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u- Mr and Mrs Hanson, Barton-on-trent Mrs Coatee, Walsall S9, Mrs Edwards- The Misses Macdonald, Bath Mrs and Miss Brooke, Shrewsbury llw Johnson and Miss Griffiths, Birmingham 60, Craiglais View, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Miss Bolton, Handsworth, Birmingham Miss Sharp, Beading Master W. Tobias, Llanelly e1. Mrs Hog- Mr and Mrs Evans, family and nurse, Bromyard Mr ard Mrs Bebies, Abergavenny Mr and Mrs Davies and family, Cwrtmawr G2, Mrs D. Davies— Mr and MM T. W. Davies, Welshpool Mrs Humphreys, do Mr Dluok, children and nnrse Misses Hessey and Misses Smith, Tipton m- Mr ai'd Mrs Dernaley and family, Manchester Mr, Mrs and Misses Hiue, do 64. York House, Miss Russell- Mrs Davies and family, Abergavenny Mr an 1 Mrs Williams and family, Hereford Miss Harvey, Hereford The Misses Toot 65, Clifton House. Mrs Powell- Mr and Mrs Wilson and family, Newport, Salop Mrs and Miss Wedge, do Miss Collins, do Miss Johnson aBd friends, Hereford Mr and Mrs Callant and family, Bridgenorth QUEEN'S HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Mr Aria; Mrs Minnes, Kent; Messrs W P and R Walker, London; Mr A Clarke; the Rev Griffiths Rbayader; Mr Howell, Surrey; Mr Rowlands, Tenby; Mr and Mrs Davies, family and nurse; Mrs C H Caldicott, Birmingham; Mr Henman, London; Miss Moles worth, Cornwall; Mrs Mann Birmingham; Mr Streeton, London; Mrs and Miss Parry Jones, Hereford; Mr and the Misses Collins, London Miss (jore, do; Miss Potts, do; Mrs and Miss Wheeler, Yorkshire; Mr and Mrs Warley, Manchester; Mrs Underhill, family and maid, Piccadilly; Mr and Mrs Balbray; Mr and Mrs Hargreaves VICTORIA TERRACE. 3, Ocean View House. Mrs Kensit- Rev. E. and Mrs Hewlett, family and maid, Man- chester Miss Watkins, Talgarth Miss Parry, do Snow-don Honse- Mr and Mrs R. W. and Miss Moore, Wednesbury Miss Blakemore and Miss Jones, do Mr, Mrs and Master Marsden, Liverpool Rev Charles Jerdan, L.L.B, Mrs and Master David Jerdan, Greenock 5, Plynlimon House, Mrs Pierce- Mrs and Miss Fowler, Great Malvern Mr and Mrs W. T. Bannister and family, Kidde minster Mr C. A. Bannister and family, Claverley Mr Milone, Dnblin Mr and Mrs Goostry and family, Bnrslem Mrs and Master Tonley, do 6, Trafalgar House, Mr R. Felix- Mr, Mrs, and Mr Marriott, Derby Mr and Mrs McConnell, Wimslow Mr E. J. Muff, Ilkley Mrs and the Misses Laidlow (3), Withington Mr and Mrs T. W. Alabaster and family, Moseley Mr E. Lewis, Newtown 7, Brighton House, Miss Lewis- Mr and Mrs Belham and Miss Stephens, Wimble- don Mr and Mrs Smallwood and neiee Mr and Mrs Lewis and family, Handsworth Abergeldie House, Mrs Julian- Mr and Mrs Levin and family, London Mr and Mrs A. S. Richards, family and nurse, Handsworth, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, Miss, Messrs J. and C., and Miss Averil imdlMiss N. Hives, Newport Pagnell ALBERT PLACE. Mr Pinell BRYNYMOR TERRACE. Bay View Cottage— Mrs and Misses Hopkins, Bath Mr Farmer 2. Glenlossin House, Mrs Hoskin- Mrs Crosby, Salford, Manchester Mrs Donnell, Sonthport Mr AIsihead, Newcastle-on-Tyne 4. Mrs Edwards— Miss Kirg, Burton-on-Trent Miss Ottewell, Derby 5, Mrs Ellis— The Misses Kain, London Mr and Mrs May and