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ABERYSTWYTH. MARINE TERRACE. 3, Mrs Lloyd— Miss Mannox, Manor House, Shirley, Miss Brown, do Mrs Sheldon, Upton Ma.gna, Shrewsbury Miss Jones, do Miss Davies, Astley, do 6, Mrs Watkins- Mr, Mrs J. Y. and t'.io Misses Betta, Coventry Mrs Brown and maid, Weishpool 7, Miss A. Jones— Mr and Mrs G;acewood, Kent Mr Grayiord, do The Misses bmith, Whitchurch 8, Mrs Davies— Mrs L'1wia, Ltanayron Mr and Mrs Russell Cox, Brecon The Misses Tyler's, Worcester 9,— Bev. Canon and ML-S Williams, Llanfyllio Mrs E itongh, and Miss Sleddon, Liverpool Mr aud Mrs Edw.irds, Hereford 10, Mrs I, Mr and Mrs Bosiey, Hereford Mrs Godby and children, Rochdale MissJBali, Great Waltord Miss Joues, Voclmw Miss Cornell, London Miss Flock, do t Mr, Mrs, Master & Miss Halsworth Birmine-.It Mr and Mt8 J. Elson Robinson and family* ampton Mrs Frank Allchin. do Miss E. Laugstar, Hampstead, London Mr, Mrs and Matlwr Few, Warwick rSfr Rev. Mr and Mrs Cole, Doddington Rectory* coin 11,— Mrs and Miss Macrae, Leaminton Rev. Davii Miller, S'.ranraet, N.B. Mrs aa i Miss Cuanick, London 15, Cambridge House, Miss Evans- Mr and Mrs C. C. Smith, Wolverhampton Mrs and Mi»s Fallwood, Sedgeloy Mrs Grant and maid, Wolverhampton Mrs Tomlins, Bewdley 16, Miss H. Hught.s- Mrs Hughes, Broom, Alcester Miaa Nettie Pardoe, Cinbersley, Droitwich jm* Mr and Mrs Green, Park Villa, Comer, Wo 17, Mrs J ones— -j# Rev R. and Mrs Horton, family and nurse» inster Miss Swain, do Mr Jones, Carno Mr Ashton, do 18, Miss Owen- Mrs Smith, Fox Farm, Shrewsbury Miss F Smith, do j Mra Owen, family and nurse, Lampeter 20- Mr, Mrs, Master, and Miss Huntback, Usulef Miss Bedd. t'i, Gremornt Miss Roberts, Amlwch BELLE VUE HOTEL, Mr W. H. Palmer— Mr and Mrs Mason, Mr Tusienbagen, 24, Mrs Keurick- Miss Wilkinson, Birmingham Miss Clifton, Loudon 28, Miss Hngh<-— fgjL Mrs H. Ha -Proctor and maids, Mr s. A- Miss Pr(., Glenthorne, Cannock 29, John Ev: Mrs For! tamily and nurse, Kenilwortb Miss Hy. do 30, ClanlmulIt House, Miss Rowlands— Mr and Mrs Enoch Gittias, junr., 30, I roa4, Tiptou Mrs Sutyford and family, Birmingham Mr and Mrs Miners, Liverpool Kev. A. and Mra Rushtou AbM Mrs Hayes, and Mrs Fawkner, 34, Windsor House, Mrs Roderick Mrs Hayes, and Mrs Fawkner, Maodesisa 34, Windsor House, Mrs Roderick- Mr and Mrs J. Chadborn, Watford, iffortfadaw ? Miss and Miss S. Swift, Ashton-under-Lyno Mrs Allen Mrs Turner Mr, Mrs and Master Wyle, nnrse and baby 35, Brynymor House, Mrs M. Nelson Rev. D. A. Jones & Mr C. W. A. Jones, AbersjJ'' Mr and Mrs Brockbank, Birkenhead Mrs Taylor and Aliss Booth, Leeds, Yorkshire Mrs Halden and Miss Harris, Stafford Mr A. B. Richards, Islington 36, Moreland House, Mrs Edwards- Mr and Mrs Biair and family, Birmingham Mrs Layford and family Mrs Gogers and family, London Mr, Mrs and Miss Bird, Liverpool 38, Mrs Biddulph— t|<W Mr and Mrs Saxelly, nurse and baby, Mrs Turner, Stockport Mr, Mrs and Miss Webb, Brecon Mrs Williams, d8 39, Glyndwr House, Miss Griffiths— nmtf*" Miss M. Kenyon Slaney and party, Hatton Shropshire Mr and Mrs E. M. Phillips, Tonypandy 40, Miss Nelson- Mrs Chapman, Shrewsbury Miss Harris, ao Mr and Mrs 8ellick, Lichfield Mr and Mrs Griffiths and family, Llanilar 41, Mrs Jones— The Misses Kinsella, Liverpool 43, Picton House, Miss Oamotherlay- Miss Clark and Miss Hutchinson, Warwick 47, Chatham HouR." Mrs Edwards- • Mr and Mrs Bentley, London Mrs and Miss Medlicott, Shrewsbury Miss Tate and oompanion, Ellesmere 48, Mr Bfuton- Mrs Parkinson, Ashburnham Villas, Bradford Mr and Mrs Turner, Manningham, do Mr, Mrs, and Miss J. E. Partridge, West wich 49, Mrs D. Lewis- Mrs McCutcben and maid, Ellesmere Mrs Smith and family, Welshpool Miss Preen, Ross 53, Miss James— Mrs Hurst, Lichfield 55,— Mr and Mra Deane, Birmingham 61, Mrs Hogg- Mr Jones, Hereford Miss Messieur, Brecon 63,— Mr, Mrs J. and Master Marston, Shrewsbury 64, York House, Miss Russell— 0, Mr and Mrs Edwards, children and narse, Mr Davies and Mr Knowles, do 65, Clitton House, Mra Powell- Mr and Mrs Jones and baby, Seacombe QUEEN'S HOTEL,— Mr and Mrs Reginald Smith, Maidstone Mr Mrs Longcroft and manservant, Llanina and Mrs Soames, Wrexham; Mrs and Cannon, Dublin; Colonel Hewitt; Mr ana. Annett, Oswestry VICTORIA TERRACE. 3, Ocean View House, Mrs Kensit- Colonel and Mrs Bellers and family, Worcester Rev. Hewlet and family, Manchester Mrs Davies, Worcester 5, Plynlimon House, Mrs Pierce— Mr and Mrs Loveridge and family, SOSBCX Birmingham Miss Robinson, do Miss Loveridge, Drayton Honse, Trinity Sir Richard and Lady Green Price, Norton* teign Mrs HammerBley, Brownhills Hall, Tanstall Mra Corn and daughter, Buralem Mr and Mrs Taylor, do Mr and Miss Johnson, Dublin Suowdon House— Mr and Mrs R. W. and Miss Moore, Miss Blakemore, do Mrs, Parkinson, Manchester Miss Parkinson, do Mrs Morgan Mr and Mrs George Morgan Mrs and Miss Hogg Rev. Dr. Morris, Brecon Miss A. E. and Miss Sara Morris, Cardiff Rev. Lloyd Williams, B.A., do 6, Trafalgar House, Mr R. Felix- Mr and Mrs Knill, Oak Lodge, Shrewsbury Miss Eariner Colebaoh, Bishop's Castle, SaJOp Mr Lewis, Newtown 7, Brighton Honse, Miss Lewis— Mr and Mrs C. Bishop and family, Cw»rIw^ Carmarthenshire Mr and Mrs Daore rrtf* Mr and Mrs Taylor and family, Llandyssul