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do; Mr and Mrs iSirch Mr and Mrs Lilley, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Davies, Sussex; Mr Miller, Sutton Mr and Mrs Peacock; Mr Myer; xr Roper Mr Ainsworth, London Mr Webster; ur Hyde, Bristol; Mr Edwards Mr Bateman air and Miss Stephensen, Staffordshire; Mr, Mrs and Master Newman, Manchester Mr, Mrs, and Master Newman, Manchester Mr, Mrs, and the Misses Preen (4), Kidderminster; Mr and Mrs Swinely, Rugby; Rev Cave; Mr morgan: Mr and Mrs Bess, Leicester; Mr Sill; Mr and Mrs Bobinson; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Spunce; Mr Phillip, Bristol; Mrs and Misses Tyrel Mr Healey 38, Miss ughes- Mrs Goode Miss Bnssel, Shrewsbury Mrs, the Misses aud Muster T McKibbin, Liver- pool 39, John Evans— Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, KenUworth Miss Hyslop, do Mr and Mra Large Mrs and Miss Gibson, Brecon Mrs Cavill, Bristol 30 Claramont Hones, Miss Rowlands— Dr and Mrs George Protheroe, family & nurses Mr and Mrs Bance Rev, Mrs and the Misses Lambert, Cambridgel Mrs Bigland and family The Misses Hallam Mr and Mrp Knight and family, Hereford 34, Mrs Rsdetick- Mr and Mrs Potter 35, Brynymor Honse, Mrs M. Nelson— Misses Blunt, Shrewsbury Dr R A, Mrs, Messrs and Miss Gaskel], and Miss Bees, H nyton, nr Liverpool Mr and Mrs Pooler, family and mids, Newport Miss Pooler, do 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards- Mr Mrs and Masters H B and G Chapman, Shropshire Mr and Mra Cole and family, Birmingham Mrs Nicholls, Newport Mr and Mrs Thos Lowe and family, Shropshire Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Birmingham æ. lire Biddolpb- Mrs Pickard and grandchildren, Moseley Miss Emily New, Evesham Mrs Walker and campany, Nottingham 39, Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Alleg and family, Bnrton-on-Trent Mrs and Miss Rowley, Manchester Xr and IMrs Meynell, family and maid, Wolver. hampton Miss Grierson, Kidderminster -40, Miss Nelson— Mr and Mrs R Hare, Shropshire Miss A Powell, Salop The Misses Whitfield, Market Drayton Miss K Whitfield, Salop Mrs and Miss Lisiter, London Mr and Mrs Gilbert. Sandbach Miss and Masters Steweni, do Master Grant Alsager Mr and Miss Hilton, Sale, Cheshire fil. MisseB Jones- Mr and Mrs G Bennett, York Miss Empson, do Miss Harrison, son and nurse, Staffordshire 42, Mrs Jones- Mr Richards and family, Cheltenham Mr Meredith and family, London Miss Meredith and Miss Alice Kedd Mr, Mrs and the Misses Williams, Manchester 43, Picton Honse, Miss Osraotherlay- Mrs Whitlaw and Mr and Mrs Ingpen, Kensington The Misses Williams, Handsworth Master Roland Willi ms, do Mrs Evans and family 41. Mies E. F Jones- Mr and Mrs Mullock and family, Newport Mrs Ihin, Llanidloes Mr R U. yd and family, Newtown Mrs Dnnwell, Thirsk Mrs Goldthorpe, Yorks 47, Chatham Honse, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Enenill, family and servants, Malvern Mr aud Mrs Peel, baby & servants, Rhiwcneuddyn Messrs Hyam, Birmingham 48, Mrs Burton- Mrs Righy Smith and Misses (2) Smith, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Felkin, Wolverhampton Mrs R W Felkin and child, Edinburgh Mr and Mrs Dawbury, family and maid, Cheltenham Ir. Mrs and the Misses Hopkins, Birmingham The Misses Smiths (5) e, Mra D Lewis— Mr and Mrs Grove,s family and maid, Fenton Mr and Mrs Potter and family. Birmingham Mr and Mrs Howlett and family Miss Powell, Hereford 51, Mrs Riahsxds- Mr and Mrs Penn and family, Croydon Mr and Mra Vaugban, baby