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Colofn Prifysgol Lerpwl.

I University College of Woles,…



Telephone 1157 Royai Established 1857. ROBERT ROBERTS, ESTATE AGENT, 33 Netherfield Road South, Has Property to Let in various parts of the town. Mortgages arranged..Valuations made. THOMAS H. OWEN, ESTATE AGENT & ACCOUNTANT, 246 WALTON ROAD, Liverpool. Property bought and sold, and Estates economically coem&ged. Telephone, No. 1771. HENRY JONES, Estate Agent, Valuer 0 Property Auctioneer, 5 COOK STREET, LIVERPOOL. f> ReDts Collected. Valuations made. Property sold by Public Auction or Gontiaot. Telephone No. 7909. J. LEWIS JONES, ESTATE AGENT & VALUER, 60 Victoria St., Liverpool,, Properties carefully managed. Rents personally oolleoted. Purchases and Sales negotiated. Mortgages arranged and Insurances effected, THOMAS a JONES, ES;TATE AGENTS VALUERS, INVESTMENT .BUILDINGS. 67 Lord Street, Liverpool. Telephone No.-5586 Central. Properties Bought and Sold. Mortgages arranged. Valuations made. Rente Collected. TIL. 42T ANBTHLD. ESTABUSHMD 1872. STEPHEN ROBERTS & SON, ESTATE AGENTS Si VALUERS, 137 Evertoo Rood, Liverpool (lAta 2 St&rJksM Road). Properties carefullv Managed. Rents personally Collected. PurcbaKos and Sates Negotiated. Mortgages arranged and ImMMUMMtS e,-oote& R, E. HUGHES, Estate Agent. Surveyor 6 Valuer, Charing Cross, Birkenhead. Telephone No.-56 B'head, Has Houses to Let, and for Sale,-in varions parts of the Town and out districts. Also Land to be Sold for Building purposes. Advances made to Builders. Estates laid out. Rents Collected, and Property carefully managed. 'I Telephone 3034 Central. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, LAND AND ESTATE A PENT, VALUER AND PROPERTY SALESMAN, 20 NOll TH JOHN ST., Liverpool 20 FREEHOLD HOUSES, 6/6, near Sheil Rd. FOR SALE. CHEAP. CHANGE OF ADDRESS Bromley Edwards & Co. (Late Bromley Edwards. 6 Royal St.) ESTATE AGENTS. MORTGAGE AND INSURANCE BROKERS, HAVE REMOVED TO 102 KrKdale Rd., Liverpool J. L. Longford & Slater, Ai.tA.I.. Estate fi Land Agents! Surveyors & Valuers, iCivil & Sanitary Engineers I Property Auctioneers, Speo- ialists in all Estate Matters. 26. North John istreet, Liverpool. Telegrams: Approval, Liverpool," Telephone 2169 Liverpo I Central. Erteblighed 18R., TniPBOiri 4585 BASI. QUEEN IT FOSTER, (James Henry Fester, F.S.A.A-) ESTATE, MORTGAGE AND INSURANCE AGENTS, Building Societies Offices, 2' South Jobn Street, Liverpool I' Cofiwr of lord §f7*-t) T. WOOSNAM ROBERT Practical Estate Agent, Sootle Estate Office, No 52 STANLEY RD., BOO& (2 door.from Bedford Road), Lithcrland, Saaforth & Pierhead Cars Established 1884 « 'Phone' zøøøtl O. JONES WILLIA^5 ESTATE AGENT & VALUER, 24 SIR THOMAS STRZFIrj LIVERPOOL. Personal supervision in every general management of all kinds 01 Estate, Confidential Reports and Valuø. for Purchase, Sale, or Mortgag6, Est. I I SS. Telephone 1903I HIAIR COMBINGS made up, -n 7 per oz.. COVERLETTE TAILS OF ) HAIR FRAMES PURE f$\V FROM 3 /6 EACH. HAIR, FROM 3 /6 EACH. HAIR, Gent's Scalps, Perfect Fit and 1atCh. T. S. BROWN. j, 3 Leece Street (Car Station), Maes Llofur Undeb Ysg. I Llawlyfr ar Epistolau gan y Parcli Hugh Williams, AmW° Pris 2/6. am 21= Pare h. 18' John Owen Jones, Be Pris 1/6 am 1/3. Parch. Dr. PhillipS. Pris 2/6 net- Ivv gael gan HUGH EVANS- i 444 Stanley Rd., LiverPO Hanes y Diwyg^ a'r Divvygwyf ji Yn cynnwys hanes Mr. Evan RObOr I rieni, ei ddygiad i fyny, ei alwad i &c., &c., gan y Parch. Thomas I Gorselnion. Ilanes cychwyniad a61 | iad y Diwygia diwy Gymru, ysgrifennu gan lenorion adn^ Hanes Mr. Dan Roberts a Mr- Evans, a chargliad o farddoniaeth 7 iad, jjjjfli<1 Cynhwysa y gyfrol liawa o dda«l rhai a gyhoeddir am y waith gyQ^' darluniau o rieni Mr. Evan Roberts, &c. Casllwchwr, ac Ysgoldy Pisgah, PRIS BANNER CORON. »eI [ E. W. EVANS, y Swyddfa'r "Goleuad" Dolge PILES. WHY SUFFER FROM THIS 0 COMPLAINT ? WHEN YOU CM ABSOLUTELY By a few applications of a remedy jTqtiP^i^ been known to fail to cure the most oD jotf long standing cases—whether itching; or bleeding. WITH fy Hundreds have bef ii cured in Soutb Ai j the proprietor discovered this wonder It is now- introduced for the first & country, so that all sufferers can 91119 goy. if and be convinced of its t It is a clean, ready application » .p HJ t^e relief it gives and permanent T Testimonials on application, or the pared inspected at the following address, P' y «v proprietor and to be obtained from D. H. EVANS, msvensin&y 0\. 4 148 Lodg Lane, LiveJP POST FREE 2/3 Maes Llefur YsgoH011 Maes Llafur YsgoH011 M.C.1909-10' Llawlyfr ar yr Gen y Parch. ferry O. J. OWEN, M.A., RocK øeØ Gwerthodd yr Argraffiad Cyntftf ychydig amser.. Darparwyd y Llawlyfr gogy/efi^n0d iadau leuengaf a Chanol y TO^? °nin; ,tiati | hefyd at gynal Dosbarthiadau D»r ,# jtU" cynllnn a gwerth y Nodiadau^ 9X Esboniad goreu o'i fath ynyr ialC ,vl. Y mae'n dair rh«n, sef cW^f ol'.lfo'J geiriau, a nodiadau esboniadol. ragorol, a phwy by nag fyddo tfbo llyfr hwn, ni raid iddo olQ1v r)6o»^ Y Parch. J. MORGAN JONES yn jiy*w Oynwysa 136 o dudalennau, fan ond ho lol eglur. tln0 6C Amlen 9c. Pris I ysg th 0 del Limp Cloth.yn cynnwy3 Map Pr-V i Paul, 1/3. 1 Ysgolion, 9c- yro> — „ UDJ° I'w cael gan Lyfrwerthwyr, j oddi^rth yCyhoeddwr j HUGH 356=8a a 444 Stanley — FREEHOLD LAND FOR SA*^ AT SEFTON PARK. WAVERTREE, TOWNSENJD LANE, LONGMOOR LANE. ADVANCES MADE IF REQUIREp el, Apply: Jones & Hughes, 13 WhitccfiCIP TELEPHONE—7732 CENTRAL.