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BAKER STREET. 3, Mrs Jones- Mr Mrs and Miss Llewellyn, Llysfaen, Cardiff Mrs and Miss Lewis, Caerphilly Mr Rowlands, Bedwas Fawr, do 4, Mrs T Humphreys— Mr and Misses Crabtree, Kidderminster Mr Warren, Stafford; Misses Miller, do Mr Stokes and Mr Hibkins, West Bromwioh Mr Woodward, do 5, Mrs Lloyd- Mr, Mrs& Miss Goodacre.family and maid Leicester Mr and Mrs Holmes and family, Didsbory Miss Stone, do I 7, Mrs D Lloyd- Rev Uocrgo K Smith, London Miss Kenway, Moseloy, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Charles Ray, Smethwick 10, Mrs Davies- Mrs Bowers, Wolverhampton Mr, Mrs and Miss Devonport, do Miss Thompson, do Dolegwyn house, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Deal and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Parkes, do Mr, Mis and Miss Bibb, Birmingham Miss Eccles, do Victoria Cottage, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs Brady, Higher Tranmere, Cheshire Mr and Mrs G Brady and family, do TERRACE ROAD. Bue Bell Hotel, Mr Davioit- Mr J H Davies, Liverpool Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Derry, Birmingham Mr and Mrs W H Wilson, Mirfield Mrs Rees- Mr and Mrs Field, Kidderjiinster Mis- Hotnor, London Mrs Msithews- C Cornisth and family, London Bine Bell, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs Sewel, Bridgenorth Mrs Crnmp, do Mrs and Miss Thomas, do Mr. Mrs, Miss and Master Derry, Birmingham Miss Evan*, Muirfield Master J H Davies, Liverpool 29, Lisburne house, F Bennillon- Mrs Young and family. Wolverhampton Mr and Miss Florell, Birmingham Mr Green, do Mr and Mrs Pilter, do Misses Dodsley, Bloxwich Miss Bloomer, Oradley The Misses and M-ister J Bloomer, Birmingham Mr and Mrs W W Williams, Caerphilly Miss E A Jones, do 33, Miss U Davies- Mr and Mrs Thomas, Malvern Mr Jones, Pontypridd Beach honse, Mis" Lloyd- Mr and Mrs J Morgan, Caerphilly Mr and Mrs J H Rees, Cardiff 34, Mrs ReejO- Mrs and Misses Southwall, Gloucester The Misses Shadgett, do Mi?s Richards, Ewenny Misses Phillips, Cardiff Miss Holmes, Tredfegar Mr and Mrs Edwards and baby, Walterstone GREAT DARKGATE STREET. New Inn, Mrs Morgan— Mr and Mrs Humphreys, Birmingham Messrs Willians, Carmartheushire LION ROYAL HOTRL, Mr John Roberts- Mr and Mrs Berresford Mr and Mrs Clover, Bir- mingham; Mr and Mrs De May, London; Mr, Mrs, and Master Edwin Lasgton rr, Mrs, and Master Barker, ditto Mrs and Misses Rueff, London Miss Aldrich, do; Mr Swiffen, Liverpool; Mr Overton, Oxford Mr Stickland, Carmarthen Mr Hervey, Bristol; Mr and Miss Henseman, Lon- don; Miss Pash, do; Mr Belkham and son, ditto; Mr Hutchins, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Sutton, London; Mr G. H. Garlick, Bnrslem; Mr J. Horace Talbot, Winchester; Mr and Mrs Vincent London; Mr G. H. Garlick, Burslem; Mr J. Horace Talbot, Winchester; Mr and Mrs Vincent Kirkpatrick, Miss Annie Kirkpatrick, Walsall; Mr and Miss Morris R. Jones, America; Mr D. W. Martin, Birmingham: Mr, Mrs