, Manchester TERRACE ROAD. BUG Bell Hotel, Mr Davies- Mr J H Davies, Liverpool Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Derry, Birmingham Mr and Mrs W H Wilson, Mirfield Mrs Rees-' Mr an,1 Mrs Field, Kidderminster Mis. Homor. London Mrs Mathews- C Coi-niiath and family, London Blue Bell, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Sewel, Bridgenorth Mrs Crump, do Mrs and Miss Thomas, do Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Derry, Birmingham Miss Evan-, Muirfield Master J R Davies, Liverpool 29, Lisburne house, F Bennison- Mra Young and family, Wolverhampton Mr and Miss Florell, Birmingham I Mr Green, do Mr and Mrs Pilter, do Missps Dodsley, Bloxwich Miss Bloomer, Cradley The Misses and Master J Bloomer, Birmingham Mr and Mrs W W Williams, Caerphilly Miss E A Jones, do 33, Miss U Davies- Mr and Mrs Thomas, Malvern Mr Jones, Pontypridd Beach house, Miss Lloyd- Mr and Mra J Morgan, Caerphilly Mr and Mrs J H Rees, Cardiff 34, Mrs Rees— Mra and Misses Southwell, Gloucester The Misses Shadgett, do Miss Richards, Ewenny Misses Phillips, Cardiff Miss Holmes, Tredegar Mr and drs Edwards and baby, Walterstone RHEIDOL TERRACE. 20, Mrs Evans- Mr Thomas Davies, G T S C, and wife, Ebbwvale Messrs T and E Saysbury, Tafarnau Bach Messrs T Thomas and W Benjamin, Rhymney Mr John Williams, Cwmgarw Mr William Williams, Trecastell GOGERDDAN COTTAGES. 4, Mr Lawis- Mr W H Thomas, Penarth, Cardiff; .M E Lewis, do Mrs Jones- Mrs and Miss E R Taylor, Birmingham 12, Mr Jones— Mrs Widdle, Birmingham; Miss Smith, do ALBERT PLXCE. 2, Dumbarton house, Mrs Humphreys- Mrs and Miss Mcllquham, Cheltenham Mrs Rowlinson, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Disturnal, Wednesbury Miss Nellie Grove, do Mr and Mrs Brown, London 4, Mis Williams- Mrs Mills and family, Hanley Mr and Mrs Holloway, family and maid, Bristol BRIDGE STREET. 14, Mrs W P Williams- Mr and Mrs Knot and family, Bishop's Castle Miss Gotobed. do Mr "nd Mrs Finchett, family and nurse, Oswestry Miss Gough, do 15, Mrs Samuel— Mr and Mrs Merrick, Hereford Mr and Mrs Dyer, Tamworth Mrs and Miss Bramwell, Burton-on- Trent 17, Mrs Jones— Mr. Mrs. Miss and Master Harper, Walsall 18, M>-s D-tvies— Mr, Mrs, Messrs and Misses Humphreys, Llanabies 19, Mrs Junea— Ba> k hOlJse- Mr, Mrs W F and the Misses Samuel, Swansea Mrs and the Misses Ladkin, Rngby The Misses Edmunds. East Dulwich Mrs ami Miss Davies, Dowlais Mr, Mrs and Master Davies Porth Mr and Mrs Porter, Cardiff Mrs Julian, London Mr Phillips Crosswood Hou-e, Mrs CJayton- Mr and Mra Robinson A family, Wolverhampton Mr Evans, Ferndale Mr and Mrs Richards, do Mr and Miss Riley, Staffordshire 25. Miets M. J. Rees- Mr and Mrs Thomas, London Miss Thomas, do Mrs and Master Jones, do Mr aid Mra Williams, Treorkey Mr and Mrs Davies, Tonpandy Mr S Rees, do MPS rs W and E F Kinch, Abergavenny Old Black Lion, Mrs Davies- Mr Richardson, Llanilar Mr Jones, London Messrs. Jones, Penrhiwceiber Mr Owen, do M rs Horth, Oswestry Miss Roberts, do Miss do Miss Owen, do Mr Jvnkins, Cwmamman Messrs Morgans and Jenkins, do Mr Rees, Tregaron Misses