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Mr* Parkinson, Manchester kin Parkinson, do I lbs Morgan and Mrs George Morgan t Ifrs and Miss Hon Kiia Owen, Enfield; Mrs and Miss Taylor, B'ham Miss A. E. and Miss Sara Morris, Breoon Iter. Dr. Morris, do 1 E«r. Lloyd Williams, B.A., Cardiff Trafalgar House, Mr R. Felix— Mr and Mrs Knill, Oak Lodge, Shrewsbury Miss Farmer, Bishop's Castle Miss Gertrude Steward and Miss Wall, Manohes- ter *» firighton House, Miss Lewis— Mr and Mrs C. Bishop and family, Cwmrythan Carmarthenshire Mr and Mrs Dacre Air and Mrs Taylor and family, Blaendyffryn Llnndyssnl A.bero;-Idie House, Mrs Jnlian- Mr and Mrs A. 8. Richards, family and nurse, Hmdsworth, Birmingham Torv Rev. Canon Beesley. Cathedral, Salford Very Rev Mgr Canon Gadd, St. Bede's College, Manchester Rer. Janes Hayes, Blaokley Miss Beesley, Aintree, Liverpool Mrs Septimus Fairhurst, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Henry Fairhurst, do Mr. Mrs and Miss Heap, Rochdale Mr, Mrs and Miss Walker, do Mrs Atkinson, Waterloo Mr and Mrs Robinson, Rochdale Mrs and Miss Ormerod, do ALBERT PLACE. 2, Dumbarton House, Mrs Humphreys- Mr and Mrs Graves, Birkenhead The Misses and Master Williams, Cardiff MM Cree— Mrs Langdon and family, Bristol BRYNYMOR TERRACE. Gleulossi Honse, Mrs Hofikin- Kiss Beeaon, Sidmouth Mrs Edwards— Miss King, Bnrton-oo-Trent Miss Ati M. Ottewell, Derby 5, Mrs Ellis— fiei J. R_, Mrs and Miss Cleminson, Llaaelly Rev. J. Hetherington Cleminson, do «n £ eld Honse, Mra Meredith— Mr and Miss Herford, Withington, Manchester Mr H. Herford, do Itev. J. Robberds, RA., Cheltenham Mr and Mrs Hodge, Manchester QUEEN'S ROAD. Hilton House, Mrs James- Mrs Livesley, Madeley Mrs and Miss Eardley, Tunatall, Staff Crystal Palace, Mrs Price- Mr and Mra Price, Rhayader Lurline Honse, Mrs Fear- Mrs and Miss Lloyd, Birmingham Itardwicke Bouse, Mrs Kane- Mr and Mrs St Johu, London Mr J. G. Cox, London iseter don-e, Mra Morcom- Mr at d Mrs Robertson, nnrse and family, Stafford- shire *\doo House, Mrs Owen— Dr Heneace Legge, Derby Mr and Miss FaHerton, Leamington 17, Salop Honse, Mrs Griftiths- Mr and Mrs Jones and family The Misses and Mr C. Jones, Laurel Road, Liver- pool Miss Price, Shabdon, Herefordshire PORTLAND STREET. Miss JonØfl- Mrs and Miss Warrillow and maid, Edgbaston k Mrs Aøton- Mrs "nd Miss Harris, Bishop Castle Mr Morris, Shrewsbury t. Qlasfryn House, Mra Capt Davies- Mrs and the Misses Christmas (2), Warwiok .a. Mrs Hughes- Mrs and Miss Smith, Horncastle .Mrs Evans, do *1, Mrs Bateman— Mr and Mrs Jones, Holyhead Dr Osborue Williams, Chester Elian Vannin Honse, Mrs Whittington— Wr L. Wo, Mrs, Miss and Mr G. H. Andrews, Allerton Hall, Knntsford Mr and Mrs A. H. Ward and family, Bromyard Mrs Osborne- Edwards, Cwmamman Miss Dunn, Birmingham Miss M. A. Bonld, Wednesbnry Miss Watkiss, Newtown Mi-st Evans, do Miss lsaae- Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Parkes, Shrewsbury «8,— Mrs A. Horeon and family, West Bromwioh Miss Horton, Birmingham Mrs Capt Jones— Mr and Mrs Pearson and family, Derby 40. Mrs Willliams- Mr and Miss Russell Mr Moss NORTH PARADE.. X Mrs Williams— Mr and Mrs R. A. Allen, Hornsey Rise, London »5, Mrs Ellis- Mr John Davies, Abermule lire Roberts, Children's Infirmary, Liverpool 4k M:S8 Morgan- Mrs Smith and family,Plymouth Gron,Manoheater Miss Morgan, do, Manchester *9, Mr Howlett— Mr Wilks, Birmingham LITTLE DARKGATE STREET. Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs Ellis- Mr Williams, Cardiff ^Mr Jones, London I Jfarleigh House, Mrs Finch- Mr Jones, Pantyfallen, Tregaron Mrs Davies, Tregaron Miss S. A. and Master W. P. Jones, do Mr and Miss Morgan, Tregaron Miss Evans, do NEW STREET. H, Mrs Rowlands- Mr and Mrs Clark and family, Brookfields, Bir- mingham Mr and Mrs Bamford and family, do 14 Mrs Samuel- Mr and Miss Clayton, Birmingham Mr Moaley, Abergavenny Mr Dawes, Carmarthen Mis8 J ames- Rev and Mrs Whitney, Hnddersfield Mrs and Master Jones, Pwllheli BAKER STREET. Vtctoria Cottage, Mrs Morgan- Mr and Mrs G. A. P. Brady, Higher Tramnere TERRACE ROAD. White Horn Hotel, Mrs Rea— Mr Knight, Stafford Mr Bishop, do Mr Barnet, do •fc. Beach House, Miss Lloyd— JKn Price, Newtown Mrs Bnckley, do Lisburne House, Mr F. Bennison— Mr and Mrs Blakeley, Masters Walter, Ernest and Sidney, Horsforth, Leeds •4, Mrs. Reeø- Mrs and the Misses Hiokling, Birmingham Mr Hickling CORPORATION STREET. 7, Mrs Cnlliford- Mr and Mrs Bywater, Birmingham ALFRED PLACE. t, Mrs Roberts- | Miss Bayly, Kingsland, London ^Miis Davies, Llanfyllin House, Miss Griffiths— Rev. D. Griffiths, Cwmamman PIER STREET. fjwalia Temperanoe Hotel, Owen Owen- Mr Kewley, New Bnghton, Liverpool Mr Johnson, London Miss Palmer, do <8, Mrs Ellis- Mrs Wall, Miss Griffiths, Hanley Court, Kings tone *8, Mrs James— Mr and Mrs S. W. Bickley, Southsea POWELL STREET. Mrs Massey— Mrs Bevan and daughter, Wolverhampton Birmingham House, Mrs Morgan— Mr and Mrs C. H. Wiley, Birmingham M rt Lewis— Mr and Mrs Davito, Camp Hill, Birmingham CUSTOM-HOUSE STREET. *» Mrs Hughes— Mr Davies, Builth SHIPBUILDERS' ROW. Mrs Rees— Miss Booth and Miss Mainwaring, Wolverhampton kit r, Miss and Master Grove, Leek, Staffordshire Jones— Mr Grove, Leek, Staff HIGH STREET. Edwards— Mrs Thomas and family, Nantygelly, Carmarthen -.ra Thomas, Pistill Gwion Mrs Lloyd- Mr Grove, Leek, Staff HIGH STREET. Edwards— Mrs Thomas and family, Nantygelly, Carmarthen ^Mrs Thomas, Pistill Gwion ^»Mrs Lloyd— Mr Thomas, Lampeter Messrs Roger ana Thomas Morris, Merthyr Hughes and Mr Jones, Llanwrtyd 38, Mrs Clfpt Jones- Mr Lloyd, Smotbick I 39, Mrs Enos- Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Partridge, Weat Brom- wich Master Fred Hobson, do BRIDGE STREET. 19, Mrs Jones- Mr +"yn, Brecon Nag'is Read, bfrs Evaiiii- Mrs Davies. Cwmaman Mr Jones, London ( Mr Evans. Llangeitho Mr Rees. Llanelley Old Black Lion Inn, Mrs DAvies- Mrs Davies and family, London Mr and Mrg Lewis and family, Llangwyryfon 25, Miss M. J. Rees- Mr Davies, Lampeter 42, Mrs Gobert- Mr Henry Evsus, Alltfedw Miss M. Jenkins, Ucheldre Mill Mr I.. Willisims. Builth Wells Mr E. flnei Mrs Morgan, Pantyblodanch, do Rev. W. L. Jones, Builth 52, Mrs Evans— Mrs and Master Jones, Penybont, Rhayader 53 — Mr Stovold, Mr Hnmphreys, Miss and Master Stovold. London GKEAT DARKGATE