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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. 3, Mrg Lloyd- Mr J Howson and family Mrs B cese Rev Dr aud Mrs Cooper and family, St. Peter-. Vicarage, Kirkdale, Southport Mrs Mor"all, do M as Maugilowny, do Mr Alderuian i iid Mrs Masters, Evesham. Rook HOQBC, Mrs Lloyd- Rev Mr Achmson and family Mrs Terry and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Blunt 5, Osbornu House. Mrs James- Mis. Wason, Clevedou Miss Smith, do Mr, Mrs and Master Hnmphreys, Llacfair Mrs J d Humphreys, do 6, Mra Watkins- Mrs Bro" u aDd maid, Welshpool Mrs, Misses and Mr Lom ix, Breintoa Vioaragw, Hertford Mr A C Crosl^y, London Mr and Mrs T. Griffith, Mias Maude Griffith, MML MISS Mabrl Sainier Didsbury 7, Miss A. Jones- Mr and Mrs Beginbottom, Asbton-on-Lyne Misses May, Bed and Master Hf-ginbottom, do Mrs and Misses Pldtt, Spark Hill, Birmingham Mr Hnd Mrs Dale and tauiiiy, Manchester Mr Touchstone, do Mr and Mrs Latnb rt, Timperly, Cheshire Mrs and Master Morgan, Newtown Mr and Mrs Francis, do Rev and Mrs Rowlands, Vicarage, Llanddewi Bnâ, Master Rowlands, do 8, Mrs Dtvies- Mrs Taylor. Loudon Capt G. E. Money's children The Mioses Schofleld, Grantham The Misses Muir, London Master Lionel, bnd Master Harold Sells, Guildfoxd The Ltikises Taylor Mr E S Taj lor Miss Walsh Mr and Mrs W Jones and family, Welshpool Mr and Mrs Pilgrim, Leicester Mrs S C Pd.,rim, Burbage, Leicestershire 9,- Mr and Mrs Spear, family and maid, London.- Mra Barker and family, Stroke-on-Trent Misses Adkins and maid, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Conroy and family, Liverpool 10, Mrs E. Jones— Mr and Mrs Oakley and family, Shrewsburyl Mr and Mrs Batsoa and family, Handsworiih Mr and Mrs Thackeray and family Mrs Beddoe, Haudsworth Mr and Mrs Walker and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Vangban, Lincoln Mr Vaughan 11,— Mr and Mrs Morgan Griffiths, family and servants* Lime Grove, near Carmarthen Mr, Mrs and Misses Lloyd, Kidderminster Mr and Mrs Dunlop Geinmill and family, Canada Mr and Mrs Baker and family, Stroke-on-Trent Misses (3) and Master Morgan, London Mrd and Misses Lemmon, Clifton 12 Miss Vaughan Rees— Mrs G Collins, Moseley, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Masou, do Mrs and Miss Evans, Newport, Mon Mias Lewie, do 13, Mrs Clayton- Mrs and Miss Webb, Ross. Mr H Bryan, do Mr, Mra and Miss Gibson, Birmingham » Missees Andrews and Fann 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, WotTerhampton Mrs Eglington and family, do 16, Miss Hughes- Misses Clotterbuck, Richmdnsworth, Herts Mr and Mrs Holyoake and family, Leicester Mr aDd Mrs Skerthouse, Aunscroft Miss Spnrgin, Tottenham Miss Pitcher, Bury St Edmonds 17, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs MacLarran, family and srrvantflfe AldArley Edge 18, Miss Owon- Mr and Mrs Ramsdale, Longton Mr and Mrs Elijah Pryce, Mont Mrs and Misses (4) Shrop, Stockport Mrs and Misses Lewis, Llandovery 19, Mr Powell- Mr and Mrs Sydney Crawshay, family and maid Putney 20,— Madame Solon and family, Stroke-on-Trent 24. Mrs Kenrick- Mrs and Master Leonard Wadlow, Shropshire Miss Chambury and the Misses Edwards, Bath Mr and Mrs Vavasor and family, Blithe Bridge Miss Smith, Draycott Manor Mrs and Miss Lewis Miss Johns, Carmarthen BE LE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Mr and Mrs Snow Mr Hallett; Mrs Jefferies; Miss Mai I ins; Miss Osmond; Mrs Vernon; MT and Mrs Perrat; Mr Bennet, London; Mr Long, do; Mr Heather. Liverpool; Mrs and Miss Elk- ington Mr Radcliff Mr and Mrs MaHins; Mr Smith, Birmingham; Mr Verry, do; Mr and Mr8 Leigh, Manchester; Mr Arthur Jones; Litchfield; Mr Baker; Sandwick; Mr Brown, Aston Mr Hinchley, Burton; Mr ChefEnus Mr Bosco; )[1: and Mrs Parsons, London Mr and Mrs Thomas^ do; Mr and Mrs Birch Mr and Mrs Lilley, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Davies, Sussex; Mr Miller, Sutton Mr and Mrs Peacock; Mr Myer; Mr Roper; Mr Ainsworth, London; Mr Webster; Mr Hyde, Bristol; Mr Edwards; Mr Bateman Mr and Miss Stephenson, Staffordshire; Mr, MrS. and Master Newman, Manchester Mr, Mrs, and Master Newman, Manchester Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Preen (4), Kidderminster; Mr and MrEi Swinely, Rugby; Rev Cave; Mr Morgan Mr and Mrs Ross, Leicester; Mr Sill; Mr and 1IIUS Robinson; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Spunce; Mr Phillip, Bristol; Mrs and Misses Tyrel Mr Healey f ME aud Mrs Leigh; Mr and Mrs Jeffray, London; Miss Osbourne; Miss Jeffray; Mrs Vernon, nurSO and child; Mr and Mrs Russell and 3 children; Daniel Owen and son, Cowbridge; Rev and mrg Newrant; Mrs and Miss Jones; Mr and Mrs Now, rant; Mrs and Miss Jones; Mr and Mrs Block, Birmingham; Mr and Mrs Simpson, Asto)*y an* and Mrs Sherrard, Bristol; Mr and Miss Parry, Liverpool 26, Waterloo house, Miss A E Morris- Mr and Mrs Higginbottom, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Miss Lowe, Oxford Mrs Grey, Leamington Mrs Hardcastle, 'Shifnal Mr and Mrs Davies, Cardiff Miss Holmes, Huddersfield Miss Hebb, North Wingfield Mr and Mrs Sadgrove Mr A J Newtown Mr W Mabe, Tenby Miss Tutt, Clifton 28, Miss Hughes- Mrs Goode Miss Russel, Shrewsbury Mrs, the Misses and Master IT McKibbin, Liver- pool 29, John Evans- Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mr and Mrs Large Mrs and Miss Gibson, Brecon Mrs Cavill, Bristol 30, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands- Dr and Mrs George Protheroe, family & nurses Mr and Mrs Rance Rev, Mrs and the Misses Lambert, Cambridgel Mrs Bigland and family The Misses Hallam Mr and Mrs Knight and family, Hereford 34, Mrs Roderick- Mr and Mrs Potter Capt and Miss Fountaine, Hereford Mr, Mrs, Miss and Mr Armstrong Mrs H Moltraw and sons, Worcestershire Miss Haynes, Worcestershire 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M, Nelson- Mr and Mrs Coxon Misses Blunt, Shrewsbury