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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. 3, Rock House, Mrs Lloyd- Mr Lloyd Jones, Bala 5, Mrs James- Mr Edwin Hughes, Llanfair Master Albert Edwin Hughes, do Mrs L. G. Jumbo, Chester 6, Mrs Watkins- Mrs Brown and maid, Welshpool, Mr and MrsCadogan Miss James and Mrs Morgar*, Abergavenny? 7, Misa A. Jones- Mra and Miss F. Meredith, Kmsrton Mrs Platt, Spark Hill Miss Platt and Miss, Emily Mó J. plstt. Mmimgt. "ham 8, Mrs DayieR- Mrs Taylor. London Miss Starling, Norwich Capt G. E. Money's children 9,— Mrs and Miss Williams, Llanfyllin Rectory Miss Smith, Evesham Mrs R. H. Lysccott, Alcester Mrs Bouitord and family, Evesham- 10. Mrs R. Jone" Rev. and Mrs Cole and family, Duddington Vie- arage, Lincolnshire Miss Bath and Mis Janes, Ellesmere Mr and Mrs Kirkpatrick, Walsall Mra Thompson and family, Oldbury Miss Cornell, London Miss Rook and maid, Birchfield Miss Fluck. Tewkesbury 11. Miss Thomas- Mrs Morgan, Brecon Rev J. T. and Mrs Hughes, baby and nurse, do Mrs Holmes, Hereford Miss Thompson, do Mr, Mrs, Miss and Mr G. Hind, Leamington Mr and Mrs Dunlop Gem mill and family, flan 13. Mrs Clayton- Mrs Williams and Miss Golden, Welshpool 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Mrs Tomlins, Bewdley Miss Farr, Stockport Mr Powell, Wolverhampton 16, Miss Hugheii- Misses Newill, Welshpool Misses Clntterbuck, Richmonsworth, Herts Capt and Mr Davies Miss Homes, Llanelly 17, Mrs Joaes- Mrs and Miss Disturnal, baby and nurse, Wedneft' bury Mrs, Miss and Mr George Cranstown, Ludlow BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Dr Anthoney, Birmi*gham; Mr Jones, Bangor; Miss McDonald; Mr Southorn, Bristol; Be* Hammond; Mr Tipton; Mr Kelson, Liverpool5 Mr Roden Mr Brown; Mr NWman Rev Nor- lands Mr A J Fletcher, Liverpool: Mr J Kelson, Liverpool, Rev Rolands, Fiehguard;- Rev J Rolands, Salisbnry 24. Mrs Kellrick- Mr Eld, Leamington Mr Perry, do Miss Pearce. Newport, Salop Mr, Mrs and Miss Davies and family Leicester 26, Waterloo Hotel, Miss Morris- Mr Charles Lloyd Evans, Leytonstone, Essex Mr David James Evans, do Mr Thomas V Jackson, Layton, Essex Mr Charles and Mrs Wilde and Mias Bolt Ecoles Mr and Mrs Wilkins, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs Walker. Bath Mr and Mrs Gibb, Clifton UiTjoteS"'01 Mima Alice and Bertie Gallerby 28, Miss Hughes- Mrs Priee, Maesbury Misses Hughes, Pentrecoed, Oswestry Miss Gudley, Sweeney Hall, do Mr, Mrs, Miss and Mr H. Cooke, Hereford 29,John Evans- Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mrs and Miss Wood, Bath 30, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands- Rev G. A., Mrs, and Misses Tindall, Derby Mr and Mrs Venables, Wellingborough Mr Hamer, Hazels Mr Hamer, Pointou 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson— Miss Williams, Pontypridd Mr and Mrs; iriffin, Thame, Oxon Mr and Mra Mallin, do Mrs Latham, do Misa Humphreys and maid 38. Mrs Biddulph- The Misses Walker, Stagsden, Bedford Miss Cranfield, Buckden, Huntingdon 89, Glyndwr House, Miss Grilfiths- Miss M. Kenyon Slaney and party, Hatton GrUOv- Shropshire Mr Bntler and family, Hereford Mr Baker, Hereford 40, Miss Nelson- Mrs Basuett and Mrs Lewis, Cardiff Miss and Mr Tnrnells, London Mrs Bedoes and the Misses Hunce and Pftrk0& Shrewsbury 42. Mrs Jon a- Misses Nelson, Manchester Mra Sexton, do Miss Laverack, Malta Mr and Mrs Daniel Owen, Ash Hall, Glam. Miss Hunt, do Miss Yoseland Whiitington, Worcester Mr and Mrs Hilton, Burton-on-Trent Mr and Mrs Taverner, do Mr W Nelson, Manoheater 43, Picton House, Miss Oemotherlay- Misa Ward, Shrewsbury Mr and Mrs R. J. and Mr E. W. Riobudowp- Cheltenham Mrs Hulton, Birkenhead Mrs and Miss Hatterslay, Rugby 44, Miss E. F. JonGI- Mrs and Miss DerveU, Ireland Miss Gibson, Ireland Mrs Lucas and family, Kidderminster 47, Chatham House, Mrs Edwarda- Mr and Mrs Bentley, London Mrs Harding and child, Leamington Miaa Vize, Forden Miss Tate and companion, Ellesmere 48, Marlborongh House, Mrs Barton- Mr and Mrs Dodd, Manchester Mr. Mrs and Miss Hopkins and maid, BirminghlUl 49, Mrs D Lewis- Miss Kate and Sophia Brianlt, Camberwell Miss Canys, London Miss Polley, Leytonstone Miss Preen, Ross 51, Mrs Richards- Mr and Mrs Hall, Macclesfield 53, Misa James- Mr and Mrs Sandry and family, Evesham Mr, Mrs and Mr Craven, 55,— Mrs, Miss and Mr Venables Mr and Mrs Hanson, Burton-on-Trent Mrs Coates, Walsall 59, Mrs Edwards- Mrs and Miss Cole, Birmingham, Mrs Curtler, do 60 Craiglais View, Mrs Williams- Mrs and Miss Bolton, Handswerth, Birmingham Miss Sharp, Reading Master W. Tobias, Llanelly 61, Mrs Hogg- Mr Schelling, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Evans, family and anrse, Bromyard Mrs Jones and Miss Rowlands, Llanwrtyd Mr Davies, Cwrtmawr Mr and Mrs Bienis, Abergavenny 62. Mrs D. Devion- Mr and Mrs T. W. Davies, Welshpool 64. York House, Miss Russell- Mrs Davies and family, Abergavenny Mr and Mrs Williams, Hereforg t Mr and Mrs Yonng, Staffordshire 65. Clifton House, Mrs Powell- Mr and Mrs A. L. Beadell, Wimbledon, Surrey Mr and Mrs Wilson and family, Newport, SaloP Mrs Wedge, do Miss Collins, do Miss Johnson and friends, Hereford Mr and Mrs Callant and family, Bridgenortft QUEEN'S HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer— The Rev, Mrs and Miss Tritton, Sussex; the Mrs and Mr David (Jordan, Greenock; CaP*"j Swainson; Capt Humphreys, Oswestry; v»P*