baby, Manchester Mrs, Miss, and Master E Howe, Manchester Snlield House, Mrs Meredith- Mrs, Miss and Miss A. West, Burnley Mr and Mrs Taylor, family and maid, Liverpool QUEEN'S ROAD. 4, Mrs J H Jones- Miss Readly, Bowling Misses Williams (2), do Crystal Palace, Mrs Price- Mr Daviess and son, Welshpool Mr and Mrs Hamer, Rhayader Miss Main Birmingham Miss Main, Sheffield Mr Pryce, do :19, Cadogan Honse Mr and the Misses Price, Cardiff Lurline House, Mrs Fear- I Mr, Mrs and Miss Ward, Madeley, Salop Miss Raspass, Madeley Mrs E and Miss W. Potter, Birmingham Mrs T and Messrs W A and J H cotter, Smeth- irick Mr A J Sandland, Birmingham A Lansdowne House, Mrs Trenwith- I Mrs Mumford and Miss Webber, Mosely Exeter House, Mrs Morcom Mr Sucliff and Miss Lord, Manchester Mr and Mrs Hughes, Greenwich Miss Sell, do Mrs Davies. Regent street Cardigan House, Miss Morgan- Mr and Mies Schofield, Manchester PORTLAND STREET. 4^ Brunswick House, Mrs Jones- Miss Hughes, Osweatry Mrs Lewis, Crickheatre Hall Mr and Mrs JSichollB and sons, Bilston 5, Mrs A ston- Mr and Master Hall, Shrewsbury Mr A. Watson, Tamworth 7, Glasfryn House, Mrs Capt Davies- Mr and Mrs Conlthard and family, Builth Wells Mr, Mrs and the Misses Christmas (2), Warwick Mrs Walters, Leamington 10. Mrs Edwards- I Misses Nicklin (2), Broseley 13, Mrs Hughes— Mrs and Miss Smith, Horncastle Mrs Evans, do I Mrs Hill, London "Elian Vannin, Miss Whittington— Mr and Mrs Szlumper and family, London Mr Stevens, Manchester 14, Mrs Morgans- Mr and Mrs Pritchard and family, Treharris Mr Morgan, do 81, Mrs Bateman- Mr and Mrs Grust, Erdington Mrs Jones, Holyhead 23, Annie Sylvenus- Mr and Mrs Rimmer, Bryn Peris Mr and Mrs Coulson, Birmingham 25, Mrs Rsnkin- Miss Russell, Maesyowmmer Miss Powell, do Miss Wills, Kensington Miss S. A. Powell, Fnlham Miss Collins, Maesycwmmer Miss Blanche Powell, do Miss Haynes, moseley Miss Bryan, Birmingham 27, Mrs Hughes- Mr Williams, Llandovery Mr Hopkins, do Mr and Mrs Thomas and family, Herefordshire 28. Mrs Osborne- Mr and Mrs Stead, Shrewsbury Mrs and Miss Tacey, Leamington Mr B. Clarke, Leicester 31, Mrs Vigars- Rev R. and Mrs Seekes and daughter, BromagrOTe The Misses Price, Bristol 37,— Mr and Mrs Rogers, nurse and baby, Stunton-on- Arrow Mr Slater, Coleshill 39,Mr Thomas Hughes- Mrs Edwards, Cwmamman Carl August Thomas Graefe, Liverpool 41, Mrs Humphreys— Mr Slater, Coleshill Mr and Mrs Rogers, nurse and family, Hereford 44, Mrs Capt Jones- Mrs and Mr A. J. Atkinson, Much Wenlock 49, Gwbfert House, Mrs Williams- Mr Edwards and Miss Anson, Kingsland, Hereford- shire Mr George Edwards, Hereford Mrs James, Brecon. NORTH PARADE. 21, Mrs W. Owen— Mr and Mrs Orton and sons, Leicester 23, Mrs Lumley- Misses Lawton, Cheshire Miss Bagnail, Manchester Misses Potter, do Mrs Jackson, do aiss Dilvies, do 27, Mrs W. Jonps- Mrs and Miss Beetee, Wolverhampton 30, Mrs Cole- Mrs Pvrkes, Warwick Miss Few, do 31, Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs R. Evans, and children, Wrexham 34, Mrs WilllllmR- Mr and Prole, London Mr and Mrs G. H. Sheffield, Nottingham Miss Gertrude King, do Miss Lucy King, do 35. Mrs Ellis- Mr and Mrs Bradley, Collyhnrst, Manchester Miss M"o", do 36, Mrs Morris- Mr. Mrs and Miss Bradden, Birmingham 