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DUNVILLB'S OLD IRISH WHISKY is recommended by the medical profewion in preference to French Brandy. They hold the largeott stock of Whisky in the world. Supplied in caskst and camp for home use and exportation. Quotations on application to DUVVIUB It Co., Limited, Royal Irish Dstilleriea, Belfast. FAIR WHITE HANDS BRIGHT CLEAR COMPLEXION. SOFT HEALTHFUL SKIN. PI&ARS, SOAP, for Toilet and Nursery, specially prepared for the delicate skin of ladies andchildren, IUld others sensitive to the weather, winter er summer. Prevent* redness, rough- ness, and chapping. Sold Everywhere. Large Scented tablets Is., Smaller (Uøseented) GeL THROAT IRRITATION AND COUGH.—Soreness and dr. u. tickling and irritation, inducing congh and affecting the voice. For these symptoms use Epp.'s Glyc-rine Jujube*' In roi.ucl with the glands at the moment tiny are excitrd an the act ofoucking. the Glycerine in these agreeable confections becomes actively healing. Sold only in boxes, 7Jd, tins Is lid, labelled JANBS EPPS It Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, Lon- don." Dr George Moore, in his work on Nose and Throat Diseases," says The Glycerine Juj nfees prepared by James BJlp" and Co., are of undoubted service as a curative or palli- ative agent." While Dr pordon Holmes, Senior Phyician to the Municipal Throat and Bar Infirmary, writes After an extended trial I havefound your Glycerine Jujubes of consider- able benefit, in almost all forms ot throat diseaiw." CHEAP NOURISHMENT.—Fourteen large Breakfast Cups of Strong, reliable Cocoa can be hid rom a Sixpenny Packet of Cadoury'g Cocoa Etaence. Ask tor Cadbury's, and do not be imposed upon. Beware of Imitations. TOWLE'8 PENNYROYAL AND STJucL PILLS FOR FBJULBS quickly cerrect all irregularities and re- lieve the distressing symptoms so prevalent with the sex. Boxes Is lid and 211 94 of all Chemists. Sent anywhere for M ar 34 Stamp*, by the Lincoln and Midland Counties Drug Co., Lincoln. BSWABB or IMITATIONS. STORM WARNING S— A SEVERE STORM MAT BE EXPECTED every day of the week in all domestic circles where Hudson's Dry Soap is not in regular daily use. A Penny Packet will prevent it. Quiek, safe, and leaves no smell. Honaos a DBr SOAP is free from anything of an injurious character. A pure, Dry Soap, in tine powder. Rapidly Soluble. Lathers freely. Softens Water. A perfect Hard- Water Soap I A Cold-Water Soap I A Soft-Water Soap A Hot-Water Soap Unrivalled for Washing Clothes and Everything, and all a purifying agent.

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