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LOCAL AND DISTRICT NEWS. Haymaking has commenced. On Jubilee day the s.s. Countess of Lisburne made an excursion to New Quay, and a goodly number availed themselves of the trip, which was the first of the season. To-day (Wednesday) jubilee services are held at St Michael's morning and evening. A treat was given to the inmates of the workhouse on Jubilee Day. The children were invited by Mr and Mrs Morgan to Nantceirio Hall. To-day (Wed- nesday) they are invited by Mr and Mrs Powell, Nant Eos. I.O.G.T.—On Tuesday, June 14th, Mr D. Samuel, M.A., delivered an address on The Rise and Progress of England's Maritime Greatness at the Ystwyth (Welsh) Lodge. There was a large number of mem- bers present. A vote or thanks was passed, on the motion of Capt. Hall. RESCUE FROM DROWNING.—Mr J. A Knowles, B.A., one of the senior students at the University College of Wales, saved a man from drowning on Saturday evening. The man, who is a carpenter in the town, went to bathe on the beach near the castle, and as there is a strong and dangerous current there, he was soon carried out of his depth. Mr Knowles saw the man's danger, and having divisted himself of his coat, at once swam out to his assistance, and suc- ceeded in bringing him to land. Mr Knowles displayed the most plucky conduct throughout. RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY.—A meeting of this authority was held at the Town Hall on Monday afternoon. Present: Rev J. Pugh (in the chair), Mr W. B. Powell, Nanteos, Rev J. M. Griffiths, Llan- fihangel Geneu'rglyn, Mr Dd. Lewis, Llanrhystid, Mr Evan Richards, Penuwch, Mr E. J. Morgan, Cefnllidiart, Mr T. Smith, Gelmast, Mr James Jones, Tyllwyd, Mr Hugh Hughes, jun., clerk, and Mr Dd. P. Jones, inspector.-Borth reservoir:—The Clerk read a report received from Mr Thomas Roberts, C.E., Portmadoc, as to the state of the Borth reser- voir, and the Chairman remarked that the report showed that the whole thing was not properly designed, and the work throughout was very bad. It was decided to make the best of the reservoir for the forthcoming summer months. BOAT RACE.—A four-oared race, which excited a large amount of attention, took place on Saturday evening between representatives of the town and the University College of Wales. It is two years since a similar contest took place, when the collegians carried off the laurels of victory but on this occa- sion matters were reversed. The crews were-for the town: Mr R. G. Smith, solicitor, stroke; Mr Daniel Jones (Messrs Hugh Hughes & Sons), 2nd; Mr D. Roberts, N.P. Bank, 3rd; Mr 0. L. Roberts, The Green, Trefechan, bow and Mr Harold Evans, coxswain. For the college: Mr Thomas, stroke; Mr Rowe, Mr Gilbert Williams, Mr Humphreys, and Mr F. Smith, cox. Dr Harries was the starter. The college crew had been in training for about six weeks, an advantage which was not enjoyed by the Aberystwyth men, owing to the difficulty which was experienced in getting together a crew at all, and we understand they had only done any serious work for about a week prior to the race. Consequently, the odds were very much in favour of the college, upon whom five to one was freely offered up to the time of the start. The course was from Clarach point, on the Borth side of Clarach bay, to a boat anchored near the Pier. The college stroke won the toss, and elected the inside, as the tide was running stronger in their favour there. Dr Harries sent the crews on their journey very well together, and for a short distance they hugged each other closely; but the Aberystwyth men commenced to draw away from, their opponents, and soon let daylight in between the two boats, after which nothing eventful happened. The distance between them was increased almost every stroke, and the Aberystwyth crew came in winners by four lengths. The race was witnessed by hundreds of people, the pier being filled with specta- tors, whilst the Terrace and various points on Con- stitution Hill were also lined with spectators. We understand that the race is now likely to beoome an annual one, and it is evident will be one in which great interest will be taken. The course is nearly a mile and a half in length, and the time occupied by the winning crew in covering it on Saturday was eleven minutes fifteen seconds.

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