39, Miss Evitns— Miss Kharricks, Salford Miss Emma Sharricks, do Mr Pautfr,-et, Manchester Masters Willam and Frank Hearvey, Salford Miss Ht-urvey, West Bromwich 41, Mrs 'wen— Miss Evans Mrs Wiiiifitns Mi-s Jenkirs 42, Mrs Atwood- Mr and Mrs Phillips, Cardiff Mrs nnd Miss Prycp, Newtown Miss Goldsworthy, Llanidloes 43, Mrs Morgan— Mrs Smiih and family, Manchester Miss Morgan, Manchester Miss Coy, do Miss Harrison, Leamington Misses Lott. do Miss Wiggins, Northfieet, Kent Miss Tnrman, Brockley, Kent Miss Harrison, Marylebone 49, Mrs Howlett- Miss S. Biakeway, Chaddesley, Worcestershire Miss A. Edith Biakeway, do Miss Laura Blakeway, du 55, Mrs Botwood— Mrs Williams, Birmingham 65. Mrs ROWd- Mr and Mrd Radford, Mayfield 71, Mrs Ed wanJs- Mrs Richards, Handsworth Miss Richards, rfo illiss Moore, do 73, Mrs JOlles- Mr H. Kina, Nottingham Mr J. Smith, do NORTHGA TE STREET. 34, Nortlig-,te lloase, Mrs Thomas- Mrs Jones, London Miss Evans, Bala Miss Iwan. do ) 11, Mrs Hughes— Mrs S. C. Smith and son, Birmingham 21, Mrs Davies- Mr, Mrs and Miss Smith, Loxells, Birmingham 32, Mrs Owen- Mr Phillips. ISewtown Mr Jones, do Mr M. W. Wynne, Wavertree, Liverpool Mrs Wynne, do Mr, Mrs and the Misses Chilton, Wolverhampton PENMAESGLAS ROAD. 10, Captain Williams- Mr, Mrs and Mr J Evans, Blaina 26 Mr and Mrs J. A. Annan, family and nurse, Rash- bury, Wolverh tmptoa BAKER STREET. 3, Mrs Jones- Mr and Mrs Thomas, Great Malvern Mr Mills, Bangor 4, Mra T. Humphreys- Mrs and Master A. Wharam, Birmingham 5, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs Williams, Llanbrynmair Miss Wadams, Breekley Miss Eg^rton, Llandegfan 7, Mra D Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Osborne and family, Birmingham Mr Best and son, London Mrs and Mrs Till, Edgbaston 10, Mrs Davies- Mr Ash, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Preston and family, Wolverhampton Victoria Cottage, Mcs Morgan— Mr and Mra G. A. P. Brady, Higher Tranmere Cheshire Mr C. J. Durie, Tranmere Victoria Hotel- Mr and Mrs Wilks, Manchester Mr J. GfeOrge, Watford Mr Evans, London UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Misses N. and V. Rees, Welahpool Mra Roderick, Tregaron TERRACE ROAD. 29. Lisburne House, Mr F. Bennison- Mrs T Baugh, Llanymynech, Salop Mrs Dean, do Blue Bell Hotel, Mr Davies- Mr and Mrs Webb, Hereford Miss F Dillon, do 32, Beach House, Miss Lloyd- Mrs Talbott, Leicester Miss Creaddock, do 34, Mrs Reef— Mrs Wardell Miss Ironmonger Miss Derry, Newark-on-Trent LEWIS TERRACE. 4, Mrs Benbow- Mrs and Miss Swain and Master T. C. Swain, New. town, Mont 5, Mrs Phillips- The Misses Latham, Handsworth Mr and Mrs Lee and child, Birmingham Commercial Hotel, Mrs Rees- Mr Hamans, Shrewsbury Mr Thomas, Lampeter Mr Davies, Mountain Ash Railway Inn, Mrs Tanner- Mra Williams and family, Ferndale Mr, Mrs and Miss Jones, do Miss Kingsey, Abergavenny Mr Jones, do PENGLAIS ROAD. Glyndwr Villa, Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Edwards, baby and nurse, Llangollen GEORGE STREET. 