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CILCENNIN. JUBILEE TREAT AND TEA PARTY.—The children of Cilcennin Board school again experienced the kindness and generosity of Major Price Lewes, of Tyglyn Aeron, in this parish. On Tuesday, the 21st ult.,the children,to the number of about 80, assembled in the schoolyard at 1.30 o'clock, and after singing a few songs marched in ranks through the village, towards the Major's residence. There they arrived at two o'clock, and were at once very generously received, and conducted to a pleasantly-shaded meadow to enjoy themselves. Field sports were engaged in by the boys, such as racing, jumping, sack racing, &c., heartily supported by the Major, money prizes being given to the winners in each race. The girls were suitably entertained by the ladies of the house with swings, balls, and plea- sant games. This fun was continued till four, and during their play the children were freely supplied with milk to allay their thirst and to wash away the dust gathered in their journey from the village to the mansion. Cakes and sweetmeats were also liberally supplied them at intervals during their games, and shortly after four o'clock the children sat down on the lawn before the house to a most plentiful repast of tea, bun cake, Ac., to which they did full justice (in spite of the excessive heat) as was shown by the repeated replenishing of empty cups and plates. They were untiringly waited upon by the ladies and their supporters during the feast, and not till the young ones were fairly conquered with the good cheer did the ladies desist in keeping up the supply. After tea games were again resumed and continued till after six, but this time in a pleasant paddock near the lawn, where the grass had been out specially for the children's amusement, and here the ladies caused much merriment by going into the fun and pelting each other and the children with the hay. Shortly after six the children were called together, and each one received another bun and a packet of sweets. After singing a few songs and the National Anthem, Mr Savage (the teacher) returned thanks to the kind family of Tyglyn Aeron on behalf of the children, and three ringing cheers were given for. their health ahd happiness. The Major responded by a short but loyal and effective speech in the Queen's honour, and as an encouragement to the children to do their duty, and endeavour to become industrious and loyal subjects her Majesty. He then proposed "three times three" for the Queen and country, and the children dispersed to their several homes. Thus was added to their young and eventful lives another day long to be remembered in gratitude to the kindest of kind families that it has been their good fortune to know.


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