STREET. LION HOTEL, John Roberts- Mr and Mrs Oliver, baby, and nurse, Newport; Mr and Mrs Gibbs, New Jersey, U.S.A.i M Bfrry and M A Berry, Rockingham; Mr M Will, Wolverhampton; Mr Edmunds, Mr Allchin, Northampton; Mr Dawson, Newtown; Mr Howard, Mr Sing, Mr J A Jenkins, Birmingham; Mr Lloyd, Mr Spinks, Mr Hicks, Mr Hnghes, Manchester; Mr At.field, Mr Thomas, Mr Stan- cliffe, Mr Price, Bristol; Mr Wand, London Mr Williams, Mr Taylor, Mr May, Newtown, Mr Mow, Mr Mortimore, London; Mr Maud, London Mr Morris, Mr Davenport, Mr Aston, Oswestry Mr Steel, Newtown Mr Sax ton, Mr Morelind, Mr Glover, Leeds; Mr Wilson Roberts, Mr J M Owen, Bristol; Mr Barton, Mr Trevell, Shrewsbury; Mr Mote PRINCESS STREET. 1, D. Dsyies- Miss Davies, Llanybyther Royal Oak Inn, Mrs Morgan— Mr, Mrs and Master James Ellis, Ebbw Vale Mr W. Hopkin, Star of Gwent Hotel, do ST. MICHAEL'S PLACE. 4, Mrs Lloyd— Mrs and Miss Rogers, Rodd Court, Kington Mrs K. W. Griffiths, nurse and baby, Eardisley, Herefordshire Mrs Parkes, Birmingham SEA VIEW PLACE. 3, Miss Kealine— Mr W. Wynn Davies, Islo of Anglesey 9, J. Thotuas- Mr. Mrs and Miss M. Whitaker, Wolverhampton 15. Ariel Cottar. Mrs Davies- Mr and Mrs McConnell Mr and Mrs Summered Mrs Allender, Wolverhampton Miss Morgan, Llanilar QUEEN STREET. 27, Mrs Jones— Mr, Mrs and Mnster Reea, Taylors Town 28, Mrs Davies- Mr. Mrs and Masters ShufBebotham 32, Mrs Rees- Mrs Edriowes. Sbineton. Shrewsbury Miss Preen, do Mrs, Miss and Master Evans, Merthyr 38, Mrs Davies- Miss Thomas, MrsJand Miss Evans, & Mra Lewis, Carmarthenshire Mr B. Evans, and Mr Evans, Cardiff Mr and Mrs Jones, Penoader CAMBRIAN PLACE. Lerry House, Mrs Oliver— Mr and Mrs Sykes and family, Oswestry Mr F. Davies, Cambridge Mr Edward Walters, do 4, Mrs Hughes Mr and Mrs Evans. Whitchurch Mr and Mrs Keely, Torquaj Dar House, Miss Jones- Miss Annie Evans, Swansea Mr J. H. W. Williams, Birmingham UNION STREET. 1, Miss Morris- Mrs and Mr T. E. Skett, Shrewsbury Mr W. Jones, Treorkey Mrs Evans, Llanddewi Aston House, Mrs Evans- Mrs Lisesby, Boosey, Staffordshire Mrs and Miss Eardley, do Mr Williams and Mr Parry 6, Mrs Edwards- Mr John Jones, Buenos Ayres Mr R. Stanley, and Mr W. Jones, Newtown LEWIS TERRACE. Railway Inn, Mr Tanner- Mr and Mrs Williams and son, Welshpool Mr James, Haverfordwest Mr Thomas, Neath 3, Laurel Cottage, Mrs Grifliths- Mrs Jones, Llanidloes 5, Mr Phillips- Mr and Mrs Latbåm and family, Birmingham Messrs. Clarke, do RAILWAY TERRACE. 6, Mrs Thomas- Miss Mrtha Wilhelm, Germany 10, Mrs Griffiths- Mrs Thomas and Miss Davies, Carmarthen Mr and Mrs Jones. Newtown NORTHGATE STREET. 20, Mrs Ellis— Mrs Jones, Derry Ormond GEORGE STREET. Newry Honse, Mrs D. Lloyd- Mrs and Miss Thomas, Portmadec Mr Miller and Mr Hughes, Wolverhampton Mr Smith, do Mr Newell, Albrighton Mr Simoox, Walsall Mr A. D. Bnokmaster, Manchester Mrs Davis, family and nurse, Cydros, Machynlleth MILL STREET. 19, Mrs Jon a- Mra Jones, Welsbpool Mrs Davies and family, do r „ GRAY'S INN LANE MIB Mr and Mrs Davis, Mountain Ash Mr and Mrs Baxter, Derby 12, Mrs Edwards- Mr Davies and daughter, Penoader CHAL> BEATE TERRACE. 11, Mrs Jones- Rev. A. C. Pearce, Macclesfield