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A Wealth of Gems, faScinating Colours and Charming Effects. .o. IN PBIok*^ Windows are ablaze with • lovely Diamond and Gem Rings, marked up at greatly- reduced prices, fully 10/- in y the £ BELOW usual prices. including a written guarantee s > and cash back if not as :-i d represented. These beautiful Gems express themselves in all the "■ latest designed 18ct settings. The fair mind of romance cannot withstand their subtle I charm; they awaken noble and kindly thoughts, and tend to all that is fair. Illustrated Catalogue and ■'J.ST FREE. Price List simply for the ask- ing. Jewellery forwarded on approval. Rings stored until required, at cash prices. See windows. SMALL DEPOSIT SECURES ANY ARTICLE. OA t ow-hill, low-wii, top of b tt„OU JL OW-HILL, London-rd., 2 min ^itvvav ..LIVERPOOL. from Hippodrome ^^AUoffaqCe np to 100 miles. 'Phone 3777 Royal. ItLjteroond Cross-over' Ring :ia/]Q/_ FINE LARGE 3-STONE diamond h %ty(. RING, high-grade crossover claw, m ^hed workmanship, matchless lustre, perfectly *a&ce'of s?ze round white Brazilians. Guarantee *19 given. Approval. o^Harge Diamond Half-Hoop. FFU/17/- TJARGE SUPERB (Second-hand 5- M^-AORFT! STONE FLAWLESS DIAMOND tn,a flatif. 18ct Gold strong Claw Setting, value aia,n' row of first-water purest white ten8t aim > Microscopically perfect. Presents the ^Vanoo ot bargains, a ring to cause a thrill. Approval. diamond Half-Hoop. B$v/lf| BEAUTIFUL 5-STONE DIAMOND inject ZY.l, HEAVY CLAW-SET HALF-HOOP iu la,trilakliles white Brazilian, stylish claw setting, ha,?^. wT" 0ur written guarantee; highly recom- VlES's advancc £ 6/6/ ON APPROVAL.— Diamond Half-Hoop. .[".(1, OJjJ STRONG FASHIONABLE DIAMOND STRONG FASHIONABLE DIAMOND s, BtSnr i HALF-HOOP, clear, lustrous, perfect V-7ng. a?\?^ery stone flashing fire, 18ct. heavy claw 6ce £ 2y?7'«NToN APPROVAL. Stored free. Ad- any tijue.-DAVIILS'S. Diamond Engagement Rings. ^ShellsGuarantee with Each Ring. Kj^l ONLY.—Any Ring Sent on Approval. t2e- Our ^lAMdAr, I Price- 'Ustrfi,„ AND SAPPHIRES, 7-stonc lO/C t3 r0Us. neat claw, 18ct. setting 1A/V *4 5-stoiies, lustrous gems, claw QQ C ^AMnxr^^no''ier, 27/ heavier ci £ i/\J ?°UbWiS aND SAPPHIRES, 5-stone, sparkling gems, 18ct. claw set. OO/. *6 °°P- (Also Ruby Do., 35/-) OOj AND RUBIES, grand heavy QQ/_ £ 8 w set, full of fire," lovely gems. OO/ 5»at 5-stone, double cut, real brill- ^Wiera ?n<is'heavy 18ct.,clawlialf-hoop OQ/ rs at 45/ 47/_ a 50/_) OU/m is NSCellaneous Bargains 'I & Kb0kt lN SOLID GOLD ONLY Price. \%L 8?lid gold, diamond cut links.. 10/8 SJOorm top, solid all through jj /• & r Kdiamond centre.7 7/« tiPOlEJUT^L diamond, 15 carat 13/8 $a^ATorr J?eavy oval, Hall-marked 8/8 flo iJQJrUT' & Son, with bow brooch.. 48/- 'i „ a&000H o8, Solid 18-ct wide 35/- 9 b^kaifp, diamonds, on 18-ct. bar, {* R°ooaSV-. £ 11/17/- ^A'l'oiCara't.ClqUC'" 11 diamonds' stylish £ 3/10/- • • B*^LET, self-expanding, solid «, £ .2/19/8 SB ftv?Ught. g0°d diamond centre, hand ^KWhtw:; .8/8 iJIAMOND Claw Ring, fine. £ 14/10/- ^J^rge Stone ditto £ 28/10s now 25/= SOlid Gold Curb Bracelet. i! SOLIJ>TGOLi> FLEXIBLE 2^fy n^ice)/RW PADLOCK BRACELET (widest m" a! in by Government, and stamped K&W1 2t>case; APPROVAL. Others at lot ^0w Oabin »• Fancy Patterns, Viz., Basket, triS 1 ^SUat and Lattice," 10/- IN THE £ °ver 200 Bracelets to Curb aiui t JASSED VALUE. Also very j}5» 0and jjV1adlock Bracelet at 35/ usually «6. otfoil and S usually £ 4. Also very m > «C6t8 ?lain at £ 2/7/ usually £ 4/10/ e*tra Engraved, at £ 2/15/ usually *Jsuall^ and Padlock, chased links, y £ 0V, OASH BACK IF NOT AS PAYMENTS.—DAVlES'S. 201 AVlE3'8 ^°TED SPECIAL Sings 20/- and Pair—SPEOTAL Sugar Tongs Free. )0 > w,7A10/ UJ~' a5/ iSh Eldest and Heaviest. -1Il1.:r. aa-CAEAT GOLD. 111. 