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Mr and Mr* Gomtry-and family, Bulea JIra and Master Tonley, do" ^Trafalgar House, Mr B. Felix- Mr and Mrs Knill, Oak Lodge, Shrewsbury Xiu Farmer, Bishop's.Castle Miss Gertrude Steward and Miss- Wall, Manches- ter Mr, Mrs, and Mr Marriott, Derby r • Brighton House, Miss Lewis- Mr and Mra C. Bishop and family, Cwmrythan Carmarthenshire Mr and Mrs Dacre Mr and Mrs Taylor and family,. Blaendyffryn 13andyssul ergeldie Honse, Mrs JuJian- Mr and Mrs A. S. Richards, family and nurse, Handsworth, Birmingham Miss Hals worth, do Mr and Mra Robinson, Rochdale Mrs and Miss Ormerod, do ALBERT PLACE. 5, Dumbarton Hoose, Mra Humphreys- Mr ani4 Mra Graves, Birkenhead The Misses and Master Williams, Cardiff Mrs Cree- Mrs Langdon and family, Bristol Mrs Wh'ttaker and family, Oldham BRYNYMOR TERRACE. 2. Gienlossi House, Mrs Hoakin— lIiøa Beesoo, Sidmouth, e, Mrs Thak. Mrs Roberts and Mrs Clark, Brownhills Miss King, Burton-on-Trent Miss AdA M. Ottewell, Derby Mrs. FIlio- The. Missos Kaina, London Mr and Mrs May and baby, Manthester Mr J..J. S. Rewe, Liverpool ^a$eld House, Mrs Meredith— Mis, Miss and Miss A. West, Burnley Mr Ernest Edghill, Edgbaston Mrs Barret, do QUEEN'S ROAD. Hilton House, Mrs JameB- Mrs Livesley, Madeley Mrs and Miss Eardley, Tunstall, Staff Crystal Palaoe, Mra Price- Mr and, Miss Lewis, Gilfach Miss Jenkins, Llwynmelin M2. Lurjine House, Mrs Fear- Mrs and Miss Lloyd, Birmingham Mrs and Was Rimmer, Carnarvoa Troedjrbryn House, Mrs Jonee- Mr Pryce Jenkins, London Hardwioke House, Mrs Kane— The Misses Hooper, Mapleton, Ashbourne l^tiss Mitoheil, do Sxeter tlon^e, Mrs Morcom— Mr atid Mrs Robertson, nurse and family, Stafford- ehire.. Miss Stephens, Gloucester Mvioc Honae, Mrs Owen— l>r Heneage Legge, Derbv w, Salop House, Mrs Griffiths- Mr and Mrs Jones and family The Misses and Mr C. Jones, Laurel Road, Liver- pool Miss Price, Shabdon, Herefordshire Thomaa Flatter and children, Yorkshire Mrs Suddards, Arncliffe .PORTLAND STREET. Miss Jones1— Mrs and Miss Warriljow and maid, Edgbaston • Mrs A ston- Mrs and Miss Harris, Bishop Castle Mr Harris lkr Davies and Mr Badger, Shrewsbury •» CBasfryn House, Mra Capt Davies- Mrs and the Misses Christmas (2), Warwick q. Mrs Hughes Mrs and Miss Smith, Horncastle Mrs Evans, do -The Misses Davies, Talybont 58, Elian Vannin House, Mrs Whittington— Mr and Mrs A H Ward and family, Bromyard, Worcester Mr and Mrs Wall and family, Dudley Mr and Mrs H Baker JMr G. H. Andrews, Ollarton Hall, Knu tsford Mrs Osborne— Mrs and Miss Bould, Wednesbnry IK Miss 188&0- -Mr, Mrs, Mias and Master Parks, Shrewsbury Mrs A. Horton and family, West Bromwioh -Miss Horton, Birmingham 46, jfr Thomas Hipghes- Mr and Mrs Edwards, Cwmmavon H7Mra Capt JoneB— Mr and Mrs Pearaon and family, Derby Mr Chandler, Rhayader )Ire Evan6 and family, do ™ Mrs Ollpi Iffusbn- W. Watkin Griffiths, Talysaru w NORTH PARADE. -lira Ellis- Mr John Davies, Abermule kre Roberts, Children's Infirmary, Liverpool Miss Evaae- Jlr and Mrs Lewis, Farndale Miss Morgan— Mrs Smith and family,Plymouth Grove.Mancheater ~Miae Morgan, Manchester *«. Mrs Rees Edwards— and the Misaes Gray, Clifton iter D. and Mra Williams, St Harmon's Yicarage NORTHGATE STREET. -orthgate House, Mrs Thonse- JKts Jones, London I Mrs Williams— Mr James, Maeeteg Mr T homas, Alltyfadog Mr W Davies* Talybont Mr James Lloyd, Talybont Mr Edwards, Cerabarglodd David Jones, Llwyn Ddewi I «i, Mrs Owen— Mrs and Miss Probert, Bargoed Mrs Thomas, Aberdare lire and Miss G Promer, Aberdare I LITTLE DARKGATE STEEET. "^ince Albert Hotel, Mrs Ellis— Ðr and Mra Clarke, Festiniog ITEW STREET. Miss James— 1hvand Mrs Whitney, Hnddersfleld BAKER STREET. r ViOteris Cottage, Mrs Morgan- 4 Mr and Mrs G. A. P. Brady, Hitter Tranmere Mrs Humphreys— Mrs and Master F Lane, Peterchurch TERRACE ROAD. te Horce Hotel, Mrs Rear. Mr Garbet, Walsall ■ ) -Mr Evans, Poctmadoc House, Miss Lloyd— stev Joshua and Mrs Davies, baby and none, Llanllwni ¡ and Miss Kovachick, Tredegar **»LiaburneHonse, Mr F.Bennisott— HMr