Hughes, do • Mr Jones, do Mr Jones, Llangurig Mr and Miss Evans, do Mr Pennie and two friends, Worcester Mr. Mra and Master Rees, Aberdare Mr Jones, Llanbrynmair Messrs Pnillips, Rees and Thomas, Cwmamman, Nags Head Inn, Mr Evana— Mr Jones, Cardiff Mr Stephens, Llandrindod Miss Pryse, do Mrs Jones, do Mr Davies, do Mr Williams, Mardy Messrs Davies, Edwards, Evans, do Mr Quick. Tredegar Mr Jenkins, Greyhound hotel Mr Davies Mr Allanson, Durham 29, Mri Morton- Mr altdMrsAeton and family, Oswestry 30, Miss. Jon$s— Miss Webster, West Bromwich Misses Webster, ttdgbaston Misses Vaughan (4), Perry Barr 39, Mrs Owen- Mrs Thompson, Mrs Sheath, and iMrs Joberns, Birmingham 41.— Mrs Maraden and children, Manchester 42, Mrs Gobert- Mr and Mrs 0 Bill and baby, Birmingham Mr Williams, Brynmawr Mr Holland, Chester Mr Davies, Wrexham 48— Mrs and Miss Riley, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Griffiths, family and nurse, Ferndale Mias Edwards, do Messrs Pryce, Williams and Davies, Llac ram arch 49, Mrs Williams- Master Maine, Manchester 50, Mrs Cashraore- Mrs and Misses Walker, Sparkbrook, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Halward, Moseley, do Mrs Frank H il ward, Sparkhill, do Mr and Mrs Aston, Winson Green, do Mrs, Misses and Masters Marston, West Bromwich Miss Raybould, do Miss Parker, do 52- Miss Lavender, Birmingham Mr, Mrs. Miss and Master Nevill, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Morris, do 53, Mrs Lewis— Mr and Mrs Whitfield and family, Bnralem Messrs Boadman and Price, do Mrs Downs and family, Birmingham Mr Rogers, Knighton MARY STREET. 24. Mrs Jones— Mr W H Wilson, Kingsfield, Coventry Mr, Mrs and Miss S A Jones, Bradford Mr W Jones. Oswestry Mr George Croucher, Caersws Mr T Wynn, Oswestry Mr T H^bblethwaite, Huddersfield Miss M Boothroyd, do PROSPECT STREET. 30, Mrs Jones-, Mrs Hamer; Mrs Jones, Radnorshire BAKER STREET. 3, Mrs Jones- Mr Mrs and Miss Llewellyn, Llysfaen, Cardiff Mrs and Miss Lewis, Caerphilly Mr Rowlands, Bed was Fawr, do 4, Mrs T Humphreys— Mr and Misses Crabtree, Kidderminster Mr Warren, Stafford; Misses Miller, do Mr Stokes and Mr Hibkins, West Bromwich Mr Woodward, do 5, Mrs Lloyd- Mr, Mrs & Miss Goodacre,family and maid Leicester Mr and Mrs Holmes and family, Didsbury Miss Stone, do 7, Mrs D Lloyd- Rev George K Smith, London Miss Kenway, Moseley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Charles Ray, Smethwick 10, Mrs Davies- Mrs Bowers, Wolverhampton Mr, Mrs and Miss Devonport, do Miss Thompson, do Dolegwyn house, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Deal and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Parkes, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Bibb, Birmingham Miss Eoeles, do Victoria Cottage, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs Brady, Higher Tranmere, Cheshire Mr and Mrs G Brady and family, do MILL STREET. 15, Mrs Richards— Mr, Mrs and Miss Davies, Merthyr Plough Inn, Mr Bluck- Mr and Mrs Bevan and family, Shropshire Mr Roberts, Huddersfield 24, Mrs Thomas- Mr, Mis and Miss Smith, Fenton Mr and Mrs* Coue Mr and Mrs Evans, Tregaron' 26. Airs Hughes- Misses Imms, Birmingham Misses Kerr, do Mrs, Miss and Mr Bishop, West Bromwich Cross Foxes- VY. Williams and J Davies WILLIAM STREET. 