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] CL Parker, R.E., Beading; Mr Hoaghton, Alder- Ittot; Mr and the Misses Owen and maid, Dol- Welley; Mr and Mrs Crann, Worcester; Mr and llrs Holden and maid, Liverpool; _Mr and Mrs jttake, America; Mr, Mrs ana Miss Booh; Mr talker, Salop VICTORIA TERBAClf. View House, Mrs Kenait— E. and Mrs Hewlett, family and maid, Man- ter Watkins, Talgarth • yJ88 Parry, do §(v A. and Mra Evans and maid, Hereford 1L.u.ø Bishop, do don Houøe- and Mra B. W. and Mies Moore, Wednesbury y H. B., Mrs and Master Marsden and Miss Taylor, Birmingham jjfcr Canon and Mrs Trimmer, Clapham KfctT Trimmer, Croydon "^ynlimon House, Mrs Pierce— g*8 and Mies Fowler, Great Malvern and Mrs W. T. Bannister and family, Kidde Iniuster C. A. Bannister and family, Claverloy 5r Malone, Dublin and Mrs Goostry and family, Buralem I <fcs and Master Tonley, do ^Trafalgar Hoose, Mr E. Felix— 111". Mrs, and Mr Marriott, Derby r and Mrs McConnell, Wimalow jjt E. J. Muff, Ilkley Jtrs and the Misses Laidlow (3), Withington 2r and Mra T. W. Alabaster and family, Moaeley Lewis, Newtown 'Brighton House, Miss Lewis— and Mrs Belham and Miss Stephens, Wimble- don < y and Mra Smallwood and neiee ijtr aad Mrs Lewis and family, Hands worth ^J«5geldie House, Mrs Jalian— and Mrs A. S. Richards, family and nurse, Sandaworth, Birmingham *«•, Mrs, Mias, Messrs J. and C., and Misa Averil and Miss N. Hives, Newport Pagnell ALBERT PLACE. Dumbarton Honse, Mrs Humphreys— -Vta and Misa Clayton, Sheffield k BRYNYMOR TEBBACE. View Cottage— k^ia and Miases Hopkins, Bath titenlossin Honse, Mrs Hoskin— 9rs Crosby, Salford, Manchester ljrs Donnell, Southport | *jjr Adshead, Neweastle-on-Tyno "As Ellis— ] Jhe Misses Kain, London and Mrs May and baby, Manchester yjt J. J. S. Rewe, Liverpool j d Honse, Mrs Meredith- | rjts, Misa and Miss A. West, Burnley *r and Mrs Taylor, family and maid, Liverpool a QUEEN'S ROAD. • *lra J H Jones— |*(r Hill, London 2'lton Honse, Mrs !Jamea— Jjrs Livealey, Madeley JJfa and Miss Eardley, Tunstall, Staff j f £ tr and Mrs Walkerdine and family, Birmingham ^Nal Palace, Mrs Price— y Davies, Bailtn SUs Morgan, Erwood Kn Humphreys, Brecon 5bs Jenkins, Penybont. y Davies, Welshpool fifes Davies, do gjas Kllia, do fusa Led with, do AM Edwards, do Hamer, Rhayader ^tQlanayron House, Mrs Jonea— St Corbett Birmingham fljf Coope,. Manchester Siaa Mills, Llanidloes • J Roberts, do jltnrliae House, Mrs Fear— 5* Mrs and Miss Ward, Madeley, Salop and Miss Biver, Carnarvon ^tiwioke Honse, Mrs Kane— ffe Misses Hooper, Maple ton, Aahbonrne -"q¡ø Mitchell, do ij*°o House, Mrs Owen— Henaage L»gg», Derbv w PORTLAND STREET. •jfcre Aetou- Ifr and Master Hall, Shrewsbury I «T Moose and Mr Miller, do ♦jHaafryn Hoose, Mrs Capt