and nurse, Builth Miss Laugharne, Rhayader Mr Layenby and party, Brecon SS, Miss James— Mrs Savory and family, Evesham Mr and Mrs Horace and family, Guildford 55>— Dr Evans, family and nurse, Sutton Coldfield Mrs Richardson, Derby Mrs and the Misses Barker, King s Heath 56— Mr and Mrs Hanson, Burton-on-trent Mrs Coates, Walsall 59. Mrs Edwards- I The Misses Macdonald, Bath Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury Mr Davies, Cwrtmawr lIfr, Mrs and Miss Thomson eo, Craiglais View, Mrs Williams- Mr and Mrs Young, Wakefield Mr and Mrs Noyes, Wolverhampton Miss Sharp, REading Master W. Tobias, Llanelly Mr and Mrs E W Shackell and family, Cardiff 81. Mrs Hogg- Sev A and Mrs Goore and family, Builth Vicarage Mr and Mrs Wills, Peckam Mrs Herbert, Hereford C2, Mrs D. Davies- Mr, Mrs and the Misses Coleman (3), London Mr, Mrs and the Misses Fardon, Leamington Mr and Mrs Dawkius and family, Warwick C3— Mr and Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Misses Hine, do M. York Honse,— Mrs Powell and children, Glasbury C5, Clifton Honse, Mrs Powell- Mr, Mrs and Misses Pearce, Newport Mr and Mrs Bragger, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Butcher and family, Glasbnry Bev Josiah and Mrs Tollady, Walsall Mr, Mrs and Miss Bunting, Oxford VICTORIA TERRACE. 3, OceanRiew House, Mrs Kensit- Rev A and Mra Evans and maid, Hereford Miss Bishop, Derbyshire Mr, Mrs and Miss Cooper, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Goodman, family and maid Manchester Yen Archdeacon and Mrs Maddison and maid, Richards Castle, Ludlow Snowdon House- Mr, Mrs and Master Marsden, Liverpool Be", Charles Jerdan, L.L.B, Mrs and Master David Jerdan, Greenock Mr R D, Mrs and Capt Pryce, Cyfronydd Ifcr, Mrs, Mr B and Miss A Harrington, Leamington Mrs Jemmens, and Mrs Nash, Malvern Mr and Mrs Urughart and sons, Bombay Mr and Mrs Grandy, Brecon Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Stafford 6, Trafalgar House, Mr R. Felix— Mr and Mrs Smith and child, Sheffield Misses R and M Turner, do Mr and Mrs Walters and family, Worcester Mr and Mrs Mathieson and family, London Mr and Mrs G M Waring, Tipton, Stafford Mr and Mrs John Bywater, do Mr and Mrs Vincent Hughes, do Misses N Bywater, D M Waring, and B Bywater, Tipton, Stafford 7, Brighton House, Miss "Lewis— Mrs Davies and the Misses Anthony, Cardiff Mrs, the Misses and Mr Clements, London Mr and Mrs Thompson and family, Liverpool Mrs Stern and family, Edgbaston Mr Bust and family, Bristol BRYNYMOR TERRACE. :Bay View Cottagc- Mrs and Misses Hopkins, Bath Mr Farmer 2, Glenlossie House, Mrs Hoskin— |Mr and Mrs Hugh Bevan, Tyrisha 3, Mrs Thackam— Mr and Mrs Kent, family and maid, Birmingham Miss Chambers, Smethwick Mr Mrs Miss and Masters Pritchett, Birmingham 4, Mrs Edwards— Mrs, Mr J, and the Misses Dalleny, Bridgnorth Mr Meredith, Dudley Mrs and Masters Keys and miid West Bromwioh 5, Mrs Ellis Air-and Mrs Kennie and family, Oldham Mrs Buttler, Adbaston Vicarage Miss Pinchines Mr Rowe, Liverpool JEnfield House, Mrs Meredith- Mr, Mrsland the Misses Williams, ECgbtutoa Mr Charles Skinner, Birmingham -Air J J Eldershaw, Harborne The> MiBses Wilsons, Chiswick ALBERT PLACE. 