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THE JUBILEE CELEBRATIOJSrS. If the voice of the people is the voice of God/- then surely the Almighty has ex-pressed in most unmistakeable terms His approbation of the reign af Queen Victoria. In London the demonstrations were such as the world has seldom if ever seen. The thanks- giving service at the Abbey was attended by any number of crowned heads, and the representatives of all classes and creeds in her Majesty's dominions whilst the streets were thronged, it may safely be said, with millions of people, admiring the outward signs of joy, and each vieing with the other in con- gratulations upon the accomplishment of her Majesty's Jubilee and in wishing for a continuance of hsr long, happy and prosperous reign. Throughout the provinces also the utmost enthusi- asm prevailed. Even in Aberystwyth, wh-re it was thought that there would be no demonstration of any sort, owing to the collapse of the organisers of the movement* the people decorated their houses and kept holiday. During the day all sorts of flags, supplemented by make-shifts of various kinds, were suspended from windows and across Rtrees. and in the evening Chinese lanterns were placed outside many houses, and candles were lit inside the windows in several; others, in addition to the ordinary lighting appli- ances. In North-parade a star lit up the neighbour- hood most brilliantly, whilst the letters P.L." did similar duty in New-street. Indeed the gaa seemed to have been purified and strengthened in aa exceptional degree. In the celebrations Chapelgoera vied with Churchmen, and Radicals with Conser- vatives, for on great occasions all become members of the great British Empire, and join to do honour to its reigning sovereign. In the afternoon the people attended the ceremony of laying the founda- tion stone of the tower and transepts of Trinity, which, is fully reported elsewhere, and in the evening- some attended a Jubilee concert, whilst thousands paraded the streets and castle to witness the illumi- natiocfi. From the castle the sight at night was truly grand. On the hills for miles around bonfires were burning. any number of tar barrels andfirewoodl being set on fire. These were conspicuous on Con- stitution Hill and Pendinas, but especially on thor Penglaie hill overlooking the town,-where numbers of fires- were flaring away. Then other fires were visible on hill after hill, until Plynlimon, in the dis- tance, was reached. Along the coast, north and: south, a thick fog prevented a view of what going on, in those directions. Much of the success of the day's doings depended npon the weather, and surely nothing could have been finer- The Americans tried to direct a storm towards this country just in time to mar slightly the festivities, but the storm refused, to obey, an«t either expended itself on the ocean or turned off in. some other direction. On Tuesday special services to celebrate the Queen's jubilee were held in the Homan Catholics church, Qneen's-road. The Bishop of the diocese* Dr Hedley, in a letter referring to the jubilee cele- brations, amd which was read in all the Catholic churches of Newport and Menevia on-Sunday, thua. writes ;To feel affectionate aud even enthusiastic towards the person of Her Majesty is intelligible and gratifying. It is very natural that the nation should have grown fond of one who has been with them for so long a time, bearing the soeptre of their ancient land, and adorning her great position by conscientious duty and a blameless life. But this feeling by itself does not constitute Christian loyalty. Loyalty rests on religious principle, and there may be men whc, care little personally for the Queen, yet who would do their duty towards her to the utter- most, a.nd make with cheerfulness every necessary sacrifice.. To turn to God, then,.is our clear duty at this epoch of national life to pray for the Sovereign, to thank God for his past gifts, and to intercede with Him most earnestly for all those pressing objects which the country so sorely needs. Amongst those present in church were the Very Rev Canon Beesley, The Cathedral, Salford, Very Rev Mgr. Canon Gadd, St Bede's College, Manchester, and Rev James Hayes, Manchester.





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