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DON'T COUGH-TTSEj J3ON T COUGH-USE COUGH-USE There is absolutely no rerAedy so speedy and effectual. OneflLozeeye alone jiivte relief; can be taken by the raoet delica,* KEATING'S COUGH LOZENGES, ^EATING'S COUGH LOZENGES. J £ EATTNG'S COUGH LOZENGE- S, il' s £ If you cannot sleqj^for coughing on *•. Keating's Lozenge will set yon righ s Any lector will tell yon they sx« u TTEBXY UN RIVALLED } UTTERLY UNRIVALLED UTTERLY UNRIVALLED. Sold everywhei in tins 13jd each, or free un reoeipt o stjimps from THOMAS ICKATIXG, Chemist, London. BUY NOW TO SAVE DISAPPOINTMENT LATER. CHRISTMAS AX D XEW YEAR C Alt US for relatives and friends abroad. THE BIGGEST VALUE IN THE WORLD. Not cheap rubbish. Every Card the pro- duction of one of Britains most famous pub- lishers. Note:—These Boxes cf Cards can only be obtained from OGG BROTHERS, BUY NOW. BUY NOW. BUY NOW. CALL Oil WRITE! CALL OR WRITE! Only Addrc-ss:- Ogg Brothers, Paisley Road Toll, Glasgow, S, W LOT 2401.—The "Thought and W¡"h'" Box contains twelve beautiful and rich folding Autograph Cards (eight Christmas and four New Year), also twelve envelopes to suit. This box we are offering at the marvellous price of 5id, by post, ld extra. LOT 2410.—The "Dainty" Box, containing fifteen carcftilly selected Artistic Folding Cards (ten Christmas and five New Year), also fifteen envelopes to suit. The price of this Box is only 11d; by post, 2d extra. Very special .value. LOT 2420.Across the Distance." A very high-class Box of eighteen Cards (twelve Christmas, and six New Year), also eighteen envelopes to suit. Note specially, the Cards in this Box are perfumed with a delicious re- freshing scent. Price, only Is 6}d per box; by post, 2d extra. LOT 2430.-The "Casket of Gems," contain* ing twenty realy superb Christmas and New Year Cards, all exquisite Folding Cards, really works of Art Cards, which, if sold singly would be charged 6d each. Also twenty envelopes to Siiit. This desirable Box sent for 2s 6d; by poet, 4d extra. LOT 2440.—The "Comic" Box, containing ten Funny, Witty, and Jokey Cards, innocent- ly amusing, but not vulgar; a huge success. Also ten envelopes to suit. The price is only Is for the Box; by post, lid extra. LOT 2450.—"Our Glorious Empire" Box, a great favourite at home and in Her Majesty's Colonies, contains Jen intensely Patriotie Cards, consisting of representations of Soldiers, Handyman," and Standards, with suitable mottoes. A real heart-stirring box. Also ten envelopes to suit. The price is only Is for the Box; by post, lid extra. LOT 2460.-The Wonderful" Packet, con taining carefully selected Christmas and New Years Cards. These Cards are really magni- ficent, and the wonder is how they can be sold at the price. This packet, without envelopes only d; by post, Hd extra. LOT 2470.—Box"of all Xtic Tear Cards (no Christmas) twelve choice Folding Autograph Cards, and twelve envelopes to suit, only W; by poet, lid extra. LOT 2480.—Packets of Assorted ChristmaR and X t'w Year Cards, special value as follows: 6 Cards for one penny It Cards for twopens* 18 Cards for threepence; postage ef each, Id extra. LOT 2490.-Relicf Scraps for Scrap Books, Draught Screens, &c., &c., Ogg Brothers (a) Gigantic Box contains twelve large sheets of Figures, Flowers, Birds, Coats of Arms, But- terflies, &c., &c., and (b) the Patriotic Box, contains twelve large sheets of Navy and Army Subjects, really a delightful box. The price of each box is Hid; by post, 3d utra; or we 'will send the two boxes for le 8d; by post, 4d extra. These Scraps are both instructive and amusing, and will help to keep the young folks in good trim on many a long winter evening.. LOT 2500.—A Packet containing twelve beautiful Scripture Texts, magnificently ex- ecuted and coloured-real gems ef Art. The price is only llid per packet; by post, 3d extra. LOT 2510.-Enrclopes (assorted sizes) for Christmas and New Year Cards. No. 1 Packet contains 12 envelopes (8 different sizes) for Id; er by post, Id extra. No. 2 Paoket coatains 20 envelopes (8 different sizes) for lid; by post, Id extra. No. 3 Packet contains 36 envelopes (11 different sizes) for 2$d; fcy poet, lid extra. CALL EARLY! WRITE EARLY! When ordering, give your name aai fnil postal address. Enclose Postal Oxdet as Cap. in Registered Envelope. ,u Address your Envelopo— OGG BROTHERS, SCOTLAND'S GREAT TRADERS AND LETTER ORDER SPECIALISTS. Paisley Road Toll, Glaow, S Vi" lyl,lntion- Y Genedl Gifonreig, Y Wertn, CoNGReves ;¡-S' '0' ALS BILIXR HAS STOOD THE TEST of 70 YEARS. Modern Scientific methods have not discovered any remedy so generally efficacious. The New Treatment of Consumption by Open-air, Rest, and Overfeeding, whilst useful in many cases, does not alone meet hie conditIon of the majority of patients. Medicine Is Required to-check the spread of tuoercular bacilli, to relieve distressing: symp- toms, and to aid the healing processes in the lungs. Congreve's ep Balsamic Elixir has been abundantly proved to produce these effects when regularly and persevcringly taken. WILL NOT CURE EVERY DISEASE, ASTHMA, in several varieties, BRONCHITIS, especially in the chronic fona, COUGHS, common COLDS, and RESULTS Of INfLUENZA, USE COINGREVEPS ELIXIR. Sold by all Chemists and Patent Medidne Vendors. MR. CONGIREVE'S BOOK on CONSUMPTION and Chest Diseases may be had post free for One Shilling. Pmatkr Editicii, kdX IIQ;U- Cogmbc Lgdge, Pccpa%

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