2, Dumbarton house, Mrs Humphreys— Mrs and Miss Mcliquham, Cheltenham Mrs Rowii) son, Birmingham Mrs and M'ss Disturual, Wednesbury Miss Nellie Grove, do Mr and Mrs Brown, London 4, Mrs Williams- Mrs Mills and family, Hanley Mr and Mis H oil >way, family and maid, Bristol QUEEN'S ROAD. 4, Mrs Rowe- Mrs S-xti'n and family Mi-s Nelson. Miiiche^ter Mis Williams, f;inr)y and maid, Lampeter Hilton house, Mrs James— Mr and Mra Miller and f >mily, Birmingham Mr and 1\11-" Loads aud family, Wigiuore Mr and Mr Wnitt!e. family and maid, Brecon 8, Beilan house, Miss Evans—■ Mr and Mrs Bridgett and family Miss Walker and Mr C Bridget,t Mrs, Mr Mrsllld Miss vVultera Crystal Palace, Mrs Pri(e- Mr Mnllins<>n. Lightchff* Mr and M's Mallinson, Breughton Mr Mallinson, Cruinpsa.lt Miss Og leu, da Miss H-iyes, Manchester Mr Jenkins, Llind le-.v Mr William 0 vens, Kilmananydd, Penybont Mr E M Hali, Liand mwy Mr T Lloyd. Newport Mr J 0 Mn riot, do 12, Tufnell house— W Bennett. Ha ley, Staff R Lawton, Longton 14, Glauayron house, Mrs Jiines— Mr & Mrs Thlriby and family, Leamington Misses Broad, Stourport 18, Mi-s Cl rk- Mr and Mrs Baker, maid and children Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Hinks, Birmingham Madoc hous- Rev and Mrs Arb;irq,nd PODS, Scotland Mr, Mrs, Mr, and the Misses Nancekiewill, New- port 22. Lurline Honse, Mrs Fear- Mr an-i Mrs Lloyd end t'imily, Lampeter M isses Jones, Lamp.-ter Mis* Htubes, Bivoon Miss Morguu, CLtrrn-,irbc-n Mr and Mrs Jcsaop at.d family, Cheltenham 23, Lansdowne House, Mrs Trenwith— Mr and Mrs Priest and family, Bristol Troedybryn honse, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs G R Bayley, Oswestry Misses Gioeme (2), Penton Hall, near Ludlow Miss Cirf wright, Oswestry Miss Kathleen Huxley, do Exeter House, Mrs Morcom Mr and Mra Ciutchloo Mrs Su.-v.'nson Oswestry Mr and Mrs Willi ims, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Warry, Newport Salop honse, Mrs Griffith- Mrs Smallwood and Misses (4) Smallwood, Moseley Mr, Mrs. Misses find Mast tr Wilkinson Shrewsbury Mr aJd M;" Fernniey and family, Leicester Hardwicke H nse. Mrs ICDe- Revs W Hill, J. Crombleholme, Messrs M A Sullivan, C Amenabar, C Borne, F Gransaull, J Pardo, G Pardo, R Mandiola, A DeBrixo, C Lyon, D Lyon. J Lyon, T Eastman, R Oyola, C Lima, St. Bedes College, Manchester PORTLAND STREET. 5, Mrs -keton- Mr, Mrs, Miss and E M Bateman Miss Greon, Stonrbridge Mr Evans, Shrewsbury 7, Glasfryn House, Mrs Capt Davics- Mr and Mrs Coulthard and family, Bnilth Wells Mr Daniels, do 8, Mrs Jones— J H Bradley and family, Birmingham 10, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Shacklock and family, Chester Miss Rowson, do Miss Carter and Miss Bioknell, Leimingtoi 13, Mra H ughes- Mrs and Miss Smith, Horncastle Mra Evans, do Mrs Hill, London 14. Mrs Morgans— Mr and Mrs Evans and family, Merthyr Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Llanidloes Mr and Mra Boardmau and family, Dresden 19, Ystwyth house, Miss Evans— Misses Evans (3) Stoke Newington, London M'ss Atkinson, Guildford, Surrey 21, Mrs Bateman- Rev B Hramham and family, Newport, Mon Mr & Mrs H R Barnett & family, Wolverhamton Misa Hill, Birmingham Uan Vannin, Miss Whittingt^n— Masters and Miss Busby, Sarrey Misses Pass, Coventry Mr and Mrs Szlumper and family, London Mr and Miss Claumants, Ludley Mr and Mrs J C Wells, Manchester Mr and Mrs G Y Murkland, do 25. Mrs Ra nkin- Mr and Mrs Lloyd and family, Birmingham Miss Powel!, do Mr and Mrs Hynes, do 27, Mrs Hughes- Messrs 8 and T Blakeley 28, Mrs Osborne- Mrs and Misses Tracy, Leamington Mrs and Master Clarke, Leicester II. Lirs and Masters Davis, Tenbnry Mademoiselle Hortense Gohory, do Miss Child, Hereford 31, Mrs Vigars- Mr and Mrs Field, Birmingham Mi6tses Ashby, do 32, Miss Isaac- Mrs and Master Hunt, Erdington Mrs and Miss Jenkins, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Wright, do