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VISITORS TO ABERYSTWYTH f" c-lioc!'L) N(JIF TO SEE THE BRIDGE AND IKRAHBH VISITORS TO ABERYSTWYTH f ¡!CKET: T() VIEW, EACH, jt, II in: obtained at THE HOTEL, W,eie every, rovided at JI)(u.1el'ate charges. Å TWO-SHILLING LUNCHEON DA ILY. Conveyances AberYitwyth for Devil's Bridge every morning at 9.30. J L LJ k; ,l. 1: MESSRS. MORGAN A -N D CO., (LATB DOWNIE). WIXi AND S PI KIT MERCHANTS, Bfcg ly s.r.r»o:ii.ff> tl.ut v'-t v I;opo; to i attain tLis Year a large Cargo of Messrs. As-HuR GuiNNICSS ami Cos., C L I' li IU X E D EXTRA STOUT, Dirt ft i'• > »r.l>I u. wni.-li they are prepared to Sell at the following Prices- Gallon < "t .'4*. OD each j IN BOTTLES. K: • l> ins li'.i :t i>7>. Od. each j Pints 4a. 6d. per doz. Fi'k; » 9 at 13s. tid. each'I Half-Pints 2s. 6d. per doz. They have also received a Large Consignment of MARCH ALES, From the well-km -vvn City Brewery, Company Limited, Lichfield, which they are prepared to Sell at the following Prices— el*. Kilderkins. Firkins, PALE ALE IN BOTTLES. :v. oailnnK. ]o iiHllons 9 Gallons. Pints 4a. 6d. per doz. P. Aioo, at r>7-. 2S. Gu. lis. ikl. Half-Pints 2a. 6d. per doz. i] d Ales, at 22s. Od. 1ls. (kl. All Bottles charged for will be allowed on return. 1, d Ales, at 4. 22s. Od. 1ls. (kl. All Bottles charged for will be allowed on return. I]ir,[ity Casks not return, d within a reasonable time will be charged for. X.B.-SPeCl L TEUMS FOR THE TRADE. Jui.e, 1887. OiSce—LITTLE DARKGATK STREET AND PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. SAMUEL ALLSOPP & SONS, LIMITED, Beg to call attention to their New Brand of LIGHT BITTER BEER, !s i' INDIA PALE and other Ale.4;, can now be obtained ? r J: .¡I.' from any Dealer or Orders for same in CASK if sent to II AMPTON HOUSE, RAILWAY TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH, T\ • • :• v.- :t;r. i.t;«>o. w7 II. PALMER, Y L E AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, QUE EX'S HOTEL WINE STORES, "l, u J..I i1.,¡ j' MARINE TERRACE. Pr Bottle Per Bottle d d G" from 2 3 SHERRY from 2 0 I V,, « f y¡., Y 3 0 PORT 2 6 -«V» OK v: 3 0 MARSALA 1 9 IV. '.K i'.il. 4 0 CLARKT „ 1 3 M V1 2 9 CHAMPAGNE „ 3 6 '7 WINES DRAWN FROM THE WOOD. ALLS INN: ALE-3s. PER DOZEN IMPERIAL PINT BOTTLES. SILE A {rent for—GLEN ROSA SCOTCH WHISKY aud GLENLIVET. AND AT THE BELLE VUE ROYAL HOTEL, MARINE TERRACE. A). • I.PMS ovr £ .2 'I'r1 Crrr;n:e Faid to any Station on the Camtrian and M. and M. Railways. E. V. REES, WORKING LAPIDAKY, GOLD & SILVERSMITH, 2, KINO STREET; AHF.RYSTWYTH, (NEAR THE COLLEGE). ALL REPAIRS DONK ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE YOUR Go J o:c MILLINERY, TO MRS. MORGAN, 23, LITTLE DA KM; ATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Who has always a Stock of the Newest Styles. DAYIDTOSES, CIVIL AND MILITARY TAILOR, BREECHES MAKER, LADIES' RIDING HABITS & JACKETS, LIVERY, &c., 5, CHALYBEATE TERRACE, ABERYSTWYTH. SUITS MADE TO ORDER FOM 50s. GOOD WORKMANSHIP. NEWEST STYLES- SEA BATHING. THE SALT WATER PUBLIC SWIMMING BATHS, NEWFOUNDLAND STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, RE among the Finest Baths in the Kingdom. Pm ate Hot and Cold Bathe. Yvery attention paid to Visitors by Experienced Attendants. Swimming tanght by a Professional, who attends daily. NOTE THE ADDRESS. VISITORS AND RESIDENTS Can rely upon the SAUSAGES & BRAWN MADE BY T. POWELL & Co., BACON. CURERS, MARKET STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEING FRESH DAILY. WELSH BACON AND MILD-CURED HAMS ALWAYS IN STOCK. TO VISITORS AND OTHERS. FOR REAL WELSH MANUFACTURED GOODS, GO TO THE WELSH FLANNEL DEPOT, 26, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN EDWARDS & Co., Proprietors. JANE REES, COMMERCIAL HOTEL, (Opposite the Railway Station), ABERYSTWYTH. