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r Lodging-house Keepers are particlllarly inviteobe. assist in securing a correct List by facilitating ■jL filling in of the forms. This can best be don« providing a Visitors'Book, from which the can be copied. Visitors may enter their Barnes the Visitors' Book at the OBSERVER OFFICE) North Parade. ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. 3, Mrs Lloyd- Mr J Howson and family Mrs Breese "i Rev Dr and Mrs Cooper and family, St. Peter Vicarage, Kirkdale, Soutbport Mrs Morgan, do M'ss Maugilowny, do Mr Aldoruian and Mrs Masters, Evesham Rock House, Mrs LJoyd- Miss Hodkiuson and companion MIIIH J*-tiny Jones Mr J Howe and family 5, Osborne lIousA. Mrs James— Miss Wason, ClevedoH Miss Smith, do Mr, Mrs and Master Humphreys, Llanfair Mril J d Hntnrhreys, do 6, Mra Watkins- Mrs Brown and maid, Welshpool Mrs, Misses and Mr Lomax, Breinton Vi Hereford Mr A C Crosley, London Mr and Mrs T. Griffith, Miss Maude Griffitb, aØ Miss Mabel Sainter Didsbury 7, Miss A. Jones— Mr and Mrs Heginbottom, Ashton-on-Lyne Misses May, Bee aud Master Heginbottom, do Mrs and Misses Piatt, Spark Hill, Birminghatn, Mr and Mrs Dale and family, Manchester Mr Touchstone, do Mr and Mrs Lamb rt. Timperly, Cheshire Mrs and Master Morgan, .Newtown Mr and Mrs Francis, do Rev and Mrs Rowlands, Vicarage, Llanddewi Master Rowlands, do 8, Mrs Davies- Mrs Taylor, London Capt G. E. Mouey's children The Misses Schofield, Grantham The Misses Muir, London Master Lionel, and Master Harold Sells, GuildfoA. The Misses Taylor Mr E S Taylor Miss Walsh Mr and Mrs W Jones and family, Welshpool Mr and Mrs Pilgrim, Leicester Mra S C Pilgrim, Burbage, Leicestershire t,- Mr and Mrs Spear, family and maidt London. Mrs Barker and family, Stroke-on-Trent Misses Adkina and maid, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Couroy and family, Liverpool 10, Mrs E. Jones- Mr and Mrs Oakley and family, Shrewsbury! Mr and Mrs Batson and family, Handsworth Mr and Mrs Thackeray and family Mrs Beddoe, Handsworth Mr and Mrs Walker and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Vaughan, Lincoln Mr Vaughan lis- M Mr and Mrs Morgan Gr:ffiths, family and serYa.11 Lime Grove near Carmarthen Mr, Mrs and Misses Lloyd, Kidderminster _1 Mr and Mrs Dunlop-Gemmill and family, Can Mr and Mrs Baker and family, Stroke-on-Trenfc Misses (3) and Master Morgan, London Mrs and Misses Lemmon, Clifton 12, Miss Vaughan Rees- Mrs G Collins, Moseley, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Mason, do Mrs and Miss Evans, Newport, Mon Miss Lewis, do 13, Mrs Clayton- Mrs and Miss Webb, Rosa Mr H Bryan, do Mr, Mrs and Miss Gibson, Birmingham 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Mrs Eglington and family, do 16, Miss Haghes- Misses Clutterbuck, Richmonsworth, Herts Mr and Mrs Holyoake and family, Leicester Mr and Mrs Skerthouse, Annscroft Miss Spurgin, Tottenham Miss Pitcher, Bury St Edmonda 17, Mrs JOBes- ØY Mr and Mrs MacLarran, family and srrva»t0r AldArley Edge 18, Miss Owen— Mr and Mrs Ramsdale, Longton Mr and Mrs Elijah Pryee, Mont Mrs and Misses (4) Shrop, Stockport Mrs and Misses Lewis, Llandovery 19, Mr Powell- Mr and Mrs Sydney Crawshay, family and Putney 20,- Madame Solon and family, Stroke-on-Trent 24, Mrs Kenrick— Mrs and Master Leonard Wadlow, Shropshire Miss Chambnry and the Misses Edwards, Bath Mr and Mrs Vavasor and family, Blithe Bridge Miss Smith, Draycott Manor Mrs and Miss Lewis Miss Johns, Carmarthen BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- a. Mr and Mrs Snow; Mr Hallett; Miss Mallins; Miss Osmond; Mrs Vernon; and Mrs Perrat Mr Bennet, London Mr Lo1}?' do Mr Heather, Liverpool; Mrs and Miss ington Mr Radcliff; Mr and Mrs Mallins; Smith, Birmingham ft Mr Verry, do Mr and Leigh, Manchester; Mr Arthur Jones; Litchfie Mr Baker; Sandwick Mr Brown, Aston f Hinchley, Burton Mr Cheffnus Mr Bosco and Mrs Parsons, London; Mr and Mrs Thoff«