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£100,000 worth of furnishing Goods THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF BEDROOM SUITES, DRAWING-ROOM SUITES, DINING-ROOM SUITES, SIDEBOARDS, CABINETS, OVERMANTLES, BOOKCASES, HALL STANDS AND OTHER FURNITURE. CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, FLOOR-CLOTHS, RUGS AND MATS, CURTAINS AND GENERAL FURNISHING GOODS, AT THE LOWEST PRICES IN ENGLAND FOR CASH. RAY & MILES, 34 to 48 London Rd., LIVERPOOL. Telegrams-" Furnishing, Liverpool." Telephone 1214 Ro To Advertisers PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS FOR BIRTHS AND DEATHS, Is. per Insertion. MARRIAGES. Is. 6d. per Insertion. SITUATIONS-Wanted & Vacant. APARTMENTS—Furnished and Unfurnished Is. for One Insertion. 9 J. per Insertions for Three Insetion ø Rate for Trade Advertisements, Public Meetings etc., may be had on application. Advertisements must be to hand Tuesday Morning to ensure publication in the following issue, All communications re Printing and Advertising to be directed to the Firm EVANS, SONS, & FOULKES, 356-8a Stanley Road, Liverpool. tfWAL:E U TATU7r-lON, TELECRAMS 2 5 o 1-_g 0 YA L,, FOR ABLI.S HE D Or_A ALL 1878. CASES H"0 1 P 10 U S E, HOPE STREET, LIVERPOOL. CYNRIC „ Y TEILIWR M 0 CYM REIG. 0 SMARTNESS WITH ECONOMY RELIABLE TAILORING. NEWEST PRODUCTIONS IN SUITINGS TROUSERINGS AND RAIN-PROOFS T REASONABLE PRICES. -A E. C. Kenrich, 062 RENSHAW STREET.*

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