Daviea— 9r and Mrs Conlthard and family, Bnilth Wells Mrs and the Misses Christmas (2), Warwick yln Bateman— and Mrs Septimus Gnest and family. Erding- g#, near Birmingham Jonea, Portamonth ijlrs Hughes— •ifa and Miss Smith, Horncastle Evans, do iA-finie Sylvan us— 2* J. s. Williams, Carmarthen tI; and Mrs Coulson, Birmingham litra Rankin- JJiaa Bnssell, Maesycwmmer B'aa Powell, do Wills, Kensington jftts S. A. Powell, Fnlham Ipaa Collins, Maesyowmmer Sjss Blanehe Powell, do gSaa Haynes, Moaeley Bryan, Birmingham T^Sllan Vannin Honse, Mrs Whittington— gr and the Misses Mortimer, Bees ton, Notts SMa Snow, do aDd Mrs H. Baker ij*v David Morgan k*«T John Thomas Hughes— ^(r and Mra Wilding, Bnilth' Wells -4v and Mra Howells, Bargoed a**|r and Mra Jones, Birkenhead lira Capt J ones- jw and Mrs Price and family, Derby Chandler, Rhayader Evans and family w NORTH PARADE. lira Lumley- .Jtisaes Lawton, Cheshire iø8 Bagnall, Manchester w-Vfaes Potter, do Jane Jones— wQrg ana Miss Beebee, Wolverhampton • Jtfra Ellis— J?r and Mrs Bradley, Colly hurst, Manohwrter Mace, do -mm ByaDB- *iaa Sharrooks, Salford Vag Emma Sharrooka, do fc H Pontefract, Manchester tasters William and Frank and Miss Harvey, -.Salford Field, West Bromwioh JAJ Owen— *sd Mrs Evans ya Jones Thomas, Brecon "jjliss Morgan— ffa Smith and family .Plymouth Grore,Mancheeter JJias Morgan, Manchester ft J A Morgan, do Ktt Coy, do Ass Harrison, Leamington JKiases Lott, da *Jisa Biggina, Nortbfleet, Kent Harrison, Marylebone w^bsand the Misses Gray, Clifton \Mra Edwards— Jits and Miss Richards, Handsworth w«Oss Moore, do ^*trs Jones— Hugh Trefor Hnghes. Mold i,4t NOBTHGATE STREET. '-Worthgate House, Mrs Thomas— a Jonas, London » BAKER stBrarr. Jooes— Mills, Bangor D Lloyd— 5* Bust and son, London lift and Mrs Osborne and family, Birmingham •Jtra Davion- vft and Mrs Preston and family, Wolverhampton ^Joria Hotel— rjr and Mra Jones, Rhayader fts Arthur, Llanfechan v, MARKET STREET. ^b°t Hotel, Mr JR Jones— ft and Mra Allen, Wolverhampton; Mr Jonee, Swansea; Mr Musgrove. Chester; Mr Davies, t Liverpool; Mr J ones, Tregaron; Mr Franois; Mr Trounser; Mr Williams, Tannton; Mr James; Mr Thomas, Birmingham; Mr Bunner; Mr Sanderson, London; Mr Owen; Mr Morgan; Mr Morris, Chester; Mr Evans; Mr Watkins; ftjones, Liverpool; Mr Jenkins; Mr Price, •Shrewsbury fe FENMAESGLAS ROAD. ke Evans, Newtown b t, SHIPBUILDERS ROW. L. Thomas- Strong, Birmisgham HIGH STREET. 