4. Mra J ones- Mrs Chivers and family, Abergavenny Miss King, Birmingham 5 Mrs Jonea Mr ana Mrs Harris and maid, Cwmyard Rev Clements, Hudley-on-Thames 8, Mrs Owen- Mrs Baker, Birmingham Miss Murray, Aston Miss Holden, Birmingham Miss Beard, do POWELL STREET. 2, Mrs Massey— Mrs, Miss and Sir Miner, Walsall Miss Daniel, do Miss White, do 3, Mrs Warrell Mrs Lloyd, London Mr, Mrs, Master and the Misses Clowes, Basferd 4, Birmingham House, Mrs Morgan- Mr Holloway, Reading Mr, Mrs and the Misses Stamp, West Bromwich 5. Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Joseph Tressie, jonr., Burton-on Trent Mrs Booth and family, do Mr Lewis, Rhymney Mr Williams, Taffs Well 6 Mrs Lewis Mr and Mrs Rrice, Burton-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Lowe, do Miss Juncking, do Airs G Lowe, do Mrs Hadfield, Manchester 7, Mrs Davies Misses P iyaer, London 16 Mrs Williams HIGH STREET. 1, Margaret Edwards— Elizabeth E l wards 3, Mrs Thomas- Mrs nnd JVliss Thomas, Bwlch 4, M.-s Williamt- Mr and Mrs Fallylove, Tonypandy Miss Ev-nns, do Mr D J Griffith-, do 8, Mrs Jones- Miss M Edwards. Mardy M iss H C Hughes, Cein Mr aud Mrs Wilijams, Ferndale 10, Mrs Jo'-fs— Mr and Mrs Poole and family, Birmingham MisJenkm-, Pint, DowUis Mr Poole, MOikley ra Ll.jjd Junes and Price, Ystrad Mr and Mrs Wtl-iams, Liverpool Mrs Williams, Dowlais Mrs Jeukii..s, Pant 14 Mfs Tholl" s- Mr and Mr* Hughes, Ferndale 17, Mrs D,vies- S A, Davies, New Qay 18, Mra Dllvje- ■ Mrs and Miss Morton, Birmingham Mr and Mrs t'ViO- Wedensbury Mrs Davies, Brecon Mia Williams, do 21, Mrs Hnghe- Mr (ook, Wiii;,nl,all Mrs Holden, Wolverhampton Mrs Norrice, do Mrs R Holher, Birmingham 25, Mrs Edwards— Mrs Nawmor, Birmingham Miss Morgan, do Miss Benjamin, Llangeitho 26, Mrs B-owne— Mrs and Mias Jones, Dowlais 27, Mrs W. Williams- Mrs Thomas, Peutrewiney, Chnrchstoke, Went. Mrs Williams, Rainbow! Hill, Woroeater Miss Brown, C uu, Salop Misa Davies, Rhayader 28, Mrs Parry- Mrs and Miss Watkins, Builth 29, Mrs. Lloyd— Mr T J Eva ii a, A berdare Mr A Fuehrer, G.-ruiany Mr T Jones, Touypanoy Mr T Pugh, Breconshire Mr R Jones, do Mr T Oliver, Treorkey 33, Mra Hog hes- Messrs Evans, Owen, JeckinS, and Thomas, ow.. amman 36, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Andrews, Aberdare Mr and Miss M.r^g, do 37. Mrs Jones— Mr and MIBS Davies Mrs and Miss Powell, Llauwrtid 38, Capt J oneli- Mia's Cresswell, Birmingham Miss Hawkins Miss H J Allen Miss Brinton, WeBt Bromwich MiBs Holden, Oldbruy Mr, Mrs and Mi,.& Kracder, West Bromwich Miss Ealea. do Mrs, Miss and Master Upton, Birmingham Misses E i wards, do 39, Mrs Capt. EDOS- Mr and Mrs Morris. Rhayader Mr and Mrs Bror kinston, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Isaao, Lianwyddyn Miss Davies, do 40, M Ta Morgsn- Mr and Mrs Bidupth Miiis Williams, West Bromwich LITTLE DARKGATE STREET. 