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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. 3, Mra Lloyd- Mr J Howaon and family Mrs Breese Rev Dr and Mrs Cooper and family, St. Peter B- Vi aiage, Kirkdale Mrs Morgan, do Miss Macgilolowry, do Ma Alderman and Mrs Marters, Evesham Rock House, Mrs Lloyd- Miss Hodkinson and companion Miss Jenny Jones Mr J Howe and family 5, Osborne House, Mrs James- Mra nnd Mr Hunt Mr; Mrs, Masters and Miss Hant and maid' 6, Mrs Wittking- Mrs Brown and maid, Welshpool Mrs, Misses and Mr Lonux, Breinton Vicarage. Hereford Mr A C Crowley, London Mr and Mrs T. Griffith, Miss Maude Griffith, anct M ss Mab jl Siinter Didsbury 7, Miss A. Jot,.es- Mr and Mrs Heginbottom, Ashton-on-Lyne Misses May, Bee and Master Heginbottom, do Mrs and Misses Plutt, Spark Hill, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Dale and family, Manchester Mr and Mrs Lun b rt, Limperly, Cheshire Mra and Master Morgan, Newtown Mr and Mrs Francis, do Rev and Mrs Rowlands, Vicarage, Llanddewi Brefi- ¡ Master Rowlands, do 8, Mrs Davies- Mrs Taylor. Loudon Capt G. E. Money's children Miss Starling, Norwich 'r Mre and Masters iiinifcb, S- .1. .<Ii The Misses Sohofield, Grantham The Misses Muir, London Master Lionel, and Master Harold Sells, Guildford^' Mr and Mra W Jones and family, Welshpool Mr and Mrs Spear, family and maid, London. Mrs Barker and family, Stroke-on-Trent Misses Adkins and maid, Birmingham Mr and Mra Conroy and family, Liverpool 10, Mrs E. Jones- Mr, Mra and Misses Vaughan, Mamohester-, Mr a, d Miss Rogers, Abermenrig Miss Lewie, do Mr, Mrs and Master Lewis, Carmarthen: Mr Oakley and family, Shrewsbury Mr Batsoa, Handsworth 11,- Mr and Mrs Morgan Gr ffiths, family and servants, Lime Grove, near Carmarthen Mr, Mrs and Misses Lloyd, Kidderminster Mr and Mrs Dunlop Gemmill and family, Canada Mr and Mrs Baker and family, Stroke-on-Trent Misses (3) and Master Morgan, London Mrs and Misses Lemmon, Clifton 12, Miss Vaughan Rees- Mrs G Collins, Moseley, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Miss Mason, do Mrs and Miss Evans, Newport, Mon Miss Lewis, do Miss Evar8, do 13. Mrs Clayton- Mrs and W Phillipson, Birmingham Mrs and M as Webb, Ross Mr H Brain, do 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Mrs Eglington and family, do 16, Miss Hughes- Misses Clutterbuck, Richmonsworth, Herts, Mr Lewis and family Mrs Coles and Miss Lewis, Newport Salop 17, Mrs JOAeS- Mr and Mrs Large, Brecon Mrs and Miss Gibson, do Mrs Cavill, do Mr G T Newbnry and Mrs Newbury, Smethwick Mr and Mrs B G Walker, do 18, Miss Owcn- I Mr and Mrs Ramadale, Longton Mr and Mrs Elijah Pryee, Mont Mrs and Misses (4) Shrop, Stockport Mrs and Misses Lewis, Llandovery 19. Mr Powell- Mr and Mrs Sydney Crawshay, family and maid" Putney 20,- Madame Solon and family, Stroke-on-Trent 24, Mrs Kenrick- Mr, Mrs and Miss Davies, Newpert Mrs and Master Leonard Wadlow, Shropshire Miss Chambury and the Misses Edwards, Bath Mr and Mrs Bates and family, Longton Miss Bourne, do 28, Miss Hughes- Mrs Goode Miaii Russel, Shrewsbury Mrs, the Misses and Master jT MoKibbin, Liver- pool 29, John Evans- Mra Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mrs and Miss Wood, Bath Miss Holley, Bath 30. Claremont House, Miss Rowlands- Mr, Mrs, Miss and Mr W Hudson, Longton Mrs anc Miss Plant, do Miss J Goodwin, do Dr and Mrs George Protheroe, family & nurses Mr and Mrs Ranoe Rev, Mrs and the Misses Lambert, Cambridge Mrs Biglim and family The Misses Hallman Gloucester House, Mrs Roberls- Mrs and Miss Chalton, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Prowse, do 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson- Mrs Mallin, Mrs Fuller, Miss Warr, Thame, OxOO Mrs and Miss Blanshard Hooks, Yorkshire The Misses Hiley, Cobly, Lincolnshire Misses Blunt, Shrewsbury Mrs, Miss and Mr H Manser, Bristol 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards- Mr, Mrs and Masters H R and G Chapman, Shropshire Mr and Mrs Cole and family, Birmingham Mrs Nicholls, Newport Mr and Mrs Thos Lowe and family, Shropshire Mr and Mrs Williams and family, Birmingham 38, Mrs Biddnlpb- The Misses Walker, Stagsden, Bedford Miss Cranfield, Buckden, Huntingdon 39, Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths— Mr and Mrs Allen and family, Burton-on-Trent Mrs Walsh and family, Manchester Mrs Gun, Burton-on-Trent v Miss Fraser, do Mrs and Miss Rowley, Manchester Mr H J Guest, Burton-on-Trent