4- Mr and Mra Evans and family, Deloan It), Mrs Jones- AIr R Williams, Mardy Mrs Jankini, Pant, Dowlais 18, Mrs Davios- Mr and Mra Davies, Brecon Mrs Davies, Oswestry 21,- Mr F. Ferreth, Mr T. Devy, Mr E. Gibbs, Wolver, hampton Messrs. W. Jordan, do 25, Mr Riohard Edwards- Mr Mra & Thomas Jumes and family, Welshpool Mrs Langdon and family, do 27, Mrs Williams- Mrs Rowlands, baby and none, Clun Mr Williams, Tredegar 29, Mrtl Lloyà- Mra Taylor, nnrae and children, Walsall, Stafford- shirl" Mr Pri"e, Llanwrtyd 32, Miss IsaJc- Mr, Mrs, Miaa and Maater Parkes, Bury 38, Mra Capt Jones- Mr and Mra Brinton, Wast Bromwioh Mra Wilkes, do PRINCESS STREET. Royal Oak Inn, Mrs Morgan- Mr W. Hopkins, Star of Gwent Hotel, EbbwVale Mra Evaua, Holly Bash, do Mr and Mra Evans, Couch, Rhondda Valley Mr and Mra Burbeok, Perth 12, Mrs Samuel- Mr Daviea and aon, Shrewsbury Mr Danford, Oxford BRIDGE STREET. 15, Mrs Samuel- Mr, Mra and Turner, Nottingham 19, Mrs Jones- Mr Gwynne, Brecon Crosswood House, Mrs Clayton- Mrs Lewis Mr and Mra Fritrgat, Shrewsbury Mister T F Lewis, Aberayron Mr Lloyd 25, Miss M. J. Reøe- Mr Rees Jones, London Mr Simms, Llangnrig 42, Mrs Gobert- Mrs James Miss S Rayoolds, Brynmawr Mr Albert Bellamy, Stourbridsre 50, Mra Cash more—■ Mr and Master Roberta, Oswestry Misa M Davies, Oswestry Misses J T and E M Havard, Glasbury Mrs Walker and son. Sparkbrook, Birmingham Mias Willison, Sparkhill, do Miss Davies, do Miss Bradnaotr, King's Heath, do GEORGE STREET. 2 Newry Honse, Mra D. Lloyd- Mr A, D. Backmaster, Manchester Mr Simcox, Walsall Messrs Jewell, Birmingham 13,— Mr and Mrs Walker, Birmingham 14, Mrs Metcalfe— Mr Goodby, Wolverhampton Mr A Tnrton, do POWELL STREET. 4, Birmingham Honse, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mra Davies and family, Penybont* Radnor- ahire. Mr and Mra B Cracroft, Birmingham PENGLAIS ROAD. Glyndwr Villa, Mrs Lewis- Mr and Mrs Walter Davenport, Little Wyrloy, near Walsall Mr and Mrs Edwards, baby and nurse, Llangollen UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mr and Mrs Skett, Shrewsbury Mr W. Jones, Treorkey Mr Taylor, Bristol Mr Bracegirdle, Manchester LEWIS TERRACE. 4, Mrs Benbow- Mrs Phillips and Mra Brees, Oswestry Mrs Philllpa- The Misses Latham, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Lee and child, do Railway Inn— Mr Williams, Rhymney Mr Jones, Lampeter Mr Jones, Tregaron CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 3, Mra Hughes- Mr Davies, Bailtb ST. MICHAEL'S PLAOB. 4, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs Parkes, Birmingham Mr, Mrs, and Master Powell, Wednesbnry Miss Harding, Birmingham 5, Mrs E. Williams- Mr R. Harris and Mr T. Harris, Radnorshire 2, Miss Owen— Mr E C Tudge, Knighton, Radnorshire Mr G Evans, do Mr C Price, do Mr Williams. do Mr E H Kaill, do Mr and Mrs Chambers, Ludlow LITTLE DARKGATE STREET. 29, Burleigh House, Mrs Flikoh- Dr and Mrs Clarke, Buenos Ayres, South Amnics NEW STREET. 