2 Newry House, Mrs D. Lloyd- Miss Harding, Whitchurch Miss Harrison, Melington Miss Breeze, Leogtun, Staff Mr and Mrs Astbury, Newcastle, do. Messrs Jewell, Birmingham Mr Davies, do MrRieharda, Oswestry Mr Cutts, do. 8, Mra Jones- Mrs and Miss Warrington, Smethwick Mr and Mrs Kinnerley and family, Derby Miss Biddla, Chaddesden, Derby 11, Mr McKay Mr and Mrs Barber and family Mrs Theobald Mr and Mrs Andrews 15, Mrs Metoalfe- Miss Goodby, Wolverhampton Mr Williams, Ellesmere Mrs Cope and family, Shrewsbury Miss Penn, Birmingham Miss Bartlett, do. POWELL STREET. 3, Mrs Warrell Mrs Lloyd, London Master and Miss Wiley, Lozells. Birmingham 4, Birmingham House, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs Davies and family, Penybont, Radnor- shire Mr and Mrs Cracroft, Birmingham Mrs Harries, do. Misses Sambrook, Wolverhampton Misses Baker, Ettingshall Miss Elledge, Bilaton 5, Mrs Williams Mr and Mrs Smith and family, Birmingham Mr and Miss Hill, do Mr Mathews, T"ffs Well Mr Millward and Lewis, Cardiff Mrs Jones and family, Hereford Mrs James and family, Kinaersley Station, Here- ford Mr Davies, Llangammarch Wells Mr Davies, Shrewsbury 6 Mrs Lewis Mrs J. S. Cheesemanand family, Oswestry 7, Mrs Davies Mrs and Miss Richards, Rhondda Valley 10 Mrs Williams Miss Vaughap, Lendon Mr and Mrs Barry, Birkenhead WILLIAM STREET. 5 Mrs Jones Mr and Mrs Jones, Carmarthen CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 1 Mrs Roberts Misses Bullock, Chester 3, Mrs Hughes- Mr Davies. Builth Miss Barnes and Mrs Sier, Birmingham; and Miss Clarine Cook 5 Mrs Hall Mrs Tart and sons, and Mr Fisher,Wolverhampton I Mr R. J. Rees, London SEA VIEW PLACE. 3, Miss Keeling— Mr A. T. B. Page, London Mr S A. Wright, do Mr F. J. cpindler, do Mr William-, Welshpool Mrs mtid Albert Rndge. do 4, Castle Cottage, Mr Doughton- Misses Domniett, London Miss Nnth, do Mi-s Rearsey, do 15, Ariel Cottage, Mrs D,ivies— Mr, Mrs nnd Miss Redman, Wolverhampton Mr and Mrs Bason, family and nurse, do Miss Broatch, do MILL STREET. Plongh Inn. Mr Bluck- Mr and Mrs Bevan and family, Shropshire E T, Wood, London 15, Mrs Richard* — Mr, Mrs ;>nrl Miss Fletcher, Bristol Mr Morris, Pourypridd Mr Lewis, do Mr and Mrs Thomas, Llanidloes 19, Mrs Jones— Mrs Lloyd and Miss Bruxton, near Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Jenkins, Tredegar Mrs Stevens and family, Dudley 26, Mrs Hngheq- Mr and Mrs Morgans, Llandyssul GRAY'S INN LANE. 1, Mrs Jones- Miss Evans, Aberdare Mr and Mrs Davies aiad daughter, Bnilth Mr and Mrs Williams, do Mr Pric", Merthyr 2, Mrs Huifhes— Mr and Mrs Davies, Dowlais 4, Mrs Mrs alld Ma-ters (4) Williams, Dowlais 5, Mrs Jenkins- Mr anr Mrs Morgans and son, Ystrad Mr J J-mkins, do QUEEN STREET. 10 Miss Jenkins Mrs, Miss, and Master Bernascone, Merthyr Mr and M >ster Thomas, South Wales 14, M Mr Powell, Talgarth Mr ami Mr. Roberts, Newtown Master Roberts, do Mr and the Misses Evans, Chester Mr Morgan, Liverpool 38, Mrs Davies— Mr ;!nd Mrs Wiudred and family, Bronwyth, near Carmarthen Miss Evans, do. Mrs Stephens and family, do. Mr James, Carmarthenshire PRINCESS STREET. Royal Oak Inn, Mrs Morgan- Mr W. HJlkins, Star of Gwent Hotel, EbbwVale Mrs Evans, Holly Bush, do Mr and Mra Evans, Couch, Rhondda Valley Mr and-Mrs Bnrbeck, Perth 12, Mrs Sam ueJ- Mr and Master Morgans, Dowlaia Mr and Mrs Williams, do Mr Roberts, Tre'rddol Mr Dunfora, Oxford 14 J. E. Jones- Mr Owens and Mr Jones, Carnarvon Mr Evans, Dolgelley