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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. 3, Mra Lloyd- Mrs Charles, Welshpool Misa VViliiHraa. do Mraud Mr* Billings and family, Warwick 5, Capt James— Mr Edwin Hughes and family, Llapfair Miss Thothae, do Mrs L. G. Jumbo, Chester Misafti Fearnes, Presteign 6, Mr. W.tkilis- Mrs Browu and maid, Welshpool 7, Miss A. Jones— The Misses Smith, Whitchurch Mr, Mrs, Miss and Mr Line, Shrewsbury The Misses Holton, Shrewsbury 8, Mrs Davies-, Airs Taylor, London and Mrs Russell Cox, Brecon Mi.9 Starling, Norwich Capt G. E. Money's children 0, Rev. Canon and Mrs Williams, Llanfyllin Miss Sliddon, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Edwards, Hereford 10, Mra R. Jont;ii- Rev. and Mrs Paull and family, Daddington Vie- ar<ige, Lincolnshire Miss Goagh and SVLiss Jenes, Ellesmere Miss Cornell, London Miss Flnck, do Mr and Mrs Kirkpatrick, Walsall Mrs Thompson and family, Oldbury 11, Miss 'l'homas- Mrs Morgan, Brecon Rev T. H., Mra and Master Hughes and nurse, do Mrs Holiuea, Hereford Miss Thompson, do Mr. Mrs, Miss and Mr G. Hind, Leamington 13, Mrs Clayton- Mr. Mrs aud Miss Fitter, Birmingham Misses Jones and Wyke, Hereford 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evan4- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Mrs Eglington, do Mrs Tomlins, Bewdley 17, Mrs J oues- Mrs Morris, family and nurse, Chirbury 18, Miss OweD- Mrs Lloyd, family and nurse, Lampeter Mrs Owen family and nurse, do BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Rev. E. A. Evans, Hereford; Mr Tastenbagen* Manchester; Mr vei-coe, Liverpool; Misses Walker, London Mr W. Jones, Carmarthen > Mr Glazier, London; j&lr Lewis, Liverpool; and Miss Sandwith and servant, Mr Underwoo4» Miss Underwood. Malvern, Worcester; Mr, Mr* and Miss ALter, Mr V. B. Barnwell, London 24, Mrs Kenrick— v Mr.Eld, Lets mxug toii 28, Mifis Hhghes-— 4 Mrs Pryie, Nasebury Mrs Hughes, Pentrecoed, Oswestry Miss Henley, Swiuey Hall, do Mr, Mrs, Miss and Mr H. Cooke, Hereford 29, John Evans- Mrs Forrest, family and nurse, Kenilworth Miss Hyslop, do Mrs and Miss Wood 30, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands— Mra and Miss Owen, Harborne, Birmingham Miss C. Butler, Birmingham Rev.A.audMraRnahtoa Mrs Hayes, and Misses F»lkner, Macclesfield Mr and Mrs Joseph GoslingV Moseley Miss Hbor-itt, touddi .1 34, Windsor House, Mrs iloderick— Mrs Morris, Newton, West Miss Nicholls, Hays Castle I 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson- Mrs Hainan and Miss Harris, Stafford Miss Williams, Pontysrid^ » Mr, 'Mra fend Miaa Wuliaxag, Birmi'nghaxs 86, MOrelatxd Hotae^, MrislSdwards- Mrs^d 'Mr.L.J, La^tord, Brithdir Mrs Rush, Welsnpool Mrs Rogets, Herefordshire Mrs Wakelin and family, Presteign Mrs Rolls, Clapton, London Mrs W. Price and Miss Walker, Presteign Mr and Mrs Kemp and family, Birmingham 39, Glyndwr House, Mias Griffiths- Miss M. Kenyon Slaney and party, Hatton Grange* Shropshire Mr Butler and family, Hereford 40, Miss Neison- Mr and Mrs Peacock, Hanley Miss Cl"rk, London Mr and Mra Shaw and family, Coventry 42, Mrs J. Jones- Mr and Mrs Daniel Owen, Ash Hall Mrs James, Mountain Ash; 43, Pictou House, Miss Osmotherlay- Miss Ward, Shrewsbnry 44, Mies E. F, JoneB- Mr and Mra Waldon, Clifton Mrs LucaB 47, Chatham House, Mrs Edwards— Mr and Mrs Bentley, London Mrs Harding and child, Leamington Miss Vize, Forden Miss Tate and companion, Ellesmere 48, Mr B"rton Mr, Mrs, and KisSte,J. E Partridsre. West Br inch 49. Mrs D. Lewis- Miss Preen, "Ross 51, Mrs Richards— Mr and Mra Hall, Macolesfield Mrs Hurst, Lichfield 53, Mias Jamea— Mr and Mrs Levin and family, London 55,— Mr and Mrs Deane, Birmingham 59, Mrs Edwards- Mrs and Miss Cole, Birmingham Mrs Curtler, do • 60, Mrs Williams- Miss Sharp, Reading Penbryn House, Dr C. R. Williams- Mr and Mrs J. W. Martin, 2 children and nuraOi Handsworth 61. Mt-a Hogg- Mrand Mre Schelling and family, maid and nattoo Cheshire Mr and Mrs Evans, family and none, Bromyard Mrs Jones and Miss Rowlands, Llanwrtyd Wells Mr Evans, Lledrpd Mr Davies, Cwrtiqawr Miss S. Evans, Bromyard 62, Mrs D. Davies— Mr, Mrs and Mr John Ashmore Barnes, DariastOB Mra Francis, family and nurse, Forden Miss Jones, Rhayader 63,- Mrs, Mr and the Misses Mansel, Shrewsbvry Mr and Mrs Retallack, children and nnrse, Smeth- wick 64, York House, Mrs Hogg- Mra Davies and family, Abergavenny Mr and Mrs Edwards Mr Bevan 65, Clifton Honse, Mrs Powell- Mr and Mrs A. L. Beadell, Wimbledon, Surrey Mr and Mrs Wilson and family, Newport, Salop Miss Johnson aad friends, Hereford QUEEN,$ H 3 Lord V atffffc&Pt Cropswood; Rev Archdeacon, JW and Mias D.eni^on, Bridgewater: Major Murray* OSwestry iVCOl Warren, do; Mr Owep, do JW vi And M^s ^yeiables, Mr Alexis, l^eoui Charlpt; Mr and Mra Bldre, Londoh; f*" Dakin, Liverpoolpt Goult, Shrewsbtuy Roesing. Swan^ea Mr, Mrs and ftiip HW^^f Montgomeryshire; Capt Bull, Oswestry: Mir Mrs J^»p^Greait Malvern j Mr W* VICTORIA TERRACE, 'fv^ 3, Ocean Yievr Honse, Mrs Kensit— Colonel and MrsBellers and family, Worcester Rev. E. and Mrs Hewlett, family and maid, MM" "cheater t, .)0 Mrs Davies, Worcester ( T Mrs and Miss Brdugh, Newcastle-on-Tyne Mr E. G, W. Hewlett, Cambridge Mr A. L. Hewlett, Bashey Mr Wehrschmidt, do Snowdon House- Mr and Mrs R. W. and Miss Moore, Wednesblltf Mr H. R., Mrs and Master Marsden Mrs and Miss Taylor, Birmingham Rev. Lloyd Williams, B.A., Cardiff 5, Plynlimon House, Mrs Pieroe— Mr and Mrs W. T. Bannister and family, KidW minster Mr C. A. Bannister and family, Claverley Mr Malone, Dublin