0ARDB *BB1, 4() lOW HILL, LIVERPOOL. (Via Old Swau Car). Yn y Wasg, ac yn barod diwedd Mehefin. Cofiant y Parch. O. R. Owen, LERTWL. Pris 2/6. Gyda'r Post, 2/9. Fob arcliebiou i?vv hanfoa i Mr. ELWYN OWEN, 7 Eversley Street, Liverpool. YN AWR YN BAROD. 1-10 m 11 IL 11 IL u Gan "EMRYS AP lWAN" ? (Ail Gyfres). Ynghyd a'Sylwadau ar Fywyd a Nodweddion yr Awdwr, gan Mr. EZRA ROBERTS, Ruthin. Hefyd darlun cywir (a'r diweddaf a gymerwyd) o'r Awdwr. Pris y Gyfrol wedi ei rhwymo mewn lllan, 3s. 6c. Cyhoeddwyr:-GEE a'i FAB, Cyf., Dinbych. Cynnwysiad— Crefydd a Gwareiddiad Genesis iv. 19—^8. Duw yn darian, a Duw yn wobr Genesis xv. I. Pa fodd i fod yn ieuanc Psalm cm. 1-5. Bam, Cyflawnder, a Thrugaredd Jeremiah ix. za-zi, Llwyddiant Ysbrydol Hosea xiv. 5, 6. Y Ddau Orphwysdra Matthew xl. 28-30 Y Tair Ewyllys Matthew xxvi. 42. Tosturi yr Iesu Marc vi. 34. Y Ddau Win Luc v. 39 Pwy yw fy Nghymmydog Luc x. 29—37. Gwir Drysori—Trysori i Dduw Luc xu. 15—il. Y Mammon Anghyfiawn Luc xvi. 9. Y Ffyrling a'r Demi Luc. xxi. 6. Pa ham na Chredwch loan viu. 48. Y Gorchymyn Newydd loan xiii. 34, 35. Ceisio. Pa fodd. Pa beth. Pa ham. Rhuf. ii. 7. Orefydd yn Ufudd-dod Rhuf. vi. 17. Crist a Phechadur. Dyfod a Ohadw 1 Tim. i. 15. Cadw trwy ddiscyblu Titus ii. 11-13. Dylanwad da. Disgwyliadau uchel Heb. xi. 9, 10. Rhedeg yr yrfa. Pa ham a pha fodd Heb. xii. 1, 2. Plant ydym. Meibion fyddwn I loan iii. 2. BEAUMARIS Grammar & County School Chairman of-Governors, irR. W. BULKELEY, Bart,- The School offers sound and practical education, in healthy surroundings, under experienced staff of Honours Graduates. Modern buildings and equip- ment—perfect sanitation. The climate specially suitable for delicate boys. Boarders received at the School House, and are under the immediate care and supervision of the Headmaster and Mrs. Madoo Jones. Successes gained by Beaumaris pupils in recent years include First Places in Mathematics, Classics & History, and Entrance Scholarships at Oxford (3), London Hospital and Welsh Univ. Colleges, also Civil Service, Banks, and professions I prelim. Exams. Terms moderate. Prospectus from E. MADOC JONES, M.A., Headmaster. Experience. Efficiency Economy .J sAT I s F AC T,1 0 N GUARANTEF D LDNDON .l :u4 MANY 13RANCRES The Largest and most complete Depository in the North of England. The Leading Firm in Removals and Storage. Removals to and from the Continent and Colonies, a speciality. Moderate terms and auick despatch.—DEPOSITOKIES AND OFFIOHS—BRONTE ST,.RUSSELL ST LIVERPOOL. And at London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Leamington, Gloucester and Exeter. Tal. 2087 Royal Telegrams Removers, L'pool 147 COUNTY ROAD, WALTON. 0. Preston Jones, desires to thank the many Customers that favoured him with their patronage lost week, and begs to state that still GREATER BARGAINS ARE ON VIEW THIS WEEK. -r_O_ TILE NEW CENTURY PICTURES, MOUNT PLEASANT HALL, MOUNT PLEASANT (near Lewis's), MONDAY, JUNE 7th, 1909, and during the week. A* a iwicc Dmiy. 1 At 8 1 COMPLETE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME, New Interesting Serh s, INCIDENTS IN THE LIFE OF a HENRY III. ø CUPID'S FOUR DARTS. Magnificent Reproduction of the PROCESSION OF THE HOLY BLOOD. AMAZONS. I MERRY MICROBES. -_m_e-' _n- New Dramatic Picture- The Rustic Flirt. __m_ NEW HUMOROUS PICTURES, including Hush Don't wake the Baby. The Cat came back. What a Feed of Ray. FOOLSHEAD WRESTLING. The Persevering Lover. 7 TWO PERFORMANCES Q SATURDAY NIGHTS. 5* Popular Prices Front Scats Sccoud Seals Reserved Seals "ffi™ 3d. 6d. 1/- EARLY DOORS 4d. 9d. 1/3 Doors open 2-30 & 7-30 p.m. Karly Door3 2& 7 p.m Saturday Nights, Doors openatb-15 & 8-io p.m. Early Door^ to-*$0 & 8-30 p4R*

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Tysteb y Parch. John Evans.