and Master Gilbody, Swinton Miss A E and Master C Roth- well, Denton Mr and Mrs Weil, and Mr Percy Weil; Mr Ashman, Bristol; Mr Evan Roberts, Manchester; Mr and Mr Davies. Chester; Mr Procter, Birmingham; Mr Clarke, Oswestry; Mr Thomas, Carmarthen Mr Falkner, London Mr Godwin, Cheltenham; Mr Goddard and friend, do Mr Gosh Mr Ashley, Bristol Mr and Mrs Chap- man Mr Chatress Mr Lloyd Mr Brouchall; Mr and Mrs tfigston; Rev Corfield; Mr and Mrs Hughes; Mr and Mrs T. Hnghes; Mr Byford Mr Bargett; Mr Hugh Langway Mr Travers; Mr Tudor; Mr Clare Rev and Mr Thomas Mr D W Jones; Mr Alsopp; Messrs Larkin (3); Mr Kitner; Mr W Roberts Mr Matthews, Hereford; Mr Lucock, Birmingham; Mr Wilson Roberts; Mr and Mrs Harper and family, W alsall; Dr Smith Mr and Mrs Long Price and family, Llan- dilo; Mr Raphael; Mr Foster Ja-kson; Mr Lawrence, London Mr Collins Mr Edwards and nephew; Mr Davies, Swansea; MrTherera; Mr Glansfield Mr Barnett; Mr Crouch; Mr and Mrs Pickering Mr Shorter Mr Irving, London Mr Reed, Bristol; Mr Ensor, London Mr and MrB Carr, London; Mrs Bryrant, Lincoln; Mr and Mrs Cox Mr Perkins, London GRAY'S INN LANE. I, Mrs Jones— Mrs Rowp., Miss Bowen, Miss Thomas, Ferndale Mrs and Messrs Davies, Aberdve; Mrs Evans, do Mr Davies, Rhymney 3, Mrs Evans— Mr Thomas, Aberdare 4, Mrs Jones— Mr Leach, Newtown Miss Oliver, do Mr and Mrs Morgan, Seanten, America 5, Mrs Jenkins- Mr and Miss Jndah, Wolverhampton Mrs Cross and children, do Mrs and Miss Lamborn, do 6, Mrs Hamuapuds- Mr and Mra Jones, Carmarthen 10, Mrs Da,vies- Messrs Jones and Rees, Rhymney Mr Thomas Lewis, Ton, Tstrad Mr Jacob Richards, Dowlais 11, Mrs Roberts- Mr and Mrs Davies and baby, Carmarthen Misses Lewis (3), do 12, Mrs Edwards- Mr, Mrs and Miss Rees and baby, Carmarthen Miss Davies, do 14, Mrs Jones- Mrs George and daughter, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Thomas, do Mr Pees, Tredegar Three Horse Shoe, Mrs Hopkins— Mr Jones, Liangurig ALFRED PLACE. 3, Mrs Hunt— Mrs Hyde and Miss Nicholls, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Jeffries, Abergavenny Mr and Mrs Barker, Birmingham. Mr Murphy, Newcastle-under-Lyne Mr Hancock, Hanley 4, Mrs Roberts- Misses Jones and Pugh, Bishop's Castle Mr and Mrs Foster and family, Abergavenny Mr T S Foster, dp Mrs Smith, Woodstock Dorset House, Miss Griffitbs- Mr, Mrs and Masters Fletcher, Cheltenham Mr and Mra Rich and family, Brecon Miss Peirce, do NORTHGATE STREET. 5, Mrs Ellis- Misses Jones, Kington Mr and Mrs Smith, Birmingham 11, Mrs Hughes- Mrs Jones and Son, Llandyssul Mr and Mrs Smith, and Master Thornicroft, Bir- mingham 20, Mrs Jacob, Mrs Waller, Miss Pugh, Carmarthen 21, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Dixon, Birmingham 27. Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs Williams, Oswestry Mrs Bowen, Lea 29, Mr R Hibbs, Hanley, Staff.; MiBses Ridgway, do 32, Mrs Owen- Mr Pnillips, Newtown Mr Jones, do Messrs L JameA and D Jones, Ystrad Rhondda Mr R W Wjnne, Wavertree, Liverpool Lisburne Arms, T E Salmon— Messrs W Hopkins and R Perrot, Aberdare Mr W Perrot, Treharris 34, Northgate House, Mrs Thomas— Mr Thompson, Newcastle-undor-Lyne Mr Lowe Biddolph Mrs and Miss Vaughan, Hereford Miss Dainton, Gloucester Miss Pratt, Stroud Miss R Hathaway, Hereford Miss Parry, Essex GOGERDDAN COTTAGES. 4, Mr Lewis- Mr W H Thomas, Penarth, Cardiff; M E Lewis, do Mrs Jones- Mrs and Miss E R Taylor, Birmingham 12, Mr Jones— Mrs Widdle, Birmingham; Miss Smith, do PENGLAIS ROAD. Glyndwr Villa, Mrs Lewis- Ir, Mrs, and Master DeTonport, the Canes, Cannock MARY STREET. 24, Mrs Jones— Mr W H Wilson, Kingsfield, Coventry Mr, Mrs and Miss S A Jones, Bradford Mr W Jones, Oswestry Mr George Croucher, Caersws Mr T Wynn, Oswelltry Mr T Hebbiethwaite, Huddersfield Miss M Boothroyd, do RHEIDOL TERRACE. 20, Mrs Evans— Mr Thomas Davies, G T S C, and wife, Ebbwvale Messrs T and E Saysbury, Tafarnan Ba.ch Messrs T Thomas and W Benjamin, Rhymney Mr John Williams, Cwmgarw Mr William Williams, Treeastell PROSPECT STREET. 30, Mrs Jones- Mrs Hamer; Mrs Jones, Radnorshire MARKET STREET. White Hart, Mr Hughes— Mr and Mrs Thomas and family, Rajmney Mr Morgans and Mr Williams, Carmarthen Mr Fletcher; Mr R 0 Lowe, Llanidloes Mr Williams and Evans, Pontrhydybeddau CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 4, Cocoa House, Mrs Davies— D H Williams, Llanbrynmair T Evans, Cardiganshire in' J Williams, Carmarthen Thomas Jone?, Morriston Mr and Mrs Slvan, Birmingham Misses Roderick (3), Shrewsbury E Rowlands, Trevecca James Edwards, Breconshire Mr Clayton, London Mr Wilson, Newtown T Jones, Rhondda 9, Mrs Jones- Mrs and Miis Hartdale, West Bromwich Mrs and Miss Stringer, Warwickshire 11, Mrs Jones- Rev. A. C. Pearce, Macclesfield 16, Mrs WatkiD"- Mrs Samuel, Miss f- arris, Mrs and Miss Williams, Miss Pryse, Erwood Mrs and Miss Gwynn 17,— Miss Evans, Pontrhydfendigaid Miss Evans, Llanon 23. Mr Griffiths- Mrs and the Misses Horsley. Handsworth Mrs Harries, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Downs and family, Newport Mrs Darlington, Shropshire Miss Smith ana niece, Berriew Miss Lane, do 29, Mr J Jenkii,s- Mist; Silk and Miss Tilsley, Newtown Mrs and Miss Morgan, Tregaron Liverpool house, Mrs E Lewis- Mr and Mrs Davies, Radnorshire Mr and Mrs Williams, Breconshire Mrs Davies, London Master J Jones, Pontrhydfendigaid -MILL STREET. 15, Mra Richards— Mr, Mrs and Miss Davies, Merthyr Plough Inn. Mr BIQck- Mr and Mrs Revan and family, Shropshire Mr Roberts, Huddersfield 24. Mrs Thomas—■ Mr, Mi 8 and Miss Smith, Fenton Mr and Mrs Cooe Mr and Mrs Evans, Tregaron! 26. Mrs Haghes- Misses Imms, Birmingham Misses Kerr, do Mrs, Miss ani Mr Bishop, West Bromwich Cross Foxes- W. Williams and J Davies GRORGE s RREET. 2 Newry Honse, Mrs D. Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Astbury, Newcastle, do. Miss Physiek, Birmingham Mr Lloyd, Newtown Mr Thomas, Kent Mr Lloyd, London Mr Cutts, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Richardson, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Davies, Oswestry Mr Richards, do 7, Mrs Cnnningham-r Mr and Mrs Twigg and family, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Bjcket, Nfhittington Mrs Evans, do 8, Mrs Jones— Mrs and Miss Warrington, Smethwick Mr and Mrs Cnmberlidge, Bersnum Mr and Mrs Seavson 9, Mrs Cocks- Mr and Mrs Turner, Harborne 11, Mr McKay Mr, Mrs and Miss Clarke, Birmingham Messrs Jones, Crump and Yates, Wolverhampton 13- Mr and Mrs Sanders, Stafford Mr and Mrs Thomas and family. Shrewsbury 15, Mrs )Ietealfe- Mr J F Young, Bromsgrove Mr Young, Swansea Mrs and Miss Newton, Oldham lane The Misses Rhodes, do Mrs and Miss Ward, Handsworth WILLIAM STREET. 4, Mrs Jones— Mrs Chivers and family, AbergaTenny Miss King, Birmingham 5 Mrs Jones Mr ana Mrs Harris and maid, Cwmyard Rev Clements, Hndley-on-Thames' 8, Mrs Owen— Mrs Baker. Birmingham Miss Murray, Aston Miss HoldeD, Birmingham Miss Beard, do FRIDGE STREET. 14. Mrs W P Williams— Mr and Mrs Knot and family, Bishop's Castle Miss Gotobed, do Mr and Mrs Finchett, family and nurse, Oswestry Miss Gough, do 15, Mrs Samuel— Mr and Mrs Merrick, Hereford Mr and Mrs Dyer, Ttimworth Mrs and Miss Bramwell, Burton.on. Trent 17, Mrs Jones— Mr, Mrs. Miss and Master Harper, Walsall 18, Mrs Davies— Mr, Mrs, Messrs and Misses Humphreys, Llanabies 19, Mrs Jones- Mrs and the Misses Ladkin, Rugby The Misses Edmunds, East Dulwich Mrs and Miss Davies, Dowlais Mr, Mrs and Master Davies, Porth Mr and Mrs Porter, Cardiff Mrs Julian, London Mr Phillips Crosswood House, Mrs Clayton- Mr and Mrs Robinson & family, Wolverhampton Mr Evans, Ferndale Mr and Mrs Richards, do Mr and Miss liiley, Staffordshire 25 Miss M. J. Pttes- Mr and Mrs Thomas, London Miss Thomas, do Mrs and Master Jones, do Mr and Mrs Williams, Treorkey Mr and Mrs Davies, Tonpandy Mr S Rees, do Messrs W aud E F Kinch, Abergavenny Old Black Lion, Mrs Davies— Mr Richardson, Llanilar Mr Jones, London Messrs. Jones, Penrhiwceibsr Mr Owen, do Mrs Horth, Oswestry Miss Roberts, do Miss Richards, do .Miss Owen, do Mr Jenkins, Cwmamman Messrs Morgans and Jenkins, do Mr Rees, Tregaron Misses Hughes, do Mr Jones, do Mr Jones. Liangurig Mr and Miss Evans, do Mr Petinie and two friends, Worcester Mr, Mrs and Master Rees, Aberdare Mr Jones, Llanbrynmair Messrs Pnillips, Rees and Thomas, Cwmamman Nags Head Inn, Mr Evans- Mr Jones, Cardiff Mr Stephens, Llandrindod Miss Pryse, do Mrs Jones, do Mr Davies, do Mr Williams, Mardy Messrs Davies, Edwards, Evans, do Mr Quick, Tredegar Mr Jenkins, Greyhuund hotel Mr Davies Mr Allau^on, Durham 29, Mrs Morton- Mr and Mrs Aston and family, Oswestry 30, Miss Jones- Miss Webster, West Bromwich Misses Webster, KJogbaston Misses Vanghan (4), Perry Barr 39, Mrs Owen— Mrs Thompson, Mrs Sheath, end LMrs Joberns, Birmingham 41.