J Orooott and family, Hanley » Mrs. Rees— Miss Ironmonger, Newark-on-Trent Mrs Mardell, do Miss Derry, do NEWFOUNLAND STREET. JEana House, Mrs Jones- Mrs and HUBS Rowe, Asten, Birmingham ALFRED PLACE. t, Mrs Roberts- Age. Mrs, MisseB, and Mr F Timmins, Balsall Heath, Birmingham PIER STREET. a Temperance Hotel, Owen Owen- Mr Kewley, New Brighton, Liverpool Mr Johnson, London lfies Palmer, do Mr Davies, Barmouth i-Mr Davies, Pontypridd ".Mrs Ellis— Mrs Wall, Miss Griffiths, Hanley Court, Hereford Mrs Morgan, Miss M. Morgan, aad Master R. w Morgan, Rhayader ^tMrs Davies— wMr and Mrs Rouse, and family, Swansea Hotel, He Owen— Mr and Mrs RawhnsoQ, Darwen, Lancashire Mr E. W: Hallett, Bristol V Mr Wycberley, Shrewsbury ^Mr J Hughes, do ■ Mrs James— Mr and Mrs S. W. Bickley, Southsea Mrs Bickley, Worcester Jws M. H. Davies and family -the Misses Davies, Coalbreokdalo POWELL STREET. MasBey— a Mrs Bevan and daughter, Wolverhampton Wirmingham House, Mrs Morgan— Mr and Mrs. Davies and family, School Board, ft b Penybont Jjrs Lewis— Mr Bellanny and son, Stourbridge a, CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. 5*8 Hughes— Davies, Builtb HIGB STREET. 25, Mr Richard Edwards- Mr Thomas Jumea and family,- Welshpool 29, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs Taylor, nurse and children, Walsall, Stafford- shire 33, Mra Hnsrbes- Mr and Mrs Evans, Penybont 38, Mrs Capt Jonea- Messrs. Charles and Arthur Matley, do Mr and Mrs Brinton, West Bromwich Mrs Wilkes, do 39, Mrs Capt. Enos- Mrs Jones, Llanelly Mr H. Hemmings, Birmingham BRIDGE STREET. Slag's Head Inn, Mrs Evans- Mrs Owens, Llangeitho Mr Evans, do 25, Miss M. J. Epse- Messrs. R. and D. M. Phillips, Rhondda Valley Mr and Mra WalterW. Banner, Moseley, Birming- ham Mr Rees Jones, London 42, Mrs Gobert- Mr Isaac Thomas, Parsil, America Mr Edwards, Barmonth Mr Thomas Lewis, Casool, Radnorshire Mrs Pricp, do Mrs Buffton. Herefordshire Mr A. G. Holland, Chester 52. Mrs D. Evans- Miss Monntford, Wolverhampton Miss Plant, Standeford Miss S. Plant, Wolverhampton PRINCESS STREET. Royal Oak Inn, Mrs Morgan- Mr, Mrs and Master James Ellis, Ebbw Vale Mr W. Hopkin, Star of Gwent Hotel, do 12, Mrs Samnel— Mr Davies and son, Shrewsbury Mr Dunford, Oxford ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 4, Mrs Lloyd- Mrs Parkes, Birmingham Mrs and Miss Rogers, Rodd Court, Kington Mrs R. W. Griffiths, nurse and baby, Eardisley, Herefordshire SEA VIEW PLACE. 15. Ariel Cottave,, Mrs Davies- Mr aud Mrs McConnell Mr and Mrs Sammerfield Mn Allender, Wolverhampton QUEEN STREET. 16, Mrs Morgans- Mrs Davies, Maesycrugiau Mr Edwards and Mr Douglas, Carnarvon "i!S Jones, Llanidloes Mrs Higgra and family, do 32, Mrs Rees- Miss Evans, Mertliyr Mrs Evans and family, do 37, Mrs Simom— T. Brock, F. Brook, E. White CAMBRIiN PLACE. Lerry House, Mra roliver- Miss H. Whitby, Lichfield Xv. and Mrs Sybes and family, Oswestry Mr F. Davies, Cambridge Mr Edward Walters, do UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mr W. Jones, Treorky. 6, Mrs Edwards- Mr Taylor, Bristol Mr R. Stanley, and Mr W. Jones, Newtown I LEWIS TERRACE. 5, Mir, Phillips- Mr and Mrs Katham and family, Birmingham RAILWAY TERRACE. 5, Mrs Dodd- ■ Mr and Mrs Barber, Birmingham 10, Mrs Griffiths- Miss Davies, Carmarthen Mias Davies, do. Dewsbury House, Mrs Hopkins- Mr and Mra Williams and family, Abertillery Miss Williams, Beaufort GEORGE STREET. 2 Newry House, Mrs D. Lloyd- Mr A, D. Bnckmaster, Manchester Mr Simcox, Walsall Messrs Jewell, Birmingham 8, Mrs Jones- Mis and Miss Warrington, West Smethwick Miss DeConrcy, Strata Florida Mr Ey.n8 and Mr Hamer, Newtown 15 Mra MetealfA- Mr Goodley and family, Wolverhampton; Mrs Hodgekiss, Mrs Gertrude Griffin, do. MILL STREET., ii. 24 Mra Thomas- Mr Pryce and Mrs Edwards, Misa Edwards, Knighton, Radnorshire GBAVa INN LANE 5, Mrs Jenkins P Mr and Mrs Davis, Mountain Aab, • Mrjand M*s Baxter, Derby Messrs, and AExa Jonea, Pontrhydfeadigaid e, OHALVBEATE TERSACE. 11, Mrs Jones i, I I. I L 'J J Rev. A. C. Pearce, Macclelltield,