Mr Humphreys and Mr Parry, Cemmes Road ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 2, Miss Owen— Mr and Mrs Chambers, Lndlow Mr and Mrs Starwood and family, Wolverhampton 4, Mrs Lloyd- I Mrs Parkes, Birmingham Miss Harding, Birmingham Mrs Partridge, Wednesbury Mr aud Mrs Olding, do LITTLE DARKGATE STREET. Hope and Anchor, Mrs Jenkins- Mr John Price Mr Timothy Williams, Hirwain Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs Ellis- Mr Powell, London Mr Evans and Mr Jones, Cardiff 29, Burleigh House, Mrs Fiuch- Dr and Mrs Clarke, Buenos Ayres, Sonth Amerioa Mrs Wm Mattey, Hereford Miss Evans, Miss Williams, Miss Mattey, Miss Thomas, do Miss Wood and Miss Burley, Birmingham Cocoa, house, Mrs Evans- Mr, Mrs and Miss Roberts, Birmingham Miss Winnell, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Machynlleth Miss Davies, Talsarn Mr Jones, Towyn NEW STREET. 7, Mrs Jones- Mrs Davies and family, Shrewsbury Mrs and Miss Cooks, London Miss Gomer and Miss Chatwick, Wolverhampton 8, Mrs kdwards- Mr Williams, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Baker, Llanbister Miss Lloyd, Iilandovery Mrs Williams, do 11, Mrs Rowlands- Mrs Jones and son, Talgarth Mrs and Miss Jones, do 14, Mrs Samuel— Misses Lloyd, Llanfyllin Mr Moseley, Abergavenny 16, Mrs Daviee,- Mr and Mrs Adams, London 20, Miss James- liev and Mrs Whitney, Huddersfield Rev J Davies, Chirk Mr Chadderton, Cambridge PIER STREET. Gwalia Temperance Hotel, Owen Owen—' Mr Davies Mr Bishop, Malvern Mr Jenkins, Carmarthen 27, J. A. James- Mr Brockhill, London Mrs Withringtoa, Garthmell Miss B. Turner 38, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs S. W. Bickley, Southaea Mrs M. R. Davies and family The Misses Davies, Coalbrookdale Mr and Mrs Edwyn Hartley, Huddersfield Pier Hotel, Hy Owen— Mr and Mrs and Master W. Owen, Sea.combe Messrs. Victor and H. Gosh, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Miss Jones, Machynlleth Mr Price, Newtown KING STREET. 5, Mrs Hughes— Mrs Sonthell and Miss Butler RAILWAY TERRACE. 5, Mrs Dodd- Mr and Mrs Barber, Birmingham 10, Mrs Griffiths- Miss Dickens, Carmarthen Mrs Thomas and family, do Mrs Harris, Cynwil Mr Davies, Llanpumpsaint NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. Mona Honse, Mrs Jones- Mrs and Miss Rowe, Asten, Birmingham Mrs Rees, Cardiff Mrs Young, Newport Mr Bishton Glanymorfa house5 Mra Peake- Mr and Mrs Vernon and family Miss Davfson, Newport, Mon. ALFRED PLACE. 4, Mrs Ro berts- Miss Lloyd, Bishop's Castle, Salop Mr Bore, do 7, Mrs Ellis- Mr and Mrs Talbot, Birmingham CORPORATION STREET. 8, Mrs Colliford- Mrs Williams and children, the Look, Brecon Mrs Evans- Mr and Mrs Griffiths, Brecon SHIPBUILDERS ROW. 7, Mrs Evans- Mrs Evans, Llangurig Miss Davies, do HIGH STREET. 10, Mrs J ones- Mr R Williams, Mardy Mrs Jenkins, Pant, Dowlais 18, Mrs Davies— Mr and Mrs Davies, Brecon ( Mr Davies, Oswestry Mrs Davies, Brecon 21,- Mr Baker, Wolverhampton Mr Talbot, do 18, Mrs Parry- Mrs Thomas and son, Merthyr 29, Mrs Lloyd- Mr and Mrs Levely, Madeley Mrs and Miss Yardley, Stoke-on-Trent 38, Mrs Capt Jones— Mr and Mrs Francis and family, Miss Powell, Smethwick Mrs and Miss Beetlestone Mss Hollyhead, Oakengates 39, Mrs M. Evan z- Mrs Jones and Mrs Lewis, Merthyr 40. Mr* Morgan Mr E Charles and party BRIDGE STREET. 