- Mrs Marsden and children, Manchester 42, Mrs Gobert— Mr and Mrs 0 Bill and baby, Birmingham Mr Williams, Brynmawr Mr Holland, Chester Mr Davies, Wrexham 48— Mrs and Miss Riley, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Griffiths, family and nurse, Ferndale Miss Edwards, do Messrs Pryce, Williams and Davies, Llangamarch 49, Mrs Williams- Master Maine, Manchester 50, Mrs Cashmore— Mrs and Misses Walker, Sparkbrooir, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Halward, Moseley, do Mrs Frank Halward, Sparkhill, do Mr and Mrs Astan, Winson Green, do Mrs, Misses and Masters Marston, West Bromwich Miss Raybould, do Miss Parker, do 52- Miss Lavender, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Novill, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Morris, do 53, Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Whitfield and family, Bnrslem Messrs Boadman and Price, jdo Mrs Downs and family, Birmingham Mr Rogers, Knighton 0 SHIPBUILDERS ROW. 1, Mra A Evans- Messrs iees and Thomas, Ystrad 17- Mrs Griffiths, Rhayader Mrs Jones, do 23 Mrs B.itilord— Messrs G aud B H Phillips, Caersews Mr and Mrs Kenuedy ani son, Uhayader 29, Mrs Morgan— Rev W L Rees, Tylers town Miss do Mr and Mrs Morgans, do Mr James, Rhymney Miss Johus, Newport Mr Williams, Tylers town 31. Mrs Hopkins- Mrs Harrison and family Miss Coroett The Misses Howarth, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Master Berestord, Wolverhampton 33. Mrs les- Mr, Mrs and the Misses Mason, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Bootb, Colne 35, Mrs Jon ps— Miss Pennington, Liverpool Misses Mason, Woiverhampton PENMAESGLiS ROAD. 6, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Ray, Newport 8, Mrs Cant Joies- Mr, Miss and Miss Thomas, Derry Mr and Mrs Mmsel, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Miss L and Master Bertie Couzens, BSp< mingham 10, Mrs E Williams— Mrs and Miss Harper, Birmingham Mrs Sumner, do 16. Mrs Huwvhreys- Mrs Jones and son, Wolverhampton Mrs Wire and son, do 22, Mrs GrifiU,3 Misses Saville, Tackwell and Wentworth, London 26,— Mr and Mrs J. A. Annan, family and nurse. finalta bury, Wolverhamptou Mrs Ancoeks, Birmingham Mr Evans aud Miss Davies, Newtown SEA VIEW PLACE. 3, Miss Keeling- Mrs Sellmian Mrs and Miss Maude Wilson, WolTerhampton Miss Evuns, Bridgenorth 4, Castle Cottage, Mrs Doughton- Mr und Mrs Millns' London The Misses Malkin, Staffordshire 5, Miss Uaniel- Mr, Mrs and Misses Muriel Sheldon, WolTertoa 6- Mrs Dewsbury and family, Walsall 7, Mrs VallhaD- Mr aud Mrs Winn, Birmingham Mrs Stee ey, bauy and nurse, Moseley 9, Mra Tbomas- Mr and Mrs Seams, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Callwick and family, WolverhamptOH 13, Mrs UWiUS- Mr, Mrs and Miss Matheson, Birmingham 15, Ariel Cottage, Mrs Davies- Mr, Mrs and Miss gedm,n, WolYerhamp+ou Mr and Mrs Stokes and laby, do Miss Davies, Kensington tiT. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 2, Miss Owen— Mr and Mrs AndrewF, Manchester Mrs Warren, do Mrs Lee, Hucdtrsfield Mr, Mrs end the Masters Ingham, Leintwardioe Mr T Howell, Sheffield 4, Mrs Lioyd- Mrs Parkes, Birmingham Mr aud Mrs Biddle, family and nurae. Handcworth 5, Mrs E Williams— Miss Rowlands, Shrewsbury Misses M and A Randies, do Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Biddle, family and nurse, Birminghua Mrs Parkes, do PRINCESS STREET. 