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THE CHURCH SCHOOLS TREAT. The Rev J. H. Protheroe, vicar of St. Michael's, and the churchwardens—Messrs E. P. Wynne and B. E. Morgan-finding there was no general move- ment in the town to celebrate the jubilee of her Majesty's reign, conceived the happy idea of giving the scholars of the united schools of -it. Michael's, St. Mary'8, the Ysgoldy, and the children attending- the National day schools a treat in commemoration of the event. It was calculated that a sum of £ 35 or X40 would be required to defray the expenses, and Miss Roborts, 23, Terrace, and Miss Ostnotherly undertook to collect contributions, and in a short time the necessary funds were forthcoming, a large number of persons most willingly and readily sub- scribing. The general arrangements were under- taken by the Vicar, MrE. P. Wynne, aud .1' Thoniaa Griffiths, Great Darkgate-srreet. It was decided, with the kind consent of Air Loxdale, to visit Castle Hill, Llanilar, and Friday last was selectecl 94 the date on which the affair should t4ke pi Lee. The promoters were most fortunate throughout in the undertaking. The weather was all that could be desired, and, indeed, the day proved the last of & long series of days of brilliant sunshine before a break, for between nine and ten on. the same evening, after all returned home, the wel- come rain came down in torrents, and the weather has been more or less unsettled ever since. There were about twelve hundred scholars and friends. antt the majority of these met at the t own Hall, whero they were formed in marching order by the tfev W- Evans, curate, Mr E. P. Wynne, and M r J. Griffiths, National schoolmaster. In this order they proceeded, accompanied by the Church and schools' banners. through Portland-street, i errace-road, and thence to the railway station, where two special trains were in readiness to receive and convey them to Llanilar per Manchester and Milford Railway. Upon arriving af Castle Hill they were allowed to roam in parts of the beautiful grounds, and some adopted this mode of enjoying the pleasant and happy interval before the serious business of devouring the tea ana excellent plumcake and buns was proceeded with, while others at once betook themselves to the romp- ing games peculiar to out-door parties of this descrip- tion. The preparation of the tea was undertaken fey Mr O. L. Bwberts, the Green, Trefechan, and Mr X, D. Hughes. and they proved efficient in brewirg. the cup which cheers, Ac. "j The tea was conveyed fromAberystwyth to Llanilar in casks, and when served out was found to be quite, hot enough for all practical purposes; the large company enjoyed the meal heartily al fresco, the teachers, lady friends, and several gentlemen con- nected with the English and Welsh churches finding it difficult to meet the demands made upon tbengu. However, there was an abundance, and to spare, and at last all were satisfied Several thousand buna were supplied by Mr W. E. Davies, Pier-street, and they gave great satisfaction. The sports which followed were under the management of Mr B. fiL Morgan, assisted by Mr Thomas Griffiths, and others,, and all—Yicar, curates, churchwardens, men aud women-entered into the spirit of the games, and not only seemed very happy themselves, but also contri- buted greatly to the happiness of the young folk. Prizes were given by the management for running and jumping, in addition to which several ladie* and gentlemen opened their hearts and their purses and supplemented the gifts of the committee by others to those who distinguished themselves as athletes. Mr Kane's town band had been engaged, and performed an excellent selection of dance music, to which many of the young people responded by tripping it gaily to the sounds of sweet music. Shortly before the younger members were to return home they were marched up to the front of the mansion, where they sang several jubilee songs, and gave three hearty cheers for Mr Loxdale. They were afterwards marched to the railway station, where a "special** was again awaiting them, and they reached home safely about eight o'clock, after having spent a most enjoyable day. A second train, containing the adults, arrived here about 9.30, and after the coat- pany had alighted, three hearty cheers were given for the Vicar (Mr Protheroe). The children who were too young to be taken by train, about one hun- dred in number, all under four years of age, were supplied with tea and cake at the National schools, and were attended to by Miss Williams, the infants* schoolmistress, assisted by her sister and Mrs E. P. Wynne. All of them thoroughly enjoyed themselves.