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR VISITORS. W. R. JONES, WATCHMAKER. JEWELLER, &c.. 32, GREAT DARKGATK STREET, topposite Market-st.,) ABERYSTWYTH. Gold & Silver Watches, English & Foreign Clocks, Gold and Silver Jewellery and Jet Ornaments in Stock. Spectacles and Eye Glasses to suit all sights. Every description of Watches and Jewellery neatly Repaired at Moderate charges. TO HOUSEHOLDERS AND OTHERS, IN TOWN AND COUNTRY. UPHOLSTERING in all its branches done on or LJ off the premises. Also Clocks cleaned and re- paired, by CHARLES DAVIES, 1, Cambrian Cottages, Lisubadam-road, Aberystwyth ABERYSTWYTH. APARTMENTS TO LET, AT No. 61, MARINE TERRACE, AND YORK HOUSE, 64, MARINE TERRACE, VACXN9 TH* SBA. Mrs. HOGG. THE JUBILEE. rshoald be generally known that W. WILLIAMS A Co. commifBOfd their Tea Trade in the year 1837, in which Her Most Gracious Majesty Qopen Victoria ascended the Throne, therefere W. WIL- LIAMS & CO.'8 Teas are really the only Teas which have a claim to be considered "JUBILEE TEAS." In the year 1837, in which W. W. & Co. com- menced their Tea Tradp. Tea was first produced as an experiment in Her Majesty's Dominions, under the old East India Company'? auspices, but since that time the choicest Teas in the world are produced in Her Majesty's Empire of India and Ceylon. W. WILLIAMS & Co. have been for about 20 years interested as larce shareholders in one of the most successful Tea Plantations in India, and have thus possessed special facilities for watching the develop- ment of the Tea Industry in the Indian Empire, and, combined with their known experience and judgment, secnre to the public the best value that is possible to obtain. W. WILLIAMS & Co's Teas are a combination of the Choicest Teas of India, Ceylon, and China growth. CFIOIC F, TEAS, 3* per lb. SUPERIOR TEA, 2s. 6d. per lb. FAMILY TEA. 2?. per lb. W W. & Co.'s Teas are obtainable of most respect- able Grocers in England and Wales, in registered wrappers (which it is fraudulent to imitate). Agents appointed on application to W. WTLLIAMS & Co., Wholesale Tea Warehouse, 5 & 7, Button Street, Liverpool. EDWARD EDWARDS, 13, GREAT DARKGATE ST., ABERYSTWYTH, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, &c. PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS BY VALENTINE, BEDFORD, AND FRITH. BOOKS OF VIEWS, GUIDE BOOKS, &C. ABERYSTWYTH OLD BANK SCHOOL. MASTER: MR. D. SAMUEL, M.A., LATE SCHOLAR AND PRIZEMAN OF CLARE COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE, AND WRANGLER, 1879. TERMS ON APPLICATION. THE GRAND AMERICAN BAZAAR CO. HAVE OPENED AT 11, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, With the largest Stock on earth.* Thousands of articles to select from, all at EACH. 6d. EACH. NOTHING UNDER SIXPENCE AND NOTHING OVER. *• Open from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. A VISIT IS RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED. ADMISSION FREE. LEWIS TERRACE COAL YARD AND WEIGH BRIDGE. R. ROWLAND JONES, GENERAL MERCHANT. COAL, CEMENT, OIL, CILYRYCHEN & ABERDDAW LIMES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. E. & R. REES, COACH BUILDERS, MARY STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, BEG to announce that, having extended their pre- mises, they have additional facilities for con- ducting their Business. NEW CARRIAGES ON HAND. Every description of Carriages built to Order, BURTON BOTTLING STORES, BLUE BELL HOTEL, TERRACE ROAD, T. DAVIES, Proprietor. CHOICE WINES & SPIRITS. CIGARS OF THE BEST BRAND. WELL AIRED BEDS. TO VISITORS AND OTHERS. C. M. WILLIAMS Wishes to draw the attention of Visitors and others to his Stock of Millinery, Straw Hats and Bonnets, Flowers, Feathers, Fancy Wings, Ribbons, Laces, Frillings, Silk Squares, Hosiery, Gloves, Silk Umbrellas, Sunshades, &c. Gents' Newest Shapos in Summer Hats and Caps, Ties, Scarfs, Collars, Cuffs, &c. The well-known house for Real Welsh Flannels, Whittles, and Shawls iti all colours, warranted to wear and not to shrink. Every article marked at lowest Cash Prioe. C. M. WILLIAMS, 10, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. No. 7, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. S. EVANS, GENERAL GROCER AND PROVISION DEALER. HUNTLEY & PALMER'S BISCUITS & CAKES. CROSSE & BLACKWELL'S GOODS. FRESH BUTTER AND EGGS DAILY. ABERYSTWYTH READING ROOM AND PUBLIC FREE LIBRARY. INFORMATION FOR VISITORS. VISITORS can borrow Books at the Public Library V by an annual payment in advance of 5s.; or en payment of 2d. per volume per week for the first volume, and Id. each for other volumes of a work. The Reading Room, which is largely supplied with London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other Provim- cial Papers, is also opeu to Visitors on payment of 6d. per week. The Library is open from 10.