Mr Daviee, do 33, Mrs Jones— Rev, Mrs and Miss Jones, Taffechan Rev and Mrs S Rowland Jones, and Mr D A Jones, Glyntaff Rectory 35 Mrs Lewis- The Hon Kathleen I S Somers Halesowen Lady Alice Winter, London Mra Hording (Chaperon), Halesowen The Hon Mrs Geary and daughter, Birmingham 36. Mr Lewis- Miss and Master Bywater, Pedwardine Mre and Miss Dyke, Bnckton Mrs and Miss Haiaer, Penybont 37, Mrs S Thomas— Mr and Mrs Jones, Aston, Birmingham Mrs Court, Birmingham • Miss Pompret, do Mr Harvey, London 38, Mrs James— Miss Cattell, Birmingham Miss Brown, do Mr and Mrs John Freeman and baby, Oldham Master and Miss Freeham. do 39, Thomas Hughes— Mr, Mrs and Master Jenkins, Cowbridge Mr and Mrs Crossley, Dnckinfield 41, Mrs Humphreys Mrs and Misses Lichfield, Birmingham Mr and Miss Evans, Liverpool 42, Mrs Morris- Mrs and Miss Swain, Newtown Mrs Luther and family, Shifnal Mr Platt, Wednesbury 43, Miss Evans- Miss Hinde, Wolverhampton Miss and F Perkins, do „ 44. Mrs Capt Jones— Mrs Baxendeil and family, Sonthport Mrs and Miss Lea, Runcorn; Rev J Jervis, do 45, Mrs Griffiths- Mrs and the Misses Robinson, Wakefield 46, Mrs E Williams— Misses I'ompson, Birmingham Mr and Miss Preston, Preston 48, Mrs Capt John Hughes- Dr, Mrs, Miss and Master Rains, Manchester Mrs Penny, Whalley Range, Manchester 49, Gwbert House, Mrs Williams- Mr, Mrs and Misses Slattor, Evesham Mrs Morris, Gloncester Mr and Mrs Clement, family and maid, Llanelly Mr and Mrs Slatter, Nottingham Mr Harry and Mr Arthur Hill, Edgbaston 50, Mrs Hil— Mrs and Misses King, Aston; Misa Boake, do Mr and Mrs Cawley, Oswestry NORTH PARADE. 4, Mrs Owen- Mra and Miss Deverall; Miss Gibson 19. The Misses Baker- Mr und Mrs Ogden, family and nurse, Manchester Mr and Mrs Birch, Stratford on Avon 23, Mrs Lumley— Mr and Mrs T G Northam and family, Clifton Mr and Mrs Wm Croft, Bradford, Yorkshire 27, Mrs W. Jones- Mr and Mrs Mason and family, Swansea Miss Ffitch, do 29, Mrs L Jones- Mrs and Miss Thomas Mr and Mrs Berj|.y and family, Clifton and London Mr G C and Mr F B Roberts, Whitchurch 30, Mrs CGle- Mrs J P Jones and family, Presteiga Mrs R Ro"-rrs, do Miss F A Wakelin, do 31, irs Davies- Miss Jones, London 34, Mrs W. T. Wiil.ains— Rev C Bntler, Gruat R-x Miss Whitfield, Hot.e Bn<?ot Rectory, Ludlow Misses Symons, Selper, Derbyshire 35 Mrs EJlis- Mr and M sst s Bramley, Knutsford, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Jones and baby; Mrs Thomas, Cardiff 39, Miss Kvy.na— 'nul Misses Lewis, London M'ss Hopkinson, Nottingham Masses Archer, do 11. Mrs iw,,n- Mr and Miss Deverell Miss Gibson 42, Mrs Atwood— Mr, Mrs, and the Misses (4) F Joseph, Derby Mrs Navli r and family, do Rev M Heather, do Mr and Mrs Foul^s, Kettering, Northamptonshire 43, Mil's Morgan- Mr A F Morgan, Manchester Miss Harrison, Leamington Miss Miggins, Northfleet, Kent Miss Snrman. Broekloy, Kent Miss Harrison, Marylebone Mr and Mrs Bonvies and family, Manchester Miss and Master Duggin, Penybont, Radnorshire 49, lrs Howlett- Miss S. Blakeway, Chaddesley, Worcestershire Mis A. Edith Blakeway, do Miss Lanra Blakeway, do Miss Williams and Miss Hamar, Hopton Castle Mr, Mrs and Master Leather, Stockport 55, Mrs Botwood- Mr and Mrs D J Evans and daughter 57. Mrs GNfithM- Mr ano Mrs Sally, Stockwell, London Mrs Davies, Dilaa, Radnorshire 65. Mrs Rowe- The Misses Wells, Ashbourne Mrs Yonng and family, Hereford 67. Mrs Edwards— Mrs and Miss Blower, Southport Mss Heath, Shrewsbury Mrs Heath, Woroester 71. Mrs EdwarQS- Mr Clement and family, London M:ss Jenkins, do 73, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs E A Birch, Longsight Mrs A Mabe and family, Wolverhampton Mrs and Miss Allchurch, Staffordshire NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. 