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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. Rock House, Mrs Lloyd- Miss Jones Birmingham Misses Hodkinson, do Rev Dr and Mrs Cooper and family, St. Peft*' Vicarage, Birkd-ile 5, Osborne House, Mrs James- Mr and Mrs Walter Edbrooke, Bristol Miss Wason, Clevedon Miss Smith, do The Misses Smith, Abingdon 6, Mrs Watkins- Mrs, Misses 31" Mr Lomax, Breinton YinXtff* Hereford Mr A C Crosl ondon Mr and Mrs i idl, family and maid, do Mrs Brown a a maid, Welshpool' 7, Miss A. Jones— Mra and Miss F. Meredith, Kington Mrs Touchstone, Manchester Mr and Mrs Dale and family, do Mr and Misses Piatt, Spark Hill, Birmingrnaitt Mr and Mrs HEWiobottOOl Aahton-on-Lyne Misse* May. Be and Master Heginbottow, da Mr, Mrs and Master Gordon, West Bromwieh. Mr and Mrs Crawther, Walsall Mr and Mrs Lamb rt, Timperly, Cheshire 8, Mrs Davies- Mrs Taylor, London Capt G. E. Money's children Miss Starling, Norwich Mr and Mrs T Roper and family, Welshpool Mrs and Misters Smith. Stoke Mr and Mrs Bonnor. HilJerilley Hereforeshir* The Misses Schofield, Grantham The Misses Muir, London Master Lionel, and Master Harold Sells, 9,- Mrs Bomford and family, Evesham Miss Smith, Evesham Mr and Mrs Conroy and family, Liverpool 10, Mrs R. Jones- Mr and Mrs Jones, nurae and child Miss Jones, Carnarvon Mr and Mrs H S Batson, baby and nurse Mrs F Beddoe, Handsworth Mr and Mrs Tomes, N'hampton > Mr awd Miss Rogers, Mise Lloyd, and Miss Abermeurig Mr, Mrs and Master Lewis, Carmarthen Mr Oakley and family, Shrewsbury 11, Miss Thomas— Mr and Mrs Dunlop Gemmill and family, Canso Mr, Mrs, Miss and Mr G. Hind, Leamingtoa Mr and Mrs Price, Bishops Castle Mr and Miss Richardson, Caratham 12, Miss Vaughan Rees- Mrs G Collins, Moseley, Birmingham Mr and Mrs S G Mason, do Mr H Mason, do Mrs and Miss Evans, Newport, Mon Miss Lewis, Maindee 13, Mrs Clayton- Mrs and W Phillipson, Sparkbrook, Birmin Mrs Griffiths, Welshpool Mrs and Masters Williams, do Mr and Miss Chelwick, Bishops Castle Mr and Mrs Gwilt, do 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Mrs Eglington and family, do I 16, Miss Hughes— Misses Clutterbuck, Richmonsworth, Herts Mr Lewis and family Mrs Coles and Miss Lewis, Newport Salop 17, Mrs JORes- Mr G T Newbury and Mrs Newbury, Smethwis- Mrs, Miss and Mr George Cranstown, Ludlow 18, Miss Owen- Mr and Mrs Elijah Pryee, Mont Mr and Mrs Ramsdale, Longton Mr and Mrs Skinner, Birmingham BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer— Dr Anthony, Birmingham; Rev and Mrs Bayswater Mr and Mrs Fish Mr and Smyth, Stafford; Mr Diepree London; Mr SSL agul, Swansea; Mr Clay, Shropshire; Mr Llllíi Mr A Jones Mr J W Evans, W. India; « Mra and Misses Butler, Bath; Mr Manning-t- Thomas, Brighton; Mr and Mrs Robert T Oswestry; Mr Rodgers, London; Mr Seddon, dQiJzZ and Mrs Price Mr and Mrs Peacock, Magor, Mr Wright, Aston, Birmingham Miss M H RigS Bristol; Mr Roberts Mr O'Brian; Mr Fisher JjJJL Greggory Mrs and the Misses Wood; Mr LoP^Sg Henley-on-Thames Mr Pearce, Birmingham Jjf Hall, do; Mr Wildman, do; Mr Williams B Mr Owen; Mr and Mrs Crosby; Mr Stephenson; Baker, Brixton 24, Mrs Kenrick- Mr, Mrs and Miss Davies, Newport Mr, Mrs, Mr W. A., Miss and Master W- Davies and family, Leicester Mrs and Master Leonard Wadlow, Shropshire Miss Chambury and the Misses Edwards, Boib Mrs Sergeant and Master Louis Jones, Baabe" 26, Waterloo Hotel, Miss Morris- Alf Tilly, Clifton John Huon, do Misiqes Ennett, London Mrs Walker, do Mrs Wild, Manchester 28, Miss Hughes- Mrs Goode Miss Russel, Shrewsbury rutf* Mrs, the Misses aud Master |T McKibbin, pool Mra Forrest, family and nnrse, Kenilworth pool 29, John Evans- Mra Forrest, family and nurae, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mrs and Miss Wood, Bath Miss Holley, Bath 30, Claremont Honse, Miss Rowlands— Miss Holley, Bath 30, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands- Rev G. A., Mrs, and Misses Tindall, Derby Mr and Mrs Henman, nurse and children, baston Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss Tims, Mr, Mrs, the Masters and Miss Riley, Irela* Mr and Mrs George Prother«e,fiu*iJl&*«nP^ Mr, Mrs, Master and Miss Tims, Wolnrh Mr, Mrs, the Masters and Miss Riley, Mr and Mrs George Ilrothem, huaft &