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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TEER-ACK. 3, Mrs Lloyd- Miss Mannox, M_\nor House, Shirley, Birmingham Miss lirown, do Mrs Sheldon, Upton Magna, Shrewsbury Ml-s Jones, do Miss Davies, Astley, do 5, Mrs James— The Misses Fearnes, the Nash, Kington Mrs Evans and maid, Machynlleth 6, Mrs W«.tkius—• Mr, Mrs J. Y. and the Misses Botts, Coventry Mrs Brown and maid, Welshpool 7, Miss A. Jones- Mr and Mra G -acewood, Kent Mr, Mrs and Miss Mado, Whitchurch The Misses Smith, Wbitohurch 8. Mrs Davies- Mrs Taylor, London Mr and Mrs Russell Cox, Brecon Mi-s Harling, Norwich Miss Holme, Liverpool The Misses Tyler, Worcester 9,- Pev. Canon and Mrs Williams. Llanfyllin Miss Sliddon, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Edwards, Hereford 10. Mrs R. JOUM-.— Mr aud Mrs Bosley, Hereford Mrs Godby and children, Rochdale Miss Goagh and Miss lqnel, Ell-smere Mr and Mrs Alichin, NottiNgham Mr and Mrs Taylor, Didley Miss Cornell, Loudon Miss Frank, do Rev. and Mrs Panll and family, Duddington Yvf arage, Lincolnshire 11- Mrs and Miss Macrae, Leamington 13, Mrs Clayton- Mr Mrs aud Miss Titter, Birmingham Missi-s Jouea tnd Dyke, do 15, Cambridge Hunse, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Mrs Grant and maid, WolTerhampton Mrs Eglington, do Mra T'omlina, Bewdley 16, Miss H. Hughts- Mrs Hughes, Broom, Alcester Miss Nellie Pardoe, Citibersley, Droitwich Mr and Mrs Green, Park Villa, Comer, WoroflSf* 17, Mrs Jones- Rev R. and Mrs Horton, family and nurse, LEOO- inster Miss Swain, do Mr Jones, Carno Mr Ashton, do 18, Miss Owen- Mra Lloyd, family and nuraa, Lampeter Mrs Owen, family and nurse, do 20,- lr, Mrs, Master, and Miss Huntback, Hanley Miss B"dd(elil, Gremont BE i.LE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer- Mrs Charles Gunning Parker, Lampeter; Mr Jflrs Hopkins, Birmingham; Mr Mr and Mrs Tnrton, Yorkshire; Mr Liverpool, Mr Charles Vercoe, do; Mr Gana"W**» Mr Tolley, Wolverhampton; Mr and MRS Birmingham; Miss Tibbut, Oxford MW-. Lancaster, WetheralF Hants; Mr Jenks, pool; Mr and Mrs Hopkins, Birmingham 24, Mrs Kenrick- Miss Wilkinson, Birmingham Miss Clifton, London 28, Mias If ughes- c1. Mrs H. Eady-Proctor and maid, Mr S. Miss Proctor, Glenthorne, Cannock R Mrs Hnghes and children (3), Trecoed, Os"tr1 29, John Evans— Mr. Forrest, family and nurse, KenilWor* Miss Hyslop, do 30, Claremont House, Miss Rowlands Mr and Mrs Joseph Gosling, Moseley Mr and Mrs Slayford and family, Birmingham Mr and Mira Kittings, Tipton Mrs Downes. Chester Rev. A. and Mrs Rush'on Mrs Hayes, and Misafa Fawkner, Macclesfield 34, Windsor House, Mrs Roderick— Mrs Morris, Newton, West Mrs Nicholas, Hays Castle Mias and Miss S. Swift, Ashton-under-Lyne Mrs Wyley and family, Stafford 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson- Mrs Halden and Miss Harris, Stafford Miss Williams, Pontypridd Mr and Mrs Wall, Welshpool Mr A. B. Richards, Islington 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Blair and family, Birmingham Mrs Layford and family Mrs Gogers and family, London Mr. Mrs and Miss Bird, Liverpool 38, Mrs Biddulph— unrt Mr and Mrs Saxelly, nurse and baby, Shrewao°rj Mrs Tamer, Stockport Mr, Mrs and Miss Webb, Brecon Mrs Williams, d« 39 Glyndwr House, Misa Griffiths- Miss M. Kenyon Blsney and party, Hatton Shropshire Mr and Mrs E. M. Phillips, Tonypandy 40, Miss N elon- Mr and Mrs Griffiths and family, Llanilar Mr and Mrs Pidduck, Hanley Miss Clirk, London 41, Mrs Jones- The Misses Kinsella, Liverpool 43, Picton House, Misa Oamotherlay- Miss Clark and Miss Hutchinson, Warwick 44. Mies E. F. Jones- Mrs E. Lucas and family, Kidderminster. Mrs and Miss Deverell Miss Gibson, Ireland 47, Chatham House, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Bentley, London Mrs and Miss Medlicott, Shrewsbury Miss Tate and companion, Ellesmere 48, Mr Barton— Mr, Mrs, and Misses J. E Partridge, West BR wich 49, Mr D. Lewis- Mrs McCutchen and maid, Ellesmere Mrs Smith and family, Welshpool Miss Preen, Ross 51, Mrs Richards— Mr and Mrs Hall, Macclesfield 53, Miss James- Mrs Hurst, Lichfield 55,— Mr and Mrs Deane, Birmingham 59, Mrs Edwarde- Mra and Miss Cole, Birmingham Mrs Curtler, do 61. Mrs Hogg— Mr and Mra Shelling and family, Cheshire Mr and Mrs Evans, family and nurse, BROMYARD Rev D. Evans, Lledrod 62, Mrs D. Davies— Mr, Mrs and Mr John Ashmore Barnes, Mrs Francis, family and nurse, Forden Miss Jones, Rhayader 63,— Mr Mrs J. and Master Marston, Shrewsbury 64, York House, Mrs Hogg- Mr and Mra Owen, nurse and children, Nolwt 65. Clifton House, Mrs Powell- Mr and Mrs B. S. Atkinson, Rook Ferry, lu Mr and Mrs A. L. Beadell, Wimbledon, SURRTT QUEEN'S HOTEL,—* A Mr and Mrs Kendall, Mr and Mrs Smith, London; Mr and Mrs B. Atkinson, LLANM*^ Mr Aeton, Shropshire; Mr and Mrs Liverpool; Mrs and Miss Dioksoo, de; Jones, Mr H. O. West and manservant, ham VICTORIA TERRACE. 3, Ocean View House, Mrs Kensit- Colonel and Mrs Bellers and family, WORCEFLW^ Rev. — Hewlett, family and maid, Mrs Davies, Worcester Mr Trevor G. Boxawin, Ellesmere Mrs and Miss Brough, Stafford 5, Plynlimon House, Mra Pierce- Mr and Mrs Loveridge and family, Sons" Birmingham Miss Robinson, do Miss Loveridge, Drayton House, Trinity Sir Richard and Lady Green Price, Norton, teign U Mra Hammersley, Brownhills Hall, Tunatall Mrs Corn and daughter, Burslem Mr and Mrs Taylor, do Snowdon House— Mr and Mrs R. W. and Miss WEDNESB- Miss Blakemore, do