10, Mrs Brett- Mrs and Miss Barlow, Rugby Misses Richards, Dowlais Mies Rosewarne, do Mrs Howell, do Miss Davies, LondoR 12, Mrs Samuel- Mr Dnnford, Oxford Miss Jenkins, New Quay Mr Powell, Oswestry Randal Barlow, ÓO Mr Evans, Treorkey 14. Mrs J E Jones— Mr Morgan, Newtown Mr Davies, Porth 16, Mr8 Owens- Mr and Mrs Steel, Stafford Mr and Mrs Mummery and baby, do Misses Worthy, Manchester Misses Pryce, Church Stretton Messis Thomas and Morris, Pwllheli Royal Oak Inn, Mrs Morgan— Mr Jones. Talwain, Moa Mr Thomta and son. Ab,-roychaa Mr John Davies, Ebbw Vale Mr Thomas and son, Blainwain Mr John Morgan, Kent Mr Hugh Morgan, Corris Mr James, Ponterwyd Mr David Jones, Ystrad NEW STREET. 7, Mrs Jones- Mrs Candall.and Miss Jew, London Mr, Mrs and Messrs Hibbert, Shrewsbury 8, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Poxson, Manchester 9, Mrs Capt J ones- Mr and Mrs Buckley and two children, Rnncorn 10, Mrs Price- Mrs Morson and family, Cowbridge Mrs Hibba, London 11, Mrs Rowlands- Mrs Evans and family, Hereford Miss Roberts, do Miss Evans, Leominster Mr and Mrs Plevy, Birmingham 14, Mrs Samuel— Misses Lloyd, Llanfyllin Miss Reeve, Norwich Miss Tattersall, Bradford Miss Livermore, London Miss Llewellin, Haverfordwest Miss Katie Jones, London 16, Mrs DAvies- Mr and Mrs Edbrook, Bristol Mru Marriot, London 18, Mrf, Evans- Mrs Mousley, Tamworth Miss E Stratton, do Miss Stratton, Reading Miss Ciara Stratton 20, Miss James— Mr Chaderton, Cambridge Miss Arber, London Mr and Mrs Sampson, Miss Dove, Miss Reming- ton, Northampton Miss Rimington, Bedford <? Rev Charles Mansel, Northampton PIER STREET. 8, Gwalia Hotel, Mrs Owen— Mr Pownal, Manchester Rev S Jones and :riends, Abergavenny Misa Foster, London Mips Oldman, Rugby Mr Jenkins and sons, Liverpool Mr Jones, Glamorgan Dr Riohares, Wrexham 18, Mrs Ellis- The Misses Morgan. Brecon The Misses Porter, the Misses May, Miss Scotland, Richmond 27. 1111-8 J A Jawes- Mr and Mrs Owen an i family (3). Garthmel Mr Mark Hulme, Levenshulme, Manchester 38, Mrs James- Mr and Mrs S. W. Bickley, Southsea Mr and Mrs Eaunest Heins and family, Hereford Mrs Edwards and baby, ro Mr, Mrs and the Misses Perrin Mrs Gardner Pier Hotel, Hy Owen- Mr and Mrs Jeavons and family, Birmingham Mr A G Jeavons, Birmingham Miss Latta, do Mr and Mrs Garland, Warrington Mr, Mrs and Miss Legge, do Mrs J Morris, St Michael Mr and Mrs Guibal Miss Marie Greville Mr A Jeavons, London Mr and Mrs Griffiths and family, London Mrs Evans and family, Pengraig Mrs Edwards, Ystrad HIGH STREET. 1, Margaret Edwards- Elizabeth Edwards 3, Mrs Thomas- Mrs and Miss Thomas, Bwlch 4, M:s Williamt- Mr and Mrs Fallylove, Tonypandy Miss Evans, do Mr D J Griffiths, do 8, Mrs Jones— Miss M Edwards, Mardy Miss H C Hughes, Cefn Mr and Mrs Williams, Ferndale [Continued on page 4.]