20, Miss Jamel- Rev and Mrs Whitney, Huddersfield PIER STREET. Gwalia Temperance Hotel, Owen Owen- Mr Davies Mr Bishop, Malvern Mr Johnson, Cardigan 18, Mrs Ellis- Mrs Morgan, Miss M. Morgan* and lwtor R. Morgan, Rhayader 27, J. A. James- Mr Brockhill, London Mrs Withrington, GarthmeU Miss B. Turner 38, Mrs Jameø- Mr and Mra S. W. Bickley, Southaea Jfra Biokley, Worcester Si*8 Davies and family The Misses Davies, Coalbrookdale Pier Hotel, Hy Owen- Mr and Mrs and Master W. Owen, Seaoombe Messrs. Victor and H. Gosh, Stoke-on-Trent Mr and Miss Jones* Maehynlleth KING STREET. 6. Mrs Hughes- Mrs Southell and Miss Butler CHALYBEATE TERRACE. 11, Mrs Jones- Rev. A. C. Pearoe, Macclesfield 1 QUEEN STREET. S- Mr R. Watkins, Wolverhampton 14 Mra Owen- Mrs and the Misses J. and A. Hngheson, Treveoca Mr Newman, Wolverhampton 15, Mrs Morgans— Mrs Davies, Maesyerugiau Mr Edwards and Mr Douglas, Carnarvon Miss Jones, Llanidloes Mra Higgs and family, do 16, Mrs James Morgans- Mrs Higgs and family Mr W. E. Shnker, Churchstoke Mrs B. H. Davies, Maesomgiau 27 Mrs Jones- ih, Mrs and Master Rees, Taylors Town Mrs Hopkinson, Stoke-on-Trent 32, Mra Rees- Mrs Evans and family, Merthyr Mrs Endowes, Shinston 37, Mrs Simom— T. Brook, F. lkvok, E. WhiteL 38, Mrs Davim- Mr Davies, Carmarthen Mr Wm Jones, do Mr and Mra Thomas, do Mr Thomas, do Mr John Harris, Cinwill RAILWAY TERRACE. 5, Mrs Dedd- Mr and Mrs Barber, Birmingham 10, Mrs Griffiths- Miss Davies, Carmarthen Miss Davies, do. Dewsbury House, Mrs Hopkins- Mr and Mrs William a and family, Abfirtillery Miss Williams, Beaufort TERRACE ROAD. White Horse Hotel, Mrs Rea— Mr Garbet, Walsall Mr Evans, Portmaaoo 22, Beach House, Miss Llovd- Mrs and Miss Kovachick, Tredegar 29, Lisbnrne HOUBO, Mr F. Bannison- Mr J Grooott and family, Hanley 34, Mrs; Beeø- Miss Ironmonger, Newark-on-Trent Mrs Mardell, do Miss Derry, do NEWFOUNDLAND STREET. Mona Honse, Mrs Jones- Ken Mad Misa Rowe, As ten, Birmingluun Mrs Bess, Cardiff Mrs Young, Newport Mrs Roberts, Welshpool ALFRED PLACE. 4, Mrs Roberts- Mr, Mrs, Misses, and Mr F Timmins, Balsall Heath, Birmingham 7, Mrs Ellis- Mr, Mrs and Miss Holmes, Birmingham Mra and Miss Maad Guest, Hall Green, near Birmingham Dorset House, Miss Griffiths- Rev. H., Mrs and Miss Jones, Llanybyther Xse Felix, do GREAT DARKGATE STREET. LION HOTEL, John Roberts- Mr and the Misses Bolton, Northampton Mr and Mrs Davies, Lampeter; Mr Welsby, Lampeter; Mr Kiehards, Newport; Mr Beckitt and son, East Greenwich Mr Bickley and friend, Bir- minghmm; Mr Jaeksou Mr Brocklebauk; Mr Elias; Mr Seddon, Loudon; Mr Raphael, do Mr Evan Robert8. Manchester; Mr Boker do; Mr Wilson, Wolverhampton; Mr Wood- ward; Mr Stockdale; Mi and Mrs Gilmor*, London Mr Davies; Messrs. Young, Glasgow Mr Atkinson; Mr Booth, Birmingham; Mr Aateu Mr Crompton, Manchester; Mr Witoher Milford Hitven Mr Payne, Sheffield Mr Reese