15, Mrs Samuel— Mr and Mrs Alfred Coles, Nottingham Mr and Mrs Giles aari family, Birmingham Mr, Mrs and Master Winship, do 17, Mrs Thomas- Misses Evacs and Jenkins, Brecon Mrs Williams, Merthyr 19, Mrs Jones— Miss Jenkins. Bargoed Mr and Mrs Dabbs, Leamington Mr Jones, Dowlais Mr and Mrs Evans, do Mrs Jones, do Mrs and Miss Morgan, do Mrs and Miss Morgans, Dowlais Mr J Evans and Mrs Jones, do Mrs and Miss Davies, do Old Black Lion, Mrs Davits- Mr, Mrs and Master Joseph Lloyd, Tredegar Mr Williams, Llangammarch Messrs. Jones, Pegrhiweibor Mr Isaac and Mr Evans, Bryuaman Crosswood Honse, Mrs Clay ton- Mr and Miss Fr-tzgat, Shrewsbury Mrs Metcalfe and Mrs Williams, do Nags Head Inn. Mr Evans- Mrs Owens, Llangeitho Mr Phillips, do Mr Daniel Davies, Mardy Messrs. Enoch Edwards, Tsaac Davies, and David Davies. E Williams, Mardy Messrs Morris and Griffiths, Porth Mrs James, Rhiwbns Mrs Morgans, Lied rod Messrs Williams and Davies, Mardy 25, Miss M. J. Rees— Mr and Mrs James, Abertil!ery Mr Williams, Tonpaiuiy Mr, Mrs and Miss Thomas, London Mrs and Master Jones, do Mr Davies, Tredegar 42, Mrs Gobert— Mrs James Miss S Raynolds. Brynmawr Mr Albert Bellamy, Stourbridge 45, Mr Williams- Mr T M Jones, Llanbrynmair Miss Evans, Carmarthen 50, Mrs Cashmore- Misdes J T and E M Havard, Glasbnry Mrs Walker and son, Sparkbrook, Birmingham Miss Willison, Sparkhill, do Miss Davies, do Miss Bradnack, King's Heath, do Mr Phillip Bunn, West Bromwich Mr W iS Harrold, do 52- Miss Nevill, Birmingham Misses Fullwoods, do 53, Mrs Lewis- Mrs and Miss Hemming Mrs Griffiths, Newcastle-on-Lyne Mr, Mrs and Misses Mnrdoen, Knighton Mi and Miss Shutter, Birmingham GREAT DARKGATE STREET. LION HOTEL, John Roberts- Mr and Mrs Davies, London; Mr and the Misses Bolton, Northampton Mr Cattle, Hayes, Kent; Mr Phillips, London; Mr Tillett; Mr Hnrm; Mr Morris Jones, Dolgelley Mr T L Roberts, London; Mr Brabia, Birkenhead, Mr Pollock, London Mr McDonald, Gloucester; Mr Jones, Manchestr Mr Warmsley, Oldham Mr Thomas, Liverpool; Mr Prosser, Haverfordwest; Mr Mr Thomas, Sheffield; Mr, Mrs and the Misses Woods, London Mr Bill, Carlisle; Mr Hughes, Manchester; Mr Allchurch, Sheffield; Mr J E Thistle, Montgomery; Mr Reese; Mr Payne; Mr Davies; Mr Jones; Mr Hiley Mr Letaeby Mr Griffiths; Mr Moore; Mr Livingstone; Mr Steel; Mr Walkley; Mr J Odell; Mr Hayes; Mr Chance; Mr Cole MARKET STREET. 8, Mrs Evans— Mary Greenow, Glasbury Mary Jane Price, Velindre Miss Pritchard, Llanymynach Mrs Boll, do CAMBRIAN PLACE. Mr and Master Tampline, Newport Mon Mrr Lewis, Ysgwyddsrwyn Derri, Glanmorgan Mrs Owen, Cardiff Rev J. Edwards, Risca Mr Jenkins, Radnor 7, Mrs James Thomas- Mr and Mrs Paty, Birmingham Mr Paty, do Mrs Hodges, Hereford 4, Cocoa House, Mrs Davies- Mr E. Rowlands, Treveca College, Breconshire Mr B. C. Davies, Brecon Mr D. Owens, Machynlleth Mr J. T. Jones, Porth, Rhondda Valley Mr Roberts, America Mr Hnghs, do Mr J. Fruzell, Swansea Mr T. Evans, Cardigan Mr Reynolds, Hull Mr J. Owen, London CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 11. Mrs Jones- Rev. A. C. Pearce, Macclesfield 8,— Mr Jones 9, Mrs Jones— Mr and Mrs Jones, Dowlais Mr A. Jones, do