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.; the Reading Room from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. LLANBADARN FAWR CHURCH. ENGLISH SERVICE. AT 11.30 A.M. On Sundays, Christmas day, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Asoension-day, SERVICE, WITH SERMON. Celebration of the Holy Communion on every Third Sunday in the month, and also on Christinas, Easter-day, and Whit-Sunday, HTKN8, ANCIBNT AND MODBXW. Offertory towards olearing the Debt on the Bella AND the Church Expenses. R*r. J. PUGH, Yioar. BERYSTWYTH.—Apartments to Let at Aber- • V- geldie House, Victoria Terrace. The house is well situated and has been recently furnished throughout, and provided with every modern con- venience. Good Cooking and attendance. — For terms, apply MRS JULIAN. J. E. JONES, FASHIONABLE BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, 6, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST IN THE TRADE. All Oruorx executed on the premises. T E. J. C'i .llensrea the Trale for CHEAPNESS snd EXCKIJLKNCE of wear; the best mater- ials and the l est •vorkminship guaranteed. JOHN ELLIS, IRONMONGER. GUN AND LOCKSMITH, BELLHANGER, &c., GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. JE. hpirs to draw the attention of his numerous • customers to his Stock of BREECH and MUZZLE LOADING GUNS and AMMUNITION. Curtis and Harvey's Gun Powder and Chilled Shot GREKN CARTRIDGES. 10/6 per 100; BLUE Do., 10/ BROWN Do., 9/6 per 100. DTEVANS, WATCHMAKER. JEWELLER, 4 c 41, G Hi EAT DARKGATE STREET, (-)pposite the Lion Royal Hotel). GOOD selection of Jewellery in Gold, Silvar, Peb- ble1?' and Jet. Also English and Foreign Watches in sold and silver, Telescopes, Field and Marine tosses, Spectacles, & Eye Glasses to suit all sights. Watches and Jewellery cleaned and repaired. D. PHILLIPS^ CORNER OF NORTH PARADE, & 3, MARY ST., ABERYSTWYTH, TEMPERANCE and Eating House. HORSES and CARRIAGES FOB HIRE by the day or hour. Trips made to Devil's Bridge, Plynlimon, Llyfnant Valley, Monk's Cave, and other places of interest in the neighbourhood. Good horses; steady drivers and reasonable prices. ESTABLISHED 1867. ROBERT J. ROBERTS, 9, COLLEGE GREEN, TOWYN, Family and Dispensing Chemist, Grocer, Stationer, &c. Dealer in Fishing Tackle, Jewellery, and Fancy Goods. Agent for W. and A. Gilbey's Wines. Tick- ets for the Dysynny Fishing; and also for the St. Cadvan's Wells and Baths. HARBOUR AND RHEIDOL COAL YARD. CAPT. DOUGHTON WISHES to call attention to a cargo of Best Newport Coal, H-snry Powell's, which the schooner Progress," Capt. Jones, is now discharg- ing at the Harbour. Capt. Doughton will receive Cargoes through the sarnmer from Scotch and Welsh ports alternatively. Best Coals always on hand. PRESENTS PRESENTS jfRESENTS IN GREAT VARIETY AT LEWIS'S, J5, GREAT DARKGATE STREET. A N assortment of Oil Paintings of local subjects 1:1.. on hand, or executed to order. Picture Frames in great variety. For assistance in the preparation of this paper we are indebted to Mr Conacher, secretary of the Cambrian Railways Company, for permission to reproduce views which appear in Picturesque Wales," edited by Mr Godfrey Turner, and published by the Company; to Messrs Woodall, Minsnall & Co., Oswestry, publishers of Pictorial Wales," for a similar favour; to Mr W. Davies for the map of Wales; to the Rev R. S. Short for All About Aberystwyth and to other gentlemen for favours conferred in various ways.


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