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Awel o'r De.




H LIVERPOOL "Shaftesbury," Mount Pleasant, 'About 4 mins. walk from Lime St. & Central Stations A First-class Temperance Hotel with moderate charges. Telegrams Shaftesbury Hotel, Liverpool." Telephone: 3882 'Phone— 3017 Central. II W. GRIFFITHS Tailor, 0 29 SOUTH JOHN STREET, LIVEBPOOI ALSO AT 'H9 STANLEY ROAD, BOOTLE. 'Phone—27* Boo tie. xjjjjt LUNT'S Boots are ,.ORF? VALUE FOR EC SH,4PE 4 TRY A PAIR. Ladies' êl Gents in Great Variety. 51 & 53 Paradise St. The only address Have YOU had your EYES EXAMINED and TESTED BY Moreton Parry, THE SIGHT SPECIALIST ? If NOT, HOW CAN YOU TELL WHAT MODERN SCIENCE CAN DO FOR YOU ? ONLY ADDRESS. 163 Ookfield Rd., Liverpool. BRYSIWCH I geisio potelaid gan y Fferyllydd nesal atoolh cyn i'r Anwyd fyned yn waetb. Cofiwoh COUGH MIXTURE HUGH DAVIBS, Machynlleth. 13o. a 1.8. 9c. y hotel. DAVIES'S Couclo MIXTURE At Beswcb, DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Anwyd, DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Asthma, DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Bronchitis, DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Pas. Crygnl, DAVIES'S COUGH MIXTURE Intluenza. Mr. HARRY [VANS Conductor, Adjudieator. organist), Teacher of Singing, Tjverp00 26 Princes Dr. GLYN ROBERTS, ATHRAW CERDDOROL. tro- Gwersi mewn gwahanol Porotoxr ar flew- Gwersi trwy'r Post, Ton*c Sol-f p^rK 59 Crawford Avenue, Set LIVERPOOL. Mr. ARTHUR ROBERTS (BARITONE). C( At Homes, Concerts. ffiSelf or tall Concert parties of Hig o0i, t' Address—36 Balmoral Road^— T. CARRINGTON (Pencerdd Gwynf1yJ BEIRNIAD A CHYF»iL » i amny Vtii Can wladgaro# newydd, ''TP{fI,(}aI1torion Drwy'rPost 7c. (Oenir ganBnl<eifydy^edd Anthem Qoffa Oanrhawdfardd, « y 0po*B^ Pris lc. Mode! o gyfansoddiad ar KJ Oanu "—Cynogfab yn V Owyhedya • | Cyfeirier—Coedpoeth, .— I poc, Mr. PETER EDWARDS, Mu« B#C (Pedr Alaw), Llundafr) Oolygydd COLOFN Y GAN YN Beirniad Cerddorol, anut ac, Arweinydd Cymanfaoedd C Park Villas, Abergele. Wm. Crewe. j Athraw a Beirniad edd» S f Arweinydd Cyman a° I GWERSI DRWY'R POST. J Hen Nocliant neu Sol-fa j Darperir ar gyfer Arholia 22 Maesgwyn Rd.> E. KINGSTON JO^S' Bold Medallist and Winneroli"wlnB0i National Eisteddfod also 3 time at New Brighton Tower, g™? Dramatic, Humorous Recitals, Concerts,$ Entire Evening' djBAt» „ "i LESSONS GIVEN IN ELOOUTIO^-M Apply—27 Clifton Mr. O. D. PARRY, A.tJ.C.W., Beirniad Cerddorol. &c,t Cyfeiriad: qt., Ysgol Gerddorol, LlanrW ( General Printing o* to kind, Commercial and 0$°*! Evans, Sons, & Foulkes,e 1 Don Chambers. 8 j 356*, (Telephone 1112 Central), 358A Stanley Road, LiverP0 phone 591 Boof¡1e\. D. R. JONES (Alow Mcidog PIANOFORTE & ORGAN DEALER. MUSIC PUBLISHER, 103 Hampstead Rd., Liverp°° Beirniad Cerddorol ac ArweinyddlCymanfaoedd CanU (Telerau Rhesymol) NEW CATALOGUES of Pianos, Organs, Harmoniums, &c., TERMS—On the Hire-Purchase System or Cash, Tuning and Repairing a Estimates given for Pipe Organs, Free. Catalogue of Welsh Songs, 6c. (Over 600). ((goflgs Also containing all the latest Musical Books, such as :—u Gems Selection, not3poJlS of Wales," by D. Emlyn Evans, &c.; with English and Welsh Words and D Prices (best cover), 3/6 Cloth, 2/6. Postage 4d. CANTATA—"Y Cynhauaf" (The Harvest), by Miss A.J- Performed with grand success at Llangollen National Eisteddfod, 1W' praised by the best ipupicians. Very suitable for chorus of 50 d Prices—O.N., 2 /6 and 2 Sol-ffa, If-. English and Welsh Words. USUAL DISCOUNT FOR QUANTITIES. The Perfect Balance of ttie Perfect Bicycle. '*• 's ^ue to their i-cientiflcally correct design, and to the •^|||^ T ifSfrU un-. ivalled excellence of the materials and workmanship u,e i,,lT1 exclusively in the. Rudge-Whit worth Works, the largest in the Knife The new 68-page Art Catalogue describes in detail the new features IgS I WIB. t'ie 1-^9 Models of Rudge-Whitworths, including the f||| Patent Combined Celluloid Handlebar Covering and Grips y Patent Rustless Finish All-steel Flush-joint Frames Patent Brakes J'eatherweight Roadstera Jg3 Variable Speed Gears The 10 Years Guarantee gpl Prices from Y,3 15s. cash to S14 12s., or from 11- per month. Jjp The Catalogue is sent Post Free from RUDGE-WHITWORTH, Ltd. ^HPWfiAu 101 Bold Street, (ml/ ll LIVERPOOL. l(ii(iiiiiiii!i«i«i t Rudge-Whilworih « Britain's Best Bicycle^