2, Mrs Arnold- Mrs and Miss Mehoney, Birmingham The Misses Evans, Newtown 4, Mrs Pbillips- Mr, Mrs and Miss Griffin Mra Howse and eon, Acocks Greea Hope and Anchor, Mioses Jenkins- J L Kdwaids, Tylors Town Messrs Lloyd, Treherbert J Jonathan, Ystumtuen 14, Mrs M Jones- Mrs Merryford, Birmingham Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs Elliø- ? Mr 8mith, Cardiif Mr Phillips, do Mr James, London Mrs Pierce, do Rev L Roderick Treherbert 23, John Morgan— Rev Mr Hughes and two little black boyst Congo Miss George, Llandyssul 25, Tottenham honre, Walter Evans- Mr and Mrs Edmonds. Birmingham Mts Edmonds, senr., do Master Edwarti Ball, do Master Earnest Smith, do Crynfryn house, Mrs Richarcs- Mr, Mrs and Miss Brooks, Birmingham Cocoa houf^e, Mrs Evans— Mr, Mrs and Miss Felton, London Mrs Davies, Talgarreg 29, Burleigh House, Mrs Finch- Dr and Mrs Clarke, Buenos Ayres, South America Mr and Mrs Warhurst, Fairfield M J Kenworthy, Cheater L Smith Birkenhead Misses Pearson, Cradley, Brierly hill Mr and Mrs Fairwe ither, Birmingham Mrs Davies and family, Merioneth GEORGE STREET. 2 Newry House, Mrs D. Lloyd- .Mr and Mrs Astbury, Newcastle, do. Miss P^ysifik, Birmingham Mr Lloyd, Newtown Mr Thomas, Kent Mr Lloyd, London Mr Cutts, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Richardson, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Davies, Oswestry Mr Richarda, do 7, Mrs Cunningha in- Mr and Mrs Twigg and family, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Backet, Whittington Mrs Evans, do 8, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss Warrington, Smethwicfc, Mr and Mrs Cumberliage, Bersnum, Mr and Mrs Seavson A 1 9, Mrs Cocks- Mr and Mrs Turner, Harborne 1 11, Mr McKay v < V"" Mr, Mrs and Miss Clarke, Birpaingham ^Messrs Jones, Crump and ^at^sl WplverhamptoA 13- Mr and Mrs Sanders, Stafford Mr and Mrs Thomas and family. Shrewsbury 15, Mrs Metcalfe-, Mr J F Young, Bromsgjrove ¡. Mr Young Swansea" Mra and MJSS Newton, Oldham lane The Misses Eti-des, do Mrs and Miss Ward, Handsworth t ALFRED PLACE. Dorset House, Miss Griffiths- Miss Thpmas, Llandyssul The Misses and Messrs Joues, do A 7, Mrs E Ilis- Mrs Price, Aberedw Mrs and Miss Jones, Danycoed, do Mrs Jo 'Iler,. do Mrs and Miss Powell, Radnorshire CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 4, Cocoa House, Mrs Davies- E Rowlands. Brecon Mr James Edwards, do T J Smith, Maiiy John Hughes, Tonypandy B C Davies, Brecon Miss M A Rowland, do John Monterburn, Bradford Mrs Foster, do Mrs Galli, do Mr and Miss Jones, Carno Miss Humphreys and Mr Jones, do Mr'Wilson, Aberhonddu Messrs Roberts and Thomas 8 — Mrs Rosa Davies, Maesycrugiau Misses S Jacob, The Lawns 9, Mrs Jones- Mrs and Miss Stringer, Coventry Mr Edwards, London 11, Mrs Jones— Rev. A. C. Pearce, Macclesfield 13, Mrs Rees- Mr John Propser, Rhead Mr and Miss Jones, Ystrad, Rhondda 16, Mrs Watkins- Mrs and Miss Hamer, Newtown Mrs and the Misses Thomas, Builth 29, Mr J Jenkins- Miss Cox and family, Birmingham Liverpool house, Mrs E Lewis- Mrs Jones and baby Mrs James, Ponterwyd < Miss Williams, London Mr Evans, Llangurig 31, Mrs Edwards— I L Lery and G Pace, London Mr Lloyd, do Mrs Edwards, Abergavency