3, Mrs Watkins— Mr and Mrs F C Claypole, Small Heath Mona House, Mrs Jones- Mr Charles Lerry, Oswestry Mrs H W Newton, Mr H W and Misses Newton (4), Stratford-upon-Haven Mr and Mrs V B Sp-ng, London Cadogan Honse, Mrs Humpbreya- Mr Pryce, Cardiff Misses Pryce. do Mrs and Master Bonsall, Bath Mr and Misses Mean, Caerphilly Mr Tnrner, Cardiff CORPORATION STREET. 6— Mr, Mrs and Miss Jones, Manchester 8, Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Barroughea. and family, Birkenhead Mr and Mrs He<»ling, Hanley Mrs Wardley, Whitchureh 10, Mrs Culliford- Mrs Purker & children, Miss Wearing,Birmingham Unicorn Inn, Mrs Phillips Mr Jones, Treharris; Mr L Jons, do LB WIS TRRACE. 3, Laurel Cottage, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Jones, family and nurse, Carmarthen Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Mather, Birmingham Misses Lea 4, Mrs Benbow— Mrs Davies, Miss Morris, Miss McKenzie, Miss Whitely, and Miss Edmunds, Newtown 5, Mrs Phillips- Misses Ward, Smethwick Mr, Mrs and Miss Birpatrick Railw _ly Inn, Mrs ranner- E M Thomas, Huutington, Herefordshire Mr Thomas, Aoerayron- Misses Lowe, Newtown « Longton House, John Jacobs- Mrs Goodman and baby, Coventry Misses and Mr Rainbow, do Commercial Hottl, Mrs Rees- Mrs Cunningham and family, London Mra Hunt and family, do Miss Ammond, Shrewsbury Mr James, London Terminus Hotel, Mrs Evans- Messrs W andT Francis, Carmarthen Mr aud Mrs Jones and child, Aberayron Mr Evans, London RAILWAY TERRACE. 5, Mrs Dodd- Misses (3) and Mr T Harrison, Small Heath, Birmingham 6, Mrs Thomas— Mr and Mrs T Jones, Treherbert Mr and Mrs E Jones, do 10, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Morris, Cwmammaa Miss Davies, Pencader Misses Morgans, Littleboro' Dewsbury house, Mrs Hopkins- Misses Bowen (2), near Shrewsbury Mr Metayer, London Misses Parry (3). Builth Mr Powell, Aberdare QUEEN STREET. 5, Mrs Lewis- Mr G A and Masters Foote, London Miss Jones. Liverpool Rev J and Master Smith, Manchester 7, MrR Benjamin- Mr Richards, Cynon 10 Miss Jenkins Rev T Morgan, Dowlais; Mr D Sweet, do Mr D Davies, Dowlais 14, Mfs owen- Mrs, Misses and Master Philiips, Trevecca Mr and Miss Allen, Talgarth Miss Willis, do Mr Williams, Wrexham 20, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Shnfflebotham, Handley 24, Mrs Hughes- Mr and Mrs Davies, Blaenavon 26, Mrs Jenkins- Mr and Mra Heathcock and baby. Stourbridge Mr and Mrs Smith and sons, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Bodman, Brecon 32, Mrs Rees- Miss Ada Kizbell; Mr A Alexander 37, Mr! Simons— Mr and Mrs Edwards. Merthyr; Miss Griffiths, do; Mrs Lpwis, do; Miss Jones, do; MiBseii Edwarde,do 38, Mrs Davies— Mrs Thomas and family, Pencader Mr James, Carmarthen UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Davies, Ebbw Vale Mr and Miss Williams, Dowlais Mrs Edwards, Butefort Mr Jones and Mr J. Morgan, Ebbw Vale Aston house, Mrs Evans- Mrs and Masters (3) Smith, Aston, Birmingham I Mr Davies, Llandovery 6, Mwi D Edwards— Mr"Lloyd, Treharris; Miss Hamer, Rbayadr Mr and Mrs Edwards and family, do MOOR STREET. Coachbnilders' Arms, Mrs Jones- Mr J G Hopkins, Treherbert 14, Mrs Morgan- Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Fuller and child, London Mrs J A Jones, Bailth; Miss Lanworne, do